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Season 2 hc: Everyone grows attached to Yuuri in Russia and Victor has some Regrets ™

Or: my excuse to draw domestic Russian family + Yuuri

Title: I’ll Be There
Author: Pink Rabbit Productions
AO3 Link
Cat’s hurt, Kara’s caring for her. Mostly a short exercise in present tense. Barely edited, so all errors are my own.

I’ll Be There

Cat’s a bloody mess when Kara finds her, none of it gushing, but cuts, scratches, and bruises seem to litter every inch of exposed skin, and her clothes are torn enough that a lot more is exposed than normal. It takes everything she has to simply land close and not reach for Cat as the older woman leans heavily against the wall at her back.

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This came out of a smut collaboration session with @kara-lesbihonest and @lishesque

Prompt from @kara-lesbihonestgallery opening, jealous, quick

Started by @lishesque, picked up by me.

Cat watched, eyes glittering, as Kara entered the room with some smarmy-faced but admittedly handsome young man. Well dressed, tall, looking for all the world like he belonged at Kara’s side. They’d entered the gallery without touching but now Cat’s eyes narrowed as he offered his arm, elbow bent expectantly as if this was his right. A thunderous rage swelled up within her chest as she watched Kara compliantly put her hand under his arm and curled her hand back over it. Cat set her glass down, clenched her jaw and stalked directly toward the couple. The movement was so sudden, so purposeful, the click of her heels against the polished wooden floorboards so sharp, that heads turned and many eyes were on them by the time Cat reached Kara. Her eyes swept over Kara and her gaze seemed to dig possessively into her skin.

“Come with me, Kara,” Cat said, without acknowledging the man at her side. Her voice rang out clearly in the open space of the gallery. “The bathroom. Now.”

For a horrifying, shimmering second Cat thinks Kara might refuse her. The walking hairdo beside Kara seems to try pulling her closer, and that’s enough to propel Kara into motion.

“We’ll have to be quick,” Kara hisses, steering Cat by the elbow as she so frequently has in the past to avoid a scene. “I’m on a date.”

That last part hits as they enter the nearest bathroom, the look on Cat’s face thunderous enough to send the girls reapplying their makeup scurrying out into the hall. The door is still swinging closed when Cat breaks Kara’s grip, rounding on her with barely controlled fury.

“A date? You bring a date to my event, held in my honor at the gallery that I own?”

“Part-own,” Kara supplies unhelpfully, making to fiddle with the strap on her deep purple cocktail dress, before remembering the exquisite slip of fabric is strapless. She brushes her own collarbone absent-mindedly, and Cat is momentarily struck dumb. “Everyone else from CatCo had a plus one.”

“So oblivious,” Cat groans, stalking forward and backing Kara closer to the corner that contains a chaise longue. “Everyone else got a generic invitation. How many people do you think I invited personally? And provided a dress for? One that I checked three times is incredibly easy to unzip?”

“You did that?” Kara swallows, audibly. The back of her knees hits the chaise, and her purse clatters to the floor. “Oh God, I’ve dreamed of this.”

“We’ll have to be quick,” Cat repeats, mocking but with an edge of sheer longing she can’t hold back. Taking one last step she’s close enough to claim with a kiss, and when Kara’s breath hitches in her throat, Cat ducks her head to place an open-mouthed kiss where Kara’s hand had just been skimming. With just a flash of teeth, Cat pulls back, watching like her gift is being unwrapped as Kara lets down her hair and pulls off her glasses.

“Don’t stop there,” Cat instructs. “And do something about the door, would you?”

Kara leans to the side, and melts the lock with a blast of laser vision.

“Now we can take our time,” she explains, turning with a dancer’s grace and lifting her hair up at the neck. “Now, about that zipper?”

“Yes,” Cat agrees, reaching for it with hands that don’t betray a single quiver of the excitement that’s coursing through her. “From now on, you’re nobody’s plus one but mine. Understood?”

“Big talk,” Kara hums, reaching for Cat’s hands after the dress falls, pulling them around her and over her strapless bra. “I think you’re going to have to claim me first, before I can submit to that.”

Insomnia (the 3rd and final movement)

Trying to sleep,
Counting some sheep.
Brain’s all a'mess;
I’m starting to stress!

Yearning to doze,
Brain spasm grows.
No rest in sight;
That Sandman’s a shite!

Bored of this crap,
I must have a nap.
So then I guess…
I’ll try to “de-stress”!

No sleep from that,
I reach for the cat.
Wipe down my middle,
Then kick out sweet Tiddles.

Losing my rag,
My sanity sags.
My thoughts scream and ache:
“God, why? For fuck’s sake?!”

I start work at eight,
It’s getting too late
For even an hour!
…I’ll jump in the shower.

But fate’s quite a trip;
In shower I slip.
Crack open my head
And fuck me, I’m dead!

At last, off I go
And blood starts to flow.
My dreams down the drain
With bits of my brain.

And so, in the end
The moral dear friends
Is: showers are shitty,
Just make do with kitty.