Basic stuff that a kpop fan need:

  1. Money (To buy merch and shit)
  2. Lots of water (Bc we all are thirsty af)
  3. Holy water (Does this need an explanation?)
  4. A soul, life or anything (To sell to satan kpop when you run out of money)

Happy Birthday Baekhyun~ ❤

You are our happiness and never fail to make us smile. Even when you are down you never show it and keep us EXO-L’s happy. You always put 100% into your dancing which is now perfection. Today is such a special day and I truly hope you enjoy it and that all your wishes come true. At first I never noticed you, but your blooming personality and face was hard to ignore. Your voice is honestly an angel from the heavens and never fails to emotionally touch the whole nation every time we hear you sing. We all wish we could be at your birthday party today and we are there in your heart.

We love you Baekhyun and will never stop being your Eries.

Have you been this wet for the last 2 hours?

Request:  Can you just write some smut with taetae where we have some after stage work? Im so happy if you could do that

Requests are open!! 

A/N:  I was honestly not sure if you meant backstage smut or after performance smut or something entirely different so I made an after concert backstage smut I hope it was what you had in mind!! This is not proof read sorry for mistakes!!

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Word count: 1.4 k

If that boy could keep his fucking tongue inside of his mouth only one time. And stop running his hands through his sweaty hair.  And stop with these damn hip thrusts who the fuck created this deadly choreos. Being a fan at a BTS concert was hard. But being a members goddamn girlfriend that has to sit front row and watch all the teasing helplessly was extra hard. Taehyung knew exactly what he was doing. He had started the teasing before their performance to make sure you would suffer all evening.

“y/n I’m so excited for our concert!! I can’t wait to perform for ARMY!”

“I know Tae you told me this 5 times in the last 2 minutes.”

“Then I should tell you something different. You know what else I’m excited for?”

“The new pokemon game?”

He pouted at your sarcasm but carried on talking either way.

Performing for you later tonight.

“Oh god Tae stop it here are lots of people around. I don’t need the staff knowing what we’re up to.”

“Then we should go somewhere with less people.”

He stood up and dragged you around a maze of hallways into an empty dressing room. Right when he had closed the door he pushed you up against it and trapped you with his arms. He started at you smirking for a moment before his lips came down crashing onto yours. His kisses were messy and hungry and he soon moved on to suck some hickies onto your neck.

“Tae you have to be on stage in a few minutes, we can’t do this now.”

“I know how dripping wet you already are, we can do this quickly.”

His hands roamed over your underwear under the skirt of your dress. Why had you worn a dress today? His fingers ran over your covered slit and he chuckled at the confirmation of his previous statement.

“I know Tae, but not that fast, no one could do that.”

His fingers drew circles on your clit and you whimpered slightly, still trying to convince him that it was bad timing. Right at that moment there was a knock on the door.

“Taehyung, y/n, I know exactly you’re in there and I know exactly what you’re doing, but we need to go on stage now.

Taehyung sighed and pulled away, but not before he pressed one last loving kiss onto your lips. He opened the door to find Namjoon waiting outside.

“I told him, but he wouldn’t listen I swear.”

“I know he can be so goddamn stubborn.”

“I heard that.”

“Come on now we need to go on stage.”

And now you were here. You weren’t front row you were basically in the staff area. Which was even closer than front row. Tae had been making sure to exaggerate every hip thrust he had to do, winked or smirked at you about a 100 times already and his tongue, oh lord his tongue. It has been everywhere but inside his mouth for the past 2 hours. He even had made sure to lift his shirt at a given appropriate point. He was gonna pay for this.

The concert finally ended and you headed backstage again. Jin, Namjoon and Yoongi were just plain exhausted and sat on the next best sofa or chair to nap before they could leave the venue. But the rest were hyper. And I mean really hyper. Taehyung was jumping around you like a little excited puppy, babbling about the concert whilst you were just frustrated beyond compare. After about 10 minutes you’ve had had enough.

“Tae could you please come with me for a second.”

Tae was still a bit too excited to get what was going on but Namjoon who had been quietly listening to music in the corner looked up and gave you a knowing smile. At least they wouldn’t search for you two.

You were surprised how you had found the way back to the empty dressing room and this time you pushed Tae in it.

“y/n is everything okay?”

“No everything is not okay. You have been teasing me for the last 2 hours in the worst ways and you were pretty aware of that. And you riled me up before the stage knowing we couldn’t finish. So no, everything is not okay.”

“Aww, I’m sorry baby, should I make it up to you?”

“You better will when we get back home.”

Who said I will wait till we’re home.

He had you pressed up against the door for the second time today kissing you passionately. His deadly tongue played with yours and you moaned into the kiss.

“I will make sure you know how sorry I am.”

He smirked as he kneeled in front of you, unzipping your dress on his way down. You shook it off and stepped out of it.

“Nice set of underwear. Did you know I was planning to fuck you backstage? Or did you only hope for it baby?”

“Ugh shut up already.”

“Have you been this wet for the last 2 hours?”

“Yes I have. Why do you think I’m so frustrated, huh?”

My poor princess.

He peeled off your soaked panties and discarded them somewhere next to the dress. Then he went on kissing your thighs, one after the other, avoiding the place where you wanted him.

“Tae do you really think now is the right time for teasing?”

“It’s not?”

Your glare down to him made him give you an apologetic smile as he suddenly delved right into it, sucking on your clit harshly. You let out a surprised half scream half moan as he altered between kitten licks and sucking on your clit. You tangled your hands in his hair as he teased you with his tongue around your opening.

“Pl-please Tae, I n-need more.”

He complied without hesitation this time, pushing his sinful tongue deep inside of you. He sped up the pace and made sure to give your clit a few licks every now and then. Soon you were clenching around his tongue and he added a finger to circle your clit whilst pushing his tongue inside of you in a fast rhythm. You threw your head back as you leaned against the wall and moaned his name over and over as you reached your orgasm. He made sure to lick you entirely clean until you were whimpering at the overstimulation. He pulled away and pressed a kiss onto your lips so you could taste yourself.

“Now I can finally take your bra off as well.”

He did as he said and began undressing himself as well.

“You know you’re not the only one that has been frustrated for the last 2 hours.”

“I can see that.”

He signalized you to hold onto his shoulder and jump to wrap your legs around his waist. Then he pushed your back against the wall to steady you.

“I always love to fuck you up against a wall.”

“You love to fuck me everywhere, especially at inappropriate times Tae.”

“That’s true.”

He let the tip of his dick run teasingly against your slit and you still where sensitive and whimpered.

“Still sensitive huh, baby? I’ll promise it will pass quickly.”

He kissed you deeply as he pushed all the way inside you, grunting because of your tightness. You let your head fall onto his shoulder and moaned. He gave you a minute to adjust.

“Please just move Tae.”

His thrust were hard and fast from the beginning on, showing his 2 hours of frustration. You bit slightly into his shoulder to not scream loud enough for the whole building to hear. He should be long exhausted from the concert and dance performances but he was still so hyped up he didn’t feel the exhaustion. He was pounding into you mercilessly and when he changed the angle a bit to reach better, hitting your spot every time you couldn’t take it any longer.

“T-Tae I can’t, I’m so close.”

“I know baby me too, just let go.”

With an extra loud moan of his name, this time probably heard by the whole building, you let go. Your walls clenching around his dick erratically pushed him over the edge as well, so he came, grunting your name in your ear with his raspy low voice. When you had caught your breath you both got dressed ready to go home.

“So did I make it up to you with that? Or are you still mad and I need to try again at home?

staionari asked:

BTS reaction of you smacking their asses daily. 🌚

Jhope : Gives you a death stare after a while it would lead up to him laughing, then leaving smacking his own ass.

Jimin : Would already be used to it by the members always touching/smacking his ass. Jimin wouldn’t care, just smile widely at you without saying anything each time.

Namjoon : Looking at you with a confused face. Probably will be the most annoyed about it, cursing you out under his breath while walking away, or pushing you away each time.

“What the fu-..”

Yoongi : The death smile. Whenever you’re about to come close to him and you see this smile, you know something is about to go down.

Jungkook : Make it a game. Every time you two see each other the tension would be unreal. He would try to act normal but really looking for revenge..But you already know he isn’t slick with all the random unknown laughter.

Taehyung : * Grabs your hand and places it on his ass *

* Winks *

Jin : Pissed off and gives you a disgusted look.

“How many times..Why?”

“Do you see me smiling (Y/N)”



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