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Here you have most of Yuzu’s reaction during Nathan Chen’s FS.

(Yuzu clapping for Nathan’s jumps and to me it looks like they count the quads and Yuzu discusses the quads with Patrick and Shoma.)


There’s one scene from the Looking film in particular that struck him. […] Patrick discovers that his one-night stand, who is 22, has been out and having serious relationships since he was 16-years-old. Patrick’s reaction mimics that of many gay men who didn’t feel comfortable, for myriad reasons, coming out until later in life: awe, admiration…and a lot of jealousy. It turns out that reaction also mimics Groff’s in real life.

“I love that scene because I have that with young people I meet now, even at the stage door,” he says. “Even like visiting my high school there were kids who were out. I was like ‘What!?’ I couldn’t even wrap my mind around it. That someone would go to prom with a guy is crazy to me. It’s amazing to me but I couldn’t even believe that was a possibility.” (interview)