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Thoughts on SPN S11E12

M’s thoughts:

It looks like they have a nice set up for a potential Wayward Daughters spinoff. Does it seem like Sioux Falls is overrun with vampires since Bobby died?

Favorite Quotes:

Favorite Scene: The whole awkward chicken dinner scene. Sam and Dean’s reactions are great. Delicious homemade food. Yes, real chicken. Not the processed crap. I guess Dean’s cooking abilities are still limited. Then we get into monsters, birth control, and condoms. Who knew?

I will say the whole flying woodchuck and “The Elvis” burger scene was also entertaining.

Final Note: Claire still has the Grumpy Cat! It was on her bed.

G’s thoughts:

I really wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about this episode, but I ended up enjoying it, of course. It was great to see the Wayward Daughters again! A few highlights:

  • The Elvis burger, and then the dinner scene, oh god. Help. 
  • Claire and Alex bickering at first, but then killing the vampire together. 
  • Speaking of, I liked that they brought up Alex’s past. Some nice continuity there. 
  • I was slightly disappointed that Claire didn’t ask about Cas—but I am consoled with the knowledge that she still has the Grumpy Cat (thanks M for pointing that out) 
  • Will definitely be checking out the spinoff if it happens.

Another Valentine’s episode coming up for next week. I am both curious and terrified. 

BTS react when they see your journal

Anonymous said:

How about a written BTS reaction when they accidentally see your (open) journal and how you wrote mushy, love-y things about them (and you’re just friends, oops)? Please? Thank you! :D (I’m not sure if you’ll do all of them or just some, but if you just want a few then namjoon + kook + tae?)

Jin: You’d probably gone somewhere and left your journal open without realizing and then BAM he stumbles upon your journal. I feel like he would be so embarrassed,, like it wasn’t his intention to see your journal but he did. He doesn’t know what to think since you’re just friends but now that he knows these knew found feelings you have for him he would get mixed emotions whether he feels the same or not. He wouldn’t confront you about it until he’s sure what he feels is true.

Yoongi: He’d probably be teasing you and grab the journal playfully making you reach for it until you actually manage to swat it out of his grasp that it falls wide open revealing your feelings for him. Honestly you would both be flustered AF but he would try to play it off nonchalantly like it wasn’t a big deal. But on the inside he would feel all mushy unsure of his feelings for you,, he would suddenly see you in a different way,, not as friend but as more.

Hoseok: He would see you writing in your journal just smiling and he would be so curious as to what was in that journal. He would ask you but when you denied him access he had no other option but to try and snatch it. When he did he started reading it out loud,, and then realization hit him that it was about him. He would feel so happy you think of him so dearly that he would just feel the need to embrace you and who knows maybe he might return the feelings.

Namjoon: It’d probably be a situation where you’d go over to his place and help him with some work he was trying to do. And with him being so full of meaning he would probably jot down every inspiration he got for future references,, and he accidentally grabs your notebook. It wasn’t until he started reading that he realized that’s probably not his journal. He wouldn’t know what to feel at the moment,, you guys are just friends but how could he so so clueless?? 

Jimin: He would see how dear the journal was to you that you wouldn’t let anyone see it so obviously he’d get curious as to what was so special about that journal. So when he sees that the coast is clear he’d go for your journal and read something he didn’t expect. By the time you came back he’d have a smug look on his face and when you see your journal open behind him you’d realize he knows now. But his reaction would take you by surprise when he pecks you on the cheek and just smiles like an idiot because he actually has some feelings for you too.

Taehyung: Lets be real here he probably would’ve taken your journal when you didn’t notice and when he gets home he’d forget he even had it in his school bag and would skim through it until he sees what you’ve written about him and he would get all giddy and happy. The next day he would confront you and extend your journal out to you and you would just be so red but he would be smiling the whole time because he’s never met someone who’s had such genuine feelings for him.

Jungkook: You’d both probably be rushing to class and accidentally bump into each other and your journal just happens to slip out of your grasp and open to that one page you’d hope he never sees. He’d apologize and offer to pick your things up until he reaches for your journal and manages to glance at the writing before you snatch it away. He probably super red and awkward but before you try to get past him he’d get a grasp of your fore arm and would pull you into his chest and whisper a quick ‘i like you’ before he lets go and practically sprints to his class.

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How would EXO react to a girl with big breasts at a fan meet?

Xiumin: //glances but just acts normal//

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Kris: “Ayeee”

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Suho: //doesn’t pay a whole lot of attention//

Lay: //ends up staring more than he means to//

Baekhyun: //same as Xiumin//

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Chanyeol: //gets a tad bit shy but plays it cool//

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Kai: //same as Suho//

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Tao: //trying his best not to stare//

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Sehun: //poor innocent fetus// (BAHAHA just kidding)

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