reactor pulse

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No yeah, I totally get wanting to deconstruct things! It’s interesting! I just, as the opposite I guess, wonder why sparks should NOT pulse/move? Like, do we know any static/non-moving energies? Our energies move: I can think of (im tired lol) electricity and heat/fire/combustion. (if I remember my high school correctly) electricity has moving ions, or moves them, creating the current. And heat/fire is moving/combusting particles.

Ah, yeah good point. Sure, the question can be asked both ways. Those are great points!

Right, you’re right, of course there would be movement at the atomic and subatomic levels. Just maybe not pulsing movement, specifically.

As for larger movements though… Things that don’t move… Mm, like a battery maybe? That doesn’t really move. Nuclear reactors do not normally pulse, though they can (that wasn’t something I knew offhand; I had to look it up lol). Lasers tend not to be pulsed, apparently? So there’s a few.