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Namjoon, Jimin, and Taehyung Reaction to You Trying to Leave Them [Gang au]

You trying to run away after finding out he’s involved in a gang.

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Part 1

B.A.P Verison|| EXO Version 1; Version 2

Note: Do not get involved with someone who hurts you or threatens you. Your mental and physical health are so much more important than anyone else. This is purely fictional.


Namjoon- You hadn’t planned to escape the moment you found out. You two were together for 4 years. However, you accidently stumbled across his men take out a dead body of one of his rivals. You knew about his involvement in the underground, but in the four years, he never mentioned it after the first time. He kept you separate from that world, but there you were. A body dragged into the alleyway beside your home for his men to clean up the mess. That day is the day you realized your life with Namjoon wasn’t safe nor legal. So, you decided to leave him, but you knew if you acted differently, he’d know. Anything out of the difference between your four-year relationship, he’d know. Namjoon wasn’t known as a genius for nothing.

The night you decided to make your escape, Namjoon was supposed to be out of the country. However, his flight was delayed for the next day, so he came home only to find you packing your belongings.

He shut the door and it made you jump, “What are you doing baby?”

You backed away from your bag and hit the edge of your dresser, “Namjoon-oppa…”

He walked up to your bag and looked at your pile of clothes, “Were you planning to surprise me in Japan?”

“I—I was…”

He shook his head, “I see. Why?”

“Oppa—Namjoon. I can’t do this…” You cried. “I saw that man’s body… I can’t—”

He took a deep breath, “You’re not leaving me.”

“Namjoon, please…”

“No, baby girl, the only way you are leaving me is out this door.” He pointed at the balcony off the third floor. You made a run for the door to escape down the stairs, but Namjoon reacted faster and guarded the door, “Not an option, baby.”

You fell to your knees and cried silently. You knew you were trapped with him. “Damn it…”

(insert gif) He looked down at you before he kneeled in front of you and grabbed your hand, “I love you, baby. We can forget about this night and move on with our relationship like nothing happened.” He kissed your hand and caressed it gently.

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BTS Reaction

{NR} In which dance line does a hard choreography with their girlfriend and she gets injured


*hears you yelp when you twist your ankle and freaks out, running over to you* 

*looks at the pained expression on your face as you sit on the floor and hold your ankle*

“yah, can you walk?! is your foot broken?!”

“do we need to go to the hospital?!”

*doesn’t know what to do and doesn’t like you being in pain so he can’t think straight* 

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*rushes to your side once he sees you trip over your own foot and fall on the ground*

*helps you get up and runs his hands over the spots you told him hurt*

“you’re okay right~? Do you need anything~?”

*you shake your head and he nods as he takes a step forward and hugs you comfortingly*

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*you accidentally messed up and ended going the wrong way, bumping into him hard in the process*

*he laughs softly and turns off the music before going back to you* 

“hey are you okay~?” 

“did my rock-hard abs hurt you?”

*you hit him playfully and rubbed your side as he smiled and crouched down a little, taking your hand off so he could kiss your clothed rib cage*

“all better~”

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BTS react to your paranoia

A/N: Hey anon, just wanted you say that your english is perfectly fine and that i find it very brave of you to admit your mental disorder like that ~ I hope that that this disorder does not limit your quality of life ^^

// I did some research to be able to write this reaction without spreading false information but please DM or send me a message if anything i wrote is not a correct fact//


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Jungkook would be woken up from his sleep when he felt you shuffle around in bed more than usual, after rubbing his eyes and reeling into consciousness he would look over at you only to find you wide awake and looking around anxiously. “Y/N? What’s wrong” he would sit up to look at you better “Jungkook, there are spiders on my legs” he would throw the covers off of your feet and soothingly reminding you “there’s nothing there Jagi, don’t worry.” He would pull you closer to him, throw his legs over yours and rub comforting circles on your back as he waited for you to fall asleep before he too went back to sleep. 


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When you first told him about your paranoia, Taehyung would be so utterly confused and clueless. He would attempt to understand and want to be able to help you but wouldn’t understand how to, at night when he experienced your paranoia first-hand he would immediately wrap his whole body around you and whisper comforting words as he hoped that this would help.


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The first thing that would come to his mind when you were experiencing paranoia was to consult and comfort, he would hold your hand, run his hand through your hair and just listen to whatever you had to get off of your chest. After hearing your worries and anxious thoughts he would sooth you with comforting words “it’s okay, I’m here, I won’t let anything get to you Jagi” 


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Namjoon would jump awake when he felt you shake him from his sleep, he would turn to look at you and immediately engulf you in a hug. After you had told him about your paranoia he did some research so that he would be prepared whenever it happened. Although sleepy, he would immediately converse and consult with you before waiting for you to fall asleep, happy that he was able to help you. 


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As soon as Hoseok woke up in the middle of the night after hearing your voice, he would know the deal and already know exactly what to do. he would shift in bed and switch both of your positions so that you could comfortably lean against his chest and so that he would engulf his arms around your body making sure to whisper in your ears “It’s okay, there’s nothing there” and smile to himself when he realised you were sleeping peacefully again. 


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Yoongi would be pretty grumpy that he had to be waken up but would still be worried about you, he knew that you had no control over this and would attempt to comfort you by switching onto the TV and cuddling, even having late night conversations just so that you would feel slightly better. 


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Seokjin’s mom mode would activate and he would get up and was about to go to the kitchen to make you a cup of tea before deciding that he shouldn’t leave you alone and so he lifts you up and brings you with him “you need some fresh air” he would tell you. And so there you both were at 3AM drinking Chamomile tea on the balcony having a soothing late night talk before he brought you back to bed making sure that you fell asleep first before he was able to sleep too. 

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