Got7 Reaction To Coming Back From Tour To Their S/O Sleeping In Their Shirt And Holding Their Pillow

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Can you do a Got7 reaction to their s/o in their shirt sleeping holding their pillow when they come back from a tour? I LOVE YOU AND YOUR BLOG!!

Mark: *he couldn’t  but smile at how cute it was. He wouldn’t even want to wake you as he frantically got ready to get into bed with you since he didn’t want to wait any longer for it.* Aw, I guess she really missed me like I missed her.

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JB: *Since he’s a bit clumsy at times, he woke you up when he came into the bedroom. Once he saw you were up, he’d come up to you, pushing his hair out of his face before he kissed your cheek.* Hey babe, I’m home. I missed you.

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Jackson: *When he finally got settled enough to get back into the bed with you, he’d lay down facing you and just start gently brushing the hairs from your face, marveling at it since it was the first time he’d seen you in person for weeks.* Oh baby, there’s no way you could know how much I missed you and how happy I am to be home. *you’re yuggie*

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Jinyoung: *this gif is killing me omg* *He’d almost be sad seeing you like that because it was so clear just how much you missed him and he felt almost guilty for having to  leave even if he was overjoyed to be back. He’d be counting down the seconds until he could hold you again.* Oh wow, she really missed me…I wonder if she ever cried about it without telling me…Still, I’m glad to be home.

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Youngjae: *As he is a ball of happiness and sunshine, he couldn’t help but let out a laugh he was so happy to see you again. Of course the laugh woke you up, but before you’d sat up completely, he’d barreled you  down with a hug, peppering you with kisses and happy exclamations about how happy he was to see you and how great the tour was, etc.* Jagi! I missed you! Oh my god! I’m happy to be home! I have so many stories to tell you!

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BamBam: *He would probably be a little turned on the hormones of the young man what can you say but he would do his best to be stealthy as he slid into the bed, whispering his hellos in a seductive voice while he pressed his lips into your skin* Oh baby, you have no idea how much I missed you… *and then…*

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Yugyeom: *He’d be a little turned on, too, but he wouldn’t be as forward as BamBam. Instead of sliding up next to you on the bed, he’d kneel down and kiss your cheek, whispering his hellos and letting his hand glide down your back.* I’m finally home Jagi, I missed you.

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When You Swing Your Hips While Giving Them a BJ to Feel The Friction (BIG BANG)

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Author: Taebaby

T.O.P: I think he’d feel a little bad at first because you were so busy taking care of him, you couldn’t take care of yourself. If you guys were in the right position, he reach over and give you a helping hand. Getting you off gets him off

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DAESUNG: He’d def feel a bit selfish but at the same time going crazy about the fact that you giving him a BJ turned you on to that extent. He’d want to properly reimburse you so he’d wait until you finished him off then flip you over to return the favor.

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TAEYANG: It would drive him up the wall. He’d prob start talking dirty to you, knowing you couldn’t talk back. He’d start talking about what he’s gonna do to you and how he’d gonna make you fel when you’re done

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G.D.: He’d be super turnt about it tbh. Like he always figured you didn’t really like giving him head and that you only did it cause he wanted it, but when he saw how hot it got you, he’d be over the moon

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SEUNGRI: I think he’d be the one to deny you the movement. Since I feel like he’d be one to be into orgasm denial (giving) He would love making you sit still while you ached for some kind of friction or touch

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Jin wouldn’t be able to help himself from laughing, causing you to get really offended. Once he explained himself, however, you would blush, causing him to just laugh even more. 

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Yoongi would be so into what he was doing, but once you let out a moan, he would start laughing so hard that he would have to stop for a minute to catch his breath. He would apologize afterward, explaining the situation while trying not to laugh all over again. 

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“You’re so fucking cute,” Hoseok would say as he stopped everything he was doing, making you groan in frustration. “I swear to god Hobi…”

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Namjoon would wait until the two of you were finished and you were snuggled up against him to bring it up. “Your moans are the cutest things I’ve ever heard in my life,” he would say, laughing when you started blushing and buried your head into his chest. 

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“Aw that was so cute,” Jimin would say as he stopped what he was doing to stare down at you lovingly. “Jimin, if you don’t start moving again I swear to god- oh shit Jimin…”

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Taehyung would start giggling in the middle of what you two were doing, but he would try to hide it from you and would attempt to stop laughing so that you didn’t get mad at him. He would end up just making things worse and would completely kill the mood. 

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Jungkook would keep his composure until you two were done and things had calmed down and then he would start laughing really hard, making you stare at him like he was crazy. “I’m sorry, your moans are just too cute.”

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Hiiiii!! Can I have exo reaction when their gf tries to kiss them but she is small to do it!? Thank you :3

Thank you for your request! I hope you like it! ^_^


*Thinks you’re the cutest thing on Earth*


*Tries to contain his laughter as he watches you struggle*


*Kisses you instead*


*Cannot control how happy he is*


You didn’t have to try so hard, babe. All you had to do was ask.


Well someone’s taking the initiative. *Gives you a suggestive look*


*Dies from cuteness overload*


*Laughs his head off*


Do you want a kiss, baby? *Happy*


Request and let’s love!

How They React To Their Korean GF Having Blue Eyes (BIG BANG)

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Author: Dreamer

T.O.P: Seunghyun would absolutely adore the fact that you had blue eyes, even if he didn’t always show it. Seunghyun, in my opinion, isn’t necessarily the type of person to constantly compliment someone, even if that someone was his girlfriend. But, even though he wouldn’t always compliment you in words, he would always do little things that showed you how much he loved them, such as when he would just stand there, cradling your face between his hands and staring into your blue eyes, soaking in the beautifulness that he loved so much.

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DAESUNG: Even though Daesung would know you had blue eyes from the moment he met you, I think he’d be in absolute awe every time he seen them. Not only would he think that your eyes were absolutely beautiful, but he would love how different they made you from everyone else. He would constantly compliment you on them and say cute little things like. “Your blue eyes are just another sign that you really are an angel.”

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TAEYANG: I think Taeyang would definitely be the type to compliment you…a lot. He would absolutely adore the fact that you were so different from everyone else and he would always tell you that your eyes were just another sign of how special you were, especially if you were ever insecure about them.

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G.D: Jiyong is all about being one of a kind and being unique, so I definitely think he would really love the fact that you had blue eyes. He would constantly compliment you and would always give you little reasons as to why he thinks you were born with blue eyes, his favorite being the one where he says you guys were meant to be together because neither one of you fit society’s mold of a typical beauty.

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SEUNGRI:  If someone were to ask Seungri his favorite physical part about you, most people would think he would be the hilariously dirty maknae he is and go with something such as your boobs or ass, but no, his answer would always be your eyes and he would always go into extreme detail as to why he loved them so much. He would definitely try showing you off to everybody he could and he would definitely always compliment you, loving the fact that his girlfriend was different in such a beautiful way

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