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Season 2 hc: Everyone grows attached to Yuuri in Russia and Victor has some Regrets ™

Or: my excuse to draw domestic Russian family + Yuuri

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supercat, 97, please?

Supercat + 97. “I want you and I know you want me too.”

“How do you feel about public marriage proposals?” Kara asked, frowning at her phone as she scrolled through Instagram, leaning up against the headboard. Her pajama clad legs pulled up to her chest. Cat was sitting at her dresser, taking off her makeup and still wearing the dress she’d worn to work. She looked up at Kara’s reflection in the mirror as she wiped the dark red lipstick off.

“Depends on who’s asking.” Cat smirked, reaching up to take off her earrings. They clattered onto the dresser, joining her necklace and a couple rings. “I’ve had strangers drop to their knees in front of me and beg before. While flattering on some level, it’s wildly uncomfortable for the most part.”

“Ok but like, specifically, if you were dating someone for like a period of time… like a reasonable amount of time-”

“Like a year and a half?” Cat supplied, tossing a knowing look over her shoulder before going back to what she was doing. Kara faltered, her grasp on the phone tightening enough to crack the screen.

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“I have a newfound appreciation for Lilo and Stitch. After my first cat died, I went into a pretty bad depression. When I went to a shelter to pick a new cat, one particular cat reached his paws through the cage and grabbed my arm and pulled my hand to him. I adopted him, and at first he was really bad (much like Stitch), but now he is such an important part of our family and life. Now every time I watch L&S I smile because I now have a Stitch to my Lilo (I even have a Scrump doll my mom made).”

Title: I’ll Be There
Author: Pink Rabbit Productions
AO3 Link
Cat’s hurt, Kara’s caring for her. Mostly a short exercise in present tense. Barely edited, so all errors are my own.

I’ll Be There

Cat’s a bloody mess when Kara finds her, none of it gushing, but cuts, scratches, and bruises seem to litter every inch of exposed skin, and her clothes are torn enough that a lot more is exposed than normal. It takes everything she has to simply land close and not reach for Cat as the older woman leans heavily against the wall at her back.

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