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Teen Wolf Sterek Exploring the Hale Vault

Taking Sterek Prompts | Filling Prompts Live


“I want you to come with me.”

That was how Derek had asked him, over breakfast Stiles had made for them, hands wrapped around a mug of coffee and eyes fixed on his plate. It had sounded brittle and sharp, and Stiles had treated it with respect instead of sarcasm so that neither of them would get hurt.


“The vault.”

That was how they ended up here, standing just inside the door of the Hale family vault, in the belly of the high school together. Stiles had watched Derek slide his claws into the locking mechanism, watched the vault open up to him, recognizing the rightful bloodline necessary to get inside, but then Derek had just… stopped. Breathing too fast, too shallow, he was just standing there beside Stiles, staring at nothing.

“Derek,” Stiles murmured softly, resting a hand on Derek’s shoulder. Though Derek flinched, he stayed put, his eyes clearing a little at the grounding contact. Stiles was glad he could still be an anchor. “We don’t have to do this right now.”

“I want to,” Derek said, and Stiles knew that was only half a lie. Of course Derek wanted to see what was in here, to connect to pieces of his past, to reclaim any part of his lost family that he could. But he also knew how much Derek had been dreading it, since they had learned of the vault’s existence.

“You don’t,” Stiles said, as neutral as he could make his voice go which, as it turned out, was not very neutral at all. “We can come back later, or I could collect the stuff to bring home.”

“No,” Derek said instantly, reaching for Stiles’ arm without thinking. “No, we don’t know what any of it is, some of it might be traps, or cursed or-”

“Okay, okay,” Stiles said, sliding his arm from Derek’s loosening grasp and taking his hand instead. “Okay. Then we’ll go in together.”

Derek let out a shaky breath and straightened up, threading his fingers in Stiles’. “Yeah,” he agreed. “Together.”

Stiles waited another moment, watching Derek closely, until Derek had finally gathered enough will to take a step forward. When he did, Stiles took it with him, and together they crossed the threshold into the vault.

Let’s Pretend

My contribution to this week’s MEWC @masseffectwritercircle

Thank you to @vorchagirl for the prompt!!

Post-ME1 fake girlfriend trope fic. Where Kaidan convinces Shepard to pretend to be his girlfriend to stop his mother setting him up with random women while he’s on shore leave. But they both have feelings for each other, and soon those feelings bubble out and they aren’t acting …

Also on AO3

As Kaidan helped Shepard out of the skycab, her rapid heartbeat was the only clue she was more nervous than she let on. They made their way up the stairs leading to the entrance of his parents’ house; Kaidan was holding her hand, and she hoped he couldn’t feel the clamminess she imagined was there.

When they reached the door, he turned to look into her eyes. “I can’t thank you enough for doing this, Shepard.”

“Kaidan, if we’re going to convince your parents, you may want to start using my first name,” she teased.

He blushed slightly. “You’re right, of course… Kate.”

“Better,” she approved with a smile. Her heart was still going a thousand miles per second, but she wasn’t sure if it was because of the upcoming challenge or how adorable he looked. She suspected it was the latter.

Kaidan opened the door and they stepped inside, as he called out, “We’re here!”


A petite woman with delicate features and streaks of gray in her dark brown hair emerged from the living room, grinning from ear to ear. “Welcome, welcome!”

Kaidan’s father followed closely, wearing the same broad smile. Shepard immediately noted that while Kaidan had his mother’s eyes, he was the spitting image of his father. Minus the white hair. Both parents looked kindly at the younger couple, and Shepard relaxed, despite the tiniest feeling of guilt nagging in the back of her mind.

Kaidan engulfed his mother in a hug, and Shepard extended her hand to shake his father’s, but the older man was having none of that. He pulled her into a hug as well and kissed both cheeks.

“Mom, Dad, this is Sh… Kate, Kate Shepard,” started Kaidan as he made the introductions. “Kate, these are my parents, Susan and Eric.”

“Mr. and Mrs. Alenko, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” smiled Shepard.

“Please, it’s Susan and Eric,” said Kaidan’s mother as she gathered Shepard into her arms for her own hug. “And where is your luggage?”

“We left it at the hotel,” replied Kaidan.

“What?! Absolutely not, you’re staying here!”

“We don’t want to bother you…”

“Mom, it’s fine…”

“Nonsense, it’s no bother! Your room is ready, call the hotel to have your luggage sent here,” the older woman instructed adamantly, a twinkle in her eye.

Shepard and Kaidan exchanged a glance. Clearly, neither had anticipated this turn of events. Their shore leave had just gotten a tad more complicated.

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Honestly,,, if you still need requests I would love some soft/sweet Dallas hc's 👌🏻

A/N: Thank you sooooo much for sending in headcanons omg doing these just make my day :))))))))

- okay but dallas would never be openly sweet or cuddly in public, it’s always lowkey

-like if you’re observant like pony, you’d notice that he never has you without arms reach

-his arm is usually around your shoulder, or he has his arm loosely around your waist

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Day 9: Tea

A taste my next long fic that I’ll probably start posting sometime next year.

Naruto had insisted that Sasuke come in to see the new house.

He was hesitant, only because he didn’t want to linger long enough to guilt himself into going home. He knew Sakura was aware he was in the village for a check in with the Hokage but not that he’d have some time to himself before he had to leave.

He usually wouldn’t take the time. He’d usually just leave.

But Naruto was persuasive. Citing the fact that he’d missed the wedding and that their new house was so well put together and how cute Hinata looked in it. The excitement on his best friend’s face was infectious so he had trailed after him, silent as he noted the way to Naruto’s new home.

Hinata had greeted them at the door. He had to give her credit for being able to hide her surprise at seeing him so well. Her smile never faltered even as she blushed, accepting a kiss on the cheek from her husband. Sasuke averted his eyes from the display, noting the simple furnishings of the house and the shine of the floors indicating them recently cleaned.

The air smelled of fresh linen and the framed pictures and art work on the walls gave such an overall feeling of “home” it was almost overwhelming.

A hand came and clapped his shoulder pulling him out of his revere. Naruto was beaming at him. “So, what do you think?”

“It’s a nice place,” he murmured before pulling himself from Naruto’s grasp. “Thank you for inviting me-“

“Oh, no Sasuke, please at least stay for a cup of tea.”  Hinata spoke from the doorway, already moving towards the kitchen without allowing him a chance to respond. He watched her back as she moved around the kitchen, arms reaching without looking. Completely at home. He turned to Naruto.

“If you insist.”

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Iwaoi with #6

*I go from fluffy IwaOis to this..*

He knows the second he walks through the front door that something is wrong.

He can tell not just by the scent of anguish that immediately fills his nostrils as he steps through the threshold, but just the dreariness of the house as he walks in—no lights on, no music or loud TV playing, and no Tooru to greet him when he walks through the door.

Hajime immediately drops his things and heads to the bedroom, the door being slightly ajar when he arrives which he carefully swings fully open. He can just barely make out the tiny shape Tooru made in their bed.

(It was a little terrifying to see him look so small. He had been so sick lately, lost so much weight and was much too thin for Hajime’s comfort, but the pregnancy had done a number to his body even though he was only a few weeks along.)

There is no hesitation in the way the alpha rushes over to their bed, taking a seat on the edge and reaching to touch Tooru’s back facing towards him.

The omega doesn’t move when he does, doesn’t give any indication that he knows his husband is here. Just keeps staring at whatever he’s holding in his hand. Hajime carefully leans over slightly so he can see what Tooru’s so focused on, instantly recognizing the blurry little sonogram they’d gotten from the doctor’s during Tooru’s first ultrasound.

A sinking feeling starts to form in his gut.

He starts rubbing against Tooru’s back, voice soft when he says, “Tooru?”

He can smell the saltiness before he can even see it, but his heart still lurches in his chest when his omega turns over with bloodshot eyes, look of utter despair.

“Hajime…” he whispers, voice hoarse and the alpha realizes he must have been crying for a while.

His plan to gather his omega to him fails when Tooru sits up—too fast for it to be safe—grabbing onto the sleeve of his shirt with a vice like grip.

The expression on his face then can only be described as devastation.

“Hajime—I, oh god Hajime…!”

The alpha can see the way his mate goes into an instant panic, voice catching, breath hitching, and frame already trembling like crazy.

He turns more, trying to pull Tooru closer against him, but Tooru just moves to grip at his button down with both hands, flood gates finally unleashing when he looks him in the eye with one, ugly sob.

“The baby—!” He chokes out and Hajime can already fit the pieces together.

Somehow Tooru saying it makes it more real though.

“The baby—I, I l-lost the baby…!”

It’s his tone that absolutely shatters Hajime’s heart.

The alpha reaches arms out without question, pulling the omega to him in almost a bone crushing hold, not daring to let go even if his life depended on it.

Tooru’s snot and tears instantly soak the front of his shirt and Hajime does nothing besides placing his chin atop the sobbing brunet, clenching his jaw when he couldn’t stop the few spills of tears down his own cheeks.

He quickly sucks it up and moves to hold Tooru even tighter.

He could wallow in this later, for now, Tooru needed him.  

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So you want to be spammed with requests I see ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Well then, how about teenage soukoku having a crush on the same girl, but since they always fight over her, she got annoyed by it and forced them to wear a get-along shirt? (◕‿◕✿)

Yesss spam me with requestsssssss <3 

Dazai & Chuuya:

  • Dazai will do everything he can to try to sabotage Chuuya’s advances on you. Whether it comes to sabotaging his dates with you or telling you pieces of blackmail, he will make it his life mission to make you wary of Chuuya’s existence.
  • Chuuya, on the other hand, will actively defend you against Dazai’s “attacks”, pushing you behind him as he screams at Dazai for ruining his life with his presence.
  • When you try to make them get along by having a get together, it ends in a disaster because Chuuya starts throwing everything without arms reach at Dazai’s head as Dazai laughs about how Chuuya’s too short to reach him. You have to calm them down before the cops get called.
  • When you first throw the get-along shirt down in front of them, but of them immediately scream ‘no’. Dazai runs out of the room, disappearing before you could even say anything. Chuuya gets in a defensive stance. He’d never hit you even as a joke, but he looks so terrified of getting in that shirt with Dazai that he just might accidentally.
  • When you finally get them in the shirt, both of them look very irritated. Imagine their faces being irritated like they were in the Double Black episode. 
  • Just because they’re in a get-along shirt doesn’t mean that they’ll get along. In fact, it’s even more dangerous for Dazai because now he can’t escape when Chuuya starts beating him on the head.
  • Dazai repeatedly steals Chuuya’s hat and throws it across the room and it irritates Chuuya even more that Dazai refuses to move when he goes to get it since they’re stuck together in the shirt. But since Chuuya’s more physically capable than Dazai is, he eventually forces him to move.
  • Dazai will dangle things out of Chuuya’s reach and it’s worse for him because Chuuya can’t jump or move to get it. So he improvises and kicks Dazai in the shin that he drops whatever he was holding.
  • At the end of the day, this was a terrible idea and you only fueled their hatred for each other even more. You eventually leave them alone stuck in the shirt as they fight with each other for the rest of the night.
One-Shot: Peter, x3

Now I really need someone to come up with an idea for a Peter, Peter and Peter story! Someone getting Parker, Maximoff and Quill into one request or prompt. I’d love the person able to do it 5-ever for sure XD Not trying to be mean just… well maybe a bit. Something like “Why are all guys in my life called Peter?” feat. my brother, my best friend and that weird guy in a spaceship! -Requested by anon
I had an idea of a team-up last night, so here’s a one-shot feat. Peter, Peter, and Peter XD 

Characters: Peter Parker, Peter Maximoff, Peter Quill
Word Count: 1,746

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Tessa & Scott || gala shenanigans

  • During his speech @ the 2013 Worlds gala finale, Scott gives Tessa a supportive smile and wink…which she affectionately reciprocates by reaching out to him, running her hand down his arm [x] 

Title: Save me from The Darkness

Characters: Dean W., OFC Chloe, Sam W.

Word Count: 2700+

Prompt: ”Oh my God you’re in love!”

Author’s Note: Hello! This is my new entry for SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge I used Dean and my own original Supernatural character Chloe. Angst

Summary: Secrets are revealed and things come to a head as Sam, Dean, and Chloe prepare to battle Amara.


“Chlo?” Dean called his girlfriends name as he pushed the door to her bedroom open. To say things between them were strained was an understatement. She had split time in her own room around his demon days and some how never managed to completely move out of there.

“What’s up?” She asked as she turned around from the mirror, she was getting dressed and he could barely take his eyes off of her. Nothing made him feel more weak around her then seeing her tan skin exposed, all the places his lips had traveled and ached to travel again in front of him. But they had been keeping there distance from each other, which probably was for the best.

“Um…” He cleared his throat and she raised an eye brown as she noticed her half naked self in front of him and rolled her eyes as she went to pull her jeans back on. “Sam and I were talking and I’m sure I’m going to regret saying this, but maybe you should sit this one out…especially after last time.”

The last time her referred to was when her angel powers took over her emotions and almost got her killed in a fight with Amara.

His words hit her like a punch in the stomach which she strongly shook off as she threw her t shirt on, “You and Sam, eh?” Her voice was calm but like always too calm.

She turned towards the mirror fluffing her hair as she untangled her necklaces as she continued to ignore him. Dean reluctantly came up behind her quickly wrapping his arms around her looking to give her some small sense of security or affection to stop these icy exchanges but when she showed her resistance he just gripped her harder, “Please do this for me, I haven’t said anything to you about staying back in a long time, I can’t live with myself is something happens to you.”

Tears streamed down her face, “Don’t act like this has anything to do with me, it has to do with HER.” She managed to push him off as she walked across the room trying to get far away from him. Anger flaring through her body as she paced trying to keep from punching him.

“This again,” he groaned running his hands through his hair.

“You might have Sam or even Cas convinced otherwise but every time you touch me or you’re in the same room with me I can feel it or see it.  Amara Amara Amara,” her voice raised and her eyes flashed with anger and hurt.

“Chloe,” he tried to argue but she stomped across the room and pressed him into a kiss, both her hands grabbing his face as she kissed him harder, all tongue and teeth. Dean was so caught by surprise in the sudden affection that he didn’t realize Chloe’s skin was glowing, her angelic powers taking over as she pulled her mind into his, and he growled against her unable to stop her as she stood there and allowed the assault on his mouth and his mind.

Within seconds Chloe pulled away breathless, hurt and jealousy washing over her face, “Oh my god you’re in love!” She accused her heart pounding in her chest as she slowly panicked, she knew he had been hiding something from her, but nothing had prepared her for this.

“No no no no …Chloe listen to me,” Dean pleaded but it was too late she’d seen everything, every feeling and desire he tried to hide from her was now exposed.

“You said….” Her voice continued to shake as she closed her eyes trying to unsee her image. “You said you never touched her. And you’re not fucking touching me why? Afraid I’d see the truth?”

He went to hold her but she stepped back pushing at his chest, “I fucking knew it…this is worse than the Anna shit which you lied about then!”

“How can you even compare the two, I thought you were dead when Anna happened. She kissed me and I never slept with her,” he pleaded.

“What is the difference? A lie is a lie. I forgave the Anna shit because you didn’t love her and I could tell you were lonely, but this…this is so much worse. She’s all over you,” her face twisted in hurt and disgust. “Your heart your soul, your eyes…I could feel her on her lips.” Her voice cracked as she bit back tears, nothing hurt more than feeling another women on the man she loved.

“I don’t know what you want me to say, I love you…it’s always been you.” He knew these words wouldn’t mean anything now, now that she had seen what he had tried to hide. He couldn’t help what he was feeling for Amara but be knew it couldn’t compete with what he and Chloe had regardless of what she saw or fault.

“You think that’s going to save us now? Three words, eight letters too late,” Chloe took off out of the room grabbing her bag with Dean quickly on her heels, “And you know, I’m going to fucking end this now.”

“What does that mean? Chloe stop…” He tried to catch up with her but she was faster making her way to library dodging Sam as she zig zagged through the tables.

“Sam stop her!” Dean growled at his brother as Sam quickly reached for her arm without a second thought catching her shirt.

“What the Hell is going on with you two?” Sam asked confused as he managed to slow Chloe down enough for Dean to block her from leaving the bunker.

“Get off of me,” she screamed pushing Sam off, “I’m gone Dean whether you like it or not and nothing you can say is going to change that.”

“No you’re not, you’re being ridiculous this is exactly why I said you needed to sit out, you’re letting your emotions take over,” Dean grabbed her shoulders trying to stop her from moving so she would listen.

“Oh am I? Like you already have. You could have ended this months ago but you can’t can you? You’re feelings for her are going to get us killed. The two people who YOU claim are the most important thing to you, yeah remember us?” She snapped at him as she signaled between her and Sam.

“I’m trying to save you both, but I can’t do that if you’re there, she will use you against me in a fucking heartbeat.” Dean remembered the last time as Amara had toyed with Chloe then.

“Why? You’re so fucking in love with her what difference does it make if I’m there or not. I saw it all. ‘We’re bound, Dean. We’ll always be bound. You helped me, I helped you. No matter where I am, who I am, we will always help each other.’ She quoted Amara’s words back at him as her chin quivered and she dropped her bag on the floor pacing back to the library.

"The plan isn’t to help her, it’s to send her back to wherever the Hell she came from. How can’t you not see that? Sam help me out here,” Dean looked at the younger Winchester but what could he say.

“Chloe sit down and just listen, this isn’t going to be easy for any of us,” Sam stepped in front of Dean trying his best to reason with his best friend.

“What are you going to say that will change what’s happened?“ Chloe protested. “How can you take his side on this and not mine! Damn I’ve got the bruises and a front row seat to prove I’m right.”

"I don’t know what you saw but I think Deans right, you’re not looking at it from the right perspective because of how you feel about him.” Sam replied cautiously the words hoping she wouldn’t blow up at him. He had given Dean his word that he wouldn’t let her leave.

“How I feel? I can’t compete with the hold this bitch has over him and it not even about that! Why do you always feel the need lie to me? Both of you, when have I ever lied to either of you about anything? You two lie to me you lie to each other and Cas and here I am always picking up the pieces but I still have the guts to tell the fucking truth. How the Hell is it okay for you to hide something like that from me? You don’t think that was a valuable piece of information that you two are FUCKING bound?”

“Chloe, you’re everything to me, I don’t want her, it’s like she has this hold over me, and she knows if you’re around she can’t get her hands on that, that’s why she attacked you last time!” Dean yelled.

“Both of you need to calm down,” Sam couldn’t believe how out of hand this had already gotten.

“When push comes to shove are you going to able to take her out? Because you’ve had opportunities and you haven’t. She was choking the life out of me and you just fucking stood there,” she cried the flashes of memories flooding into her.

“Does that sound like normal me? I would die trying to save you, fuck both of you. I can’t explain it, the mark is gone and it’s like I traded that for another problem. I can’t get a hold on resisting her if you’re there, it’s distracting.” He confessed.

“Chloe just need to just sit down take a breath and hear us out. Amara was going to kill you because of him, so you’re in danger whether you want to admit it or not,” the younger Winchester tried to get a grip on things.

“I’m not fucking sitting down! I can’t live here like this, all these lies and secrets, you two don’t realize that’s whats destroying us. And Sam you take his side on this? I just got caught up in one of your lies and you know what I got? I got to watch Charlie die and get tortured for three days,” She shuddered at the thought.

“Chloe–I,” Sam shut his mouth looking at Dean what could he say to that.

“How bout this, I’m going with or without you. And trust me, I’m not going to hesitate to shove something through her fucking heart,” Chloe tapped her foot as she looked between the boys.

“Sam,” Dean looked at his brother defeated who shook his head as they silently seemed to be agreeing with each other.

Chloe smiled in victory as leaned down to grab her bag dropping her guard, what she didn’t know is that the brothers had planned for this, and with one swift movement Deans hands were around her wrist locking hand cuffs on them. She wasn’t quick enough to stop him but before Sam could grab her legs she elbowed Dean quickly and slammed her head back into Sam’s nose as she took off running up the stairs.

“I fucking told you that wasn’t going to work,” Dean growled at his brother as he went after Chloe managing to grab her leg and she came crashing to a fall on the stairs. Dean pulled at her feet, “Baby please don’t make me do this.”

“Get off of me,” she growled they struggled with each other. He had managed to get a good grip on her kicking legs but that didn’t stop her arms.  

“Dean just stop,” Sam called as he pressed a tissue into his nose to soak up the blood. He had involved himself enough, Dean was on his own.

“Chloe it’s for your own good,” Deans voice was steady as he crawled over her pinning her arms over his head as his body pressed into hers as she felt the weight of him press her back into the stairs.

“If you do this to me, lock me up down there, we…are… DONE.” Chloe’s words were vicious as she stared into his green eyes.

“You don’t mean that,” he whispered trying his best to hide how hurt he was by her threat. “We could never be done, you’re my soul mate. You and I are the ones that are really bond. Chlo, you saved me from Hell, you love me no matter what, you’re love is what keeps me human, even when I had the mark or was a demon. You, me and Sam against the world. There’s nothing Amara could do to touch that. But I won’t let her use you to hurt me. You saved me, it’s my turn to save you from pure torture or pain or whatever she has planned for you.” Dean sat back on his heels releasing her wrists from his grip hoping she would calm down enough to trust him.

“I’m not going to be a prisoner and I’m not just going to sit down in that dungeon while that bitch is out there ruining my family,” Chloe cried now as she looked away from him all the emotions flooding her at once. She was shocked that they had resorted to this. Even Sam had tears in his eyes as he sat against a table hoping one of them would back down long enough for this to stop.

“Look at me,” he reached for her cuffed wrists and he squeezed her hands, “I promise you, I started this and I will be the one that ends it…”

“Noo..” Chloe tried to stop him as she sobbed. “Don’t do this to me…to us.”

“I promise I will do whatever I have to come home to you. I tried asking you to stay and that obviously didn’t work how I planned, but I have to do this. You have my word. And when I come back through that door I will spend the rest of my life making this up to you,” Dean reached for her face as he kissed her softly tasting the salt from her tears.

“She isn’t going to let you go…you’re not coming back…” Chloe’s spirit broke as she felt defeated her forehead resting against his.

“Chloe, heaven, Hell, purgatory, Angels, demons, a variety of monsters, Hell even humans, none of that has ever kept us apart. This isn’t any different.” Deans voice sounded strong and sure, as it washed relief over her.

She leaned into him catching his lips in a needy kiss as she cried against him and Dean felt a weight being lifted off of him as she seemed to be giving in.

“Your kiss could wake me from the dead. Your love could save me from the darkness.” Dean whispered against her lips as she held his wrists with her hands trying to kiss him harder, craving his touch, she would have taken him right there on the stairs if Sam hadn’t have been there.

“I’m sorry,” she said as she ran her nose against his. “But I can’t do this.”

Confusion washed over Dean as he opened his eyes meeting her blue ones and he watched her stand on the stairs and head for the door. He went to move but she had slipped out of the cuffs undetected and attached him to the metal stairs.

“Sam!!” Dean growled pulling at the cuffs in disbelief that she had managed that, but she whispered a few words of enochin and Sam was glued to the floor unable to come to his brothers aid.

“I’ll be seeing you,” she trembled and in a flash she was out the door and gone.

She was going to make Amara regret the day that she thought Dean was hers.

Nerves and happiness. Part 3

I just can’t stop writing it… I just… Can’t. 
Part 1
Part 2

Your POV

“I am home, sweetheart.” I shouted, taking my coat off.
“Hey!” I heard a muffled answer from another side of the flat.
I put the keys on the shelf and walked inside our flat. We moved here only few weeks ago and it was not fully furnished and it lacked our personal items like posters and photos. But we had a lot of time to sort it out… Just needed to conquer our laziness.
“Sorry I couldn’t go with you to the ultrasound today.” I found my beloved man on the new sofa, where he already started to form another crease, still in his pajamas. “Really need to finish editing today.”
“Oh, don’t worry, it’s fine. Really, it’s fine.”
And I was completely honest. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Dan to pieces and more. He was my love and my life and all of that but he became so over-protective lately. I used to find it incredibly cute how he was always very gentle and attentive and on guard. But with the baby it all became a little too much. He barely let me move without asking if I felt okay. And actually when in the morning he had to tell he couldn’t go to the ultrasound with me I felt a guilty relief. This couple of hours when I could feel myself as a strong independent woman again was just what I needed.
“How are both of my babies doing?” Dan asked without looking up from the screen.
“Great, we are both feeling great. And I want to bake cookies. Are you in for cookies?”
“Yeah, after I am done if you don’t need my help.”
“No, I can cope.” Woohoo, I got a chance to feel cool and independent a little longer. 
I remembered all the ingredients I needed and started to look around the kitchen, thinking if I had everything. Nodding to myself I suddenly realized I didn’t know where the flour was. I looked in every cupboard and finally spotted it on the highest shelf in the whole kitchen. I muttered to myself how much I loved living with a giant and tried to grab it, but I couldn’t reach it without stretching my arm up which was not a very good idea with my huge bump. I sighed loudly and Dan obviously heard it.
“What are you doing, love?”
“Trying to reach for the flour someone 6.2 tall put on the top of the flat.”
“Wait a second, I will help you.”
“No, I can do it myself.” I pushed a chair under the needed shelf.
“The fuck are you going to do, sweetheart?” Dan stood up, crackling his tired neck. “You won’t get on that, will you?”
“Ugh, Dan, I can grab goddamn flour myself!” I said, anger piercing through my voice.
“Baby, don’t be silly, you don’t need to…”
“FUCK OFF DAN I AM PREGNANT AND NOT INCURABLY ILL!!!” I shouted in his face, feeling tears burning my eyes.
“Y/N, I just wanted to help…” He looked truly horrified by my sudden outburst.
“Do I look like someone who constantly needs help to you?! Stop looking at me as if I can’t take care of myself! Cause currently I am taking care of myself and your son so for the love of god stop seeing me as a weak damsel in distress just because I am incubating your baby! Auch!”
The already terrified expression on Dan’s face turned into even more panicky one when I clutched my belly, wincing. He immediately gently grabbed my shoulders, looking into my face as I was slowly breathing calming down. His torso was brushing against the bump and he surely could feel powerful kicks from our little treasure.
“Is he alright?” Dan asked placing his hand on my belly.
“Yes, but he obviously doesn’t like it when mummy and daddy are fighting.” I looked down and put my hand over his.
“Daddy doesn’t like it either.” He looked back up at me. “I don’t think you are weak or something, Y/N. I just see how the whole being pregnant thing is not fun and I want to help you as much as I can. I am sorry if I am getting it wrong. I really want you to be as safe and comfortable as possible.”
“I am sorry, Dan. I shouldn’t have shouted at you.” I pressed my forehead against his. “But you know me. How I always want to be stronger than I am. Pretend you understand it sometimes.”
“Okay, and I do understand.” He hugged me and I breath in his sweet smell. “I love you.”
“I love you too.”
“And by the way, what happened to “we should keep the gender in secret”?” I felt his body shudder from a laugh.
“I was curious.” I buried my nose in his shoulder.
“So it’s a boy.” True excitement showed up in his voice. “Great, now we can start buying all the toys and clothes and…”
“How will I survive with two little boys in the house?” I laughed, messing his hair, admiring his sincere childish smile.

Yeah so I tried to Mikaani.

A pair of determinate eyes grabbed Mikasa’s attention. The owner of these eyes heavily marched towards her, and threatened not just her, but the whole dining room. Her figure was short, but far from gentle, and her beauty was distinct, nevertheless peculiar.


“Ackerman” the hard lips called.

“Yes?” Mikasa mumbled in between cutters of bread.

“We need to talk” Stated Annie as if it was a well known fact.

Mikasa, on the other hand, was suspicious. She had nothing to talk about with the notorious Annie Leonhardt. They were members of different legions, and interactions between the Military Police and the “Recon Corps” were not the duty of simple soldiers as their selves. She waited for the short girl to give up and leave her once lonesome table, but Annie stood there still, wordlessly gazing at Mikasa, and her Crystal eyes boring into hers.

“Please” She begged, voiceless. Only when Annie begged, Mikasa had come to realize that this time they’re not going to have a brief chat of curse words and sarcasm. The blonde girl silently led the dark haired one to the thick forest which wrapped the camp. The road was dark, unpleasant, and unexpected, and Mikasa could not make her mind if she was waiting for Annie to talk, or fearing the very moment she’ll open her mouth. Once they went far enough into the woods, Annie turned her head right and left, to make sure they’re isolated, but even after confirming that they were, in fact, far from any human contact, she remained silence. Mikasa was patient, but as the minutes went by, her curiosity grew, bearing a certain shade of concern within it.


“Leonhardt, it’s getting late, can you please tell me what are we doing here?” Mikasa complained. Annie was sitting on the wet ground, breaking bunches of twigs. As Mikasa spoke, Annie’s face whitened. She stood up, and wiped the brown leaves off her uniforms.


“Ok, I’ll get to the point. But – You have to promise me something”


“Oh, that’s great Leonhardt. You drag me to the middle of nowhere at midnight, keep me waiting without saying a word and then there’s a condition?” Mikasa pounded at her with her eyes.  ­­­


“Promise me, Ackerman. Promise me you’re not going to tell anyone! Not Jaeger, not Arlert…Promise me” At that point, Mikasa wasn’t sure if the pale color in her eyes was her iris, or mere tears. Only when Mikasa nodded in agreement to the Blonde’s term, Annie’s body stopped shaking.

“Leonhardt…why are we here?” She asked. Annie’s eyes told her she’s not going to like the answer. Her hands made their way to the hem of her shirt; she lifted it above her head and tossed it to the ground. Mikasa couldn’t tell if Annie was even slightly embarrassed to strip in front of her…then again, Mikasa is her female comrade, so Annie shouldn’t mind, and it shouldn’t matter to Mikasa. And as her face lost their paleness and turned red and clenched, she knew how much it did matter. Mikasa then observed the short girl, not sure what she was supposed to see other than rigid abs. Annie turned around, only to reveal an open wound. It was still bleeding, and had coagulated blood around it.

“Oh my” Mikasa restrained her words, trying hard not to reveal just how shaken she was. “How did this happen?”


“During a fight…I just—ugh, never mind, it’s not the point.”

“‘Never Mind’? I’m pretty sure that wound can kill you! Why didn’t you go to the infirmary?” Mikasa then carefully observed Annie’s wound, moving her fingers in circular motions around the burnt red edges, and retreating every time Annie chokes a moan of pain.


“I can’t go there! They’ll keep me there for days…besides, if this stupid cut won’t kill me, the health conditions there definitely would. Look, I know you grew up with Jaeger’s family; His father was a doctor, right? I heard him telling that to Arlert. Watching him all of these years you must have learned something”


“Well, yeah, but—“


“Good, so I just need you to wrap this with some bandages so I can keep moving. Can you do that?” Annie stared at Mikasa, as she was searching for her words. The wound was radiating waves of pain to Annie’s body, but somehow she was more occupied wondering what Mikasa thought of her in that exact moment.


“Ok” Mikasa’s voice called and broke the comfortable silence.


“Ok? Just like that? No judging, no arguing, just ok?” Now it was Annie’s turn to suspect.

“Well, arguing won’t get us out of this wasteland won’t it? Wait here, I’ll go to the camp to get bandages”


“No need, I already took some. The guarding down there is so shitty that I could run off with hostages without being noticed” Annie grinned, and handed the thin bandages to Mikasa. “Can you wrap this up? I tried to do it myself but I can’t reach there without twisting my arm”


Mikasa gently began on wrapping Annie’s wound. As small as it was, it was deep enough for Mikasa to see Annie’s flesh. She tried to stand still, but the shorter girl’s shakings made it harder. 

“Hold on, I’m almost done….there”


Annie turned her face back to Mikasa.


“Thank you” she called, barely.

Mikasa nodded. “I think you’ll be fine…it didn’t seem infected, but I still think you should go to the infirmary, they know better than I do”


Annie’s eyes shone in the darkness. Her rose-pink lips turned to a grin once more, as she leaned towards Mikasa, and kissed her briefly.




“There are secrets, Ackerman…” Annie whispered in her ear. “Better be left untold”

Apparition chapter 10

I stare at my name, my right hand shaking as I place it against the wall, my index finger tracing over the cursive.

‘Emilia Pierce. 1989.’

1989 was the year I was born, my 25th birthday was only a month ago… but how did my name end up on the wall of an ex hydra lab? And more importantly why? I move my left hand to cover my mouth as I look at it in shock. I felt sick…


I whisper unable to move my eyes from the name on the wall.

“… You might want to come and see this.”

He’s silent as he makes his way across the room, the only reason I know he’s near is because his right arm brushes my left as he stands next to me. I don’t look at him, I don’t want to. My eyes can’t leave my name.

“Why is my name on this wall?”

I ask feeling a bit hysteric. He doesn’t respond verbally, he instead moves his body to stand in front of the wall that holds my name. I think he knows that’s the only way I can regain focus.

“I told you, you’re the key to finding out Hyrda’s newest secrets.”

I shake my head 'no’.

“How? How am I the key?”

I ask as he looks away.

“You’re father was at the top of the ladder because of his ranking in S.H.E.I.L.D, he was the ringleader, that makes you the most important piece of the game. I’m assuming the rest of the Hydra outlets were waiting on his word, word that he never had the chance to give. All the files are related to him, that’s where you come into play.”

I feel horrified when he tells me this… horrified that my ties to my father were more important than I thought. When James had contacted me I was told that I was needed because I would know my father’s passwords, but my name was written on a wall of a Hydra facility… This was way bigger than I’d thought.

“Oh my god…”

I whisper breathlessly.

“… This is all one big mess.”

I want it all to end. I want to close my eyes and be normal again. I want my mom back, and my life back. Two months ago my biggest concern was what my hair was going to look like, and now I was apart of helping a man who’d been to hell and back.

“You’re very important Emilia.”

He whispers studying me. I close my eyes for the first time since I started helping him I wished I could be alone. I wanted to cry and mentally curse my father for doing this, for helping with this evil. It was all too much… my mother dying, my ex boyfriend being a member of Hydra, and now I was some sort of 'key’ to it all. I want to scream, but I can’t. I can’t show any more weakness in front of him, but I know he sees through me. He pulls me in, but the second he touches me any feeling I was trying to hold in seems to boil over. I sob despite my not wanting to. His arms wrapped around me tightly as I cried. My head burying into his chest, after only a week of helping him I’d finally managed to really break down. Sure I’d had moments of weakness and slight tears, but full blown sobbing, well this was something new.

“I’m sorry James.”

I whimper as I look up at him. I felt selfish for crying, I am here to help him, not for me to make this all about me. He looks down at me, his hair hanging in his face as his eyes watch me silently.

“Don’t say you’re sorry…”

He pauses, thinking of what to say next.

“… Hydra’s fucked up your life too.”

I rest my hands against his chest as he continues to hold me. One week of being around him and I’d felt like I knew him my whole life. He understood me better than anyone ever has.

“Is this what I’m destined to be? Alexander Pierce’s daughter and nothing more? A link to the horrors of this place?”

My father made my life hell when he was alive, but now that he’s dead he’s still managed to drive me crazy. It was like he was haunting me. My lips tremble and the urge to cry is once again apparent, but James stops me when his hands end up cupping my face. The metal of his left hand causing chills to move up my spine as he touches me.

“You are more than that…”
He whispers, our gazes locking.

“… Over the last week you’ve made me feel human again. That means something to me.”

I feel the wind get knocked out of me when he tells me this… had I helped him? I breathe a deep sigh.

“But you said it yourself, you only need me alive for revenge. All I am to you is Alexander Pierces’ daughter, a trigger waiting to be pulled before you get your vengeance.”

His eyes narrow at my words, his gaze darkening. He draws me in closer to him, my body fully up against his.

“You’re right. I need you for vengeance…”
He pauses moving in closer, his face inches from mine.

“… And the best form of vengeance would be getting my life back. Being everything your dear old dad didn’t want me to be. He wanted me to take orders, and do whatever he said, well I’m not going to. I’m going to do what I want to do, and live.”

I feel frozen in fear when he says this. What was he going to do? My eyes move from his staring at his chest.

“How do you intend to do that?”

He sighs before guiding me to look up at him once more.

“By doing the very thing I’ve wanted to do since the night you laid next to me, and soothed my nightmare…”

He pauses leaning in, his lips brush against mine, my eyes fluttering shut at the contact. He kisses my lips tenderly and I kiss him back. I’ve never been kissed like this… he is soft and gentle, everything I wouldn’t expect from a man who’s lived through the things he has. He breaks the kiss and studies me.

“… You’re more than a piece in a game Emilia. I know you’re scared, but you can do this. You are brave, and you’ve been very brave to help me despite everything that has happened. I can’t thank you enough, but this journey is one that will be full of twists and turns. You told me to trust you in the car and I will, but you need to trust me too. Understand?”

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Stained Mattresses

Anon asked for Junkrat comforting Roadhog. He tried.

Also available on AO3 here.

He woke to sounds much different than the ones he was used to. Rather than the call of a dingo or the noise of an engine running, there was a soft, gasping from the corner of the room. Junkrat was a notoriously light sleeper, popping awake the second he heard something out of place, conditioned from years of attack to never get too comfortable. It had been happening less, now that he was travelling with Roadhog and didn’t have to watch his back all by himself, but a quick glance outside showed him that the bodyguard was nowhere to be seen.

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It wasn’t here yet, but I could already smell it. The rain could always be counted on to wash away this temporary sunlight. It started with the familiar gray. That just dark enough hue that told me the sky was about to open, showering the city and camouflaging my tears. I’d always loved the rain, before.

That first night plays in my mind on a constant loop. You held my hand as we walked, the city lighting our way. I watched your hair bounce with every step. And that smile, brighter than every light and every star in the sky. When those first drops fell, so did the sides of your mouth as you retreated to the dry protection of the church’s archway. I let your hand slip out of mine as I looked to the sky and let rain bounce off my face.

“What are you doing?” You’d asked me.

I reached out my arm without saying a word.

“You’re crazy! It’s pouring.”

I didn’t move. “Just listen,” I told you. “Do you hear it?”

You rolled your eyes at me, but played along. I waited while you closed your eyes and lifted your face. Thirty seconds passed before you dropped your head and met my gaze. “I hear it.”

“Dance with me,” I said as I reached for you. When your fingers met mine and you took that first step out into the wet night and into my arms, I knew.

The Shadow Behind Them: Part 1 Oliver/Felicity Fic

Summary:  Felicity is on the run from her past– a curse that haunts her every footsteps. She’s trying to keep Oliver Queen out of her business and safe, but he’s too nosy for his own good. Just when she thinks she’s safe, the unthinkable happens.

AN: First off, THE BIGGEST THANKS IN THE WORLD TO @writewithurheart. Nicole has basically walked me through this whole thing. She’s dealt with me changing stories in the middle, she’s been patient with my whole weird demands BETA THIS RIGHT NOW thing I have. She’s been amazing. The best beta and friend I could ask for.

Second, to the amazing @itchiygo who made the FREAKING FANTASTIC Fanart below. FOR REAL. Third, to @thatmasquedgirl who dealt with my freakouts and beta’d the first bit of my story.

Last, to you readers. Those who don’t give up on me and comment on my stories. This is for you.



The room was dark, the only light in the room coming from the single laptop. On the nightstand, next to the bed, red numbers spelt out the time– 4:00 am. Witching hour.

There was a girl, a young woman actually, frantically typing on said laptop, a pot of cold coffee next to her with an empty mug within arms reach. Without pause, she reached over and attempted a swig– swearing when she realized that the mug was empty.

She paused then, glancing to her left. In a vase, on her bookshelf, stood a single rose. Or what was left of a rose. The vase held a stem, with sharp pointed thorns, leaves that one would typically find on a rose, and one single petal, quivering, and threatening to fall. All around on the top of the bookcase, onto the floor scattered more rose petals. Some were shriveled, having fallen a long time ago. Others were as fresh as just fallen raindrops.

The quivering petal abruptly fell, disconnecting from the stem. With that simple event, a cascade of flurry followed it.

First, a swear word.


She slammed the laptop shut, still cursing. Immediately opening it again, and finishing typing, a beep with empty promises, and then another slam shut. Whatever she had been trying to do had failed, and it was now time to move.

The laptop went into a messenger bag, which went over her shoulder. One last glance at the bookcase revealed that the rose had put itself back together again. It was whole, every petal gleaming. But it was no longer the dark red it had been. Instead it was glowing, a bright golden color.

Not as familiar with the supernatural as her mother had been, she could only guess as to why a dead rose, a magically enchanted count down timer, had reformed. Her only explanation was very basic:

He had found her.

She didn’t want to stay here, to be a sitting duck. So she ran. She grabbed the laptop, double checking that it was secure against her hip and fled out the door.

Ignoring the elevator, she darted to the staircase, taking them down two steps at a time.

She refused to be taken by him, refused to be subject to the curse of the Smoak women. She would not pay the price her great grandmother had caused to come down upon her. The result was always the same, and she wanted no part of it.

In her panic, she tripped, falling down the stairs. Hands hit first, followed by knees and a shoulder as her momentum caused her to roll. Groaning at the pain radiating from the points of impact, she struggled to stand again. The need to escape was at war with her body protesting the abuse it was being subjected to.

A hand entered her vision, clear despite the fuzziness of the world. She must have hit her head… or lost her glasses. A quick check has her glasses still securely on her face. Remembering the hand still extended towards her, she follows it up to the person it’s attached to, terrified to see him: the monster, the incubus known as the Captain.

But all she saw was a man. An extremely handsome man, with deep blue eyes, in a fine tailored suit. It wasn’t the demon promised. No horns, no wings, no glowing yellow eyes.

“Are you alright?”

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