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Companions react to SS sitting down , the. Suddenly crying, saying softly, "c-can I have a h-hug?"

Cait - She stared at them from the doorway first, frown on her face, but then she slowly approached them and wrapped her arms around them witha soft “Cm'ere you idiot’. She held them firmly, even though their body was almost limp against her and they softly sobbed and mewled into her shoulder.

Codsworth-His fans whirl in sadness as he sees them there. “Oh sir/mum, I am afraid I don’t give the warmer of hugs” he does, however tries to comfort them with kind words and how much he’s happy they are here.

Curie - “Hugging does help in stressful situations, yes?” She asks and as sole nods softly, she lowers herself on the ground and curls herself into them, one arm around their waist, other’s hand patting their back gently.

Danse - He stands there awkwardly, his hands closing into fists and loosing up again. He silently says: “Embrace permission - granted”. Sole shakily gets up and basically collapses onto him their hands on his chest, they sob into his jumpsuit and he holds them close, stroking their hair.

Deacon - “You know I ain’t the hugging type, Boss…” but as he watches them, their eyes red and puffy, he cannot bear to look at them like this and sits next to them, pulling them onto his lap, running his hand over their arm, the other being captured by Sole and held very firm.

Dogmeat - he gives them a bunch of doggy-kisses and whimpers with them as they sob. They end up crying into his surprisingly soft fur.

Hancock - “Hey, hey now, what gives?” He asks as he grabs their hands and moves them to rest on his knees while still holding them. He makes them tell him everything and when they do, he pulls them in for a long embrace, asking if they feel any better.

MacCready- He obeys almost instantly, he craddles them close, making their head rest on his shoulder, not caring a bit that his clothes are getting damp with their tears.

Nick Valentine - Without a word, he sits down next to them and slowly wrapps his arms around them, starting at shoulders, pulling them closer. He ends up making their legs lie over his lap as he holds them with his right arm, his left hand stroking their back tenderly.

Piper - She sits next to them, pulling them into a side hug, their head resting on their shoulder she makes them tell her about what happened and what she can do to help, while her arms are wrapped around them almost protectively.

Preston - It was rather painful for him to see them like this. He made them lean into his chest as he curls his arms around their shaking form, like they were the most precious thing in the world. Hell, they are. He buries his face into their hair and hums soothingly.

Strong - He is mad at first “Super mutants don’t cry or hug!” he groans, but as sneak their arms around his huge arm, he doesn’t push them away, just eyes them with no other words.

X6-88 - He wants to refuse first, but as he looks at their flushed face and pained expression, he gives in, with soft ‘If it makes you feel better’. His arms are still by his body, as they wrap their arms around him. Feeling them sob against his chest, he slowly moves his own arms to hold them, even stroking their back a little.

This is a request for  @ fatimalovesniall

“Hey! Can I request a video imagine that your’re amazing at making? Imagine you(his girlfriend ) suprises Yoongi on tour and the rest of the members know about it and are helping you with the plan. I hope my request wasn’t vague and clear to you!😊❤”

I hope you enjoy it! 

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