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Winter Sounds | JK [S]

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“Y/N -ah have you even been paying attention?”

Truth be told. You weren’t, you were too engrossed in finishing this -important- task at hand, to give one fuck about something your roommate was screaming about, again.

“If you would’ve listened to me once maybe you could’ve found yourself some good fucks” she huffed sitting beside you on the bed almost tipping the palette that you had placed ever so carefully atop your white sheets.

“You and I both know that’s not what I want” your response was nonchalant, picking up your brushes and paints, placing them on the other side of the bed.

“Yes miss ‘art is my only escape so I will give my all to it’ but for once I was being serious” she scoffs, “Listen to me” Yoojung exclaimed practically jumping on you in the process “ Jeon Jungkook is coming to our campus tonight. I repeat Jeon Jungkook”

If you were any less ignorant, you wouldn’t have known who he was. But the rows of books lined perfectly almost like a shrine, purely because it holds books by -the one and only- writer. Jeon Jungkook

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BTS Reacting to Their S/O Being Socially Dom, But Actually a Sub

Prompt: “BTS and GOT7’s reaction to their S O who has dominant social personality but becomes very needy, loud and whiny in bed? Please and thank you!!”

Jin: Whenever things got heated, he would be a little confused and surprised when you became needy and loud. Considering how socially strong you are, he would make the assumption that you’re just as dominant in bed. It would probably be a turn on for him to hear you. He’d find it a little humorous and would actually like it, but probably wouldn’t say anything about it, not wanting to upset you.

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Yoongi: He would smirk and say something really sarcastic whenever you became whiny. “Use your big girl words, baby.” He would go very slow to draw out the loud whines and moans. Outside of the bedroom, he wouldn’t comment on it. He would love seeing you transition into being a sub and would love that only he gets to see you like that. It would fuel his ego.

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Namjoon: It would be a pleasant surprise for him. When you started whimpering loudly, he’d chuckle and it would only make him tease you more. He’d also be the type to say subtle things about it outside of the bedroom. Nothing too obvious, but just a small, witty comment with a smirk on his lips. He’d live for seeing the submissive side of you

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Hoseok: Your loud, outgoing personality would probably be what attracted him to you. Whenever he discovered how submissive you were though, Hoseok would tease you about it for d a y s. He wouldn’t bring it up in front of other people, but when you two were alone, he’d use it against you, jokingly. He’d love making you whine loudly, touching you lightly or using small motions just to hear it.

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Taehyung: He would be another one to find it humorous. He’d let out low chuckles as you became loud. “What do you want, princess?” He would make you tell him what you want him to do, wanting to make the most out of your submissive side as he could. He would never bring it up outside of the bedroom, only wanting to keep that between the two of you. It would be a side of you that boosted his confidence.

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Jimin: At first he’d be surprised, considering how brave and outgoing you were socially. Eventually though, he wouldn’t think much of it considering he’d also be loud and whiny. He’d probably giggle and do things to tease you about it, but it wouldn’t be that big of a deal to him. It would only amuse him a little.

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Jungkook: Your dominant, social personality might actually intimidate him, but he would also admire it. It would be something that made him attracted to you. When he discovered how whiny and loud you were, it would inflate his ego and his lips would tug upwards to form a smirk. He’d slowly start to tease you about it, testing the waters. He’d want to see how much he would make you whine, loving seeing you needy for his touch.

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Suga and Hoseok reaction to Their Child Trying to Act Brave [Daddy!AU]

This is part one of three for BTS reaction to his child being embarrassed to be scared in front of him because they wants to seem brave or cool

I had a little fun writing this one <3 


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wonder if you could do a nct 127 reaction where they by accident confess to their best friend


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[Johnny: “OMG”]
“Wait- I didn’t mean it like that!”

I think he may try to backtrack, explaining that his words came out in the wrong context.


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*slow realization as to what he just said*


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He’d realize his ‘mistake’ immediately and grow bashful, bringing his hand to his face quickly.


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Although he’s a confident man I think he’d backtrack a bit similarly to Jaehyun, but use a more serious tone.
“I mean- I love you as a friend.”


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Johnny’s goofy and uses humor a lot to get out of uncomfortable situations, so I see him as doing something comedic so you will take his words lightly as a joke. He’d feel it was too soon to follow up with a sincere confession.


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Mark is all about honesty and no regrets kind of life, so I don’t think he’d backtrack. I think he’d just let his words hang in the air. He’d be a bit bashful, but he’d keep his mouth shut.
It was bound to happen sooner or later.


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I think his immediate reaction would be to cover his big mouth with his hand, shocked he let that slip out.
He’d have a weird reaction, neither confirming it or denying it, just letting his words sit in the air as he laughs.


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*fuck it, decides the time to confess is now*


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Kpop Boyfriend- Jung Hoseok

BTS boyfriend cause im bored and y’all aren’t flooding my inbox XD

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  • Butterfly kisses to wake you up
  • tired hobbie smiling at you when you whine from him waking you up
  • his energetic ass hopping out of bed naked running to the kitchen to make you breakfast
  • you trying to back to sleep but you hear him SCREECHING 
  • you finally get out of bed and put on one of his shirts and sit at the table staring at his naked booty
  • You two would either have a day planned to the minute…alot of it eating and sight seeing.
  • or you two would cuddle up to play video games together and do nothing
  • the next day, you would watch him work his ass off in the dance room
  • the other members liked how you kept your distance
  • they enjoyed your company but they knew hoseok is the jealous type
  • after they were done, you would always treat the boys our for meat/bbq
  • long hugs
  • sweater paws
  • deep passionate kisses
  • sweet love
  • kinky love
  • he would miss you so much when he travels he facetimes you every time he can even for a little tease…anything for you when he misses you
  • playing with his hair till he falls asleep
  • him breathing in your ear as you fall asleep
  • his raps were always about THAT girl 
  • you knew it was you all along but didnt tell him because he was cute all frustrated when you didnt get it
  • long, long, happy relationship