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anonymous asked:

Is it possible for some Xiumin facts please? ><

  • Minseok loves soccer with a great passion
  • His favorite soccer team is Fútbol Club Barcelona. Xiumin’s favorite player is Leo Messi
  • Xiumin is quite shy
  • If he had to give himself another nickname apart from Baozi, it would be Mochi
  • He’s closest to Jongdae right now. They have been always really close, but he was even closer to Lu Han
  • He might have been somehow close with some ex-Baby VOX members (a girl group), since both him and Lu Han were “spotted” having some drinks with them at a restaurant (receipts can be easily found)
  • In High School, he was part of Science department
  • He auditioned for JYP before entering SMEnt.
  • Minseok used to be self conscious about his body
  • Xiumin is a private person
  • He chats with Jongdae a lot
  • According to the members, he’s really neat and tidy. His room is always well organized
  • He wants to learn about coffee and bakery, but he has
  • In 2014, after resting for two months he gained 10kg and felt a little upset about it
  • Xiumin enjoys trolling fans during fansigns
  • [Fanacc, KBS staff]: everytime Minseok got separated from Lu Han, the latter would keep saying “Xiuming, Xiuming~” in order to get his attention
  • Minseok has a thing for books that are made for children, he said they’re his hobby
  • He doesn’t have a certain ideal type
  • He likes puzzles
  • Xiumin can actually hit very high notes
  • Minseok is really kind, he’s a well mannered man

charlenie-mars asked:

I just graduated high school, can I get a round of applause?

Hey, @charlenie-mars!! 


Congrats! Congrats! Congrats! 

You did it! High school is over and you rocked it! 

This is just one of many successes coming your way! 

Even though high school is over there are still a lot of questions to be asked. 

But now it’s time to celebrate! 

Happy graduation, pal! - Noah