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Hi! I don't know if you saw that old video "Man Wakes Up After Surgery And Hits On His Own Wife!", (it's on youtube)... Could you please write the guys' reactions if Gardienne wake up high after a surgery without recognizing them and blatantly flirting on them (and they are already married for a long time)? Pleeease?

I hadn’t see that video before, but it’s super cute! I had a lot of fun writing this, and I hope you enjoy it, Anon!


  • Was really worried at first.
  • Why didn’t you recognize him? Did you have amnesia or something?
  • He calms down significantly when Eweleïn tells him you’re just high.
  • Then he’s milking the situation for all it’s worth.
  • “Aw, you think I’m cute? That’s so sweet~”
  • He’d tell he’s your husband, but he’s enjoying your flirting attempts waaay too much to try and stop them.
  • He brings it up all the time after your surgery, and loves to embarrass you with the memory.


  • He’s trying to pretend he’s amused, but honestly, he’s more embarrassed.
  • You’ve never flirted so openly with him and he doesn’t know what to do with himself.
  • That doesn’t stop him from pranking you though.
  • He tells you he’s an angel and all sorts of lies like that, and since you’re currently incapable of rationalising, you believe every word.
  • After you’ve recovered, Ez teases you endlessly about the whole thing, and bring it up whenever he can. Unfortunately for him, you remember very vividly what made him blush the hardest, and he’s not the only one who can do some teasing.


  • Though Val seems rather uninterested, the small grin on his face reveals his amusement and he’s really enjoying the scenario.
  • He does feel a bit guilty for laughing at your drugged up form, but you’re the perfect mix of cute and funny. He just can’t help himself.
  • It only gets more amusing as you go on, and soon Valkyon is shaking with barely contained laughter.
  • When he reveals he’s your husband, your reaction makes him laugh again, but this time it’s more a bashful laugh and he’s blushing.
Week of the Reactions!!!!

Hey guys, new event starts on Monday, and this week is going to be the week of Reactions! TLDR; how the hetalia cast react to certain things or events.

Basically, message me anything you want your chosen countries to react to. Whether it’s made up or historically accurate, choose whatever you want!

Example: A group’s or a country’s Reaction to England’s Marriage Proposals! Or it could be historical, like France’s reaction to Victory-in-Europe Day!

So message me:
- the country or group you want to be featured
- the topic or event you want them to react to
- and we’ll see what I’ve come up with ;)

Hope you guys like this event too, can’t wait to see your choices!! (๑>◡<๑)


Jungkook when someone calls him oppa vs baby boy

Here’s a Cool and smiley Kyungsoo in case you were sad today


can i just say  V I S U A L