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How about pegging dominant harry? You're fucking him senseless but he's still telling you what to do, how he wants to be fucked, how good you're being for him.

I like this concept a lot I can’t believe I’m sweating gallons

Okay so just imagine Harry coming back from the New York premiere, feeling all high and mighty because for the last couple of days he’s been surrounded by people praising him for his talents and kissing the ground he walks on so he’s feeling cocky.

He gets to the hotel, walking into the room with his shoulders back, buttons on his expensive shirt already half undone and he’s working the knot in his tie loose, toeing off his leather shoes carefully and walking around the side of the bed. You’re watching a rerun of Scooby Doo, smelling him before you even see him. He’s wearing his favorite Tom Ford cologne, smelling all musky and manly with notes of citrus, cedarwood and ocean salts and he’s just so damn tempting.

Harry kneels onto the bed, mattress dipping under his weight as he crawls towards you, one arm stretching onto the opposite side of your torso, caging you under him as he hovers over you’re body, tie hanging from around his neck and shirt wide open to expose all of the tats on his tanned chest.

“Y'miss me?”

“Yeah,” you answer softly, arms reaching up to drape over his shoulders and wrap around his neck, pulling him down to your lips.

The kiss is slow and tender at first, with gentle sucking and a little bit of tongue. His body gives and melts on top of yours, one knee propped against the bed in between your legs as the other straddles your thigh. One hand is cupping your jaw as the other grips the back of the opposite thigh roughly, all of his chunky rings biting at your skin over the material of your bunny pajama pants.

Harry is the one who takes the first step in making it a heated night. He bites at your bottom lip all of the sudden, causing you to yelp into his mouth, pulling back in surprise. But he refuses to let you, suckling at your now swollen lip and hissing into your mouth.

“Fuck me.” His voice is deep and raspy, yet smooth like velvet and thick like molasses. The hand groping your thigh begins to rock your leg back and forth, resulting in your center rubbing against the knee he has placed between your own.

His eyes bore into you, a dark mossy green with bronze specks littered throughout its depth. They show nothing but utter lust and a twinge of haughtiness.

“Yeah?” You tug at the collar of his dress shirt, pushing it back until it starts to roll down his shoulders. “Want me to ride you?”

But Harry shakes his head, thumb caressing your chin as an ominous smirk pinches his dimples into place. “I don’t mean it as in, ‘fuck me.’ I mean it as in fuck me.”

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react compilation #125

Chara learns on page 80 that to get the job done, you have to do it yourself.

There was only one soul.

Some things remain consistent in all timelines… 

Honestly, I do not blame you. That would have been a perfect cliffhanger to end on.

I had a chuckle. Thank you for bringing back a part of my childhood.

Yes, you can! Thank you <3

game difficulty & accessibility

sometime tho can we have a Real conversation about games and accessibility? 

like, some of the big questions i have are:

  • what level of difficulty do different players desire when playing a game? sure, some gamers want to be pushed to the edge of their limits while playing, but others just want a fun way to decompress after a hard day - is it possible to design games for both audiences? 
  • I know ppl will go on and on about the ideal balance being a state of “flow” but like… is the optimal “flow” state different for different people? do some gamers require more challenge to acheive a full sense of blissful productivity, while other gamers want a more relaxed and punishment-free environment?
  • for gamers that do want more of a chellenge, what makes good “difficult” games feel fair rather than just frustrating? how do we balance challenges so that players don’t just give up in annoyance, but rather feel like success is within their grasp?
  • how can game challenges be created to scale for a variety of skill and interest levels? are there better ways to do this than an arbitrary difficulty selection screen? mechanically, is the best way to accomplish this merely to scale the stats and variables involved, or to actually alter the nature of the challenge / puzzle?
  • what are the different types of challenges that games use to create difficulty? are there pros and cons to the different challenge types (reaction-time/reflex, pattern memorization, logic puzzle, etc.)? i’ve heard people talk about challenges in execution (i.e. how well you can hit certain buttons with a certain timing) vs challenges that require more thought and planning.
  • when designing for players who struggle with certain physical skills, how do you still make challenges in the game fun? if a player is physically unable to quickly and accurately press the right button, how do you still design a reaction-based challenge that doesn’t feel impossible? are there other types of challenges you could implement? 
  • what about designing for players with bad memories, or short attention spans, or difficulty with spatial reasoning, or difficulty processing multiple simultaneous sources of information? can one mechanic even be designed to accomidate every possible type of player that will encouter your game?
  • does every player need to have the same experience with a game? if players are fundamentally different, and have different skills and limits, how can you design a set of mechanics that allows each player to utilize their own strengths? how can you make it so that a player who is bad at a certain challenge is still able to have fun - maybe by making it so that there are several possible ways to advance past any particular roadblock?
  • and, lastly, if different players are going to experience the game differently, are there parts of your plot that you want every player to experience? are these parts of the plot hidden behind challenges that some players, no matter how hard they try, won’t ever be able to complete? 

yeah idk hopefully people have some thoughts other than “blah blah git gud only hardcore players deserve to enjoy games” bc that shit is disgusting as fuck

reaction compilation #89

We had many great reactions to page 49!

That would be something Asgore would write, wouldn’t it?

Tra la la. Somewhere, it’s Monday. So be careful.

It does help that Asriel called the Dogi to have them prepare the prison for the human menace!