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oo could u do a post on how they'd treat someone their crushing on/how they'd handle it


  • sagittariuses are independent people who dont like being anchored down
  • so he’d probably be in denial about his crush at first and become distant
  • but once he’s accepts his feelings he’d try being lowkey but it’d be really obvious
  • his capricorn venus makes him value material things so he’d try impressing them with things
  • “hey y/n arent these diamond encrusted chopsticks i bought cool”
  •  shares his food with them
  • compliments them instead of himself
  • tells even more dad jokes in hopes of making them laugh

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  • keeps his calm on the outside but is dying on the inside
  • very sweet and kind to them
  • more friendly than usual
  • which will surprise the boys (”yoongi hyung just let y/n wake him up from a nap, is he okay???”)
  • gets involved in their interests
  • shares his dreams, fears, and wishes with them
  • always has a gummy smile on his face around them

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  • will want to be around u alot
  • joins ur group of friends, goes to the same parties as u, etc.
  • engages conversation with them
  • teases them !!
  • partly bc he wants to hide his feelings but also bc he wants to see them laugh
  • lowkey flirting
  • ok more like high key
  • pretty straight forward 

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  • a nervous wreck
  • over analyzes every little interaction with them
  • overthinks
  • virgos are the most helpful sign and thats amplified around his crush
  • offers to help them with anything and everything 
  • scorpio venus makes him lowkey possessive over his crush

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  • a tough one
  • libras openly flirt with everyone so he might be the opposite with his crush and become shy
  • or he’d flirt 200x more
  • has a lot of friends so if he wants to hang out with just u, u know its real
  • many many compliments
  • would spam their social media (like all their pics, snapchat them a lot)
  • invites them to join him in activities that he likes
  • “hey y/n could u give me ur opinion on this dance i’ve been practicing”
  • chidlike and silly around them 

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  • capricorns are good at hiding their emotions so it would be hard to tell
  • more smiley and bright around their crush
  • so much eye contact
  • takes time out of his busy schedule to spend time with them
  • shows off new possessions and always looks his best around them
  • would show up to a casual gathering in all gucci just to impress them
  • subtle touches and hugs; touchy feely around them

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  • bless his heart
  • poor baby will be so overwhelmed and nervous
  • awkward, trips over his words, u can basically see him sweating
  • virgos dont do anything without analyzing it first so he’d admire them from afar for a long time
  • subtly asks them random personal things like favorite food, color, genre of music, etc.
  • does extra dorky things around them to make them laugh and notice him
  • tries to impress them with his strength and musical talent

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Guess who finally got around to watching Pirates of the Caribbean and couldn’t deal with the feels.

Yeah it wasn’t a great movie, but I didn’t hate it nearly as much as I did parts 3 and 4. It tied off parts of the story that needed tying off, but nothing will ever come close to the accidental genius that was Curse of the Black Pearl.

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VIDEO: Justice League Cast Reaction After Watching JUSTICE LEAGUE Trailer.

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Can you do a bts reaction to you being a sleep hugger?

Sure :) 

*All Gifs are not mine!*


He would probably not give two shits and just cuddle you back with a heart of a mother  lmao

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You both were sleeping in his room when you suddenly wrapped your arms around Yoongi. “Don’t touch me” yoongi whispered. No response. Then he heard your snoring and just let out a sigh and went back to sleep not caring anymore

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When you hugged him in your sleep he let out a chuckle and wrapped his arm around you, can’t wait to tease you about it in the morning. This boy imagine sleeping with this sunshine

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Namjoon he doesn’t cuddle while he’s sleeping unlike the other members and would feel a bit uncomfortable but he would find you adorable and let him hug you but also secretly taking a photo of you and uploading it to Twitter.


He would go crazy because of a sudden skinship and would take a minute to register whats happening. He would get over it and cuddle you back though.


He would just happily cuddle you back and go back to sleep with a huge smile on his face.


This boy wouldn’t even notice and sling his arm around your body without knowing himself.

bts reaction to you being able to sing

Note: All the gif’s in this reaction are not mine so credits to the rightful owners.

Jin ➸ You would be cleaning and you would start humming to a song that Jin was singing for the past few days, minutes after humming, you would start singing and dancing around. As you’re doing your little dance, Jin would appear behind you, but you’re too busy singing and dancing to notice him. He would quietly laugh to himself before wrapping his arms around you and resting his head on the top of your head. “Wow, Jagi! I didn’t know that you could sing!”

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Yoongi ➸ When Yoongi comes home and hears your voice ringing throughout the house, he would smile to himself and think about how lucky he was to have you. Yoongi sneak up behind you then start rapping along with the song you were singing. You stopped because you got embarrassed but Yoongi would pull into a hug and smile. “Jagiya, we should do a collab~”

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Namjoon ➸ As soon as Namjoon hears your voice echoing throughout the house, he would follow your voice to where ever you were. When he sees you singing your heart out he would grin from ear to ear and wrap his arms around your waist and sing along with you but an octave lower because of his deep voice. “Jagi! I never knew you could sing so well!”

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Hoseok ➸ When he hears you singing softly in the bedroom you two shared he would press his ear against the door and smile. Before you finished singing, Hoseok barges in, grinning. “[Y/N]-ah! That was cool! You should continue singing!”

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Jimin ➸ When this sweet angel hears your voice echoing throughout the house, he would smile and follow your voice, finding you singing in the room you two shared. Jimin would smile to himself and sing along with you. He would snake his arms around your waist and rest his chin on your shoulder with a smile still plastered on his face. “We should totally do a collab Jagi~!!”

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Taehyung ➸ When this boy hears your voice he would smile at how high your voice is. Taehyung would sneak up behind you and sing along with you but with his voice an octave deeper. He would wrap his arms around you and rest his head on top of your head and grin. “Cute voice Jagi~ It matches with my deep one..!” 

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Jungkook ➸ When this baby boy hears your voice, he would squeal to himself before singing along with you. Jungkook would sneak up behind you and wrap his arms around you before singing with you. The two of you would laugh at each other before (seriously) singing to each other. “My Jagiya has a cute, loving, amazing voice~!!”

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Reaction: Te assistindo competir no ISAC

• Rap Monster • 

 Ficaria feliz de lhe ter competindo tão perto de você. Suas modalidades não tinham ficado tão distantes, então era ótimo poder te ver competir sem ter que dar uma volta na quadra para isso. De vez em quando, quando seus olhares se cruzavam, ele fazia questão de sorrir e se agitar como quem estivesse animado torcendo pro você. 

 É claro que os fans seriam os mais animadas quando vissem vocês dois interagindo, e Namjoon te desafiaria para uma corrida amistosa na hora do intervalo deixando-os mais loucos ainda. 

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REBLOGs Appreciated 

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To celebrate the show getting renewed for season 3 (HELL YEAH), here’s my Wynonna Earp 2x05 reaction! SHE’S PREGNANT?? Okay wow? 

Wayhaught continues to shine my life.


Hey guys! Demi Lovato looks AMAZING in her new video for ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ I reacted to it on my channel, so make sure you check it out!

Exo-K reaction to you saying you like other idols over them.

Hello again! This is second part of that Exo reaction I’ve posted. Hope you will like it. :D



Junmyeon’s initial reaction to you stating that you preferred KARD over him and Exo as a whole was to give a smirk and light chuckle.  He was fully aware that you were simply trying to throw him off and didn’t hesitate to bring up the fact that he has given you everything you have ever dreamed of, failing to even mention anything to do with Exo’s music.

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You often teased Jongin about having a large amount of love for NCT 127′s music but he usually just laughed it off.  What really caught his attention was when you said you strongly preferred their dance routines over Exo’s.  Within minutes, he was putting on a full blown dance show for you, to prove how wrong you were to think that.

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Chanyeol was, as usual, trying his best to show off his rapping to you, while the two of you were seated at the table, trying to eat dinner.  Fed up with his feeble attempts, you decided to have some fun and tease him.  

“You know, the rapping featured in f(x) is so much better than yours.”

He turned his head to you, showing a fake puppy dog face, making you shyly grin at your success of shutting him up.

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Your obsession with Jeon Jungkook’s vocals was obvious to Baekhyun at this point but he never said much of it.  This was until you had one day slipped out with this line:

“You should take some inspiration from Jungkook’s singing because his vocals are soooo good.”

This was a harmless joke to you but you discovered that it meant more than that to him once he belted out in the first song he could think of, to show you just how powerful his vocals were.

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When you casually stated that Seokjin’s vocals were better than his, he simply gave you a death glare, silently plotting his revenge for later in the day.  Overall, he didn’t take it personally and knew that you were just trying to mess with him.

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Sehun was in no way going to let you have any satisfaction in teasing him for the fact that you supposedly preferred Monsta X over Exo.  He only gave you a snarky laugh, then staying silent, moving on with his life, prepared to tease you to death for the rest of the day.

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