BTS reaction to you playfully avoiding PDA

@swaglordyoongi said: BTS reaction to their gf playfully avoiding any PDA just to frustrate him, even though she loves being held, kissed, etc. Thank you, sweety~! I love your reactions cx

Here you are! Sorry it took me so long to get to this, I had to get through my other requests first cx 

Thank you so much though, I’m so glad you like my writing! ^-^

Some of these are more general shows of affection rather than PDA, oops cx

This reaction also turned out to be longer than the previous ones cx Do you guys like the longer reactions? Let me know :)

Rap Monster (Namjoon):

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You two would be watching a movie with the boys, bags of snacks scattered on the table. As you watched the movie, Namjoon would snake his arms around your waist, attempting to hug you from behind. You’d smirk, playfully smacking his hands away, simply to mess with him a little bit. Wriggling out of his grasp, you’d spin around to face him directly, blowing him a kiss with a giggle.

“Yah, (Y/N), why are you doing this to me?” Namjoon would laugh, poking your sides gently. Once again, you’d lightly swat his hands away, continuing to giggle at his expression of playful annoyance. 

“Cut it out you two, I wanna watch the film!” Yoongi would complain, chucking a pillow at Namjoon, causing you to giggle at his surprised expression.

He’d shake his head at your resistance, covering his face as he grinned, finding you absolutely adorable. You’d finally give in, giving him a peck on the cheek as you beamed up at him with a loving expression, Namjoon finally pulling you in for a hug. He’d rest his chin on your shoulder, as you finally focused your attention back to the movie playing.

Jin (Seokjin):

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You would be rushing about in the kitchen, preparing dinner for both you and Jin. Walking back and forth from the fridge to the oven to the counter, you’d wipe the sweat off your forehead with a cloth, the kitchen having heated up from the warmth of the oven. Jin would wander into the kitchen, having caught the mouth-watering scent coming from the room. He’d pause by the doorway, watching as your hair bounced around, tied up in a neat ponytail, as you crossed from the counter to the oven once again. He’d admire how cute you looked in the slightly oversized apron, smiling to himself as he’d watch you fussing over the cooking.

As you’d be so focused on making sure the food was cooking properly, you wouldn’t notice as Jin walked up behind you, and therefore taking you by surprise as he’d bury his chin into your shoulder. “What are you cooking, jagiya?” He’d question, as he’d stand by you, twirling your hair with his fingers. 

“Not now, Jin,” you’d shake your head, your lips curving upwards in a slight smile. “We don’t want the food to burn now, do we?” You’d glance up at him, deliberately fluttering your eyelashes at him, just to annoy him. Jin would let out an airy sigh, as you chuckled, your attention focusing back on the task at hand. “She’s such a tease sometimes,” he’d smile to himself, grabbing an apron to help you out.

Suga (Yoongi):

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Yoongi would come back home, exhausted after a full day of relentless practice. “(Y/N), I’m home,” he’d call out as he stepped through the door, taking out his earphones. Being met with no answer, he’d call out again, “(Y/N)?” Tossing his shoes to the side, he’d step into the living room to see you sleeping peacefully on the couch, curled up into a ball. He’d notice you clutching one of his T-shirts, and wouldn’t be able to help but smile, his heart melting slightly at such a cute sight. 

Discarding his bag and coat onto a nearby chair, he’d attempt to lay down next to you, shifting around as he tried to get comfortable. Just when he finally settles into one position, you’d groan sleepily, shifting backwards and accidentally pushing Yoongi off the couch in the process. 

The loud thud would shock you awake, and you’d immediately sit up, hair slightly dishevelled, as you rub your eyes, vision still slightly blurry. “Yoongi?” you’d ask, looking down to see him sat on the floor, rubbing his side.

“All I wanted was to cuddle with you, (Y/N).” He’d pout, causing you to giggle at him, as he looked like an adorable little kid sitting there on the floor. 

“I’m sorry, jagi,” you’d say, still giggling. He’d simply grin, laughing it off as you helped him up. 

“Now, do I get my cuddle?” He’d ask, arms outstretched in anticipation. 

“Oh look, suddenly I’m no longer tired!” You’d get up, walking straight past him, attempting to suppress your laugh at his betrayed yet playful expression.

J-Hope (Hoseok):

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Hoseok and the other boys would be getting ready for a live performance at a music show, and you’d decided to tag along, watching as the make-up noonas dashed around the room from member to member, trying to ensure everyone was ready in time for the performance. Brushes, eyeliner pencils and assorted bottles would be scattered around by the mirrors, the room buzzing with the sound of conversation and laughter. You’d be sitting on a row of chairs, casually chatting to Namjoon, while you glanced over at Hoseok who would still be getting his make-up done.

You’d wander around the room, walking back and forth from each member, as you’d have brief conversations with them all. After finally finishing up with the make-up noona and Jin taking his place, Hoseok would scan the busy room, searching for you. He’d finally spot you in the corner of the room, deep in conversation with Taehyung. He’d have to manoeuvre through several people to get to you, as the room would be so densely packed. 

Finally reaching you, he’d wrap his arms around your shoulders, as he beamed up at you, his face immediately lighting up. Taehyung would giggle, finding you two to be absolutely adorable. You’d playfully swat Hoseok’s hands away, saying, “I was in the middle of a conversation with Taehyung,” turning around to face him, and pouting in mock annoyance. 

“But babeeee,” he’d whine, giving you puppy eyes. When you failed to budge, instead standing there with your arms crossed, a small smile beginning to form on your face, he’d resort to doing aegyo, in an attempt to make you laugh. Your annoyed stance would falter, before you’d give up completely, breaking out into laughter and pulling him in for a hug.

“Ah, you know I can’t resist your aeygo, Hobi.”


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BTS would be holding a fan meeting, and you’d decided to come along, without actually telling Jimin. The room would be filled with eager fans, the queue stretching out for what seemed like miles. You’d decided to surprise Jimin, and so you’d join the end of the queue, clutching your copy of the album in your hands. You’d lean over to the side, glancing down the queue. You’d sigh, running one hand through your hair as you realised just how long you’d likely to be standing there. 

After what seemed like an endless amount of time, you’d perk up, realising you’d finally reached the front. Biting back a laugh, you’d slowly move down the line, greeting all the members just like a fangirl would do. The members would all crack up laughing when they realised it was you, grinning their heads off when you continued to deliberately act oblivious. Jungkook would glance down at Jimin who was signing another fan’s poster, smiling and waving as he’d move down to the next person, Jungkook cracking up all over again.

“Annyeong haseyo oppa!” You’d greet Jimin with a small bow, having finally reached him down the line. You’d set your copy of the album down on the table, beaming up at him yet internally laughing. Jimin would sit there in shock for a second, before breaking out into a giggle, eyes closing in his usual eye smile. He’d take your hands in his, asking, “(Y/N), what are you doing here?” You’d continue your charade, shyly pulling your hands away, and looking away, giggling with mock nerves. “W-what do you mean, oppa?” You’d glance back at Jimin, only to look away shyly again. Jimin would laugh the whole time, slightly impressed by your acting skills. He’d attempt to lean over to peck you on the cheek, but you’d pull away, giggling in an overly girlish way. After a few minutes of acting, you’d finally burst into laughter, clutching your sides. 

“Do you like my acting skills, jagi?” You’d ask, smirking up at Jimin. “I should be an actress, right?” 

Jimin would simply shake his head, still laughing uncontrollably. When he’d finally calm down, he’d lean forwards again, kissing you on the forehead.

“I’m sure you’ll be scouted by an acting agency soon, jagiya.” He’d reply, shaking his head at your mischievousness.

V (Taehyung):

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You and Taehyung would be chilling in the dorm with the others. They’d all be be playing Jenga together, as you sat by watching, shaking your head with a laugh every time they’d manage to tip over the tower. Taehyung would attempt to pull out a block with as careful precision as he could manage, yet somehow still knocking over the tower. As the other boys cracked up laughing, Taehyung would lean onto your shoulder, his body shaking with laughter. 

The game would start again from the beginning, Jin making the first move. As you’d intently watch the game go on, Taehyung would scoot up behind you, attempting to wrap his legs around you. You’d move over to the side away from Taehyung, just to tease him. 

“Yah, jagi,” he’d whine, once again scooting towards you, arms outstretched. You’d shake your finger at him, blowing a kiss to him as you laugh, continuing to escape away from him. Taehyung would begin chasing you around the other boys who were circled around the game, the sound of laughter filling the room. At this point, no-one would be paying attention to the game, instead everyone cheering you on as you playfully ran away, your hair flying into your face as you ran. Eventually, you’d tire and Taehyung would finally catch up to you, grabbing you around the waist as you both collapsed on the floor in laughter and fatigue.


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You and Jungkook would be hanging out in the practice room with the other boys, the room buzzing with the sound of conversation. You’d park yourself next to Jungkook and Taehyung who would be sitting cross-legged in one corner of the room. 

As you sat down, Jungkook would grin up at you, leaning in to give you a kiss. You’d also lean in, inches away from his face, lips about to make contact when you’d suddenly pull away, one corner of your lips turned upwards in a devilish smirk. Jungkook would look at you in slight surprise for a second. “Oh, so that’s how it is?” he’d ask with a playful tone. “Is that a challenge, babe?”

Suddenly, before you’d have a chance to react, his hands would fly to your sides, tickling you relentlessly. Taehyung would simply sit and watch as the two of you fought it out in a tickle war, snickering at the sight of you two. 

Jungkook would end up straddling you, still tickling at your sides as you shrieked with laughter. “Okay, okay, you win!” Your hands flying upwards in surrender, and only then would Jungkook lay off, cheering in victory.

holysmokyq  asked:

could you draw a primarina or a brionne or popplio or could you draw shedinja or could you draw uh...a jumping spiser ACTUALLY PLEASE DRAW A JUMPING SPIDER

ACTUALLY i drew one today… i was thinkign abt runaway reaction and how i dont really have anything planned for arachnids and i was like “ok what if arachnids were like… pets” and then i thought of like. pigeon-sent messages and what if ppl could have jumping spiders deliver mail anYWAY

there were (obv) no refs involved so i mean it aint Grand but idk it was tbh the first time I drew Guy in like a month or more so i just . am happy w it

Seriously, guys. What the Hell was that SPN midseason finale ? I don’t know how I should feel about this episode … A few things, first : STOP ruining Cas like that. He’s Castiel, Angel of the Lord, for Heaven’s sake, let him act to his potential ! STOP dumbing down Dean. And why the fuck did they stay with the Pres at the end, they wanted to get caught or what ? Actually I know how to feel : I’m PISSED. They are not doing a great job so far ! I love the show, but that episode let me down.

anonymous asked:

this might be weird to ask n i hope it makes sense but........ how does each member of bts speak? like when their speaking do they speak intelligently, are they well spoken or like do they use alot of slang or anything? does that make sense i hope it does asdfgh

🍫 namjoon:
• he chooses words very carefully and wisely, wide range of vocabulary
• if you see something that looks like it’s quoted from a poem or a novel, it’s namjoon’s
• uses calm tone when speaking in normal circumstances, but tends to raise and distort his voice when under adrenaline rush (eg. bts gayo track 3, acting mission with yoongi)

🍗 seokjin:
• varying talking speed, he can either talk really slowly or talk so fast that even 0.5x speed can’t help decipher what he’s saying
• focuses on emotions rather than words, so middle-ranged vocabulary?
• come across some lame puns? it’s seokjin’s
• but tbh i love seokjin’s puns even though sometimes it’s really lame that i have to consider turning off the video
• imo, 2nd best english pronunciation in bts, after namjoon
• also i love how seokjin pronounce the ㅅ and ㅂ syllables
• speaks like a middle-aged man…

🐕 yoongi:
• imagine namjoon but with less philosophical elements and more emotional explosion
• not the easiest to understand due to his low and raspy voice
• talks fast, so occasionally his words seem to stuck together and it’s nearly impossible to understand what he’s saying
• usually stretches the ㅔ in 네, like instead of a short 네, he would make it sound like 네에에에에↘
• might not be related but i still find the way yoongi said ‘boy meets what’ in ‘wings’ preview show really cute. it didn’t sound like ‘what’, but rather ‘waaaaaaaat’

🌻 hoseok:
• uses 되게 (really) and 뭔가 (somewhat) A LOT
• likes to insert 네 in mid sentence
• how should i describe his tone? it varies 100% of times
• has a distinctive way of pronouncing ‘fun’
• in short, the opposite polar of yoongi

🍑 taehyung:
• doesn’t finish his sentences, and often stares into the air after stopping midway
• uses adverbs like 약간, 조금, 진짜 separately and repeatedly, has the habit of saying adverbs first, then continue with his sentences and repeat those adverbs again
• splits one straight sentence into short phrases
- proper sentence: i was gonna meet armys right after i took a shower.
- taehyung: i, now, took a shower and ddak, gonna meet armys, ddak, like this.
• uses ‘like this’ and demonstrates with actions instead of describing the actions with words
• tends to use slangs, but not a lot as far as i can remember?
• not related to talking but taehyung often makes strange noises out of the blue, eg. he imitated a pigeon and made that ‘pokato’ (?) sound when namjoon said ‘pigeon’ and ‘pikachu’ in ‘wings’ preview show
• forgot this but taehyung’s english pronunciation is so on point

🍙 jimin:
• soft and sweet tone, is sweetly sassy
• always talks to armys as if he’s with his friends
• when doing a v app broadcast alone, he talks informally like how friends talk to each other, but when sending messages or some other ‘official’ occasions, jimin talks formally
• personal preference but i find jimin’s accidental satoori very cute… remember how he said 너 왜 이렇게 떠노 and took taehyung’s hands ;-;

🐰 jungkook:
• jungkook is like 30% satoori and 70% seoul dialect to me, so it sounds new when he speaks entirely in seoul dialect (jin’s puma cf)
• raises voice at certain random words like 인형 (‘the show’ interview), 악어(bon voyage ep 7), 인증샷 (chuseok v app), etc. they sound like 인~↗형~↗, 악~↗어~, 인~↗증~↗샷↗
• speaks formally
• says ‘mom!’ habitually
• tbh i don’t really pay attention to how jungkook speaks because most of the times i’m distracted by his bunny smile


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