It’s the day of the show. Loading in the equipment like extra sound and music gear starts at 4:00pm. The sound, light, ticket, bar staff and security have all been hired for the night. Chris and I oversee the setup of the stage and are monitoring ticket sales. While we wait for the talent’s plane to arrive we fend off calls, texts and messages from acquaintances that want to get in for free.

En route to the airport Chris and I discuss logistics of the show with regards to the talents writer, green room supplies, back stage passes etc. After a flight the talent are usually ready to go to their hotel, or to do a sound check at the venue. A sound check usually includes a sneak peak of their DJ set at full volume before the doors are open to the public. This is helpful to get all of the kinks out of the stage setup so there can be a seamless transition between the opening act and the headliner.

Kids are piling into the venue and the opening acts begin to warm up the crowd. The openers are usually local talent that are stoked to play in front of a large audience. The talent are settling into their hotel and we are making sure the openers transition their sets on time. At this point the show runs itself and as promoters we oversee that technically nothing goes wrong.

Once the show is over, we settle deals with the venue manager, and begin to clean up the staff is paid until 3:00am so we have deadline to be out by. What happens after the show stays after the show.

[ LISTEN ] Mija's Live Set from Reaction New Year's Eve 2015

Blue haired beauty Mija did us a solid and recorded her set from Reaction New Year’s Eve for our listening pleasure. She threw down an eclectic mix of trap, rap remixes, and all around bangers. Definitely one of our favorite performances from this year’s Reaction party, turn up!

Peep here:


Vol 1. photo collection by Christopher Andrew

Thanks to Disclosure and Will Potts Lighting & Production Design for bringing me out. Was an incredible show, some of my favorite live event shots I’ve taken all year. The first shot is from the song ‘Nocturnal’ a masterpiece of lighting design by Mr. Potts. @disclosure-blogger

REACTION NYE: 2 days of music to celebrate this New Year’s Eve, thanks to React Presents!

If you’re still undecided as to what you should be doing this New Year’s Eve, you should probably just snag some tickets to React Presents’ Reaction NYE party!  On December 30th and 31st, you’ll be able to catch a diverse array of artists at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont.  Everyone from Purity Ring to Skrillex to Run The Jewels to Chvrches and some local favorites like that wildly popular cat, Chance the Rapper, as well as up and coming artists like My Gold Mask and Autograf will be performing.

These two days will be very special for sure and should not be missed!  We will be spending our 30th and 31st with these stellar artists, so be sure to watch out for our coverage soon after the dates.  Furthermore, we’ve curated a playlist of our favorite songs from Reaction NYE artists - have a listen to that below and click that fancy link (or the flyer above) to get your tickets before they’re gone! -NMJ

Click here to grab your REACTION NYE tickets!


React Presents: RUSKO - NYE - CHICAGO

Saturday, December 31st, RUSKO rang in the New Year with over 4,000 Chicagoans at the historic Congress Theater! Switch and Sinden opened. The track featured in the video is “Somebody to Love” off of Rusko’s next album, “Songs.”


This was sucha badass show! Thanks for one of the best NYE nights of my life Rusko! :)

React PresentsALESSO - ADVENTURE CLUB - DON DADA - CONGRESS THEATER is approaching quickly! 

In 10 days, Alesso, with the help of Adventure Club & Don Dada, will be bringing his progressive house force to The Congress Theater

If you’re a big fan of industry giants like Swedish House Mafia and such, you probably already heard of Alesso and his work. 

The event is on Friday, April 12th! 

Check out more upcoming events by React Presents on Facebook & the official website: — atCongress Theater

The tickets are available via @ReactPresents at: