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Season 2 hc: Everyone grows attached to Yuuri in Russia and Victor has some Regrets ™

Or: my excuse to draw domestic Russian family + Yuuri


I think she’s trying to reach me telepathically 😳

Cat Vocabulary in Norwegian

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en katt - a cat

en kattunge - a kitten

et kjæledyr - a pet

en tamkatt - a domesticated cat

en villkatt - a wild cat

Norsk skogkatt - Norwegian forest cat

pels - fur

værhår - whiskers

klør - claws

en hale - a tail

poter / labber - paws

langhåret - long-haired

korthåret - short-haired

pelsløs - hairless

søt - cute

myk - soft

vennlig - friendly

mjau - meow

å leke - to play

å sove - to sleep

å kose - to cuddle

å ripe - to scratch

å hoppe - to jump

å jakte - to hunt

å oppføre seg dårlig - to misbehave

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Lena getting her clothes specially tailored so that they hug her body but also not realising that everyone doesn't do this so she is confused when kara just goes and buys a jumper and then wears it the next day without getting it tailored and she doesn't understand because even at a young age all her clothes were tailored and how does someone not do that.

This is so accurate.

Like we know that Cat had a field day with Kara’s wardrobe; and we all know Lena has a little more tact than that but still - she’s just in shock?

She has a personal shopper, and a personal tailor, and she probably doesn’t even look at the bill

So she gets Kara’s measurements and just starts discreetly adding pieces to Kara’s wardrobe.

And THAT is how Cat Grant finds out that Kara has a new roommate.

“Keira is that … Versace?”

“Ummm, it was just … in my closet?”

“Hmm … interesting.”

Cat reaches out a finger to trace the stitching on Kara’s sleeve.

“Lena might have gotten it for me? Sometimes she likes to buy clothes for me. I tell her she doesn’t have to, but she says if we’re going to be living together -”

“Lena Luthor?”


“You live with Lena Luthor?”


Cat circles her desk before taking a seat and perching her glasses on the end of her nose - pen poised dramatically as if to take and important note.

“I wasn’t aware you had moved, I’ll need your new address so I can update your employee file.”

“Oh, no, Ms. Grant - I haven’t moved.”

“You mean to tell me that Lena Luthor has taken up residence in that 500 square foot studio apartment you call home?”

“Yes? Ma’am?”

“Oh, that is -” Cat chews the stem of her reading glasses for a moment before fixing Kara with an even stare. “How long have you two been a couple?”

“Ms. Grant, we’re not - I mean, we’re just friends.”

Cat barks a laugh.

“Yet you sleep in the same bed and she frequently litters your department store wardrobe with two thousand dollar designer pieces?”

“We’re best friends?”

“Oh my dear girl, it seems I have failed you in more ways than one. Have …” Her hand flutters towards the assistant desk on the other side of the glass wall. “What’s the newest one’s name?”

“Steven, Ms Grant.”

“Yes, well, have Stefan clear my schedule for next Thursday. You and I are going to have lunch. And a long conversation about how to tell when a woman is flirting with you.”

hey a tip for all my aussie pet owners out there: if your pet starts making odd vocalisations - that means changes in pitch or timbre of their voice, but not necessarily more or less noise - get them to a vet, ESPECIALLY if they seem unusually sleepy. the first symptom of a paralysis tick is a disappearance of the gag reflex, which also affects the vocal chords. DO NOT WAIT, i cannot stress this enough, and do not try to take the tick off yourself, because some methods will cause the tick to inject more poison into your pet. those things can kill a small terrier in only a couple of days.

spring is peak tick season. take care of your furry friends!


this little fluff is the spazzes thing i have ever met but im so in love

sum warrior cats lore hcs

  • it’s considered highly offensive/ignorant to refer to a leader by their warrior name on purpose. slip ups happen of course, but directly referring to a leader by their warrior name is considered one of the biggest forms of disrespect. (ex. tigerstar probably mockingly refers to firestar by his warrior name in the df to show his disrespect towards him, brokenstar was called his warrior name by thunderclan warriors for moons to show the fact that they did not consider him a true leader, to his utmost humiliation)
  • deer are considered to be highly spiritual in clanlife and are “protected” - a clan cat cannot eat deer meat if they come across a carcass, it’s considered disrespectful to make dirt in an area where a deer has walked, etc. to see a deer even once is considered to be a blessing
  • in a few clans, there are certain times during the day in which it’s either a blessing or an omen for a kit to be born - kits who are born when the sun rises are said to grow to become wise cats, kits who are born during an overcast are said to have a lot of pain in their life
  • cats who have betrayed their clan are buried face down in the soil, as a way of symbolizing that they have “turned their backs” on starclan
  • during the vigil, the body of the fallen warrior has to be protected from all elements and the family of the warrior fasts for a week afterward - to eat even a day after a loved one has died is seen as disrespect
  • the first prey an apprentice catches tells different things about each apprentice (ex. an apprentice catching a mouse implies good eyesight and an inquisitive thinker, an apprentice catching a rabbit implies strength and quickness)
  • drowning is seen as the worst death by clan cats because the fear is that their spirit wont reach starclan; medicine cats must spend an extended amount of time praying for the cat and applying specific herbs to their body scent to help them get to starclan

It was way too early for someone to be shoving a cat in Kent’s face.

“What the fuck?” he exclaimed, still half asleep because someone had been pounding at his front door for almost ten minutes straight before Kent had dragged himself up to answer it. 

“Hi! You have a new cat,” the guy on the porch announced.

“A what?”

“A cat,” he repeated, thrusting the animal forward.

“I already have a cat,” Kent said in alarm, and as if on cue, Kit appeared beside Kent and rubbed the side of her body against his bare calf.

“Yeah, but this is a new one,” the guy said, still dangling the cat in the air. “It’s name is Purrs.” The cat itself seemed content to be suspended in midair, but it stared expectantly at Kent until, cursing, Kent finally accepted the cat.

“Who the hell are you?” he demanded. The guy wasn’t dressed like the usual postal workers and nothing about his clothing suggested he worked with a shelter.

“Johnson,” he said cheerfully. “We’ve never officially met, so don’t worry about it.” He gave a final nod of his head before walking away, leaving Kent blinking in confusion. 

A soft meow got his attention as the cat reached up lightly to bat his face with a paw. Kent had to admit the cat was pretty cute, and well, Kit could use a friend when he was on away trips.

“Okay, Purrs,” he said as he shut the door, “Welcome to the family, or whatever.”