reactive light

fire signs ~ intuitive mind 

aries ~ seeks opportunities to learn new things, sparks like a firecracker when information and thought is generated, spins at the speed of light, reactive and childlike, magical, overactive, self directed and lively 

leo ~ the lights of every star flash in vivid firelight, thoughts are painted into reality in vivid, vibrant, creative expression, thoughts are loud, dominating, the mind is a crowning glory, glowing when amongst creative expedition

sagittarius ~ the universe is enlarged through a kaleidoscope of  symbolic glow, seeks to apply philosophy to experience as the pot of gold at the bottom of every intellectual rainbow is found  


black light reactive slime

Tertiary syphilis causes Argyll Robertson pupil (constricts with accommodation but is not reactive to light; also called “prostitute’s pupil” since it accommodates but does not react).
—  First Aid 2016 has NO chill

the first thing you see when you arrive at hell

“ Making Weather” by Rrichard Clarkson Studio & Crealev.  

‘floating’, is made of white hand fluffed polyester fibers that give each cloud a unique shape and has magnets embedded in both the reflective oval base and the body of the cloud.

The powerful magnets allow the speaker to float 1 to 2 inches off the base and lets the speaker softly bob and rotate to create an effect similar to that of clouds floating outside.

The speaker connects via Bluetooth to allow wireless streaming, and just like previous versions of the speaker, uses sound reactive LED lights to create music reactions like thunder and lightning depending on what’s happening in the music.



Black Light reactive Dragon Glass Pendants

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Glow in the dark Boo glitter necklace

☯ Glow in the dark and Black Light reactive
☯ Hot pink glow in the dark and purple resin B00 necklace with iridescent glitter
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☯ Silver chain included
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This one-of-a-kind necklace was handmade in a haunted house in Hollywood, just for you! Perfect for gore-geous ghouls who want a touch of cute in their creepy jewelry.

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Occlusion + Calico

an exquisite corpse poem with hopebe

I have kept quiet Gods; picked cherries from Tehran’s June trees.
And why not? Even prayer is naked—backbone and flint
Ignite fire without abandoning lighthouse constellations,
These dimples you advertise are soft craters of Jupiter
Rising flush at easy company. If I trust you with my sacredness,
My fruit-flesh, do not deny me your small-spoken distress
Signal to change cinder memories that dance betwixt
And between; pirouetting on the tarnished daydream linchpin.
How many angels are kept, how many are left broken?
I have only questions. Where does this end—when? Will you
See beyond the telescopic vision; surmise some stardust
And break the pattern, let fluorophores define our theorems

Reactive, conjugated
Visible light exalts
The calico-covered daughter
With ribs and ribbons
Exposed, treated—my beautiful, beautiful vestige of memory,
Subdued in open palms, invocation to sustenance
Transcending boundaries; coalescing into a riverbed
Of stars hiding in our penumbra.

okay if all semblances are split in active (conscious) and reactive (unconscious) then I’m guessing it goes

  • Ruby - active (since she runs to class at a normal pace in s1)
  • Weiss - active
  • Blake- reactive?? possibly
  • Yang - reactive
  • Jaune - I’m going to guess reactive from the white light that backfires on Cardin when he gets punched in s1, and also how his scratch in s1 auto-healed
  • Nora - active
  • Pyrrha - active
  • Ren - when the fuck will we know his semblance. when will Ren’s semblance come back from the war. it’s been 84 years etc etc etc etc JUST TELL US SMH
a few medical exam acronyms and meanings

GEN (general exam = how you look):
NAD (not in acute distress = you don’t look like you’re in need of immediate medical attention)

HEENT (head, eyes, ears, nose, throat):
NCAT (normocephalic atraumatic = non-injured normal-shaped head)
PERRLA (pupils equally round and reactive to light and accommodates = pupils are the same size, round, gets smaller with light and when looking towards the nose)
EOMI (extraocular movements intact = eyes can look in every direction)
MMM (moist mucous membranes = your eyes and mouth aren’t dry)

CV (cardiovascular = heart exam):
RRR (regular rate and rhythm = your heart is beating normally)
No MRG (no murmurs, rubs or gallops = no heart sounds other than BaDmp BaDmp)
No JVD (no jugular venous distention = the veins in the neck aren’t visibly pulsing)

PULM (pulmonary = lung exam):
NRE (normal respiratory effort = breathing easily)
CTAB (clear to auscultation bilaterally = both lungs sound clear)
No WRR (no wheezes, rales, or rhonchi = no weird breath sounds like whistling, crackles, or ripping velcro)

GI (gastrointestinal = belly exam):
No HSM (no hepatosplenomegaly = your liver and spleen don’t feel or sound large when I press on your belly or scratch at your tummy skin)
+BSx4/4 (positive bowel sounds in four out of four quadrants = I could hear tummy gurgling in four different spots around your belly button)

EXT (extremities = your arms and legs):
5/5 BL UE/LE (five out of five strength in bilateral upper extremities and lower extremities = great strength in both arms and legs)
4/5 (weak strength)
3/5 (can barely move limbs against gravity)
2/5 (too weak to lift against gravity but can maybe move from side to side)
1/5 (can’t move)
2+DPs (adequate distal pulses = I can easily feel the pulses in your wrist, the top of your feet, and behind your ankle bones)

NEURO (neurological exam = sensation, coordination, and reflexes):
CNII-XII intact (cranial nerves two through twelve are intact = your vision, eye movement, hearing, facial muscle strength, tongue and uvula movement, head and neck and shoulder movement and strength seem good)
3+DTRs (adequate deep tendon reflex response = I can feel your muscles tense appropriately when I hit the outside or inside of your elbow, your forearm, your knee, or the back of your heel)

PSYCH (psychiatric exam = level of alertness, orientation, concentration, memory, and mood)
AAOx4/4 (alert and oriented to person, place, time/date, and situation = you’re awake, you know who you are, where you are, the date, and why you are where you are right now)
NMA (normal mood and affect = you aren’t inexplicably angry or sad and your facial expression appropriately reflects your mood)