Spiderman’s(?) Abs

Request: Hi! I really love your stories! Could you please do a fic where reader is partially deaf so she can read peoples lips to help her understand people, then she accidentally reads Peters lips and he’s talking about her?

A/N: Wow i’m sorry I’m such a slow writer, jeez. Sorry for being slow at this. I also hope this is what you were looking for. I’m sorry I was too lazy to do research on being partially deaf.

Word Count: 1344

Warnings: Extreme mentions of abs?


Part 2

You were Michelle’s best friend, or only friend, as she called you. You were good friends with Peter and Ned as well. You were in marching band with Peter, well, before he quit. But you were also on the Decathlon team with them.

You didn’t find yourself seeing Peter and Ned outside of school very often anymore. Not since Peter got his internship with Tony Stark.

You had been partially deaf since you were younger. This had always been an extreme struggle for you because of how much you love music. You could still hear some things. You could hear the chatter in the cafeteria at lunch, but you couldn’t really make out anything anyone was saying. In band you could still feel the beat, which really helped.

Although, over the years, you’ve somewhat mastered reading people’s lips. It was how you would take notes in class, understand what your friends were saying, and essentially everything else.

Most of the time you would sit at a lunch table with Michelle, at the table next to Peter and Ned. It was hard for you to pay attention to an entire conversation. Everyone was always nice about it, especially Peter.

When you sat down for lunch with Peter, Michelle, and Ned, they were already deep in conversation.

“Hey Y/N,” Peter smiled.

“Hi Peter,” you said

You smiled at Ned and Michelle too.

Michelle had her head stuck in a book, so you tried to pay attention to what Peter and Ned were talking about.

“Are you going to tell her?” Ned asked Peter

“Tell who what?” You asked, inserting yourself into the conversation

“Oh it’s nothing,” you read off Peter’s lips.

“Please, Parker. I know you well enough to know when you’re lying,”

“I think you should tell Y/N,” Ned said

“I also think you should tell Y/N” you said

Peter turned his head to the side and whispered something to Ned.

“Come on Peter, that’s not fair at all,”

Ned shrugged and continued to listen to Peter speak. Eventually Peter turned around to face you once again.

“Sorry, Y/N. That was on a need to know basis,”

“Not fair at all, Peter,”

After lunch you headed to your chemistry class with Peter and Ned. You sat a few benches in front of them. Every once and a while you would turn around and see the two talking.

You attempted to read their lips to see what they were talking about. You were still curious as to what Peter wouldn’t tell you at lunch.

You stared at Ned and Peter for a while, but you were only able to make out a few words here or there. For a moment you thought you saw Peter say your name, but he turned to look at you so you immediately looked away.

You were sure that they were probably talking about lunch. What else would they be talking about?

When class was over, you tried to catch up with Peter to walk with him to your next class,

“So are you ever going to tell me this secret of yours?” You asked Peter

You turned to him to read his response

“Which secret?” He teased

“The one you and Ned were talking about at lunch, and last period. I saw you say my name, Peter. I know something’s up,”

“Don’t worry about it, Y/N,” Peter said as you walked into your physics classroom.

It was now really bugging you why Peter wouldn’t tell you what was going on. But you really had no way to talk to Peter in this class, he sat too far away.

You pulled out your phone and sent him a message

Y/N: Do you not trust me or something?

Peter: Of course I trust you!

Y/N: then what’s going on with you

Peter: Well my “secret” is something I want to tell you but I’m just not ready to.

Y/N:  it can’t be that bad

Peter: No, but i’m kinda worried about how you will react

Y/N: What if I promised I would react in an appropriate fashion

Peter: I dunno

Y/N: Please, Peter. Its not like you’re Spiderman or anything right?

Y/N: Cause if you were I’d have to kick your ass, you know that right

Peter: I don’t even know what to say to that

Y/N: Oh my god. Are you Spiderman?

Y/N: I mean that would explain your abs and oh damn

Peter: When have you seen me shirtless…

Y/N: Me? WHo? I dont know what you’re talking about.

Y/N: Fine, so you’re not Spiderman but that still doesn’t explain the secret you’re keeping from me or your abs

Peter: I’m still so curious why you know I have abs

Y/N: Don’t ignore my question

Peter: You’re never going to let this go are you

Y/N: Of course not. You may as well just tell me.

Peter: Fine, i’ll telll you after school today in person.

Y/N: Looovveeee you Parker

Peter: Yeah, yeah

You smiled and put your phone back in your pocket. You were excited to know what Peter didn’t want you to know.

After school, you met Peter at his locker.

“So are you finally going to tell me?” You asked

Peter turned to you, “Let’s go somewhere where there are less people,”

You nodded and followed Peter into the empty music room.

“THis better be a juicy secret, Parker. I’m missing band for this,”

Peter took in a deep breath “LookY/N-ireallylikeyouandwanttodateyou” he said quickly

“Peter, I think you’re forgetting that I can’t exactly completely hear you, and when you talk like that I can’t read your lips either,”

Peter stared at you for a second before you spoke again, “Enunciate, for the love of god,”

Before Peter could speak you interrupted him again “You are Spiderman, aren’t you. I just don’t understand how you could get those abs unless you were Spiderman. Sure you do sit ups in gym, but that does not explain it,”

“Y/N? Are you done?” Peter asked

“You’re right. You couldn’t be Spiderman,”

“I could so be Spiderman,” Peter got defensive

“Eh,” you shrugged

“Look, that’s not what I wanted to tell you,”

“So spill,”

Peter Licked his lips, “Y/N, I really like you,”

“Well, I like you too Parker, but I don’t under-OH”

“Yeah. I like you as more than a friend,”

“Oh. Well then I guess I should probably tell you that I like you are more that a friend too,”

“You do?”

“Yeah, and your abs aren’t even the reason why. I mean, they’re part of the reason, but only a little part,” you teased

“Jeez, Y/N, what is it with you and abs?”

You shrugged and look a few steps closer to Peter.

“So, if I like you, and you like me, and you were to ask me on a date sometime, and we went on more than one date, would that mean that sometime, eventually, I’d get to see those lovely abs of yours?”

Peter laughed, “Y/N, would you like to go on a date with me?”

“Yes,” you smiled.

Peter stepped forward and placed a hand on your face, and another on your hips. He slowly leaned down and pressed his lips on yours.

You leaned forwards and pressed your chest against his, slowly moving your hands under his shirt.

Peter laughed into your kiss.

“Sorry Parker, I couldn’t help myself. You’re just really pretty,”

“You’re really pretty too, Y/N,”

“So wait, that was your secret? That you have a crush on me?”

“Yes, that was my secret,” 

“I think a better secret would have been if you were Spiderman,” 

Tough Guy (M)

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Word Count: 3,296

Summary: A relaxing morning with boyfriend Yoongi takes a different turn when he discovers your love for Yoongi x reader smut…

With the windows in the living room slightly open, the sound of birds chirping sweetly outside could be heard from your position on the sofa. You were currently lying back with your feet propped up on Yoongi’s – your boyfriend – lap, feeling content as you watched him concentrate on the game he was playing on your phone.

Although it was only midday, being with him like this always made you feel comfortable enough to close your eyes and sleep for a little while.

Yoongi stuck his tongue out a bit as he focused intently, his eyes practically unblinking. You watched him with a wide smile, wondering if there was anything that could make you happier than moments like this.

So sleepy, you thought absently, your eyes fluttering closed despite your protests – the warmth of Yoongi’s hoodie and his presence were making it all too easy.

You were contemplating snuggling closer to him to watch him play when he suddenly gasped – a kind of choked sound that you rarely heard from him – and then he was staring at you with this surprised look on his face that jolted you out of your sleep completely.

“What is it?” you asked, fearful of his answer. A bad feeling settled into your stomach when you realised that you hadn’t closed down your tabs before handing him your phone, and you remembered with a surge of panic the smut you had been reading earlier… “Oh, God. What is it?”.

“Y/N…”. He was speaking quietly, reading something on your phone. You noticed that the tips of his ears and his cheeks were red, and he gave an awkward cough before he spoke. “I… didn’t realise I was dating such a naughty girl”.

“Oh my god, Yoongi!”. You threw the nearest cushion over your face and fell back against the rest, your entire body flooded with embarrassment. You’d never really known how it felt to want the ground to swallow you whole until right now, especially when Yoongi started to laugh. “Please tell me this is just a nightmare!”.

“Nope. It’s real”. He glanced at you and laughed again. “Do you always read things like this?”. He didn’t even sound like he was teasing you. That made it so much worse.

“Can we please not have a conversation about this?” you asked, your voice muffled by the cushion.

“I just found out that my girlfriend reads porn about me… so we’re talking about it,” he said matter-of-factly. You could feel his eyes on you now, but you knew that the second you looked at him, you would surely die from humiliation.

Always close your tabs before handing over your phone! your inner voice screamed.

“If you don’t want to talk about it,” he began in that low, bored voice. “I’ll just have to read it and find out for myself-“.

“Give me my phone back!” you demanded, lunging for it frantically; you hadn’t read the whole thing yet, but you were acutely aware of how weird some of these fanfictions could get, and that wasn’t something you needed Yoongi to see. Definitely not. Never.

Laughing, Yoongi pulled away from you without much effort.

Oh, Yoongi, harder,” he read aloud in a high-pitched voice. You hid your face in your hands and thought about how nice it would be to just disappear right now. “Yoongi picked up the pace, smashing into you”. You heard him hesitate. He was probably making that unimpressed face. “Smashing?”.

“A lot of fans write these kind of things about you and the other members,” you tried to explain, keeping your eyes trained on the hem of his t-shirt and the way it rolled up to expose his skin whenever he stretched. “I just wanted to read some… please stop teasing me about it? I think I’m going to die”.

Yoongi frowned, looking at you properly – it was like you were blushing everywhere. Your head hung down as though you were ashamed, and you fidgeted with the sleeves of his hoodie as you waited for him to say something. His brown eyes were focused on the way you held your lip between your teeth. He kept imagining you lying there, reading things like this. He wondered if it made you feel good to think of him touching you like that even when he wasn’t there, and the thought made him proud.

“Did you finish reading it?” he asked, breaking the silence.

“No”. You stopped yourself from saying ‘not yet’, knowing it would just start up another round of teasing.

“Hm”. He breathed deeply, coming to some sort of decision. “How about I read it to you?”. Finally, you bought your eyes – which had widened considerably – up to meet with his. To your utter shock, the expression on Yoongi’s familiar and handsome face was serious, no hint of a smile anywhere.

“That…”. He tilted his head to the side, confused by your stuttering.

“That what?”.

“That would be too embarrassing, Yoongi,” you told him. You tried to think of a clever way to change the subject, but he got there before you, interrupting your mindless chatter with his deep voice.

“Maybe we should just act it out instead, then”. Your breath hitched in your throat, his words sinking into you within seconds. The look on his face was lust masked as boredom, and you couldn’t take your eyes off of his tongue as it swiped across his lower lip.

You’d known for a long time that he enjoyed flustering you, but you hadn’t realised that it turned him on.

“I…”. You weren’t about to disagree, and he knew it.

“Come here”. His low, quiet voice made you shiver as you crawled over the short distance to him, straddling his lap in an instant. The movement made his hoodie - which was much too big for you - ride up over your ass, exposing your lacy underwear to Yoongi’s delight.

He pulled you closer to him at the waist, and the two of you released a sigh at the contact your bodies were making.

He was looking up at you in a sort of wonder, and you smiled as you kissed him, gently at first, simply enjoying the softness of it, the way everything made sense again as soon as your lips touched. But then Yoongi’s large hands were on your ass, squeezing it playfully but still hard enough to make you react.

You rested your hands against the cushion behind his head and moaned softly as you started to buck your hips forward, needing more of him. The feeling of his cock against your heat - despite the layers of clothing between you - was making your body sing.

Yoongi didn’t say anything; he just grunted and leaned his head back, consumed by the pleasure of being close to you. Even over his sweatpants, he could feel your warmth. But it was the sight of you moving against him, the way your breaths came uneven, the tiny whimpering sounds you made… he didn’t know he could want someone as much as this, in as many ways as he wanted you.

“Oh…”. You picked up your pace, your mouth parted delicately, pleasure shooting through you and resting in your core. “I’m…”. Yoongi contemplated it – seeing you come undone on top of him after using him to get off like that… He liked the thought a lot, but he wanted more. He didn’t want it to be so easy for you.

“Hey, we’re doing it wrong”. He pushed you off his lap and you flopped onto the sofa beside him, already staring daggers at him.

“What the fuck?!”.

“We’re doing it wrong,” he said again, as if that made it okay. He showed you the screen of your phone, acting as though he wasn’t just as caught up in that as you were. He was so good at pretending he wasn’t bothered by anything, whilst you were still breathing like a maniac, your mouth still parted in expectation. “We’re following these instructions”.

“They’re not instructions, you loser”. But you took your phone from him and read. Even still, you were a little embarrassed about the whole ordeal. You couldn’t even believe this had happened. “We’re supposed to be on the bed,” you told him, and he nodded as if to say ‘of course’. “And you’re supposed to be on top”.

“So do they just magically end up in the bedroom?” he asks, leaning over to peek at the screen as you scroll down, his hair tickling your cheek.

“No,” you deadpan. “You’re supposed to carry me in”.

“That’s ridiculous”.

“You’re the one who wants to act it out!”. You raised an eyebrow at him, and he sighed as if it was some massive task, continuing to read. An amused smile lit up his face.

“All you say is ‘Yoongi, ah!’”.

“I don’t sound like that”. He shrugs, and now you want to tease him in the way he’s been teasing you. “Well, you’re supposed to be a tough guy”. For dramatic effect, you waited a second before scoffing loudly. Yoongi, of course, looked instantly offended.

“What’s so funny?” he asked, his voice cold. “You don’t think I can be a tough guy?”. You gave him your best ‘do I really need to answer that question?’ look, and he narrowed his eyes, totally unamused.

“I just can’t imagine you saying ‘Look at me. These lips are mine. This body is mine. You are mine’”. You burst out laughing as soon as you said it, but he knew you were only teasing. He had definitely said something along those lines multiple times before, and both of you were well aware.

“Maybe you’ll be surprised”.

“I’d like to be surprised,” you replied evenly. He watched your face for a moment, and you stared back, already wanting to feel him in ways you couldn’t say out loud.

Wordlessly, your boyfriend stood up, stretching out before scooping you up in his arms as if you weighed nothing. You wrapped your arms loosely around his neck and tried not to get lost in his scent, keeping your eyes on his as he carried you into the bedroom without a sound.

Throwing you back onto the bed so that you bounced more than once on the mattress, Yoongi stood back and watched as you pulled his hoodie up – slowly and dramatically – over your head. He was hard from the moment you had straddled him, but now his cock was throbbing against its restraints when he thought of what was to come.

“Is this sexy?” you asked with false innocence, unclasping your bra and throwing it to one side. You ran a hand through your hair and watched for his reaction, satisfied at the tent you could see inside his sweatpants. “Do you like this, Yoongi?”. You fluttered your eyelashes, but he just rolled his eyes at your antics.

“Stick to the script,” he told you, but he was palming himself, biting his lip. You sat on your knees and ran a hand down your body, sneaking it under the hem of your underwear and sighing as you touched your now sensitive clit.

You really liked the way he was watching you rub your hand against your clit. Yoongi was wondering why it was so hot to see you touch yourself like that.

“That feels so good, Yoongi”.

Fuck, Y/N”. You loved it when he cursed in that low voice of his. You wanted him all over you, but you liked the idea of being especially submissive today – just like in the smut – so you leant forward until you were on all-fours.

He stepped forward a little, pulling off his t-shirt and tugging down his sweatpants until his cock sprang free. Your eyes roamed over his body before landing on his own eyes, and the intense way in which he stared at you almost made you moan. You wanted him to push you over the edge, and he could see that.

“Hurry up,” he ordered you, so you did, wrapping your mouth around his cock, not giving him more than a second to react to the feel of you around him.

“Ah… fuck”. His fingers got lost in your hair as you swiped your tongue over the slit, thoroughly enjoying the sounds he was making. He was groaning and cursing every few seconds, encouraging you to keep going. “That’s it, baby,” he said in a strained voice when you sank your mouth lower onto him. “Oh, fuck, so pretty”.

You hummed around his cock and he grunted – the exact reaction you wanted – using both hands to bunch your hair up.

“Open your mouth for me, baby girl”. You complied, and he looked at you for a second longer, admiring your swollen lips before sliding his cock back into your mouth.

You pressed your legs together, making yourself hold eye contact with him as he slowly slid in and out of your mouth, setting his own pace.

“Fuck!”. He threw his head back as his pace picked up, and he could feel himself getting closer to the edge, especially with the strained sounds you were making. “Y/N… fuck”. The feel of his hands in your hair, tugging and pulling at every strand, and the way he was whimpering as he fucked your mouth… you found yourself wanting to see him come undone because of you.

But you were feeling much too mischievous for that, so you pulled away from his cock, letting it fall out of your mouth with a pop.

“What the-“.

“You’re not supposed to come yet,” you told him sweetly, and he literally scowled at you, not giving you the chance to catch your breath back as he pushed you back down against the mattress.

You sneaked a hand into your underwear, pushing a finger easily inside you thanks to how wet you were, watching him step out of his sweatpants, eyes glazed over with undeniable lust.

“Yoongi, ah,” you teased, but he didn’t smile. Instead, he climbed up onto the bed, eyes not leaving yours as he settled in between your legs. One strong hand against your stomach had you unable to move, and you bit your lip in anticipation as he hummed against your entrance deliberately, causing you to arch your back.

“You haven’t been a good girl, so I’m not going to be nice to you”. The ease in which he said it, the way his nose touched your clit… you were a writhing mess beneath him. “You’re so wet… do you like sucking my cock? Does that make you feel good, huh?”.

“Yoongi, please”. You needed more. You wanted him to touch you everywhere. “Please”.

“Hm”. He sat back on his heels and watched you squirm for a moment, and you hated the uninterested look on his face almost as much as you loved it. “You’re so needy… I don’t know if I should let you come so easily”.

In reply, you let out a desperate moan. You were so aroused and he wasn’t touching you at all.

“So wet and needy, yet so naughty”. He actually made a ‘tut’ sound in disapproval, and your moan turned into an empty sob.

Without any warning, Yoongi’s mouth was on your clit, sucking at it and teasing it over your underwear. If it wasn’t for Yoongi’s hand holding you down, you would have arched your back completely off the bed.

“Oh my god… oh my god, Yoongi, please”. He moved your underwear aside, and the air against you made your core heat up even more, especially when you felt his tongue go flat, licking up and down your slit before circling your entrance, causing you to stop breathing.

His tongue entered you, and you moaned loudly, not caring how desperate you seemed as you bucked your hips as best as you could under his restraint. You wanted to reach out and take hold of his hair. You wanted him to keep going, but you knew well enough that he would stop. You knew he wouldn’t let you come, but you went along with it anyway, breathing messily as you drew closer to the edge.

His tongue didn’t let up until you stilled, so close that you could taste the release, but he pulled away as expected.

Ignoring your whines of protest, his lips found yours, and you immediately opened up your mouth to him, getting lost in him all over again. You could taste yourself on his tongue.

“Look at me,” he told you, so you did, scared of arguing in case he punished you any further. His eyes were dark, his face flushed and his hair awry.

Everything about him was hot, and you didn’t want to look away, especially when he bit his lip.

“These lips…”. He kissed you with a harsh softness. “Are mine”. His lips trailed down your body, kissing every part of you in that same way. “This body is mine”. His words and his voice laced with lust resonated in your core, and you moaned out for him. “You are mine. Do you understand?”.

“Yes,” you breathed.

“Good. Now turn over so I can fuck you”. Your body was heavy with exhaustion, but you did as he told you to do, pulling yourself up onto your knees and shivering at the lost contact. “Good girl”. You yelled out as his hand landed hard against your left cheek, and then even harder against your right.

“Fuck,” you cursed, obsessed with the way he was making you feel. Yoongi bought his hand down against your ass again, making you jump.

“What are you allowed to say?”.

“Y-Yoongi, ah,” you said, and he smacked your ass cheek again, this time in approval.

“Good girl”. His praise made you feel better than you ever thought it would, and excitement coursed through your veins as he pulled your underwear down, completely exposing you. He threw it aside and used one hand to pull your hair back, the other to align his cock with your entrance. “Hm… you’re dripping. I can’t wait to see you come all over my cock, Y/N”.

“Ah”. You clutched the sheets between your fingers at the feel of his tip entering you, slowly stretching you out before pulling back to slam into you, filling you up in an instant.

Your mind was gone, and you could think of nothing else but the bliss you felt as Yoongi thrust into you relentlessly, praising you on how wet you were, reminding you to stay still so he didn’t have to punish you.

“Ahh… baby, fuck”. He smacked your ass again and then squeezed your cheeks, whimpering at the feeling of your walls clenching around him. “Fuck!”.

“Yoongi,” you moaned, struggling to keep yourself in place as his pace picked up even further, filling you up more and more until he was bottoming out, tugging at your hair in his hand until you had to lift your head. “It’s… ah!”.

“You feel so good,” he told you, and there were tears in the corners of your eyes as you felt yourself coming to your climax once again. “Fuck, baby girl, you’re so good. You’re so tight and… fuck”.

“D-don’t stop!”. You knew that if he did, you wouldn’t be able to recover. His thrusts became harsher and harsher, the sounds of sex in the room making your insides melt. “Yoongi, please!”.

He let go of your hair and grabbed your hips, pumping into you with the intent of making you come hard.

“Are you going to come for me like a good girl?”.

“Yes!”. You couldn’t help it – your hands slipped a little, but Yoongi just used the new angle to fuck you harder, making you feel somehow even fuller.

His grunts and curses bought you closer and closer, until you crashed over the edge, coming so hard that you swore you could see stars.

Yoongi was not far behind, his pace growing sloppier and sloppier as he came inside you, saying your name in a quiet, strained voice as he did.

You collapsed onto your side the moment he released you, and a second later, he was lying beside you, the both of you breathing heavily.

It was only a few seconds until he wrapped his arms around your waist, smirking smugly at you.

“You’re going to say something cheesy, right?” you asked, already laughing. You could just tell from the confident look on his face.

“Actually, I was going to ask you if you preferred the movie to the book”.

My masterlist!

BTS reaction to you kissing someone else for a movie.



He would walk out of there so fast like “Nope. I’m leaving before I ‘accidentally’ break him.”

Originally posted by taestylips


Jin wouldn’t even be jealous. He would be so secure in your relationship that he would want to make sure you look great during the scene. Even going to lengths to tell the male lead that he wasn’t making you look good and he should be better.

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*Is not amused and really wants to kiss you right now*

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“I’m fine babe I swear. I am not jealous in the least bit. Please continue on.” Hobi of course would try super hard to hide his jealousy but you would know. It would just make it a whole lot funnire.

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Can anyone say super jealous? Cause that would be Jimin. You would have to do the scene multiple times and he watched, waiting for you to be done while he glares daggers at the other guy.

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Let’s be real though. This one would constantly be making faces at you as you tried to do the kiss scene and would be the cause of you messing up so many times.

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Jungkook wasn’t able to make it to the shoot when you had to film the scene but when you got home you waited for the perfect time to tell him the scene you had to do and when you did he would be super jealous that another man got to kiss you but he would try to play it off and not let on to the fact that he was jealous.

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Dating EXO Members Series

Kim Minseok



Headcanon requests for EXO and BTS are OPEN


  • Very playful
  • Likes adventurous kind of dates
  • Where you two are left laughing uncontrollably
  • Loves to do things together
  • whether it’s play video games
  • Or some sort of sport
  • Or a late night dinner bc he just loves to spend time with you
  • Dates at the park are a thing
  • Walking along the river holding hands
  • Probably the type to take you to a wine tasting
  • Or museums
  • Just bc he likes to go out and explore with you
  • Would like to travel with you and show you the world when he can

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Cel mai iubit dintre pamanteni

De la el am avut multe de invatat. De cand ma stiu nu am vazut om mai linistit, o rabdare infinita. Chiar daca il certai/te luai de el..doar tacea si inghitea. Niciodata nu injura,niciodata nu-ti reprosa nimic orice i-ai fi zis. Se pare ca 2017 este un an negru pentru mine. Nu pot sa mai fac absolut nimic fara sa ma gandesc la tine,orice as face imi aminteste de tine si au trecut doar cateva zile de cand nu mai esti. In 18 ani de zile am reusit sa am cu tine doar o poza ( pe care am postat-o mai jos ). Cred ca aveam 2 ani in ea, o sa ii fac o dublura si o sa ii dau si bunicii sa o puna pe noptiera. De ce tu si de ce acum? Tu care nu ai dat in cap la nimeni,care toata viata cum mi-ai spus si tu cu o saptamana inainte sa mori “ toata viata am vazut-o printr-un ochi si nu doresc la nimeni asta ”,tu om bun,care ai muncit pana cand ai murit pentru familia ta,care nu puteai sa stai un minut fara sa faci ceva,tu care ai lucrat la Oltchim ca sa pui ceva pe masa familiei tale si care puteai sa fi dat afara din cauza vedeai doar un ochi,tu care m-ai sustinut mereu si moral si cu bani,tu care ai avut 4 operatii la ochi,care era sa ramai paralizat,care era sa iti rupi coloana si nu te-ai miscat 1 an de zile. De ce bulangii astia care fac atatea rele traiesc si tu nu? Langa voi doi am crescut si pot sa zic ca am avut cea mai frumoasa copilarie si acum regret din tot sufletul ca sunt atat de ocupat cu cacatul asta de bac si vrea sa stau cu tine bunico,ca stiu ca acum esti singura in toata curtea aia mare si te gandesti la el. Marti te-am vazut ultima data. Eram suparat si imi era rau,tu erai ocupat. Am vorbit 5 minute cu tine,tu te-ai dus sa te schimbi,eu am plecat si nu ti-am spus nici macar un amar de “pa tataie” ca nu stiam unde esti si tata se grabea. Joi dupa meditatia de la mate,ajung acasa si seara imi scriu si eu un eseu la romana. Ma culc cu gandul ca o sa ma trezesc vineri,ziua urmatoare la 8 sa invat eseul respectiv. La 7:13 imi suna telefonul,raspund si intreb cine e pentru ca nu stiam numarul. Era vecinul meu “ ce faci alex? Am o veste proasta sa-ti dau ”. De ce m-ar fi sunat vecinul meu la 7 dimineata sa-mi spuna ca are o veste proasta,imediat m-am gandit la tine poate esti in spital sau ai patit ceva rau “ Parintii tai sunt acasa? ” - “ Da ” - “ Atunci da-mi-l pe tatal tau la telefonn ” deja incepusem sa ma panichez si am fugit spre camera alor mei sa-i trezesc “ socrul tau este in coma,veniti la tara imediat ” cand am auzit a cazut cerul pe mine. Ne-am imbracat,m-am urcat la volan si tot drumul imi spuneam “ ba sa-mi bag pula tu nu mori acum ai inteles nu mori acum ”. Pe la jumatatea drumul suna telefonul mamei,era moasa “ grabeste-te ca e pe moarte ”. Nu imi venea sa cred ca fix noua ni se intampla asta,era imposibil. Tata a trecut la volan,eu am stat langa mama si am luat-o in brate. Am ajuns la tara si am fugit spre casa..cand sa intru in casa era 4 persoane langa el in picioare printre care bunica mea si moasa. S-au uitat toti la mine speriati,plangeau si s-au dat putin la o parte..da,bunicul meu era intins pe spate mort. Mort in pula mea..mort. Eu am incercat sa vorbesc cu el,eram asa distrus..voiam sa se trezeasca,dar tot ce imi doream eu ca amandoi sa traiasca pana ma insor eu si am copii ( voiam foarte mult sa ma vada amandoi in postura asta,ca am reusit sa imi fac familia mea “ s-a naruit in clipe. Era fix in pozitia in care dormea el. Pe spate,avea ochiul cu care vedea putin deschis si nici acum imi pot da seama daca el zambea sau se stramba putin..pentru ca avea totusi un fel de zambet pe fata. Nu ma pronunt pentru ca nu stiu adevarul,dar asa am impresia. Eram terminat,m-am dus in gradina si am mers la unchiul meu,m-au vazut oamenii plangand pe strada si disperat ” ce s-a intamplat alex “..nici nu puteam sa le spun ca ma bufnea plansul. Tata a mers si a luat cosciugul. In cateva ore aflase deja tot satul,toata familia. Nimanui nu-i venea sa creada tragedia asta. Sambata trecuta am fost la el,i-am ajutat acolo in gospodarie,am curatat niste pomi,era totul absolut normal. Bunicul era bine,bunica la fel. De duminica pana marti el a stat mai mereu plecat in locul unde s-a nascut,un alt sat pentru ca avea treaba pe acolo. Nu stiu daca e coincidenta sau nu,ca el sa fi mers acolo pentru ca presimtea ca o sa moara zilele astea si voia sa vada toate locurile inainte sa isi dea ultima suflare ( asa zic batranii ),dar parca totul se leaga prea bine. Stii cand moare cineva te gandesti profund,bai oare ce s-a intamplat,ce a zis,ce a facut in ultimul timp. Din decembrie incepuse sa viseze numai morti iar eu ii spuneam sa taca,ca sunt doar niste vise si atat. Probabil am facut o greseala,ca nu l-am intrebat ce viseaza de fapt..asa imi faceam si eu o idee. De o luna si ceva nu mai putea sa isi miste mana,ieri era programat sa mearga la fizioterapie. ” se vedea dupa cum merge pe strada “ a zis un batran. Stii bine ca v-am iubit mereu si am incercat sa am grija de voi si sa va ajut. Eu ti-am pus gheata pe corp pana sa te bage in groapa,eu am fost cel mai ingrijorat sa nu ramai singur in camera,eu am urmarit fiecare miscare si clipire a fiecarui om care a intrat in casa sa te vada (eram curios sa citesc oamenii ), eu ti-am facut podul,eu am carat mesele..cate nu am facut..asta pentru ca te iubesc si ai fost cel mai bun bunic. Nu pot sa fac nimic acum..doar sa am grija de bunica,pana o sa plec la facultate. Chiar acum 2 saptamani te-am intrebat ” dar daca eu sunt ocupat cu bacul si admiterea anul asta,cine te mai ajuta la fân? “ - ” gasesc eu pe cineva,tu ai grija de tine si invata ca sa nu ajungi ca mine “. Eu stiu..poate experienta asta o sa ma intareasca si o sa ma motiveze sa te fac mandru. Probabil asta si vrei acum. Sa ma vezi realizat in viata si sa am grija de familie. Imi era atat de drag sa vin la voi si sa stau cu voi. Datorita voua iubesc iarna. Cu voi am avut cele mai bune vacante. Cu voi am trait enspe mii de lucruri. Nu o sa va uit niciodata ! Daca e adevarat ce se zice,ca esti acolo sus si ne veghezi atunci ai grija de restul familiei si uita-te atent la mine ca o sa fac sa fie bine si o sa ma adun si o sa iau viata in piept ! Imi aduc aminte cate proverbe imi ziceai,ca ma ajutai la mate cand eram mic. Tu chiar aveai o cultura generala pentru om de la tara. Ai facut fost loial familiei si cine te-a injurat,scuipat si batjocorit l-ai lasat in pace. Ai fost unul dintre cei mai buni oameni din sat,de asta si atata lume la inmormantarea ta,de asta si cuvintele parintelui a impresionat pe toata lumea. Ai fost un om sincer si bun. Ai fost multumit cu saracia ta,nu te-a interesat niciodata bogatia. As putea sa scriu o carte despre tine. O sa pretuiesc oamenii dragi mai mult de acum incolo. Cum ziceam mai sus,am 4 poze cu tine. Una in care apar si eu,iar restul 3 de la botezul meu. Crede-ma ca o sa fac foarte multe poze cu bunica. O sa vin si o sa iti aprind o lumanare in fiecare sambata cand vin la bunica si chiar daca lumea o sa ma faca nebun,eu o sa vorbesc cu tine. Te respect foarte mult. Multumesc ca m-ai invatat atatea lucruri. Si ce sa pacalesc oamenii,nu sa fur. Sa fac doar bine,sa fiu cinstit. Cel mai iubit dintre pamanteni..tu. Apropo,cand i-am aratat pozele bunicii a stat putin pe ganduri pana te-a recunoscut,ca erai mai tanar si a zis ca esti frumos. Sambata o sa fie prima data cand vin cu trenul dimineata si nu o sa te mai gasesc in curte..
M-am descarcat aici,nu de pot sa ma descarcat de tot ca nu am spus nici pe sfert ce simt s.a.m.d. Aveti grija de bunicii voistri,nici nu stiti ce intelepti sunt si cate aveti de invatat de la ei. Aveti grija de ei si petreceti cat mai mult timp impreuna. Azi sunt,maine dispar..exact cum am patit eu. Cum a murit? Joi,ziua,a stat in gradina cu bunica-mea,a spart cateva lemne si seara au facut treburile prin curte,au inchis pasarile etc. S-au dus sa manance. Bunicul a ramas sa manance mai mult,ca ii era foame,asa face deobicei. Au intrat in casa,s-au uitat la tv si era tarziu si a zis bunica “ ce faci,mai stai sau sting tv-ul? “ - “ mai stau,il sting eu “. A stins tv-ul si..asta a fost. A murit..a facut infarct si a murit in somn. Nimeni nu stie ora,nimeni nu i-a vazut reactia,dar toti oamenii spun ca a avut o moarte usoara. In patul lui,langa sotia lui. Dimineata cand se trezeste bunica il atinge sa se trezeasca,se schimba si vede ca nu se trezeste “ hai ma Mihai,trezeste-te ca e tarziu “..nicio reactie..s-a schimbat buni la fata si la atins mai tare,nimic..”mihai ce ai,de ce nu te trezesti “ a pus mana pe el..era rece tot…viata multe ori nu e corecta.
Stiti ce este ciudat?

Bunicul meu a murit pe 28 aprilie 2017. Cine imi urmareste blogul stia de postul de mai sus “bunicii” : . Cine este atent vede ca postul respectiv a fost scris pe 28 ianuarie 2016. Tot ce imi doream eu in acel post s-a naruit in aceeasi zi..28..
Snowed In - DarkLThemsby - Avatar: Legend of Korra [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 2/2
Fandom: Avatar: Legend of Korra
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Relationships: Korra/Asami Sato
Characters: Korra (Avatar), Asami Sato
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Fluff, Smut, Fluff and Smut

Oh hai there. So I am sorry for basically being silent for the past few months, but you know that fluff oneshot I wrote way back? Well I wrote a follow up. 

This is basically some self-indulgent smut, but simultaneously it’s also one of the first times I’ve ever written smut so well ^^’ Anyways, please I do hope that you like it

anonymous asked:

Hey! 🤗 I was wondering if you have any Fic recommendations? Preferably for Jungkook? I've read all your work and if they're all that good then you must have good fic recs right? Lol Thank you 💋 🤗 ily

Hi anon! Thanks for your compliment, love you too. I have a lot recommendations when it comes about BTS and for Jungkook, there’s a lot. And I bet this post will be way too long. I wrote all this down according to what I remembered and actually there are so much awesome and cool Jungkook’s fics out there but this is only that I managed to recall. So I hope you enjoyed reading all of these because all of these fics is such of masterpiece.

anyways, do check their masterlist too because they have really good and awesome fics to be read and i swear it’s worth it. xoxo

Boyfriend Doyoung
  • sassiest boyfie ever
  • but also a really sweet one
  • he can be low-key clingy and romantic or really extra and savage w you
  • it’s either a:
  • “wow, y/n, you look really pretty today”
  • “i love your outfit”
  • “you’re an angel”
  • or a:
  • “why are you so touchy today? go away”
  • “do you love me that much?”
  • “what does it feel to have the most handsome boyfriend ever, y/n?”
  • there’s no between
  • ugh, he’s so perfect i hate him
  • he loves taking care of you
  • he always, a l w a y s, makes sure that you’re eating well and getting enough sleep
  • and he would scold you if you don’t lol
  • he’s basically like a mom
  • also, he would cook for you pretty often
  • either because he’s too lazy to take your out for dinner
  • or because you always ask him to <3
  • is mostly the second option tho, lmao
  • he loves it when you ask him to cook for you but he still teases you for doing so
  • but ends up doing it anyways because he loves you
  • and tbh he’s like that with everything, lol
  • “why do you love my cooking so much, y/N?”
  • “because you actually can cook delicious food, not like me”
  • “but i don’t want to”
  • “too bad dy, now go and cook for me”
  • he’s not a clingy person but you can tell that he really enjoys having skinship
  • he loves hugging you, especially if you’re like really tiny and short
  • and he’s like really tall so backhugs are one of his favorite things
  • he stills prefer much more the normal hugs, tho
  • and he loves giving you small pecks in your cheeks and lips
  • he likes to keep the skinship simple and sweet but he doesn’t mind if you’re a bit more clingy
  • but he likes subtle things like holding hands or you resting your head in his shoulders
  • but may tease you if you’re being too much
  • he loves your relationship with the other members
  • he’s basically the happiest person whenever he sees you having fun with them
  • you two adopted all of them, they’re y’alls children :’)
  • and sometimes sicheng too
  • he might get jealous a bit if idk he sees you talking in english w johnny or mark
  • even if he trust them, he still wants to make sure that your relationship is healthy and,, just hates you and them being secretive
  • but without counting them, he’s actually a really protective boyfriend
  • like, he’s not stupid, so he know’s who to trust and with who he should be more careful
  • so he wouldn’t like to have fights with you because of his jealousy, especially because it’s really hard for him to apologize or forgive someone so, ugh, he just hates it
  • but if he sees you with a guy he doesn’t know that’s low-key flirting with you he would be right by your side
  • he’ll act all natural but also making his distrust obvious
  • and he will have with a protective arm around your waist to make sure the person know that you’re his
  • and if the person really starts bothering him he would start whispering things in your ear
  • “we should go, y/n, i have a schedule later”
  • “let’s go to eat somewhere, okay?”
  • “can we go back to the dorms? i don’t feel well”
  • he would do the impossible to take both of you out of the situation
  • and ofc he accomplishes it
  • probably sings for you a lot
  • his voice is so angelic and perfect that you’re asleep like two minutes after he already started to sing for you
  • just the fact that you love his voice so much makes him the happiest person dfghjkla
  • basically, he would be a gr8 boyfriend
  • a really caring and protective one but also with the constant need of your attention and cuddles <3

I was chopping an onion for tea. When I thought what was Evie’s reaction to maleficent was talking about the plan to take the wand and honestly I was not disappointed

In the first gif Mal is asking what they get out of getting the magic wand. To which Maleficent replies “matching thrones and her and her crowns

In the second gif Carlos says “um I think she is talking about us” but that’s not what I want to point out. Mal only points to Carlos and Jay and Evie is like damn right her and her crowns! 

I know Maleficent was referring to herself and Mal but could you imagine if she was referring to Mal and Evie ruling/being together? 

I thought about this while making tea. Blame vintageshippertrash. She started the shipping Mal/Evie thing

NCT Reactions!

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Seventeen reaction to you sitting on their lap in front of the others


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Seungcheol wouldn’t stress about it at all really. He might be a little embarrassed for a second when he registered the eyes on you both. That wouldn’t stop him from wrapping his arms around you, pulling you into him, and resting his head on your shoulder. 


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Winks at anyone who looks at you. Kisses your cheek, leans back so that you can comfortably lean on him, and plays with your hair or the hem of your shirt. 


Originally posted by rappershua

Eyes widen because he was N O T expecting that, but he quietly shifts you over a little bit so he can see past you and wraps his arms around your waist, interlocking his hands in your lap. He disregards the gazes of his band members, holding you close to him because he knew there was no-where else you could sit, and he’d much rather you sit in his lap than someone else’s. 


Originally posted by 00-05-18

You don’t even need the others to tease you. He’ll do it for you. “Couldn’t resist me, huh baby?” He leans forward to rest his chin on your shoulder. “Jun, there were no other places to sit,” “Shh, it’s okay, i’ll let you sit here. No need for the excuses. All you have to do is give me a kiss and you don’t have to sit on the floor.” Greasy but it’s just a show because he’s actually really soft and is lowkey blushing and just really happy that you’d choose his lap over the floor or someone else (even though you’re dating)


Originally posted by hoshhoshi

Immediately cuddles into you, holding your hands and pressing his forehead into the crook of your neck. “Comfy, (Y/n)? I am.” He laughs quietly, enjoying how you lean back into him and completely forgetting the boys are there in the first place. 


Originally posted by wonulogy

He doesn’t touch you until everyone is looking away. And then, he holds your hands as he reaches around and hugs you so your arms wrapped around yourself block his and no-one can tell he’s holding you. Will die if you move in his lap. 


Originally posted by adoring-woozi

Hides. Shy blushy baby. Holds your hips still and hides his face between your shoulder blades. Is trying his hardest not to giggle. Also dies if you move too much. 


Originally posted by jongindiaries

Doesn’t see anything wrong with you sitting in his lap, so he doesn’t mind at all. Just reaches around and casually places his hands on your thighs to make sure you stay comfortable. 


Originally posted by rappershua

Immediately grabs your hips and pulls you as close to him as possible, smirking at all the other members, even the ones who couldn’t care less. He’s got his girl in his lap, and they don’t even have a girl. Would literally die if you sat on the floor or someone else’s lap instead. Will probably get hard if you move much. 


Originally posted by rappershua

Doesn’t even look up from his phone. Wraps one arm around your waist, continuing to scroll through twitter. Completely casual about it, as if it happens all the time.


Originally posted by seungkvvan

Dies. How could you just sit down in his lap like that with no warning. Resists the urge to shove you off, instead just letting you sit there, but putting as much distance between your bodies as he can. If everyone looks away and doesn’t look back for like a year, he might like gently massage one of your shoulders or rest a hand on your thigh. Once he gets more used to it, he’ll wrap his arms around you and lay his cheek on your shoulder. 


Originally posted by 17hansollove

Very embarrassed. Blushes a lot. Keeps as straight of a face as he can even though he’s cringing inside. Grips your hips tightly just in case. Please god, do not wiggle in his lap at a l l. He’s already dying from you just sitting in his lap. But he’s also an awkward teenage boy with hormones and will get quite a bit of a problem quite easily if you move. 


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Slightly awkward at first, but he quickly grows to be okay with it. Hands gripping your thighs, knees, or waist, he’ll hold you so you can lean back on his chest and maybe even plant a kiss on your forehead for the sake of his manliness. (Extraness) Just like Vernon, as a younger who probably doesn’t have much control over his hormones, if any at all, if you move like at all, he’s probably going to experience some discomfort.