reactionary bullshit

Just a quick reminder

Despite the 40k fandom business, I’m a trans woman, a lesbian, a democratic socialist, and strongly against all reactionary/hyper-conservative bullshit, including but not limited to:
-transphobic feminists/TERFs (if you wouldn’t let me transition in your ideal world, you’re a transphobe and need to fuck right off),

-Nazis(both literal nazis and anyone advocating for ethnic cleansing, no matter how “peaceful”)

-People who think the failed Southern Rebellion (aka the American Civil war) was about anything other than slavery,

-people who make excuses for slavers/slavery(both James Madison and Thomas Jefferson knew what they were doing was wrong, what’s your excuse?)

-Blatant racists (no matter how polite or how “good” your other politics are)

-Anti-LGBT people (Leftist political affiliations are no excuse for being anti-gay or anti-lesbian)

-Sexists and misogynists(both modern biological essentialist and reactionary would be patriarch variants)

-with the above, anyone voting for the American Republican Party, which co-signs many of the above, you’re on thin ice with me.

-people who unironically think that capitalism is without flaws/anarcho-capitalists

-Anyone who thinks the Soviet Union was right to send tanks into Poland and Eastern Europe, as well as Stalinists more generally(hereafter referred to as “Tankies”)

If any of the above describe you, please don’t follow me or interact with my blog in any way.

Honorable mention to people who advocate for authoritarian regimes simply because they stick it to the United States, your praxis is bad and you should feel bad
Accept transgender troops, allow them medical treatment, Adm. Mike Mullen tells Congress
Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. Mike Mullen, calls on Congress to accept transgender troops and provide them medical treatment.

My thoughts aren’t really organized and coherent enough about the current debacle coming out of the White House at the moment, so here’s this.

And I’ll just say this. Fuck telling Americans they don’t deserve the chance to serve the country because of who they are. Fuck trying to dictate policy via tweet. Fuck using transgender members of our military as a sacrifice to try to distract from whatever terrible situation 45 is trying to distract from today. Fuck the divisive, insulting, reactionary bullshit tactics this administration uses each wry goddamn day to screw this country up even more. Fuck people who don’t understand the courage and strength it can take to live a life that is honest and true to yourself in this country when you don’t check the right demographic boxes. And fuck this administration in general.

The right wing has nothing but tradition and violent reaction (racism, nationalism, imperialism, class). Shootings in the United States are overwhelmingly committed by angry, right-wing, reactionary men. The Virginia incident is not bad practice; it’s further violence. I don’t think you can claim it was “a leftist”.* Yet as reactionary, right-wing organization becomes more brazen and the government further embraces it, we’re going to witness people other than right-wing men committing acts of violence, out of desperation. This will continue should government, landlords, and police continue to belligerently oppress and resist social change. (I’m not saying this man was reacting for good reason but that we will see violence from another perspective and we will need to be able to address it. This particular act was reactionary male bullshit.)

Don’t invest in media discourse and representation of this incident that will encourage you to simply reject it as bad and to question “the left”. We’ve got a tradition of peaceful resistance that goes back over a century. In the United States, we often lean too heavily on civil disobedience. I think of my Black comrades who come from some of the most oppressed communities in the US and how I’ve watched them have to navigate white, peace discourse. I think of all the immigrant labor that quietly toils at day and organizes without much recognition. People get pissed when we disrupt traffic because there’s little other way to bring awareness of corporate abuse. White people are encouraged to allow others to labor for social justice and anything that riles us is considered problematic. Tolerance ruins class struggle and oppresses our communities. But we also have a habit of coming together at times of need and embracing violence when necessary. That’s not going to change. 

The right wing in the United States resorts to violence everyday and for no good reason. It’s not a generalization. Look at the hunger stats; think of how many needlessly sleep rough and go without medical care; look at the misogyny and racism these days. FFS, POTUS is a violent, misogynist, white-nationalist pig who inherited wealth and status. Don’t decontextualize and tag to file away. Come to consciousness about what’s actually happening. Reject sweeping generalizations of the left and embrace the idea that we’re already engaged in class struggle and need to be prepared to support and protect each other as the conservative reaction to struggle will be to discipline and to punish.

*edit: we must insist on being accurate about this shooter. a violent and reactionary white man who is a known abuser. and we need to do this because violent and reactionary men are a major problem for all of us.

hey heads up @ tumblr radfems. not to sound like a ~genderist~ but most of what u clowns think of as radical feminism is actually reactionary biologically essentialist homophobic bullshit. being a gender abolitionist (like yours truly) is one thing but I feel like most of you just. really hate trans and gnc ppl and are willing to buy into theoretically unsound cultural feminist nonsense because it supports ur petty bullshit! wake up read some and realise that aside from a currently very vocal minority trans/qu**r people are not ur enemies and in fact are relying on a lot of the same gender critical/anticapitalist suppositions as actual radical feminism ! if we’re ever to realise we’re on the same page and fight for liberation of women and gay people we need to be intellectually and politically rigorous and start to formulate theory and practice that actually works and improves women’s lives instead of just griping about being called terfs on the internet because let me fucking tell you that is NOT the biggest problem women face

People who argue that equality means “equality of opportunity” and not “equality of results” are using some of the most diluted logic. These are the same people who argue AGAINST equality of opportunity by opposing universal education, healthcare, resource access, etc., never mind their opposition to a socialist economy that would actually guarantee equality of opportunity. We don’t have equality of opportunity by any stretch; a person born in a ghetto or impoverished rural area does not have the same opportunity to achieve comfort and self-actualization that a person born in a Connecticut suburb or gated community does. Reactionary reasoning is bullshit ideology designed to reinforce the status quo by any means necessary. Dude, socialists aren’t even in favor of precise equality of result; we’re in favor of democratic ownership over the means of production and typically in favor of a system where greater labor contributions to the pool generate greater rewards, with a livable floor for all regardless. Capitalism is the one that rewards ownership rather than labor, and under this system you could never achieve equality of opportunity, never mind anywhere in the ballpark of equality of results. 

If you think that’s what equality means, I implore you to do more investigating and to ditch this delusional notion that our system could ever achieve anything akin to genuine freedom and equality for all.

The Ghostbusters remake totally has the potential not to be a great movie. There, I said it. But it also totally has the potential to be fucking fantastic. Either way, I’m sure as shit supporting it all the way to release, because the men and boys pretending that their whining, reactionary bullshit has nothing to do with them being women is absolute and complete bollocks and they goddamn know it.

If that trailer was exactly the same with men in the female roles, they would not have given that reaction, the like/dislike ratio wouldn’t be that terrible, and the YouTube comments wouldn’t be full of childish, sexist vitriol. 

When the movie comes out, buy a ticket, take all your friends, make it a fucking hit, because I’m not letting a bunch of yelling internet dicks decide what gets made going forwards, and what roles women are allowed to have. 

in part because of one of my successful posts, I’ve seen a fair amount of folks being like “Well Actually bruce wayne does do things for gotham besides batman-ing.” but:

  1. that’s not one of the major aspects of his character. I’m sure it’s been touched on in plenty of stories, but it’s not generally the focal point. certainly, in non-comic stories - the arkham games (as far as I’m aware) and the dark knight trilogy - even this lip service to “well he does other good things” isn’t paid except for the part where I guess bruce wayne campaigns against arkham city? which is extremely hypocritical given how fine he is with enforcing the prison-industrial complex under normal circumstances but Anyway
  2. gotham is permanently portrayed as something that can’t be un-fucked, either just because or through some nonsense like a demon curse I guess, depending on the writer. but it doesn’t have to be that way, because it is a fictional story. it was constructed as such by the writers. if batman is really doing all this for gotham, why doesn’t it have an impact? even if we accept that batman is taking actually meaningful action, then what subtext can arise from this except “no amount of intervention or aid will stop bad things, only violence from the powerful?”
  3. the gotham p.d. is often portrayed as hideously corrupt, in which case batman should be spending as much time fighting them as street criminals - arguably more time fighting them, tbh, given the disproportionate power they wield. he rarely does this. failing to portray the gotham p.d. as corrupt, however, makes no sense from a storytelling standpoint (if gotham’s so terrible, why wouldn’t its police force be?) and reinforces the idea that Cops Are Good And Crimesters Are Bad
  4. any story - regardless of how well it’s told and regardless of how many angles it covers - which focuses on a rich white savior beating up poor and explicitly mentally ill people is reinforcing reactionary bullshit unless it portrays them as a pretty unambiguous villain, sorry

I love how internet anti-feminists think they’re doing this New Unique Edgy thing that’s Never Been Done, but, like, they use the like same exact talking points that fucking Rush Limbaugh did in the 90’s.

Hell, it’s the same half baked arguments that you’d see from the 20’s during 1st wave, yknow, that one they try to hold up as “true feminism” and not the “ebil feminazis” of today.

It’s all just reactionary bullshit. Same shit, different decade.

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Fascism and racism won in the UK. Damn old people to the hell they have damned us to!

I’m still in shock to be perfectly honest. I can’t stop reading the news as if it’s magically going to change or something.

I really hope people are paying attention. Because this is what happens from underestimating reactionary xenophobic bullshit.