EXO’s reaction when they hear you sing and you happen to be really amazing at singing

Sehun: “Yehet, that’s my girl, ohorat!”

Kai: “You can sing?!!!”

Tao: *hears you singing from the other room* *suddenly pops in* “Is that my girlfriend I hear?!”

Kyungsoo: “OMG, you’re so much better than Baekhyun!!!”

Chanyeol: *starts hyperventilating* “What…a beautiful…voice…a true goddess…MY goddess!”

Chen: “Impressive! I guess, we’re a match made in heaven!”

Baekhyun: “Oh boy, Byun Baekhyun, you’ve caught yourself a talented fish there!”

Lay: “Well, I know who’s going to be the first artist to record in my studio!”

Suho: “Now tell me, have you ever thought about joining a boy group? EXO is currently hiring new members… oh don’t worry about your actual gender, most of us could pass as girls too!”

Kris: *Kriscasso approves* “Indeed, you’re a true artist, just like myself!”

Luhan: *hears you sing* *keeps staring at you like a lovesick fool for the rest of the day*


(I apologise if some of the reactions are a bit over the top, I’m so sleep deprived I can hear colours, so bear with me!)

Exo Reaction

Chanyeol: -smiles, ignoring everyone else because he is happy- I love you, y/n. I am happy we took this next step in our marriage.

Kris: Of course that idiot would be the first one

Luhan: -to gf/wife- I’m sorry

Minseok: Congrats, I am happy for the both of you

Yixing: Don’t you think it is a little early in your relationship for a baby?
Jongdae: -being a troll- It is my baby, remember that one night y/n?
Joonmyeon: -the only one who is genuinely happy- I’m gonna be an uncle!

Baekhyun: Aish, I gave the idiot condoms to use

Kyungsoo: Uhm. Can I sacrifice your first born?

Jongin: You mean he’s not a virgin…?

Sehun and Tao: Your baby isn’t going to be as cute as us

EXO reaction to you giving them a compliment


Chanyeol: *looks behind him* Is she talking to me?

Baekhyun: Nooo, stop it *but inside he knows that it’s true* lol

Suho: Aish *shakes head* What am I going to do with you?

Sehun: Hahahaha, are you serious? *giggles* *…oh, be cool*

Kyungsoo: *Ahh yeobo, you’re embarrassing me*

Kai: I know. I’m really fantastic, aren’t I?

Lay: *claps for himself because he received a compliment* *smiles like he knows it’s true.

Chen: I know I’m cute *does a little dance* But you’re cuter

Tao: *thinks: hmmm did she really mean that or does she just want something from me?*

Xiumin: You are looking pretty fine yourself ^^ *raises eyebrow*

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Exo Reaction: GF/BF Laying on Piano

Kris: -walks in and was surprised- Aigoo, what are you doing, y/n?
You: Tryna take a nap
Kris: Oh, okay. I’ll leave you to it -doesn’t understand you-

Luhan: -comes in with a large teddy bear- Jagi, I got you a present… Why are you on the piano?

Yixing: -stares at you then giggles- You are so cute, jagi~

Minseok: You know, we can do more than just sleep on a piano

Jongdae: Get off the piano, do you know how much that costs?
You: ;-; Are you saying I’m fat?
Jongdae: I said NOTHING about you being fat! …I love you

Tao: Please, come off the piano
You: Come on the piano -does aegyo-
Tao: -stares at you then laughs- Alright, move over.

Joonmyeon: We have a perfectly good bed, why aren’t you in it?

Baekhyun: -pulls you to the edge of the piano, smirking as he spread your legs- Let me teach you how to hit the higher octaves

Chanyeol: Oh my gosh, jagi. Move over so I can sleep next to you

Kyungsoo: -comes from the kitchen and starts laughing- Yeobo, as much as I love you, please get off my baby

Jongin: -shakes his head- Just no. That isn’t mine, so get off

Sehun: You are going to break that piano from your weight

You: -sits up and stares at him, glaring with tears without and without saying anything, gets up and storms into a different room-
Sehun: -follows and knocks on the door- Jagi? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. Please open the door.


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exo's reaction when you dye your hair bright blue

[thanks for the request! sorry for the late reply! <3]

Xiumin - Okayyy then. My girlfriend has gone off the deep end.

gf: “Oh please, you’re the one who has a different color every week.”

That’s not the point…..

Luhan - Don’t stare… don’t stare…

Ok no I’m sorry it doesn’t suit you.

Kris - Oh god you look so ugly…

Suho - Yes. It does look good. Really… it does.

Lay - I love it. You look beautiful in anything!

Baekhyun - Omg, you look like a blueberry oompa loompa

gf: *walks away*

I-I was just kidding…

Chen - Whoa! You look cute. *shy*

Chanyeol - No no no no no, why?!?! My eyes they burn!

D.O. - Oh.

Tao - YES! You finally went with the color I told you. *chokes on air*

Kai - *speechless*

Sehun - Oh you dyed your hair bright fucking blue?

My rainbow hair was better anyways…

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Could you do like kissing styles for the boys? If not all of them, then JJP + Mark and Youngjae? Thank youuuuu ^-^


Mark: Cute, simple pecks. He’d just be walking around somewhere with you, whether it be in the park, the boardwalk, or an outdoor mall, as he has his arm draped around your shoulders, when you look up at him, he’d lean down and give you a quick peck and a little smile.

JB: Tender, lingering kisses. These kisses would be more likely to happen in a more intimate setting, that isn’t necessarily sexual. When he kisses you, it’d be when you two have a moment to yourselves. The kiss would take place when he feels he needs to show his appreciation and affection for you, as if his feelings could be expressed through that action.

Jackson: Surprise smooches. I can picture being very spontaneous with his kisses. If you two happen to be playing a game in which you are both partners and you win, he’d just grab your face and lay one on you. Or if you’re just walking around the house and you cross paths, he’d grab your waist, dip you back and give you a big ol’ smooch.

Jr.: Passionate makeout sessions. I feel that Jr. is very in touch with his sensuality, I mean look at the way he slowly rolls those hips. You two could just be on a romantic stroll by the river or in the comfort of your own home and he would just turn to you, dramatically tucking a hair behind your ear and observing your face before crashing his lips against yours and kissing you passionately.

Youngjae: Playful, affectionate kisses. I can picture being on a date with Youngjae at the beach or amusement park and as you’re eating ice cream, Youngjae purposely puts ice cream all over his lips so you’ll wipe it off for him. When you refuse, he’ll begin threatening to kiss you with his sticky lips. When he eventually licks it off, he’d begin aggressively giving you cheek kisses.

Bambam: Eskimo kisses. I can totally picture Bambam being the type to adore super close intimacy. When it comes to kissing, the part he almost enjoys more than the actual act is having his forehead pressed against yours as his eyes flicker between your eyes and your lips. He’d value the closeness the two of you have and the level of personability between you two. 

Yugyeom: Cliché movie kisses. I can picture him planning out the perfect scene to kiss you in order to make it more memorable. When it suddenly begins to rain, he’d pull you into the middle of the empty street and give a slow, passionate kiss. Or if not even that, he would make a public display of his affection to you at a concert when you’re in the front row. 

When I was younger (11) I was approached by a guy on the way home. He was really nice to me, he told me to come and see his car. When I said no, he pulled up after I’d walked a bit of my journey home. He never forced me to get in. He was very nice about it. I genuinely thought he was a good person but in my head I could hear my Mum’s voice don’t get into a car with a stranger. I ran home and told Mum that this lovely man had asked me to get in his car. She took me to the police station. It was a shock. I guess I never thought it could happen to me but it can do and I would say that you need to be careful. Teach kids not to get into cars with strangers, don’t joke about it because you never know if it could happen to you or someone you care about.