Got7 Reaction To Doing A Couple Interview With Their GF And Getting Asked About Their Sex Life

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Hi! Could you do Got7’s reaction to him and his gf doing a couples interview and them being asked about their sex life??

Mark: *blushing and looking away from both the interviewer and from you. He’s definitely not going to say anything about it and nor does he want to see your reaction. So he sits in silence and gives your hand a grateful squeeze when you smoothly reply that a question about your sex life is a little too person.*

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JB: *Gives the interviewer this look: the smile is friendly, but the eyes hold murder. The MC stumbles through saying it’s a joke, complete wither super awkward laughter under JB’s withering stare. Meanwhile, off camera, you are dying with laughter and trying to hide it*

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Jackson: *I have no doubts that an over-reaction would ensue, including screaming* WAH WHAT TYPE OF QUESTION IS THAT? HAVE YOU NO RESPECT FOR PRIVACY! EVEN I WOULDN’T ASK THAT QUESTION!

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Jinyoung: *Handles it smoothly himself, but still while staring daggers at the MC* You can’t honestly expect us to be in positions where we are going to disclose that information in an interview, so that is a very funny joke and we’d love to move to the next question.

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Youngjae: *I picture the inside of his mind being like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH at that moment but he plays off the screaming as laughter.*

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BamBam: *All too willing to give all too much information, but you manage to get the question changed before he can fully respond. Given the chance he would have been what do you want? Frequency? Quality? Kinks? Sounds? There’s a lot that goes into our sex life you know*

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Yugyeom: *Smiles to himself without saying a single word. The innocent makenae may not be so innocent but he’s not going to completely out himself either.*

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i get crazy bad migraines that make me drop whatever i'm doing and curl up in a ball and cry; what would the paladins + allura & coran do if they found their s/o dealing with that?

Oh no, my brother and mother are like that too!

SHIRO: He feels so bad for his so when they get like this. He feels bad that he can’t help them except giving them pain medication but that can only do so much. When his s/o is upset from the pain, he takes them back to either their room or his and pulls them into his lap as he strokes their hair whispering sweet nothings until they calm down. This eventually will lead to them cuddling and then slowly drift off to sleep.

KEITH: He honestly the best paladin to take care of his s/o in this situation. He himself suffers from migraines and found out that personally, peppermint helps with the pain. He has a stash of peppermint candies and tea for when the headaches come; he shares it only with his s/o and only his s/o knows about it. Cuddles are a must if his s/o is upset or in a lot of pain. They’re the only thing that helps, also a good excuse to get cuddles out of him.

LANCE: He’s clueless when it comes to migraines, mostly because he doesn’t experience them. He does however learn to take care of his s/o quickly and he does it pretty damn well. He mothers them when they aren’t feeling well, he enjoys doing it too! He likes it when his s/o needs him, but he won’t tell them. Little does he know, he s/o likes having him wait on them.

HUNK: He just feels so bad for his s/o and he hates seeing them go through this. If he could take the pain away he would in a heartbeat. Alas, he can’t so to make up for it he makes them home remedies hoping it will help. Once he runs out of remedies, he comes up with his own! Let’s just say his s/o wishes he didn’t.

ALLURA/PIDGE: She’s really good at taking care of her s/o and enjoys doing it too. She’s also is really good at telling when her s/o is going to get migraines. She learned their symptoms pretty early on. When they have migraines, she brings them some food in the morning along with some pain medication and water. She makes sure that they stay hydrated as well. Then she makes them take it easy for a while and lets the meds to their job. She’ll stay with them until they’re feeling better, unless there’s an urgent matter she has to deal with.

CORAN: He, along with Allura, didn’t really know what migraines are at first. but caught on quickly, it is a simple subject to grasp. He did a ton of research because he hates not being able to be there for his s/o when they need it. Because he did a ton of research, he’s an expert on this subject! You can call him Dr. Coran! When his s/o calls him that, and they do, he gets all red and flustered, “Oh I’m no doctor (y/n), please!”, but he secretly loves it. 

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Hi there!😀 Can you do a BTS reaction to their gf bottling up so much stress and one day she just bursts and has a breakdown and they've never seen her so upset and unsure of what to do? Sorry it's so specific.😁😊 Thank you!❤️

Jin would be quite upset, especially since he was standing there frozen, not knowing what to do. He would feel really bad for you and would pull you into his arms, comforting you in whatever way he knew how. 

Since Yoongi is not a man of much words in the first place, he would silently pull you into a tight embrace, understanding the pressure of stress completely. He had been in your situation many times and knew that comfort was the best thing for it to get better– comfort and assurance. 

Hoseok would panic, trying to come up with ways of comforting you. He would end up running out of the room, coming back a second later with some icecream and two spoons. He would make you feel better by doing silly things with you to distract you. 

Namjoon would know exactly what would help to solve your problems. Even though he wasn’t the best at comforting you, he would calm you down for the moment and talk to you about your stress. He would do whatever he could to help make your troubles disappear so that your stress could be deferred.

 Jimin would immediately pull you into his embrace, whispering soft things into your ear as he tried his best to come up with a solution to make you feel better. He would eventually carry you into your bedroom and snuggle with you for the rest of the night. 

Taehyung would freak out in his head, wondering what would be the best solution to make you stop crying. His first instinct would be to pull you into a tight hug, but he would also talk to you afterward, trying to figure out a plan so that your stress never had to get that out of hand again. 

Jungkook would do the first thing that popped into his head, hugging you and peppering kisses all over your face. He would try to make you laugh in order to make you feel better and take your mind off whatever had gotten you upset. Later, he would sit down with you and try and find a route to better manage your time and schedule. 



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How would BTS react to S/O daydreaming a lot? 😅 Thank you!💕

Hello anon ! Here it is ! I’m really sorry if it’s like crap. But still thank you for requesting 😘

Rapmonster :

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When he is talking to his S/O and that she/he’s not answering, he would sigh and wait to see how much time will you take before realising he was talking to you.

“…..What ? You said something ?”

“Yeah, ten minutes ago ! ”

“I’m sorry ! I was thinking to something else” 

Suga :

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This guy would be so upset because he is talking about something really serious and yet, she/he isn’t paying attention to his words. 

“Hey, I’m talking to you ! Yoongi to Earth are you receiving me ?”

“Eh ? What ?”

“When will you focus when someone is talking to you ?”

Jin :

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Jin would react like wondering about what can you dream of when he is trying so hard to catch your attention. 

“Heey, am I invisible ? Or are you thinking to someone else ?”

“What ?”

“What are you thinking of ?”

“Oh nothing really, I’m sorry I wasn’t listening”

“I didn’t say anything” 

Jimin :

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When he’s talking to his S/O about his future schedule that he’s busy and takes the time to explain and that she/he’s not paying attention, he would pout until she/he understands that he said something important. Then he would say with his strong Busan accent:

“Why are you always daydreaming when I’m here ?”

“I’m so sorry ! I was just thinking that one month without you will be long”

Jungkook :

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Jungkook would poke her/him, again and again, trying to keep his S/O’s attention because he’s needy of her/his presence for the little time he has for her/him. However, if he sees it’s not efficient, he will probably get mad and has the impression of getting uninteresting. 

V :

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This dork will think his S/O has such a funny face when she/he’s thinking hard. He would even impersonates her/him until she/he’s aware of the situation. 

J-Hope :

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This guy will annoy his S/O like calling her/his name until he has a answer, poking, tickling, everything that will get on her/his nerves and say :

“Serves you right. Better listen to me then” smirk

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What would Mycroft reaction be if he ever came face-to-face with Hannibal from The A-Team

If anything Mycroft would be envious of both his confidence and his hairline despite the harrowing situations Hannibal gets into

Mycroft would definitely like to pick his brain on certain aspects of his though process along with his impeccable leadership skills. He would have a lot to learn from him and Mycroft would be an eager student.