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BTS reaction to you wearing a short dress for the first time


He wouldn’t be able to focus on anything or anyone besides you. Namjoon would make sure you knew how sexy he thought you looked. If anyone would stare at you he’d get extremely jealous and would cover you as best he could.

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You wouldn’t even be able to leave the house before he had you against the wall. His lips would be attached to your neck and collarbones before you could even process it. You wouldn’t be going out, not at all.

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This boy’s eyes would not leave your boobs or your ass. He would be allowed to stare but if he caught anyone so much as glance at you, you’d be going home. It’s not that he’s jealous, but… Yeah. He’s jealous.

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He would be extremely flustered. His cheeks would be red the whole night as he stood by your side. Every other word out of his mouth would be, “you look so gorgeous.” Or “you’re so perfect.”

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Much like Yoongi he wouldn’t be able to control himself. He’d either fake being sick so you two could stay home, or he’d go out and just touch you under the table. You’d often have to slap his hand away only to feel it back in the same place minutes later.

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He’d act like he was completely fine but his eyes wouldn’t leave your ass. He’d probably pop a boner and you’d have to escape to the bathroom for a few minutes to fix his little problem.

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He’d have his cute little smirk on his face the whole night. His hand wouldn’t leave our waist, he’d pull you close and probably whisper dirty things into your ear until you couldn’t take it.

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Anonymous : Suga, Jung Kook, V and Jin reaction to you being a master level on Overwatch?

Suga/Yoongi : Probably won’t care at all tbh lmao “You’re mastering that game ? Well that’s good for you !”

Jungkook : Would be super shocked, learning you play overwatch and that you’re really really good at it. “You what ? Master level ?”

V/Taehyung : Would be totally impressed and won’t even try to hide it. “Wow a real master of overwatch… So cool…”

Jin/Seokjin : Wouldn’t really care deep down, but he would still be proud of you because it must be important to you. “You’re even better than the Maknae, that’s amazing !”

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BTS Reaction to you dancing sexy

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Hey I love your blog😄😄can you do a bts reaction to their gf dancing to umbrella by rihanna (sexy dance) in water for a performance😁😁😄😄thank you keep up the good work I really love it


Jin would be SO proud of you! He would make sure to be the loudest backstage, cheering on his baby.

“My jagi is so talented!”

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Rap Monster:

He would be so happy for you, getting to dance on a stage. You would shine so bright in his eyes, and that dance surely didn’t hurt his eyes one bit.

I feel like he would get a little jealous over all those men, looking at his jagi, but he would be by you a 100%!

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He would annoy the fuck out of the others, talking non stop about how amazing you are, and how talented you are.


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I feel like Suga would really enjoy the performance, but still be quite satisfied when you would step off the scene or dance another dance. He wouldn’t be too comfortable with all those guys looking at you.

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He would look so much up to you.

The fans cheering and you dancing for your life, he would feel SO fucking proud and happy for you. He would feel a little tingly when you grinded or when the water splashed in your face, giving him a few naughty thoughts..

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He would literally dance quietly in the side, falling into the dance headspace. He would feel a little awkward when the dance got a little too much, but he wouldn’t complain, never.

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BTS Reaction: They take you on a theme park date and it starts raining making your straight hair turn curly

Kim Seokjin: He didn’t expect it to starting raining. It wasn’t on the weather forecast. He rushes you both into a gift shop and looks at you. Because of the rain you once straight hair was now a curly mess. He smiled when he saw your hair. He thought it was really beautiful and didn’t understand why you didn’t like it curly. Of course he loved both ways but now that he saw you with curly hair, be preferred it.

Min Yoongi: He doesnt like going out but when you asked him to take you out on a regular date, he obligated. He forgot one important detail about going out. Weather forecast. Not even 10 minutes into the date, it started raining and you had to find shelter. When you did, all he could do was look at your hair. He wasn’t use to you having curly hair. He didnt care though. It just makes him like you more. 

Jung Hoseok: When he decided to take you on a theme park date, he never wanted to ride rides. You never got to either since it started storming. After running into the nearest shelter which happened to be a bathroom, you walk over to the mirror and sigh. When he looks to see whats wrong, he sees your curly hair. He smiles and gets excited seeing you with curly hair. He would tell you how much he loves it and thinks you’re gorgeous with it.  

Kim Namjoon: He normally looks at the weather before doing anything that requires being outside all day but he didnt. It slipped his mind until you both start walking to the next ride. He quickly pulls you into the nearest restaurant and decided to get a table for you both. When he notices you looking for something in your purse, he looks at your hair. It hits him that you are looking for a hair tie to pull up your hair. He shakes his head and takes it away, telling you you look beautiful.

Park Jimin: He wanted to surprise you with taking you out to have a fun day together. He took you to your favorite theme park and told you he will buy you anything you wanted. What he didnt know was he would be buying an umbrella. When it started raining, he automatically dragged you to the gift shop not too far from you to buy an umbrella. He doesnt even look at you as he rushes to the counter to buy the umbrella. When he comes back, he sees you looking at your hair in the mirror. He kisses your cheek telling you he loves your hair either way. 

Kim Taehyung: He loves theme parks and decided to take you on a date to one. After riding a lot of rides, you both decide to go eat. On your way there, it starts pouring down rain. He just smiles and laughs, not noticing your worried look. When you get to the restaurant, he notices your hair and opens his mouth in awe, softly touching your hair. He would play with it while waiting for a table. He loved your hair straight but he would rather have it curly.  

Jeon Jungkook: Him being a theme park lover, he would always want to take you to one every weekend. This weekend however was different. Half way up to the entrance it starts raining. You both run back to the car, your hair curly in the process. Once in the car, he looks at your hair that is sticking to your face that was once straight now curly. He smiles and tucked it behind your ear complimenting how gorgeous you look.

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when the writers make your notp canon


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SHINee when you’re too short to reach the top shelf

Onew: “Aigoo you’re so cute. Let me get that for you~”

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Jonghyun: When you ask him if he can get something for you he’d almost die from the feels. He’d be more than happy, stretching dramatically while he gets it for you.

Key: He teases you a bit before getting it for you. “What, you can’t reach that high?” *sigh* “What am I going to do with you…”

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Minho: He watches you fondly before offering to help.

Taemin: *laughing* “You’re so short~” He finds it cute.

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hello! can i have a reaction when their partner tell them that they asexual

Seokjin: I think that it will frighten Seokjin, in the sense that he’ll be afraid for the relationship with his partner. He knows what asexual means and with which terms it comes, so he’ll be scared that something will change between the two of them. He’ll try to be as understanding as he can be, asking questions to know to which extent it comes (because asexual people do and don’t do different things between one another). I think that he’ll get curious about what caused their partner to be that way, if something happened or if they were always like that. Other than that, he’ll just want to know the limits of all this – things they can and can’t do, it’ll be something he’d really want to know and respect.

Suga/ Yoongi: I don’t think it will be surprise to anyone when I say that, out of all seven of them, Yoongi will the most okay with it. I’m not saying that it won’t bother him at some points, but overall, it won’t matter that much to him. Because he’s very busy, like ninety-five percent of his time, he knows what it’s like not to have sex for a very long time. And if his partner won’t have sex with him, then it might be a bit weird in the beginning, but if they can cuddle and make-out, I think it will be fine by him. There will obviously be times when he’ll really need to have a good fuck, so that’ll be the hardest part for him – but in all, he’ll be fine.

J-Hope/ Hoseok: Hoseok is a very touchy and cuddly person in general, so I think that the first thing going on in his mind was that his partner doesn’t liked to be touched. A little bit like Seokjin, he’ll want to know exactly what being asexual implies along the things he’s allowed and not allowed to do. I think it will go pretty smoothly in the beginning, but I’m not sure it will last in the long term. If they don’t have sex, Hoseok might just get bored at some point – I really do thin that this won’t suit him. I’m not saying that he’ll need the sex to be in a relationship, but that’s exactly what I’m saying. He’ll need it more than he wants to and if he doesn’t feel at ease in the relationship, he might just go.

Rap Monster/ Namjoon: I’ve said this plenty of times and I won’t stop saying it, but Namjoon is a man that needs sex. And if he’s dating someone that won’t have sex with him, it’ll be like a slap in the face. I really mean it. He might be the less okay with it, in my opinion, because even though he’s very open-minded (I mean, he won’t hold prejudices or think much of it) but if it means that he won’t get sex, then he might as well run away. In that scenario case, he’ll be very much like Hoseok and question his entire relationship even based on something that shouldn’t be a big deal.

Jimin: I think that even if Jimin was okay with it, it’ll be the one to get the most frustrated. I think that he’ll alright with it for a while, surprised and not really understanding at first, but in the long run, he’ll always expect for more. He won’t ever try to force his partner to do anything that they’re not comfortable with, but he wouldn’t be able to stop his want to have just a little more. I don’t think that he’ll be able to fully understand his partner’s choice, though he’ll try his best to do so. He’ll try to make this relationship work as much as he can, though I won’t be surprised if it doesn’t work out in the end.

V/ Taehyung: I think that once he finds out, Taehyung wouldn’t really think much of it, the terms and conditions wouldn’t struck him until later, when he entirely and completely registers that there’s things he can and can’t do, and that there is a limit to their touchings and kissings. It might straddle him at first, because he won’t really understand what being asexual means. He’ll be afraid, a lot like Seokjin, that this will change the nature of their relationship, and he’ll want to know everything about it. It might frighten him a little bit, that he won’t be able to do all the things he wants to do. But I guess that Taehyung might be one of them that will put his relationship before his own needs.

Jungkook: I think that it’ll be a bit surprise for Jungkook and he’ll probably want to take some time to think about it, and process this new information. It’s not entirely a big deal, it’s not like his partner was sick or had skeletons in their closet – but I think that Jungkook might look forward to the make-out sessions and the whole sex thing while dating someone. Even though I always say how inexperienced he is, he won’t help his hormones and teenage needs, so I guess that he’ll try to be alright with it, but won’t really be. It would literally kill him to end a relationship because of this, so that’s why he might try to make it work. Depending on the nature of it, it might work, might not.

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I tweaked my back, someone send help. 

- Nageoire 


They’re not gonna like it. At all. Whether or not incest is a thing in Gehenna, Mephisto will either be completely grossed out by the image of having such a relationship with his brother or will hysterically ask you why Amaimon of all his siblings and not someone else who’s more fitting for someone like him. 

Amaimon, however, would probably just stare blankly at you, demand that you stop this nonsense - even threaten your life in that breath - before he gets back to his previous business.