EXO when they shrug your worries off as ‘drunk talk’


After he shrugged your worries off as ‘drunk talk,’ you didn’t say a word but stood up and went straight to your room. Junmyeon would be slightly shocked at your reaction, and he would sit on the couch for a few minutes just trying to figure out what happened.

He would realize that you were genuinely trying to talk, so he would grab your favorite stuffed animal and gently open your door, poking the stuffed bear’s head in first. Upon seeing no reaction from you, he would come in slowly and apologize to you through the bear.

“I’m sorry, jagiya. What did you want to talk about? I swear I’ll listen properly this time.”


You were upset when he told you that you were still drunk and you should go sleep it off instead of bothering him. He just finished promotions, so they still have a lot of things to prepare for and you couldn’t blame him for being busy. You wanted to argue, but instead bite your tongue and quietly stand up and head to your room, shutting the door closed, trying to hide the tears in your eyes.

Sehun would be slightly shocked by your hurt reaction, but he’s too prideful to follow after you and apologize.

But when you haven’t come out for almost an hour, Sehun would get really worried and would go check up on you. He would swallow his pathetic pride and sincerely apologize for shrugging you off. He will listen to you intently afterwards.


When you insist you aren’t drunk and give him the cold shoulder for the rest of the night, Minseok will know he screwed up. He’d beat himself up for a while, cursing at himself in his mind as you sit next to him on the couch with your arms crossed, both angry and hurt.

After a while of letting you cool down, he would turn to you hesitantly, touching your arm gently. 

“Jagiya, I didn’t mean to shrug you off like that. Please forgive me. What did you want to talk about?”


After he shrugged you off, you would go silent as you sit on the dining table across from him, your eyes trained on the mug in front of you.

It didn’t take a genius to realize you were upset and Kyungsoo would sit there awkwardly, stealing glances at you every once in a while. He’ll try to form a full dialogue in his mind as to how to approach you and apologize. Eventually, he will screw the plan and just go for it, apologizing to you sincerely.

“Jagiya…are you still angry? I was oblivious of your feelings. I’m sorry. Please talk to me.”


Upon seeing you upset and try to find something around the house to busy yourself with, Jongin would follow you around like a little puppy. He would stutter incoherent apologies as he follows you, but you ignore him as you’re still hurt after he shrugged your worries off.

He would feel so bad for not listening to you the first time and even said it was because you were drunk. He’d hate himself for a while, and will pester you until you finally tell him what was bothering you.

He would listen to you intently and he would put every word that comes out of your mouth to heart. He would take mental note of all your problems and make sure not to repeat mistakes or call more often.


Jongdae would immediately try to mend his mistakes after seeing how upset you were. He would cautiously touch your arm, but you would pull away. Pouting at his failure, he would start to sing for you, as he isn’t very good with words, but very good at singing. He would apologize to you through the song and show you how sad he is to upset you. 

After lifting your mood slightly from the song, he would take your hand in his and look into your eyes.

“I’m sorry for what I said, jagiya. I’ll listen to anything you say.”


He wouldn’t know he hurt your feelings until you straight out tell him. You wanted to talk to him about your insecurities since he was always away, but he just shrugged all your worries off as ‘drunk talk.’ This was extremely hurtful for you as you honestly thought he would listen. 

After he shrugged you off, you would clench your teeth and try not to cry as you tell him lowly, “I was being serious. I’m not drunk, Chanyeol. Don’t my worries matter?”

You would go to your room, closing the door harshly behind you. Chanyeol would jump at your violent reaction, staring at your closed door with a small daze. Seeing how upset you were, he would know you genuinely had worries and he didn’t listen to them. He would press up against your door and try to persuade you to come out, apologizing continuously.

“Jagiya? Jagiya, I’m sorry. Please come out; I promise I’ll listen. What’s bothering you?”


“Baekhyun, can we talk?” You tell him as you motion for him to join you on the couch. You bite your lip as you try to be completely honest with him and tell him about everything that’s on your mind, but Baekhyun looks at you with an amused grin.

Wow you look so serious, jagiya. Had too many drinks?” He jokes as he lets out a laugh, thinking your seriousness was just an after-effect of consuming too much alcohol. You watch him laugh with a small ache in your chest as you were completely sober.

You stay quiet as his laughter slowly dies down from seeing your straight face.

“Oh…you were serious…”


Yixing wouldn’t know what to do after you turn away from him, obviously upset he called you drunk instead of listening. He would have an inner turmoil and would beat himself up over this.

He’d stare at nothing for a long time, just telling himself how stupid he was for saying that and how to cheer you up. He would slowly go to you, and with his head hung low, he would apologize.

“I was so stupid for saying that about you. It won’t happen again, so please tell me what you’re worried about.”


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b.a.p reaction #7 - Their crush (and best friend) sits on their lap

anon asked: Hi can I get a reaction for b.a.p where their best friend is so clingy and touchy like if she always backhug them or sit on their lap and they have feelings for her?


This boy can’t even speak right now. You’re just on his lap chattering away and he’s super tensed up, even his thoughts completely blank

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Daehyun: “YAH!!!!! Y/n wHaT aRe YoU dOiNg?!?!”

*laughs out of nervousnes, his voice occasionally cracking as he talks*

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I have been waiting for the chance to use all my DAB7 gifs oh yes lets go


Mark would act as though he were very disappointed in you when he caught you dabbing- jokingly, of course. He’d probably joke that you’d been spending too much time around BamBam and Yugyeom, saying they’ve won you over. You could probably get him to do it with you, though, if you persuaded him long enough


Jaebum would probably dab, too, but not after making fun of you a bit for it. He’d think you were much cuter than any of the boys when you dabbed, but would still be internally screaming because oh god what have they done?? But I also see this becoming like a thing you two do to make each other laugh- like one of you will just randomly dab in the middle of a conversation and it’s like an inside joke sort of thing


Jinyoung would try to keep a straight face, but he finds that to be relatively impossible. He’d try to act as though he were disappointed, but an amused smirk would spread over his face and you’d know the truth. He would dab with you only once, but it’d be the most beautiful moment of your entire relationship 


Jackson would claim you did it wrong and then launch into a full, in-depth explanation of how to properly dab, which would take a really long time so you better have time to spare. After he decided your dabbing was satisfactory, the two of you would probably dab all the time, everywhere, to everything


Youngjae would burst into laughter the first time he saw you dab. He’d joke that you should be GOT7′s new choreographer with those moves lmfao as if they don’t dab enough. I think he’d probably put on some music and just have a mini little dance dab session with you in your kitchen and it’d be very meme but very cute


y'all. BamBam would be so proud, going so far as to make you do it again so he videotape/take a picture. You better believe he’s going to set his lock screen to a photo of you dabbing because he’s so thrilled. He’d proudly show it to the members, his parents, the barista, everyone. You two would be the dab couple everywhere you went. Cute couple pics? Sorry, only dabs here. Cute couple dances? Again, only dabs. If you’re in the car with him, he’s going to pester you until you dab along to the radio. What have you done


Proud boyfriend #2. Yugyeom would want to dab with you all the time, okay. If you were out shopping and a song you two liked was on, he’d start doing some sort of extreme-sport dabbing and challenge you to a battle of the extra. I think this would somehow become one of those really cute couple things that make people smile because you two always look so content with each other when you’re dabbing. wowza

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Hopefully I got this in time? and only if you feel like doing it... How would the lords react to MC having trouble conceiving? Or you could do how the lords + Nobuyuki reacting to his lady hardcore fangirling over some idols (BTS) >_>''

Helloooo ~
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Nobuyuki reacting to his lady fangirling

He simply chuckled everytime when she was raving about various famous men and wouldn’t have any hard feelings, knowing and not seeing the need to deny that those artists were truly decent.
That is, as long as she was keeping that within reasonable bounds, as long as he was sure that her swooning and appreciation was due to their talents.
However one day it happened that he approached her, pulling her towards him holding her waist, pressing her body on his with one hand, while the other was freeing her neck from her soft hair.
She could feel his breath on her skin, as he was whispering to take her mind off those other men.
How about you focus on the man within your reach instead?

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Sebastian's reaction to his S/O telling him they're pregnant~? (I absolutely fell in love with your blog by the way!! Your writing is so good, and you make everything so sweet most of the time, I didn't know I needed all that Sebastian fluff 🖤 Quality blog, keep up the top notch work!! 👌🏻)

AAAAAAAA you’re so nice!!! Thank you~ Fluff is one of my favorite things to write, and with Sebastian, it takes on a new dimension! Thank you soooo much, without the people like you who read my writing and request things, it wouldn’t be possible! <3


It doesn’t even quite register at first, to be honest. He just kind of blinks at them, as if expecting them to finish a sentence. “Pregnant with…?” like he thinks they’re looking for a word. Once they repeat it, he’s completely floored, and for once, it actually shows on his face. Can demons even have children with humans? He knows incubi and succubi can, sure, but he’s not in that category. This is one of the few things that can make him genuinely happy, though. It stuns him that not only, yes, he’s able to have children… he’s also having a child with the person he loves. As soon as he understands the situation fully, he slowly wraps his arms around his S/O and lets out a shaky breath – followed by repeated murmurs of how much he loves them and how he can’t wait to meet his child.

SHINee’s Reaction To Finding Out The Little Boy You're Babysitting Has A Crush On You

Requested by  Kawaii Anon💎


‘I love you,’ Kookie cried a he wraps his small toddler arms around you. You’d been babysitting him for a while now and the small boy had developed a bit of a crush on you.

‘Come with me wifey,’ he giggles as he drags you after him. You follow the cute boy as you glance at Onew who is sitting grumpily in the corner.

He wasn’t exactly happy that you and Kookie were playing house together, even though Kookie was only 2 and a half years old.

The clock hit 5:30 and the doorbell rang signalling that Mrs Jeon was home. After hugging Kookie goodbye and collecting your money from Mrs Jeon you and Onew left the building. As you began walking home he stayed silent.

All of a sudden he grabbed your arms and pinned you against the closet wall. He leaned in close and whispered, 'It’s done to play pretend but remember, you’re mine.’


'Y/N~’ Jonghyun whined childishly as he tugged on your shirt. You raised an eyebrow questioningly at him. 'Pay attention to me!’ He complained. 

'Jonghyun, I’m here to babysit Jimin, not you,’ you frowned at him. 

'Well I don’t like this Jimin,’ he replied as he glared at the oblivious toddler who was currently trying to put a puzzle together. 

You sighed exasperatedly, 'And why don’t you like him?' 

'Because he obviously has a crush on you!' 

'Jonghyun. He’s like four.’ You deadpanned. 

'Exactly,’ he gazed up at you with his adorable puppy dog eyes.


As you continued to play with baby V on the floor you could feel Key’s glare piercing into the back of your head. You didn’t know what his problem was. 

Ever since you got here he’d been trying to get you away from V and closer to him. Around half an hour ago he’s given up and had been glaring ever since. He abruptly stood up and pulled out his phone before quickly dialling a number. 

‘Hello Lisa,’ he smiled into his phone as you froze. Lisa was his ex - why was he calling her? 'I’m good, what about you?’ You angrily rose, stomped over to him and snatched his phone out of his hands. 

Your eyes widened when you read the callers name. Jonghyun. It wasn’t Lisa. Key laughed sheepishly. 'Jonghyun was on standby if you payed more attention to that annoying brat than me,’ he explained.


You stared in shock at the sight before you. How did this happen? The last time you asked Jimin had confessed that he really liked you. In his young age he had claimed that the two of you would get married when he was older. 

Of course you payed it to mid as you had Minho already but it was still nice to know the small boy was attracted to you. But here he was cuddled up in Minho’s arms staring at him with dreamy eyes. 

‘Hey Jiminie,’ you called to the cute boy. He raised his head and looked at you. 'Who do you like more, Minho or me?' 

'Minho hyung,’ he cried happily without hesitation. 

Rejection hurt, even if it was just from a three year old.


'Play with me Y/N!' 

'No with me!' 

'No! I’m better!' 



You stared blankly at the two people in front of you. One was the toddler you’d been paid to babysit. The other was your fully grown boyfriend. They were currently squabbling over who you should play with. 

It seemed that Taemin had gotten a bit jealous of the attention that Hoseok had been getting from you. To 'fix’ that he’d begun acting like a child himself. You were being paid to take care of one child yet for some reason you were taking care of two.

That moment when even your kettle ships 2min:

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Watching World Enough and Time for the first time

Hoo boy


-THE FINALE IS HERE (the first part of it, that is)

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