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They released a sample of the newest set of BNHA Nitotan plushies and I just–

I want Keith to have a mental break down at the beginning of Season 3.

I want Keith to just freeze for a moment, not able to comprehend that Shiro’s gone. Again. No.

I want Keith to stare the seat, not blinking, face blank.

I want Keith to shakily look around before his whole body begins to tremble.

I want Keith to call out; “Shiro?” with a croak, a sob threatening his throat as he looked around, movement sharp and hasty.

I want Keith to have a panic attack, short pants, rapidly beating heart, vision blurring then and now.

I want Keith to ignore the other’s calls as his voice got louder and louder by volume, the only word he’s saying is, “Shiro”.

I want Keith to scream his name before crumbling down, beside his seat.

I want Keith’s cheeks wet with fresh tears, a sobbing mess.

I want Keith to brokenly whisper, “Not again, no, not again, please, come back, Shiro…

I want Keith to break down because that’s how much Shiro matters to him.

I want Keith being emotional over Shiro because he lost him again.

I want Keith to do at least one of this so some people can stop belittling their relationship, make stupid memes

I want Keith to realize he’s not alone in this and bond with his friends.

I want Keith to slowly heal, but miss Shiro every night.

I want Keith to become the Black Paladin, broken but determined.

I want Keith to prove those who said he would be a horrible leader wrong.

jeanblogvandamn  asked:

As far as parenting goes, allow me to offer an alternative to... that other thing. Said alternative being McCree using his serape as a babby sling, and/or Hanzo sending McCree a picture of the bab sitting in one of his hats.

yesss omg that’s so cute both of that

Also: Hanzo texts like an old person


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Kevin stood calm and quiet until a referee opened the door for them.  Before he stepped on Kevin tapped the butt of his racquet against the floor and passed his stick to his other hand. He strode to half-court head high and left-handed, and the crowd went wild.


The only thing we need to worry about is the next minute. 


was doing sketch requests on mah twitter & @mrcutio asked for ‘bahorel doing a sick kickflip’ and then this…. turned into Les Amis: Primary School Origins

i don’t know anything about kickflips and neither does bahorel, luckily feuilly doesnt seem to mind 


—bigbrother!hoseok | he’s very protective over his baby sister, and Taehyung thinks he’s hilarious | requested by @markimoofangirl04 !!! i hope you like it!

Silly Robbie Headcanon

I know that we can all agree that Robbie probably can swear when by himself.  

But consider this : Robbie is such a soft boy that he doesn’t swear at all.  Ever.

  • If he accidentally swears, he gasps and covers his mouth and looks around to be sure nobody heard him.
  • He says really stupid things instead of real swears, like:
    • Oopsie-Doopsie
    • Fiddlesticks
    • Peanut-Butter Sandwiches!
    • Oh Caramel Cream Pie
    • Cracker Jacks
    • You sir… are a pickle. 

Because no matter how much of a villain Robbie wants to be, he is a really soft and sweet pure individual.

But don’t tell him.

  • He also gasps really loud when someone else swears
  • And smacks their arm
  • Don’t swear!