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Lieve, lieve anoniempjes. Het is oké om af en toe te willen huilen. Soms is het goed om alles eruit te gooien. Ik hoop dat jullie door de dag heen komen, hoe zwaar het soms ook is. Vaak denk je negatiever over jezelf dan alle anderen om je heen ooit zouden doen. Probeer op te schrijven wat je mooi en fijn vindt aan jezelf, waar je trots op bent, in plaats van negatief te denken.


Jungkook x Reader

Author: Risa

Words: 1740

Requested by anon

    Most people spend their days believing that others are mere passersby in the narrative of their life. Friends will come and go, relationships will start and end, and ultimately, you are the main character of your own insular story. Some people, however, will reach an epiphany- an ability to look at the bigger picture and see others as more than just a character.

    Jungkook is not one of these people.

    He is young, full of life, and likes to have fun. Between his social life and schoolwork, he doesn’t have the time or energy for philosophical musings. Right now, though, he could afford to put his schoolwork aside for a few minutes to talk to you.

    It wasn’t a secret that there weren’t many single girls who would turn down his attention. He was good looking, charming, and the resident campus sports star. And it wasn’t like he was asking for much- a night together was all he wanted. What reason would a girl have to turn him down?

    Apparently, you had found one, if ignoring every one of his advances was clue enough. He didn’t understand it. He had never done anything wrong to you, not that he could remember at least, so he didn’t get what warranted the cold shoulder. He deliberated if it would be rude or make you angrier to outright ask if he had done something. What if he forgot he did something and you only got even more irritated?

    He pursed his lips and only considered for a moment, shrugging as he came to his decision. What did he have to lose?

    “Hey,” he whispered, tapping on your shoulder to garner your attention, “did I do something to make you mad at me?”

    You almost groaned. You had hoped if you ignored him he’d go away, but he seemed intent on disturbing the silence and peace you had relished in prior. Your eyes scanned his form, sitting across from you at the table with wide, too innocent eyes and shelves of books backing him. At first you intended on just ignoring him some more, but once you caught his doe eyes, staring you down just like those of a child who just asked for candy, you couldn’t bring yourself to do it. He hadn’t done anything wrong to you.

    “Just… it’s really no secret why you approach girls, Jungkook. And I really don’t feel like being one of those girls you fuck once or twice and then move on from.” You explained, sighing as you did. He nodded slowly in return, processing what you had told him.

    “So then we can be friends, right? Like, with benefits thing. Would that help? We don’t have to do anything right away.” He bargained. You released a heavy breath out of your nose. He had entirely missed your point. You really couldn’t imagine yourself managing to talk your way out of this situation without putting something across wrong, so you did the next best thing you could think of: answer ambiguously.

    “I’ll think about it.”

    “Then can we still… talk in the meantime? Y’know, at least work on the whole ‘friends’ part?” His inquisition came with adorable flushed cheeks and averted eyes, making you smile to yourself.

    “Sure. But… later. After I finish my schoolwork. I’m in the library for a reason. Not just to try to score a good time.” You teased playfully, laughing lowly when he grinned sheepishly and assented.

    Months passed, and you and Jungkook grew closer. You became comfortable playing around with him and he no longer thought solely of what he’d potentially get out of a friendship with you whenever he saw you. He had initially pestered a little bit about the “benefits” part of your agreement, but after your explanation of why it could take a while for you to decide, he stopped bothering about it.

    “Things like this are important to some people, Jungkookie. Me being one of those people.” You made clear. He had acted as if it was a novel concept, which you supposed it was in today’s society, but had accepted your reason nonetheless.

    Now, as you tossed grapes into his mouth while he played video games, patiently waiting for your turn to use the only working controller (the last one had broken a few weeks ago due to his manic button pressing), you still worried about having sex with him. Feelings that had been buds before you became friends blossomed once you were, and you admittedly feared the emotional toll that having a physical but not romantic relationship would take on you. It didn’t take half a brain to know that starting a “no strings attached” friends with benefits relationship with someone who you had feelings for was a bad idea.

    But apparently you didn’t have half a brain, because with a few drinks and some drunken grinding, you ended up waking up next to him in his bed, stripped bare with his sleepy gaze lingering on your stunned face. The contented smile gracing his features at seeing you awake quickly turned to a frown when you sat up in the bed, your back ramrod straight and clutching the sheets to your otherwise exposed chest. Your clothes were scattered across the floor, along with his, and your hair was mussed and knotted, your hair tie snapped on the floor.

    “Is something wrong?” He inquired, sitting up beside you. The sheets fell to his lap and bared his upper body to you, causing you to flush.

    “We had sex.” You replied, almost in a tizzy. He chuckled.

    “Yeah. So? It’s just sex. No biggie, right?” The brunette asked, causing your heart to drop. You didn’t want ‘just sex’, and had been trying to avoid it since the very beginning. You shook your head, holding back tears before getting up and beginning to dress yourself.

    Jungkook got out of bed as you made your way to the bedroom door, fully intent on showing yourself out. He grabbed your wrist, catching your attention and stopping you in your tracks. Turning around, you could see the utterly confused look on his face. He was obviously worried, and the fact the he still remained clueless to the situation despite your reaction was like a shot to your heart.

    “Why are you leaving? Did I- did I do something wrong?” You pursed your lips at his question and pulled your wrist from his grasp. He let you go without a struggle.

    “Some people want sex to mean something, Jungkookie.” You intoned, trying to keep your voice as level as possible but not managing to get rid of the mournfulness laced in.

    With that, you walked out, leaving him bewildered and alone in his dorm. He remained in place for a moment, shocked by the fact you left- a girl had never left, in fact, he normally had to push her to leave- and because of the strangely hollow sinking feeling in his chest. He had wanted you to stay, why would you leave? He had planned on going to get breakfast, playing some video games, maybe another round if you were feeling up to it, but he hadn’t planned on you walking out.

    So he did the only thing he could think of, and called Namjoon for advice.

    Namjoon listened patiently as a bemused Jungkook explained the situation to him, grimacing from the other side of the phone as the younger man went over exactly what he had said before you left.

    “Jungkook, do you like her?” Namjoon inquired, causing Jungkook’s brow to furrow.

    “Isn’t it obvious?” He replied. Namjoon groaned.

    “No, Jungkook! From what you told me, it sounds like she likes you too, and someone with your reputation can’t expect to just sleep with a girl who likes them and expect them not to get hurt. And you told her it was ‘just sex’! What message does that put across?” The realization hit Jungkook like a slap in the face.

    “Y/N thinks she’s just another hookup.” He voiced. “Hyung, I fucked up.”

    “Yeah you did.” Namjoon agreed. “So why are you talking to me? Go talk to her.”

    Jungkook didn’t need to be told twice. He hurriedly hung the phone up and pulled on some clothes, hoping if he ran fast enough he might catch you before you either locked yourself in your dorm or deviated from your usual way home to go somewhere else. He knew you probably didn’t want to talk to him right now, so calling would be useless. He shoved his phone into the pocket of his pants as he rushed out of the door.

    It only took a few minutes of searching to find you, a few blocks from his dorm building. He pumped his legs faster and thanked every deity he could think of for giving him the foresight to work out regularly as he finally reached you. He gripped your shoulders and spun you to face him, leaning down to catch his breath for a moment before standing to his full height before your wide-eyed gaze, dropping the figurative bomb without a second thought.

    “I like you. A lot. So I didn’t intend for you to just be a hook-up, and I thought you knew that, so that’s why I got confused when you wanted to leave.” He explained, brown eyes boring holes into your own watery orbs with the intensity of his gaze. Suddenly, it softened. “I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’m sorry.”

    A tense silence settled between the two of you for a split second, before a solid whack! resonated through the air. You shook out the hand you had slapped his bicep with, not expecting it to feel like hitting a brick wall while he laughed. You scowled.

    “You asshole. I thought you were just that dense.” You grumbled, averting your eyes and lowering your head to avoid him seeing the smile you were fighting off. “You like me back?” The hope in your question seeped into your voice. Jungkook grinned and wrapped his arms around you.

    “Yeah.” His thumb and forefinger cupped your chin, directing your gaze to meet his own. “Am I forgiven?” You nodded, smiling.

    “Yeah.” He puffed out his chest and smirked down at you at your confession, looking rather haughty.

    “Good, because you running off really threw a monkey wrench into my plans, so now we’ve got some lost time to make up for.”

A/N: Am I late? Yes. But I got it done. Also, to the anon that requested this, I don’t really know if this is exactly what you wanted. Feel free to tell me if it isn’t though, I’ll gladly whip up another oneshot for you!

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BTS finds out you’re learning Korean purely to surprise them and confess to them in their own language.

OHMYGAWSHHHHH SO CUTE! i’ll definitely give this a shot. this is super cute! thank yhu!!!!! i love fluffy stuff~


/walks into the room/ “what you doing Y/N?”

Y/N: “oh just learning something in Korean, i don’t know if i’m pronouncing it right though, can you help me?”

“Yeah, of course. What are you trying to say?”

Y/N: “나는 너를 친구 이상으로 생각해. (Naneun neoreul chingu isangeuro saenggakae/ I think of you as more than a friend) Jimin oppa, i think of you as more than a friend… i love you”

/Speechless, utter shock, was not expecting, error 404/


/walks out to find you writing something down on a piece of paper, giggling at it happily/

“Y/N what are you giggling at?”

Y/N: /passes him the piece of paper and watches as he reads it/

Note: ‘To/ 진 오빠:

백 개의 심장도 너를 향한 내 모든 사랑을 담기에는 너무 모자랄거야’

    (To/ Jin oppa:

    Baek gaeui simjangdo neoreul hyanghan nae modeun sarangeul damgieneun neomu mojaralgeoya / To/ Jin oppa:

    A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you.)’

    /blinks reading it and looks at you, letting it sink in and shows a huge smile and suddenly showers you in kisses/


    /walks into the room/

    Y/N: “나한테 무척 소중해” (You mean so much to me / nahante muceok sujunghae)

    /stops and looks at you/ “w-what?”

    Y/N: “언제나 너를 생각해” (i think about you all the time / eonjena noreul sengkakhae)

    /blinks, smiling but staring at you/

    Y/N: “진심으로 사랑해” (I love you with all my heart / jinshimeuro saranghae)

    /smiles brightly then has a cuteness overload before loving you/ “i love you to, cutie”


    /tries peeking over your shoulder/ “what ya doooooooooooing?~”

    Y/N: /quickly covers your paper and puts in your pocket/

    “what are you hiding from me?~ what is it?”

    Y/N: “it’s a surprise for you..”

    “oh really? what does it say? what is it?”

    Y/N; /shyly moves your hand out the way/ “말은 당신을 위한 내 사랑을 설명 할 수 없습니다”

    (Words can’t describe my love for you / Mareun dangsineul wihan nae sarangeul seolmyeong hal su eopseumnida)

    “REALLY?! I love you!!” /pulls you into an adorable hug to show his affection/ (you’re Jimin)


    /talking to you from the other room (which has the other members in) and looks up at you when you walk in complaining that you can hear what hes saying/ “so what do you think?”

    Y/N: “huh?”

    “Y/N~ you wasn’t listening? what have you been thinking this whole time?”

    Y/N: “니가 좋아….” (I like you / niga chowah) /smiles/

    /laughs cutely and looks around to his members, embarrassed a bit/

    Y/N: /sadly pouts and mumbles/ “서툴지만 너무 사랑했던” (i may be inadequate but i love you so much) /looks down and starts walking back to your room/


    Y/N: /stops/ “yeah?”

    /pulls you into a tight hug/ “i didn’t mean to laugh at you. it just took me by surprise… i love you so much too~ forgive me. let me take you on the best date you have ever experienced”

    Y/N: /can’t help but to smile and cheekily asks/ “only if you give me a kiss~…”

    /smiles brightly at your request and connects his lips with yours/


    /peeks around your bedroom door/

    Y/N: “yah~ don’t go sneaking around like that~ /hides your notepad/ “oppa come here i have to tell you something~” /pats your bed for him to sit down/

    “okay sure what is it?” /takes a seat/ 

    Y/N: “i dont know how to say this but.. 사랑해 바보야!” (saranghae baboyah / i love you dummy/ idiot!)

    /blinks surprised and grins, instantly going for your cheeks, pinching them/

    (you’re jimin)

    Y/N: /giggles/ “oppa im being serious~”

    “i love you so much cutie!!! kisses your lips”


    Y/N: “Kookie~ i have something to tell you, you got to listen carefully ok?”

    /nods and takes a seat on the stool in front of you/

    Y/N: /blushes hard and hesitates/ “… 나는 너에게 반했어…” (I’ve got a crush on you /  Naneun neoege banhaeseo)

    /taken aback and surprised, takes a deep breath and says cutely/ “what?!~”

    Y/N: “kookie i got a crush on you~ i like you~… I love you~”

    /instantly jumps up and pulls you into a hug and starts loving you so much/ “i love you too! i guess that makes us a couple~~?”

    -Admin L
    Bangtan’s reaction to their girlfriend having cramps

    Suggested by bangtan-exotic


    *tries to help and bring you the stuff that you ask for but ends up bringing the wrong things*

    “Hey did you need this…. no? Okay…I’ll be right back then…”


    *is is complete shock when you tell him what having cramps actually feels like*

    “You feel like this every month?!”


    *just tries to make you laugh, hoping you’ll forget about the pain*

    “I can make your cramps go away” *winks*


    *offers you raw compassion*

    “I don’t know how you’re feeling right now, but accept my sympathy for you in this time of pain.”


    *offers you the best possible advice*

    “Just remember (y/n), pain is only temporary, glory is forever.”


    *constantly pops in at random asking if you need anything*

    “Hey (y/n), need anything yet?”


    *is highly aware that you are taking no bullshit at the moment, acts like you’re some sort of bomb that will explode once he pisses you off.*

    “Now is the time to be extremely careful.”

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    There is no dress rehearsal
    Just a script that I’ve never read
    A sad story that is universal
    A vague idea of what to expect

    Is it curtains already
    I haven’t learned my lines
    Is it curtains already
    I just thought that we’d have more time

    A missed call with a message attached
    “We need to talk when you have a chance”
    I stood frozen in that Gainesville venue
    Not knowing how to react

    Is it curtains already?
    I haven’t learned my lines
    Is it curtains already?
    I’ll improvise

    Not surprising I put off the call
    Socialized and put up a wall
    Anything to prolong the chances
    Before confirming she was really gone
    I crossed SW 2nd Street
    Made the call and stared at my feet
    “She passed away about an hour ago
    While you were onstage living the dream”


    Ariana Grande, »Focus«

    I know what I came to do
    And that ain’t gonna change
    So go ahead and talk your talk
    Cause I won’t take the bait
    I’m over here doing what I like
    I’m over here working day and night
    And if my real ain’t real enough
    I’m sorry for ya, bad

    Let’s find a light inside our universe now
    Where ain’t nobody keep on holding us down
    Just come and get it, let them say what they say
    Cause I’m about to put them all away (wooooo)

    Focus on me, fuh, fuh, focus on me (wooooo)
    Focus on me, fuh, fuh, focus on me (wooooo)
    Focus on me (Focus), fuh, fuh, focus on me (Focus on me) (wooooo)
    Focus on me (Focus), fuh, fuh, focus on me (Focus on me) (wooooo)

    I can tell you’re curious
    It’s written on your lips
    Ain’t no need to hold it back
    Go head and talk your shit (hiii)
    I know you’re hoping that I’ll react
    I know you’re hoping I’m looking back
    But if my real ain’t real enough
    Then I don’t know what is (yeah)

    Let’s find a light inside our universe now
    Where ain’t nobody keep on holding us down
    Just come and get it, let them say what they say
    Cause I’m about to put them all away (wooooo)

    Focus on me (hey), fuh, fuh, focus on me (wooooo)
    Focus on me (aaahh), fuh, fuh, focus on me (wooooo)
    Focus on me (Focus), fuh, fuh, focus on me (Focus on me, yeah) (wooooo)
    Focus on me (Focus), fuh, fuh, focus on me (Focus on me) (wooooo)

    One, two, three, c'mon girls
    Uh hey
    You know I like it (hey)
    Ba da da da ba da da da da daaaaa
    (Focus on me)
    Come on, now, now
    (Focus on me)
    Oooooooh yeah

    Let’s find a light inside our universe now
    Where ain’t nobody keep on holding us down (keep on holdin us down)
    Just come and get it, let them say what they say (let them say, say)
    Cause I’m about to put them all away (yeaaaaah)

    Focus on me (yeaaaah wooo yeaaah), fuh, fuh, focus on me
    (You know I like it when you focus on me)
    Focus on me (yeaaaah yeaaah), fuh, fuh, focus on me (Focus on me) (wooooo)
    Focus on me (Focus) (yeaaaah yeaaah), fuh, fuh, focus on me (Focus on me) (wooooo)

    Focus on me (Focus) (yeaaaah yeaaah), fuh, fuh, focus on me (Focus on me) (wooooo)
    Focus on me (yeaaaah yeaaah), fuh, fuh, focus on me (Focus on me) (wooooo)
    Focus on me (yeaaaah yeaaah), fuh, fuh, focus on me (Focus on me) (wooooo)
    Focus on me (Focus), fuh, fuh, focus on me (Focus on me) (wooooo)
    Focus on me (Focus), fuh, fuh, focus on me (Focus on me) (wooooo)
    Focus on me

    – Veronica Henry // @avampiresmile

    Prima reactie a mea a fost sa nu iti raspund la mesaje asa cum ai facut un timp si cu mine , dar m-am intrebat “De ce sa sufere cineva asa cum sufar eu de fiecare data ?”
    —  ganduri inainte de culcare

    Oog in oog met de leegte!

    Daar sta je dan, oog in oog met iemand waarvan de ogen blauw horen te zijn. De ogen zijn helaas niet meer blauw, de ogen zijn wit en je kan er door heen kijken alsof deze persoon geen persoon meer is. Je vraagt je af, hoe kan dit gebeurd zijn? Hoe kan het gebeuren dat een paar ogen er zo verslagen, hulpeloos en hopeloos uit zien. Je kijkt verder, het blijkt een jongen te zijn, je schat hem een jaar of 14, het had je zoon kunnen zijn. Voor de rest ziet de jongen er relatief normaal uit, goede kleren aan (wel vies), een telefoon op zak en een pet op. De ogen intrigeren je nog steeds, de vragen stapelen zich op in je hoofd. Dit gebeurd allemaal in een fractie van een seconde. Na het denken maak je een stap naar voren en je vraagt de jongen of je hem ergens mee kan helpen. De reactie van de jongen zorgt ervoor dat jij tranen in je ogen krijgt. Hij schrikt, verstopt zich achter een lantarenpaal en zegt: ‘Don’t shoot me’ in heel gebrekkig Engels. Jouw eigen reactie heb je niet eens meer in de hand, er beginnen dingen op zijn plek te vallen en jouw lichaam beweegt vanzelf. Je maant de jongen te kalmte en hij komt langzamerhand achter de lantarenpaal vandaan. Met handen en voeten maakt de jongen duidelijk dat hij uit Syrië komt, dat zijn 3 broers (17, 21, 23) vermoord zijn en dat hij zijn ouders is verloren tijdens het vluchten.

    In een tijdsbestek van een paar minuten verandert je hele wereld. Nog geen dag geleden had je een bericht gedeeld op Facebook dat dit ‘soort’ mensen zogenoemde ‘gelukszoekers’ zijn. Die avond had je op een verjaardag alle vluchtelingen over 1 kam geschoren. Het waren stuk voor stuk terroristen, criminelen, mensen die uit waren op ons geld. Het geld waar wij jaren lang hard voor gewerkt hebben. Nee, we moeten deze mensen niet helpen zei je die avond nog.

    Een dag later sta je oog in oog met de leegte. De leegte van een 14-jarige jongen. Een 14-jarige jongen die geen jongen meer is maar een zielig hoopje mens. Een jongen die meer verloren is dan dat wij ooit zullen begrijpen. Deze jongen, deze jongen heb jij gisteren nog verdoemd. Deze jongen wilde jij terugsturen omdat zij achter ‘ons’ geld aan zouden zitten. In 24-uur verander je van mening en doe je iets wat niemand verwacht had en waar mensen kippenvel van krijgen. Je tilt het jongentje op, legt hem over je schouder en rent heel hard in de richting van je huis.

    Een paar uur later is het jongentje schoon na een warm bad, heeft schone kleren aan en zit heel bescheiden en schuw een soepje te eten die jij voor hem hebt warm gemaakt. Je ziet langzaam dat zijn ogen weer een beetje kleur beginnen te krijgen, het is niet veel maar het is iets. De kleur, het staat voor het sprankje hoop dat deze jongen weer heeft naar jouw heldendaad. Je schaamt je kapot, een dag geleden heb je deze mensen allemaal aan hun lot over willen laten terwijl je het verhaal niet eens kende. Deze mensen zijn niet arm als je het uitdrukt in geld, deze mensen hebben kleren en een telefoon. Maar is dat je leven? Nee, deze mensen zijn enorm arm, het belangrijkste wat een mens doet overleven, hoop, is hun zelfs afgenomen. Laten wij met zijn allen dat kleine sprankje hoop aan deze mensen teruggeven. Bovenstaand verhaal is geen waargebeurd verhaal maar wel een verhaal wat had kunnen gebeuren.

    me: I’m no larrie! you’re all just over reacti-
    me: *sees a blurry ass two pixel picture on harry’s table*

    Oscar Recap

    American Sniper undeservedly over-performed, getting nominations for Picture, Actor, Editing, Screenplay, and both sound awards. It showed up here and there at most awards precursors but the Oscars really liked it the most. Biggest surprise here was actor, with Cooper not really hitting any major notes with precursors. This was certainly a package deal. At least Eastwood didn’t get best director.

    Boyhood went as expected, being the frontrunner that it is. It’s been very strong in the categories that it’s been running for.

    Birdman went as expected mostly with 9 nominations, but got both sound nominations, which was foreseen by some recent sound guilds, but didn’t look like a possibility until recently. It was snubbed for editing, which was a big surprise considering the support it had gotten in that category. Possibly due to the seeming lack of editing, though that hasn’t stopped films like Gravity.

    Foxcatcher performed better than expected, getting Director, Actor, Screenplay, Makeup, and Supporting Actor. Carell was slipping in the actor race for Oyelowo and Gyllenhaal, even Fiennes looked to maybe best him, but he made it in the end. Miller was a big but welcome surprise, being the first director to be nominated without the movie getting a Picture nomination since the Oscars expanded the category. Package deal here.

    The Imitation Game performed well as expected (8 nominations), just not making the cut for Costume Design and making the cut for Best Director, as the DGAs had it. 

    Selma was snubbed nearly across the board for actor David Oyelowo and director Ava DuVernay. Selma had misfired at the guilds due to screener issues, so it looked like that was the blame. Still having performed well with the Critics Choice and Globes and with a 99% on Rotten Tomatoes it looked to still be a major contender, but ended up with nominations just in best picture and the Golden Globe winning song. A surprising lack of support for that picture nomination. 

    Nightcrawler didn’t look to be a contender early on in the year, but as awards continued to award the movie and Jake Gyllenhaal almost everywhere, it looked almost sure to be nominated in a few categories. But the Oscars didn’t agree, as it only made it on for screenplay. A package snub.

    The Grand Budapest Hotel got a ton of nominations (9) as it did at the BAFTAs and Critics Choice, even sneaking on for Editing. Fiennes rightfully didn’t make it to the end. 

    The Theory of Everything did just as expected, though I kind of thought it would over-perform a bit as it did at the BAFTAs, but no.

    Whiplash did well, making it in for sound mixing and film editing as well as the more expected awards, but couldn’t quite land the best director nod I was hoping to see.

    Gone Girl was perhaps the biggest surprise of all, getting JUST ONE nomination for Rosamund Pike, snubbed for the all solid Score, Editing, Picture, and most surprisingly, screenplay. This was a package snub. 

    Inherent Vice: With the Oscars having snubbed PTA’s great last film The Master for well-expected awards. It’s surprising that this made it at all since it was unexpected. The shitty screenplay was nominated and so were the costumes, which both had gotten some precursors not surprisingly. But I really didn’t think the Oscars would go for it.

    Wild had a snub and a surprise. Laura Dern, who looked good early on but was snubbed at the Globes, BAFTAs, and SAGs made it to the end here over Chastain and Russo. But the screenplay, which was nominated elsewhere, was snubbed for American Sniper, not too surprising, but for Inherent Vice as well.

    Interstellar got 5 nominations but it faced a snub for cinematography, which in recent years has been locked on with the visual effects winner.

    Mr. Turner got its 3 expected technical nominations but with an out-of-nowhere surprise for best score. 

    Unbroken’s reviews got the best of it, but it made it in for the technical awards

    The biggest snub of the morning was that The Lego Movie, the frontrunner, with rave reviews and great box office performance, didn’t make it in the animated category for the small hit Song of the Sea, despite the original song nomination which would normally accompany it. That movie and Kaguya prove that the Oscars really do love their small foreign animated movies.

    Ida snuck in for cinematography, as I predicted, because the Oscars love black and white films here.

    Force Majeure was snubbed for foreign film in what looked to be a lock according to precursors, allowing the two films battling it out for the last slot, Tangerines and Timbuktu, to both make it on.

    Life Itself was majorly snubbed from documentary, just like last year when Stories We Tell and Blackfish didn’t make it. There were the usual surprises here.

    In the sound categories, Interstellar, Unbroken, and American Sniper expectedly got in for both, but Birdman did, too. Fury, a war movie (which they love) was snubbed here possibly due to the attention of the other war movie, American Sniper. The Oscars have snubbed superhero movies here in the past and they did it again, snubbing Guardians of the Galaxy.

    They did not snub superhero movies in the visual effects category, however, nominating all three instead of Godzilla (which I had a feeling they would snub) and The Hobbit, which was more of a surprise snub. 

    One pattern here might be the snubbing of both Nightcrawler and Gone Girl. Everyone says the Oscars hate dark movies (and yet Foxcatcher did very well) but these looked safe because they were fun and entertaining and had great critical and audience response. Oscars didn’t go for them.