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BTS SC: study buddy (jimin)

// i finally feel motivated enough to continue making bts edits for you guys, along with bts reactions. i’ve spent a lot of time thinking about things so i hope that you’ll all  look forward and enjoy my blog’s content. thank you and remember to send me an ask with requests for future snapchat edits and reactions. sending much love to all of you  ♡ -mae.


Tagged by @mcrkilljoy11 to post 8 photos of my bias but screw it, I’m gonna post 10 gifs instead. No one can stop me! *evil laughter aka Hyogie*

It was so hard for me to choose because I have made over 1000 gifs of Leo alone (say whuuttt!!!) and I gotta choose between smexy, stripper, if looks could kill, cute and fluffy etc etc. Anyway you get my point and so I chose Hamzzi coz Leo + Food = OTP!!!

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ronan’s heart surged // every inch of ronan’s skin tingled with useless anticipation // ronan’s hands felt itchy // his shoulders were knotted with visible tension // ronan looked ready to bite him // ronan’s palms were suddenly sweaty // the trip of his pulse became a kick drum // something thrilled through ronan //  the euphoria wore off long before the shame did //  on the gearshift, ronan’s hand shivered a little // want was eating him alive