reactionary bullshit

People who argue that equality means “equality of opportunity” and not “equality of results” are using some of the most diluted logic. These are the same people who argue AGAINST equality of opportunity by opposing universal education, healthcare, resource access, etc., never mind their opposition to a socialist economy that would actually guarantee equality of opportunity. We don’t have equality of opportunity by any stretch; a person born in a ghetto or impoverished rural area does not have the same opportunity to achieve comfort and self-actualization that a person born in a Connecticut suburb or gated community does. Reactionary reasoning is bullshit ideology designed to reinforce the status quo by any means necessary. Dude, socialists aren’t even in favor of precise equality of result; we’re in favor of democratic ownership over the means of production and typically in favor of a system where greater labor contributions to the pool generate greater rewards, with a livable floor for all regardless. Capitalism is the one that rewards ownership rather than labor, and under this system you could never achieve equality of opportunity, never mind anywhere in the ballpark of equality of results. 

If you think that’s what equality means, I implore you to do more investigating and to ditch this delusional notion that our system could ever achieve anything akin to genuine freedom and equality for all.

The Ghostbusters remake totally has the potential not to be a great movie. There, I said it. But it also totally has the potential to be fucking fantastic. Either way, I’m sure as shit supporting it all the way to release, because the men and boys pretending that their whining, reactionary bullshit has nothing to do with them being women is absolute and complete bollocks and they goddamn know it.

If that trailer was exactly the same with men in the female roles, they would not have given that reaction, the like/dislike ratio wouldn’t be that terrible, and the YouTube comments wouldn’t be full of childish, sexist vitriol. 

When the movie comes out, buy a ticket, take all your friends, make it a fucking hit, because I’m not letting a bunch of yelling internet dicks decide what gets made going forwards, and what roles women are allowed to have. 

I love how internet anti-feminists think they’re doing this New Unique Edgy thing that’s Never Been Done, but, like, they use the like same exact talking points that fucking Rush Limbaugh did in the 90’s.

Hell, it’s the same half baked arguments that you’d see from the 20’s during 1st wave, yknow, that one they try to hold up as “true feminism” and not the “ebil feminazis” of today.

It’s all just reactionary bullshit. Same shit, different decade.