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trump could win…

Edit: Jokes aside; I’m scared. I’m extremely scared. I’m scared that I’m going to lose my health coverage. That with the wage I’m making I’m expected to afford the cost of living AND pay for medical bills OUT OF POCKET. That my loved ones will lose their coverage. I’m terrified of conversion camps treating my sexual orientation as a disease or as a mental illness that can be prayed away. I’m mortified that to PAY for those camps, HIV research will be defunded. I’m scared.

I just want to hug whoever decided Jace’s reaction to the Malec kiss was going to be this!! This proud but also kinda emotional smile is SO precious!!

We never got to see Jace’s initial reaction to Malec in the books, and I just think not only was it great that he was included in the kiss scene, but he had the most gorgeous reaction too! I mean not that I ever doubted that Jace would be happy, but just the fact that he looks so damn proud of his big brother for finally choosing himself after everything they’ve been through and Alec has been through within himself, and he kind of looks a little emotional too, you just know that Alec’s happiness is one of the most important things to him!

It just makes me super emotional to see Jace and Alec’s relationship, and to have this reaction from Jace to one of the biggest moments in Alec’s life, especially when it didn’t happen in the books, is just lovely!