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So I finally went through omgeverythingplease and here are things that I didn’t know
  • Bitty is OBSESSED with food. OBSESSED.
  • Boy has a *problem*
  • Like I know we like to headcanon that Bitty goes into some sort of media, but he’s more likely to become a food critic. Basically he’s more into the “baking” part of “baking vlog” than the “vlog” part.
  • Holster is a grumpy messy bitch.
  • For real, the team seriously debated who was grumpier: Jack or Holster
  • (for like, a hot second, before the answer became obvious)
  • (It’s Jack. Jack is the grumpiest)
  • Ransom and Bitty are very close friends. Close enough that Bitty chirps Holster that he’s being replaced via tweet.
  • Ransom and Bitty get PSLs from “ ‘Bucks”.
  • That is a quote. Eric Richard Bittle has called Starbucks, ‘Bucks.
  • (I bet he calls Target, Tar-zhay too)
  • This one was a bit more analytical: we found out about Jack coaching peewee via Bitty’s twitter
  • Bitty is the one who tells us that the Jack says the kids call him “Coach Z”
  • Because Bitty is the one who typed out the tweet, if the kids called Jack “Coach Zed”, he would have spelled out “Zed.”
  • Therefore we can assume that the kids called Jack “Coach Zee” and not “Coach Zed”
  • However this revelation by Jack was immediately followed by a debate over Zee vs. Zed. So who really knows?
  • I still don’t know how either of them pronounces “pecan”
  • More after the cut because this is getting long

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  • Yoongi: *sees Hobi's tweets for his bday*
  • Yoongi: ...
  • Yoongi: I- I need a moment
  • -8 hours later-
  • Yoongi: Ok, I'm fine, everything is fine
  • Yoongi: *sees Jungkook's tweet for his bday*
  • Yoongi: fUCK

I definitely think the reaction to the first record has fueled a bit of confidence in the second one, and helps just understanding what people wanted to hear and what people were enjoying. So yeah, it’s definitely made that easier, I guess, and just knowing where I fit in the market and where I want to sit vocally, and where I want to take it with the music and the production. It’s just more assertive and knows what it’s about this time.

Stripped - Part 2

Summary: Being a high powered publicist, the reader is hired to work with the destructive rock star Jensen Ackles. Her task is to revamp his difficult image from the ground up. Will the reader succeed? Or will she get sucked into his crazy life? 

Pairing: rockstar!Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 2,429

Part 1

“You must be out of your damn mind, beautiful.” Jensen’s sudden shift in attitude catches you off guard, the smugness oozing out of him gives you goosebumps.

Why does this infuriating man have to be sexy as hell? And why does he have to be your client?! You continue to focus on Jensen who’s now licking his kissable lips and it’s driving you insane. You need to shut this down. Now.

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Mom & Dad Singing Kpop
  • {Red Velvet - Russian Roulette}
  • me: you know this song, dad
  • dad: no i don-beep beep beep beep!
  • me: it's heart beat, heart beat beat beat beat
  • dad: heart beep beep beep beep!
  • {EXO - Lotto}
  • mom: yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
  • dad: la la la
  • {NCT127 - Firetruck}
  • dad: what what! is it what what?
  • me: it's whoop whoop?
  • dad: whoop whoop!
  • me: it's my boyfriend's line...
  • dad: *literally put his hands up* GO WHOOP WHOOP!
  • me: actually his name is winwin XD
  • {TWICE - TT}
  • mom: oh i know, it's a song about a car
  • me: no's an emoji, crying emoji
  • dad: na na na na na na na
  • {TWICE - Cheer Up}
  • mom: SHA SHA SHA!
  • me: not yet, not yet mommy!
  • dad: SHA SHA SHA!
  • me: not yet........
  • {NCT DREAM - Chewing Gum}
  • mom: oh the 小鲜肉('fresh meat', and it actually means handsome young man that attracts a lot of fans) that you like
  • me: they are my sons, i dont see them in that way...?
  • mom: oh grandsons
  • dad: chew chew chew chew chewing gum!
  • {NCT U - WITHOUT YOU Korean Ver.}
  • mom: *sings Chinese Ver. instead* 像独自生长的树 (xiàng dú zì shēng zhǎng de shù-)
  • mom: *realized and turned to me* play me the Chinese version
  • {NCT U - WITHOUT YOU Chinese Ver.}
  • at the same line
  • mom: 握紧我的手! (wò jǐn wǒ de shǒu); meaning hold my hands tightly
  • dad: 寂寞的手! (jì mò de shǒu);lonely hands
  • mom sang it right, 1-0

For the number of series I watch, there’s still some that fall on the side for the season, or at least don’t look like things I want to pursue. For Spring, that’s looking like The Royal Tutor, Seven Mortal Sins, and Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor. Why? The first’s storyline doesn’t particularly sound interesting to me, the second’s fanservice focus isn’t enjoyable enough, and the third doesn’t hint at going into a good direction. The third also has some fanservice elements that just don’t work for me.

Perhaps I’ll take these series back on, but so far I think not.

It's Changed
Lonnie Smith
It's Changed

Lonnie Smith | It’s Changed

Sample for “The Dreamer” by Nefarious! and “Why Not Me” by Kharisma

*And also “If I Was Your Mic” by Substantial