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God even without a face (FUCK!)and bandage it makes the most of the facial expressions that I sweat and go crazy…… BEST…..I JUST HAS NO WORDS… HOW TO DESCRIBE WHAT I FEEL AFTER ALL OF THIS………😱❤

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BTS as Cats part 2!


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RFA+Saeran & V as Cats HC

Yoosung/ Orange Tabby 

  • Likes to sleep and cuddle
  • Will follow you around the house. He especially likes to sit next to you while you cook
  • He’s clumsy and will fall easily despite being a cat lol
  • Will climb too high trying to be brave and start to cry when he’s to scared to get back down

Zen/ Turkish Angora

  • Always poses for a camera
  • Loves to be brushed and pampered 
  • Needs attention and compliments 
  • He likes to be shown off to other people but gets jealous if you pay attention to anyone else too long

Jaehee/ Brown Havana 

  • She likes to have a routine and doesn’t care much for surprises 
  • If she wants attention she’ll seek you out
  • Loves to be scratched though
  • Needs constant exercise or something to do

Jumin/ Maine Coon

  • Very dignified and regal appearance 
  • Is a one owner kind of cat as he doesn’t like strangers or dogs (and will not hesitate to attack) 
  • Likes to have his own space and roam around (outside or otherwise) 
  • Will greet you when you get home 

Saeyoung/ Japanese Bobtail 

  • Goes between wanting to be loved and cuddled to not wanting to be touched at all
  • Very intelligent and mischievous so he gets into trouble easily 
  • Even though he hears you he may purposely ignore you
  • Gets lonely easily so may do better with other pets 

Saeran/ Japanese Bobtail

  • Hides when strangers come over and takes awhile to warm up to others
  • Prefers to sleep with you or in clothes straight out of the dryer 
  • He likes to roam around outside but always comes back
  • Very territorial inside and outside so he gets in fights with other animals if threatened (no matter their size) 
  • Bonus: If you adopted him and Saeyoung together you’ve got your hands full since they constantly get into trouble and chase one another at random hours of the day and night

V/ Grey Siamese 

  • Photo perfection
  • Is very soft and loves to cuddle 
  • Kind and good natured to everyone. He wouldn’t hurt a fly (and when he did accidentally he cried) 
  • Loves to travel with you and easily adapts to his environment  
My Mom, While I'm Watching Miraculous
  • Mom: You're just a 15 years old teenager, watching cartoons, being in love with a blondie guy who really doesn't exist and trying to act like a girl wearing a spotted mask by shouting everyday 'Miraculous Ladybug!'... You have issues daughter.
  • Me: ...But I love them. 😐 Don't ever mess with Adrien and Marinette again... Mother. 😑😑😑
Supergirl 2.13


Pros :

  • That vilain was actually funny and he doesn’t like Mon-El so, bonus point.
  • Kara finally returned as the strong woman who can take care of herself and she’s awesome. (well, until the end of course)
  • Sanvers. All of it. 
  • Maggie getting a tiny bit of backstory
  • Winn, I love this plot.
  • THEY MENTIONNED MISS GRANT AGAIN (It makes me hope but uh.)

Cons :

  • We don’t see Alex in the DEO at all.
  • No James, no Snapper, no CatCo. Seriously, do people even still work in that show?
  • Not enough Hank (but kudos for the mention of M’gann I guess)
  • Mon-El
  • Mon-El
  • Mon-El
  • Mon-El
  • Mon-El

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Seventeen as Cats


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