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Got7:  You cursing in another language

Original Request:  “Got7 reaction to you cursing in other language Thank you love ya”


*You’re Bammy Boy, cursing at something really cute and trying to get Jackdaddy’s attention while he’s just trying to figure out what happened*

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*Thinks the sound of you shouting curse words at the television in another language is hilarious but is secretly proud of you*

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*You’re Jackson, saying some curse words at him and he’s taken aback by it*

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*At first is unsure of how to react but then like BamBam, he’s secretly proud of his precious lil bun being so explicit*

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*Lecturing you on how to return to being an angel and saying that swearing is bad*

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*Thinks it’s entertaining seeing you get heated while spewing out curse words in a language that he doesn’t understand*

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I liked the first new episode of broadchurch. Which was full of important or hilarious lines. "Sorry Brian" sounded like a toddler apologizing for taking someone else's toy car. And it was amazing to see him react to her like that. They have a new dinamic that shows how they changed from where they were three years ago. The other important lines, beside Trish asking them if they believed her, were definitely "Don't be a twat about it." Miller yelling at her son for being like Joe.

Speaking of the “sorry Brian,” I liked that when Hardy was rude, Brian immediately looked at Ellie as if to say “are you going to let him speak to us like that?” like he KNEW Ellie was the only person capable of pulling him into line. There was another moment like that - when Hardy was asking after Trish’s ex-husband’s details and Ellie reeled in his obstinate questioning by saying “make a cup of tea, eh, sir?” and he looked at her and quietly said “sure.” She’s the only person he trusts/respects/likes enough to listen to, and she sort of acts like his compass. Their dynamic is honestly so good, they understand each other so well now - this kind of friendship is really what I envisioned would happen once all the trial stuff was over.

  • Non-Canon Character: /does a way out of canon thing
  • Canon-Following Character: /reacts like the thing is strange
  • Non-Canon Character: /does a way out of canon thing
  • Canon-Following Character: /ignores the character
  • Non-Canon RPer: Why won't anyone RP with meeeee!!??? :c :c :c :c :c :c

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I think without trying to stir up drama- he had to be talking about Louis... he said they weren't "the singer"'and Liam was one of the main 2/3 voices on all the albums since the beginning. Ur right tho people are wild. Idk I wouldn't blame Louis at all for pulling away from this guy and being bitter if he didn't feel he was being utilized properly. I probably would too. But I hate hearing this guy say "he" was bitter about being in a boyband and hope that's exaggeration lmao cause that's shit.

i think people are like ….reacting way too strongly to this? like i understand calling someone ‘the untalented one’ or ‘not singer or the star’ sounds harsh and i get why people would be mad about that, i mean thats fair enough. but like the whole interview to me doesnt sound bitter or mean or nasty or dismissive of 1d or any of the members? like this guy literally says it was heartbreaking to fall out the way they did and that he was emotionally invested in them and saw them like little brothers and would still be more than willing to answer the phone to any of them and help them out with anything to this day. like he literally says that he was wrong for thinking and acting the way that he did and that he was wrong for not giving them the creative control they wanted, he’s literally owning up to his mistakes? like i dont know i feel like everything he’s saying is so valid, 1d literally came from nothing none of them had any experience writing or putting a song together and they were so young and inexperienced that of course originally he was going to want to drive them in the direction that he thought would work best for them. i can understand why he’d feel upset or maybe even bitter about being pushed out and replaced by julian, if he saw 1d as friends or even brothers to fall out over creative differences and be pushed aside is gonna hurt. and i’m not saying 1d were wrong for not wanting to write with him anymore because shit like that just happens, people have creative differences and if it doesnt work then it doesnt work and you have to work with people youre on the same wavelength with. i just feel like…… people are going nuts over this and acting like savan is an awful bitter person for just being truthful about the creative differences they had and why it didnt work out. idk. i think its just a sad situation

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what the heck with the "yandere anon"? xD

Idunno man XD

CA: They’re just came claiming they’d kill anyone who touches me and started saying these things. Now and days I can’t even try to care. Exaggerating and reacting to things like this is getting boring by the day.

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Nico's fingers tightened their grip on the back of Will's shirt collar and he pushed his face into Will's chest. He felt so pathetic for reacting like that, something in the back of his mind telling he needed to stop clinging to Will, but he couldn't force those thoughts into actions, couldn't stop the shuddering, shallow breaths he took or the way he flinched every time the monster screamed, remembering claws in his gut. "I'm sorry, Will." he mumbled, barely audible.

“Never be sorry for your PTSD, Nico,” Will panted out between breaths. “It’s not your fault.” Will had felt the vibration of the words against his chest more then heard them, but he understood enough to try to soothe Nico. They were in the middle of the fog now, like a thick blanket sitting around them. If Will didn’t keep moving with Bob, he would probably lose the Titan. He stuck close, keeping Small Bob in sight. “So it can’t hear us,” despite his statement, Will still spoke softly, just in case. “And now it can’t see us.” Bob nodded at Will’s words. “So what do we do now?” He asked.


They released a sample of the newest set of BNHA Nitotan plushies and I just–


was doing sketch requests on mah twitter & @mrcutio asked for ‘bahorel doing a sick kickflip’ and then this…. turned into Les Amis: Primary School Origins

i don’t know anything about kickflips and neither does bahorel, luckily feuilly doesnt seem to mind 

Honestly, I just want one of the other Alien characters, like J’onn or Mon El, to be like “same sex relationships were actually pretty standard on my planet” after hearing Alex come out, and be like “humans are the only race to have assholes thinking it’s weird”, “homophobia is a shitty human construct” etc

I want Keith to have a mental break down at the beginning of Season 3.

I want Keith to just freeze for a moment, not able to comprehend that Shiro’s gone. Again. No.

I want Keith to stare the seat, not blinking, face blank.

I want Keith to shakily look around before his whole body begins to tremble.

I want Keith to call out; “Shiro?” with a croak, a sob threatening his throat as he looked around, movement sharp and hasty.

I want Keith to have a panic attack, short pants, rapidly beating heart, vision blurring then and now.

I want Keith to ignore the other’s calls as his voice got louder and louder by volume, the only word he’s saying is, “Shiro”.

I want Keith to scream his name before crumbling down, beside his seat.

I want Keith’s cheeks wet with fresh tears, a sobbing mess.

I want Keith to brokenly whisper, “Not again, no, not again, please, come back, Shiro…

I want Keith to break down because that’s how much Shiro matters to him.

I want Keith being emotional over Shiro because he lost him again.

I want Keith to do at least one of this so some people can stop belittling their relationship, make stupid memes

I want Keith to realize he’s not alone in this and bond with his friends.

I want Keith to slowly heal, but miss Shiro every night.

I want Keith to become the Black Paladin, broken but determined.

I want Keith to prove those who said he would be a horrible leader wrong.