Tired of the cheating (BTS' Reaction)

Plot: BTS reactions of you getting tired of being ‘the other one’ but he doesn’t want to let you go.

Genre: more angst than anything? lmao im so bad. i dont even know.


“Y / N, please, think well … We do not need to go to this extreme, do not you think?” Jin said as he followed every step you took in his dorm while you picked up your clothes and put them on. After a good day of a lot of food and a lot of “dessert”, you decided to take a step back in this “relationship” that you shared. You stayed with the hope that some day he would cut off his relationship with his girlfriend but after four months that was not the case. So you decided to leave once and for all, you did not want your future to be like that. “That’s why I’m leaving, Jin, I’ve thought it through. Neither I nor your girlfriend deserve to be two puppets.” He took your arm holding you while you were leaning to take your shirt, which forced you to see that face that seemed to have come out of a k-drama. You sighed at the thought that this would be the last time you would have him that close. “You’re not a puppet, darling … You know that,” you came out softly and painfully from his grip and continued to put on your clothes. “However, not enough, you never left her for me”, without more and, with a broken heart and tears coming, you went to the door never to return, leaving an unfinished love.


Being a trainee, there was a lot of restriction when it came to using technology, keeping you and your group out of the reach of the public while you were being trained. However, being one of the producers of songs in your group, you had the opportunity to use the studio, the computer and everything that concerns it. It was not until you entered to your email when you saw a message with a heavy file from Yoongi, with whom you had not spoken for two weeks after cutting all contact with him. Doubting whether to open it or not, in the end, you filled yourself with courage and opened it and saw that it was a song. His title was your name and nothing else. While downloading the file you noticed that there was also a message: “Go back home, please.” And everything revived in your mind and, this time without hesitation, you stopped the download and erased it with the message. You did not want this kind of toxicity in your life, you do not need Yoongi.


You were on the way to your apartment when you received a text from Hoseok, “It’s been more than 20 minutes, why have not you come up yet?” You had been on the couch sitting on top of Hoseok with his hands caressing your legs while you had a really hot steamy makeout session when he got a call from his girlfriend telling him she would be there in 10 minutes. He told you to wait in your car outside, for at least 20 minutes till she left but while you were waiting you thought you did not deserve to be waiting for someone who does not wait for you in the same way. You put your car in motion with the purpose of not going back. “Y / N, tell me, please, you’re not finishing this …” was the last message you saw of him before blocking his number.


“Are not you going to explain what’s going on? it’s her or me, and it’s going to cost you if you choose her, Namjoon,” his girlfriend said after she found you and Namjoon wrapped in sheets and a lot of passion in his bed. Namjoon had immediately left the bed when he saw her and automatically covered you, as if he were protecting you but shame did not vanish. Namjoon tried to calm her, which worked but with the condition that you get out of there. “Give me a minute, okay?” He said to the girl before turning to see you with a sad expression when you had already put your clothes on. His face read ‘I’m sorry.’ He was quickly besides you, and with a hand on your lower back, took you to the door, when he was going to say something to you the girl said again, “she or I, Namjoon.” Closing his eyes and with a deep sigh, Namjoon let you go alone to the door and turned his back to go to her. He had chosen her. That was all you needed to leave without turning back.


“PLEASE, JUST GIVE ME A MONTH MORE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, IT’S ALL I NEED,” at this point Jimin’s tone was almost a cry of supplication that members could probably hear in the other hotel room. That was a phrase that you had already heard for many months but that was never fulfilled. They were always the same excuses to leave his girlfriend and at this point you knew it would never come true. Therefore, one day you called him by video call to explain your thinking and why you wanted to finish everything with the hope that he would say that you were right and everything would be less painful. However, to your surprise, the fact that you were leaving him and that he only saw you by video call and not in person, broke Jimin’s heart, to the point of having him almost in tears on the phone. And it was painful for you, you were completely in love with him although you knew from the beginning that it was not your best option. But in the depths of your heart you also knew that it was also your fault to stay there. He was not yours and so far, he had shown you that he was not either. Or maybe never be. “Y / N, listen to me-”, and you hung the video call. If you had stayed in the call you would have fallen back at his feet and he probably would have bought you a plane ticket to take you with him a few days but you were tired … Very tired of all this.


You found yourself in an uncomfortable silence that you had created and only Taehyung’s long sigh was heard. Even without saying a word, Taehyung simply caressed your hair and face that rested on his bare, warm chest. His heart was calm and healthy in your ear and his hands were delicate in your skin. Tonight you would stay with him and the next morning he would make you breakfast, he had told you. He was everything you needed but you did not have. It was not until you mentioned when you two would ever go out to dinner or watch a movie when everything got tense. You knew what all this was about, he was not your boyfriend but another girl’s but the hope of becoming her was beating heavily in your mind every day. You knew that he thought the same thing even if he did not say it. “It’s more complicated than you think, Y / N …”, was the only thing he said before leaving a kiss on your forehead and hugging you. “You prefer her, it’s okay, I can deal with that, Tae,” you tried to sound as loud as possible but the quick flutter of your heart betrayed you, “I prefer you a thousand and one times, you know that.” And the flutter of your heart at those words again betrayed you.

The next morning, before Taehyung got up to make you the breakfast he had promised and that he adored to make you, you put on your clothes and on tiptoe you left.


During your training breaks, you liked to spend it eating or drawing. At that moment you were drawing when you felt the presence of hands on your shoulders. You looked at the mirrors of the dance studio in front of you and you found that rabbit smile that so melted your heart and warmed your soul. “Noona, you are so good at drawing”, you gave your best smile to his reflection in the mirror before returning to your drawing. “Noonaaaa ~~~ …”, Jungkook crooned in your ear when he knelt by your side, “I’ve missed you, have you missed me?” His breath rolled over your ear and part of your neck, making goosebumps quickly. “Hello, Kookie”, you left your drawing aside to look at his face, “how are you?”.
“Noona, there’s a singing studio that’s free tonight and I was thinking that-”

“No, Kookie, not today,” you said, moving away from his presence a little. Those weeks that he had been out of your life, you were calm and less tense. If only he decided to leave his girlfriend and start with you everything would be easier but nothing is easy in this life and he did not break with her. “Something wrong, noona?”, His voice flooded with concern as his face when you denied being with him. That had never happened and he sensed that something bad was happening. “I think we have to leave everything here … I can not take it anymore and I do not think you either”, you got up from your place and went out the door. You saw for the last time that boy with colorful hair, big eyes like deer and smile deliciously full of youth like a young rabbit and, to your amazement, he was perplexed watching how you left his arms while still kneeling in the studio.

i was thinking maybe doing a pt 2 on his perspective when y/n left or just how they met b4 becoming ‘something.’ or just both. idk???

Bts liking the same girl as another member:

Request: Hi can I please request a scenario of what BTS would so if they(other BTS memebers) liked the same girl or if someone else liked the girl they liked? Thanks.


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If Jin noticed that you’re showing more interest towards him, he’s going for it. Maybe after a while he’d tell the other member to find someone else, so as to not make the situation awkward for either parties. But if you were leaning towards the other member, he’d painfully, but silently step away and give his brother a chance.


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Yoongi isn’t one to vocally express him emotions, so if he had his eyes set on someone, no one could know about it. So when another member starting gushing about you, Yoongi had an even bigger reason to stay silent. However, just because he isn’t making a move doesn’t mean he’s rooting for the other member. Sure he would never sabotage anything but won’t exactly be enthusiastic about giving him tips.


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He’s very upset. Hoseok won’t be scared to pull that other member into a room, sit him down, and tell him to fuck off. Things can escalate if that other member doesn’t step back, but no matter what, Hoseok isn’t backing off, as simple as that. 


He’d be so insecure he’d walk away the minute he finds out. That's it

RM/ Namjoon:

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He’s slightly irritated. Out of all the people in the world, that other member chose you knowing very well what Namjoon’s feeling. He won’t try to hide it or step back. Namjoon will go all out, taking you on dates, texting you all day, but despite all of that, he’s more self conscious than ever. what if you chose that other member after all?


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Jimin will step away, immediately taking himself out of the picture for you. He doesn’t want to cause inconvenience for anyone else. But that doesn’t mean he’ll stop liking you. It would be his little secret and if the other member has decided to not take things further with you, he’s more than happy to pop back into your life again.  

V/ Taehyung:

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Taehyung will feel discouraged if he found that there was someone else who set their eyes on you. He lacks confidence in my opinion but every now and then his more confident side will perk up. Either in a smirk or a sexy hair sweep, sometimes even a gaze that lingers a bit too long.


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Lol I’m so dramatic

Jungkook would see who he was up against, you know. If it’s someone older or with a potentially higher chance of impressing you, he’d try to forget it and walk away. However, he would take up any chance he finds to impress you. Subtly, he’s always there, always trying to impress. But if it was someone closer to his age that he’s competing with, he’ll just light-heartidly tell the person to step away, that he’s obviously going to win this. That’s when things won’t be nearly as subtle.

Living with boyfriend! Chanyeol

This is a request, hope you enjoy!! 

- First of all he would be the most fun person to live with, he’s so bubbly and funny

- Some days would spent in hoodies under a blanket watching movies and eating away at junk food

- Other days will be spent going out on adventurous dates

- Cooking together never really ends well, but you do try

- He usually starts a food fight by putting cream on your cheek 

- It’s very hard to cook with him hovering around you, because he’s either making a mess or clinging onto you

- He will make you breakfast in bed every Saturday morning

- When it comes to decorating the house he’s likely to say yes to whatever you like

- Teases you ALL the time and you threaten to move out as a joke so he shuts up

- He really loves your company 

- The members visiting often

- Kyungsoo laughing at your terrible cooking and large amount of junk food

- He comes back from the gym all sweaty and tries to hug you every single time because he knows you hate it

- When buying the house you visit many together but finally you walk into one and it feels so homely and he just smiles at you so brightly and wide and thats when you knew you wanted to live there

- Having to buy an extra strong mattress ;)

- Tries to help you with cleaning 

- He would always make you stay in bed longer just to cuddle

- Likes when you sleep in his shirts and hoodies

- Shopping for food has never been so fun

- Though he only wants to eat cake so it’s a bit of a pain he’s like a child

- He loves just being alone with you and being around you all the time, because he loves you so much and you’re his favorite person that he wants to spend the rest of his life with