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heey :) how about a mutsurie fanfic where urie stand up for mutsuki because people at ccg bully him and urie punches someone in the face while mutsuki is standing there surprised by what he just did , or mutsuki get into a fight with some people at ccg and urie throws himself in and punches 'em dead i dunno i'll leave the rest to you , you kno how to do this stuff ;) have a good day , byeee <3

This is actually really cute 。(>ω<。)

Characters/Pairing: Mutsuki Tooru, Urie Kuki, Mutsurie.

Words: 759~

“Hey, aren’t you too weak to be in the CCG?”

“Uhh—I’m sorry but I have to go.”

“Oh, come on. You just trying to run away. What’s with the eye patch anyway?”

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Feel Tom Hiddleston’s face (virtually (maybe (if everything works out)))!

6 Ways Technology Can Give You Super Senses

#6. Gloves That Let You Feel Virtual Sensations

So far, the researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have managed to create a set of “smart fingertips” that can send electrical signals to the skin. It’s basically a tiny little condom made of a circuit-polyimide structure, which is fitted onto a finger-shaped tube of silicon and then your actual finger. The applications for this are numerous, from highly precise surgery to contact sports. Or porn, did we mention porn?

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"Arthur...I-I'm back."

((OMG!! I’m so happy I could just, a;dbgldfbsl!!))

He looked as if he’s seen a ghost. He frantically reached out and touched her face. Feeling the smooth velvet and looking deep into her eyes, “is. Is it, really you love?!”

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hi sweet pea so I rewatched hanni and I really think there is a strong chance of H/William running away together. It reminded me of season 2 in that the same sort of events were happening except this time for real. (instead of will fake killing freddy, chilton is actually lit on fire orchestrated by will) and I think instead of will setting hannibal up, he's actually going to go through with it eeeeeek (wishful thinking)

Hello my friend, you actually have a very good point with the whole Chilton thing… Like right now everything that our lil Graham cracker was pretending to do at the end of season 2 is actively happening naturally and I think it would be a lot of fun if near the end of the finale Hannibal is finally free and he and Will are finally alone together without even a pane of glass between them and Hannibal maybe thinks Will is going to want to unleash his wrath on him because he doesn’t know that Will knows but then Will reaches out and touches his face like Hannibal did to him in Mizumono only he’s not doing it because he’s about to stab him but because he just wants to touch him tenderly for once and then he tells him that he loves him and then William and Hannibal Lecter-Graham ride off into the sunset AND THERE IS NO BLOOD OR PAIN JUST MURDER HUSBANDS WHO FIND A LIFE TOGETHER IN ARGENTINA WITH W+H MONOGRAMMED HAND TOWELS AND A BIG SNUGGLY KING SIZED BED THAT THEY SHARE EVERY NIGHT THE END

You made it simple.

This is how we were to love: hands like starving wolves poised at each other’s collarbones. Screams muffled between thighs. Eyes as dark as November skies. Always the lights on- never shielding our bodies in the darkness, under sheets, between you and the mattress. Bruises worn proud, those black and blue medallions. Medals of honor made to be worn, they burned like fire.

But when I touched your face, you turned me away. Reached out your tongue, bit me awake. Your heart was born in a glass cage, but your mouth ached for soft touches. No one can reach me, you sang.

We leave what we moan in the crevices of the bed. Fire and pleasure and water and tears. Every moment without you felt like years. I let you spill your body over mine, wretched up poetry until I was blind. I know you went to meet her after I fell asleep- ready for another good time. And maybe she followed your rules, but she would never be yours. And I always dreamed you would be mine.

—  Friends with less benefits
Although the sun had sunk behind the houses, the sky was still luminous and the blue of the wall had deepened. She rubbed her fingers along it: the wash was fresh and a little of the powdery stuff came off. And she remembered how once she had reached out to touch the face of a clown because it had awakened some longing. It had happened at a little circus, but not when she was a child.
—  Jane Bowles, from “Everything Is Nice,” Everything Is Nice: Collected Stories, Fragments and Plays (Sort of Books, 2012)
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One Shot Evansson during Civil War filming:

She winked at him. “Here is the question If you can choose any girl in the world, Who would that be?”

She could hear him took a deep breath before he finally turned to face her, his hand reached out to touch her face. He swiped his thumb lightly to brushed the dirt stain from their filming off her cheek. He caught her green eyes with his determined blues.


His serious tone sent a chill down her spine, her pupils went wide, her mind was clouded, she try to open her mouth and say something, but nothing came out. He can’t be serious. Why now… after all these years.

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For the ficlet post: 7 / Bellarke or Clintasha

Clintasha - 

“I almost lost you…” Clint wrapped his arms around Natasha. “Nat, I’m right here. You don’t need to worry anymore” She move from his grip and sat on the edge of the bed, wiping sweat from her forehead. Clint watched her, unsure. “You need to see someone about this, no sleep aint healthy. You know that right?” Natasha turned slightly to looks at him, her face caught somewhere between wanting to sleep and wanting to scream. “I know.” Her voice was still quite, soft. “Then how bout tomorrow we head to SHEILD, tell them whats been going on?” Clint reached out to move her hair from her face, she leaned into the touch. “Cant you stay here tonight, please?” 

“You know I cant do the Nat” Retracting his touch and standing up. “In fact I think we should be saying goodbye by now don’t you?”Natasha stood quickly, facing him with tears in her eyes. “I’m not ready” Louder she spoke this time. “Its been 3 months, look at the others they moved on. You gotta stop doing this, holding on.” She turned her head refusing to listen. “No”

Clint sighed and walked around the bed to her. “Nat you lost me a long time ago and trying to save me in your dreams? its not gonna work you know that” She looked at him and smiled. “But at least I get to see you when I wake up” Clint put his hand on her arms kissing her forehead. “Maybe if your seeing me you’re not really awake”

Natasha jolted as she woke, almost out of breath. “Hey, you okay?” Confused for a second Natasha looked over to find Steve sat next to her on the sofa. “yeah, yeah I’m fine. Just had a bad dream” She smiled, hoping that Steve would drop it. As much as she wanted the dreams to stop, she clung to them. “you know if you need to talk I’m a pretty good listener” Steve smiled back, his smile seemed to innocent, like it was out of place. “ Really I’m fine, just need to get back to work I guess” Natasha got up and walked out, taking the elevator. Had it really been 3 months ? Maybe she was going crazy. “keep it together Romanoff” she mumbled to herself as she stepped out of the elevator.

she visited his grave again, it was the 3rd time this week, she promised herself that it would be the last but sometimes she just needed to remind herself. He was gone.

The younger duelist seemed terribly uncomfortable with the metallic reflection staring back at her. “What can I do?“ She seemed desperate, and, surprisingly, even scared. ”What can I do to avoid becoming you? I must know!“

The robotic hand reached out, touch surprisingly gentle against her past self’s face. Her visor gave a small hiss before clicking open, revealing the tired, cold eyes that lay behind it. A faded, weak and defeated smile tugged at the corners of her lips.

“I’m so sorry.”


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"Scout, why is your face so red?" Alice asked, reaching out to touch him. "Hm, I think you might have a fever. Your forehead is warm."

“Uh, no reason… gorgeous… uh no…”  He fumbled on his words as he felt like some love stricken teenage girl. “Yeah, I’m totally sick. I’m just gonna lay down, far away from ya an’ rest. I don’t want ya gettin’ my bug.” He laughed nervously as he inched away from her.

"Good Morning" by Chelsea Georgia

I was deeply in love by the idea of you
The idea of waking up in the morning next to you
And I’ll give up anything for that moment
Because for once, I’ll be able to look and memorize your face

I listen to your breathing
Wishing I’ll be able to see this every day
I reach out to touch your face
Just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming

It wasn’t too long until you woke up
You looked at me as if it was the first time we’ve met
You pulled me into your arms
And I swear, that’s the best thing I’ve ever felt

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28 Calum

“What?” You whisper, close to tears.

“You heard me.” He says, avoiding your eyes.

“Please, don’t do this.” You plead, walking towards him. He takes a step back. “Calum, come on.”

“It’s just not working anymore.” He whispers.

“We can make it work.” You reach a hand out to touch his face and he moves away again. “Look at me.” He finally meets your eyes and they don’t hold the love they used to anymore. 

“Don’t leave me. Oh, God, don’t leave me.” You are almost begging now. You love him with everything you have and he doesn’t feel the same anymore.

“I’m sorry.” He whispers before walking out the door, leaving you alone in the house you used to share.


Between the 9th and 10th Floor

“I’m really trying not to freak out here. I don’t like closed in spaces.” She sighs loudly.

Asami scoots closer to Korra and boldly reaches for Korra’s hand. She hesitantly gives it to her.

“It’ll be okay. Just relax and breathe with me.” Asami rubs circles on Korra’s hand, noticing how soft it is. She reaches out to touch her face and then stops herself. What am I doing? She thinks.

Korra breathes slowly and finally relaxes just as the lights cut back on, albeit much dimmer than before. They find themselves staring into each other’s eyes, green on blue. Korra is the first to turn away, blushing. Asami notices it and narrows her eyes playfully refusing to let go of Korra’s hand.

“Did I help?” Asami asks, finally touching Korra’s face so that she can force her to look back into her eyes. Korra’s heart pounds and goosebumps spread across Asami’s arms.

My muse is high on painkillers after a big operation in the hospital. Send me “~” for a drug induced nonsensical greeting from my muse.

*reaches out and touches their face*

“Your skin… Is like wheatbread… It’s so perfect.” *starts crying*

Aside from Romans bulging arm muscle I wrote this poem:
His smile
Oh how I love
That smile
Spreading across
His face
Reaching out
Hoping to touch
His eyes
Those eyes
Slowly creasing
Stomach knotting
Palms sweating
Fingers tingling
This is where
I’m meant to be
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