“What’s broken, Baby Doll?” Steve asks, so badly wanting to reach out and touch his mate’s face. Bucky swallows against the lump in his throat.

“Everything.” He says through a whimper. His eyes are so sore from crying, he doesn’t think he has it in him anymore to bawl like he did earlier. “The thing that I was before all this. I’m not that anymore.”

“What thing?”

“I don’t know!” Bucky says sounding exasperated. “I don’t have a name for it. I’ve just been building my whole life around it ever since the twins without ever really thinking about it.”

“You wanna know what I think?”

“Yes, Steve! I always want to know what you think.”

“Not lately.” Steve says dejectedly.

“Especially lately.” Bucky looks seriously into his eyes as he corrects him. Steve blinks at him a few times, just enjoying the eye contact. It’s been awhile.

“I think your whole opinion of yourself changed when we had the twins. You stopped thinking of yourself as just a weapon and started focusing on caring for them. Every day since you found out about them you’ve been molding yourself into the best caretaker you could be for them. Since the word got out about the kids you’ve been questioning whether you’re good enough. Since Doom went after Billy and we lost the baby, you’ve decided you’re not.”

Bucky cringes. His stomach is hurting him again. “I abandoned them at the school, I left Billy unguarded at SHIELD, I lost a fight I should have won. What more proof do you want that I’m not that thing?”

“Baby, the thing you can’t put a name on is called being a good mother.” Bucky whimpers. Steve wants to hold him so badly it’s painful.

The Winter Soldier Goes Public: Part Two - The Notorious Trollop Vo the Terrible (Voishen)

you kinda have to read it in this order:

The Winter Soldier Goes Into Heat

The Winter Soldier Becomes a Parent: And The Personal Business of Other Super Persons

The Winter Soldier is a Bad Ass Mother

The Winter Soldier Goes Public

The Winter Soldier Goes Public: Part Two

Leaked dialogue from the next episode
  • Iris:Is he going to kill Eddie?
  • Barry:*flings Cisco out the way* I WILL
  • Barry:*Smashes eight computers on the ground* BRING HIM
  • Barry:*reaches out to touch Iris' face*
  • Barry:...back to you.
  • Iris:*dodges* lol no liar.

Feel Tom Hiddleston’s face (virtually (maybe (if everything works out)))!

6 Ways Technology Can Give You Super Senses

#6. Gloves That Let You Feel Virtual Sensations

So far, the researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have managed to create a set of “smart fingertips” that can send electrical signals to the skin. It’s basically a tiny little condom made of a circuit-polyimide structure, which is fitted onto a finger-shaped tube of silicon and then your actual finger. The applications for this are numerous, from highly precise surgery to contact sports. Or porn, did we mention porn?

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He reached out then and touched her face, lightly, just the tips of his fingers against her skin. “I told you I couldn’t sleep. Tomorrow by midnight we’ll be either at war or under Valentine’s rule. This could be the last night of our lives, certainly the last even barely ordinary one. The last night we go to sleep and get up just as we always have. And all I could think of was that I wanted to spend it with you.”

Imagine Steven and Connie decide to have a baby, but Steven has to sacrifice his physical form to pass his gem powers onto their kid. And of course pearl and amethyst are heart broken and blubbering messes, and garnet seems like the only one who has it together.

But then when garnet and the baby are alone for the first time, the kid reaches out to touch Garnet’s face and she just whispers “my only weakness, tiny hands” before breaking down sobbing

Bucky, honeybun, you can’t just longingly stare at Steve on a screen and reach out and touch said screen as if you were petting his face. Why do you think the fangirls say you are gay, huh? Wasn’t the original Captain America comics enough with you two sleeping together and him saving your booty-shorts-clad ass in every single issue? Wasn’t it?



Holly May sat on the floor with her son as he fiddled with small, generic baby toys. She had lay him down on a thick blanket and given him a few small toys to entertain himself. She tickled under his chin and laughed as he squealed.

She lifted him up and held him so his feet rested on her knees. Francis reached out and touched her nose, giggling. Holly May scrunched her face up before blowing a raspberry right against his chubby little cheek, causing him to giggle again. Holly May laughed.

Francis stuffed his little hand into his mouth and turned around as John walked in. He beamed and clapped. Holly May grinned.

“How was your day, love?”

busy-old-fool asked:

#20 for Ryokuhaku or #11 for SeoWaka?

I’ve already answered a #11, so here’s your other prompt ^^

20. things you said that i wasn’t meant to hear

It was one of those rare nights where Kija couldn’t sleep.  With the new tent, less and less bugs were creeping on him.  But still wakefulness forced itself on him.  He sat up, letting his blanket slip down to his lap.  He wondered what he should do to pass the time before he could sleep again.

Mumbling sounded from beside him.  He looked down and found Jae-ha shifting in his sleep, whining about something Kija couldn’t quite hear.

Was he having a nightmare?  Kija reached out his human hand to touch Jae-ha’s face, just to check if he was okay.  Almost immediately, he froze, and his words became a bit more intelligible.

“No… don’t….” Jae-ha muttered.  He curled up under his blanket, almost protectively of himself.  There was fear in his voice, something so unfamiliar to Kija’s ears.  Not once had he ever heard his green dragon brother falter.  Kija retracted his hand, hoping it would calm Jae-ha’s dream.

But, apparently, it was too late.  Jae-ha shook under his blanket, and he began to mumble something that sounded like a name.  “Ga… what are you… Garou… n… No… Stop it.”  Kija was sure he was hearing something he shouldn’t.  Jae-ha rarely spoke about his past, and Kija was starting to think he could understand why.  He reached out to shake Jae-ha awake.  But without warning he sprung up, screaming, “Stop it!”

The rest of the tent woke up with him.  Jae-ha shook with heavy breaths as Hak complained about the rude awakening, while Shinah and Zeno watched on with worry.  Kija grabbed Jae-ha’s arm and pulled him out of the tent.  As they walked towards the campfire, he heard Jae-ha speak.

“Ah.  I’m walking.”  They stopped and Kija turned around.  Jae-ha took back his arm to check his wrists.  “And I’m free.  It was just a dream, huh…”  In the light of the waning crescent moon, Kija could spot sadness in Jae-ha’s usually smiling eyes.  Kija stepped up to him and held his face in his hands, forcing eye contact.

“Yes.  You’re awake now.  If you wish to talk about your nightmare, I am willing to listen.”

I’ve lived in a funhouse of mirrors
but the illusion of the reflections confused me
I reached out to touch my face but I felt nothing but the cool surface
I craved the warmth of another
I longed for the warmth of my mother

flashes of light
a storm is coming
but no shelter near
only mirrors

and I’m afraid of myself
“I’m afraid of you”

I’m afraid of myself
“I’m afraid of you”

you blame it all on me
as if these thick mirrors you put up  
are conspiring with me

You’re paranoid
baby I’m paranoid
you lost your wit baby
I miss your kisses honey
please come to bed
your right beside me
but I know you’re not there

but I guess I never was allowed in anyways
you never left the lights on for me anyways 
you never gave me the key
you let me sleep out on the porch
you let me cry at your door
all wrapped up in pastels
reaching out
as the storm whipped me around

silly me for staying there
stupid me for laying there
I waited for nothing at all
I waited for the hope of it all
I wanted you to stay
but you never were here anyways…

—  Kassandra Dea | Mirrors

ayanozonurai asked:

Can you do a scene about Sideswipe and human female. If you use G1 characters could you add Sunstreaker.

The only sideswipe I know well enough to write is RID Sideswipe
I guess you meant the script things? I’m not doing any requests for them right now, but I could talk about them!
SIdeswipe likes to take his humans on drives, and at least once he drives too fast and his human has to tell him to slow down. He likes sleeping next to them, mostly because he’s noticed his human calls his name in his sleep and usually reaches out to touch his face or shoulder.
Sides also like to hold them close and sneak kisses when he’s supposed to be working the naughtly bot.

when you see this, share three random lines from three WIPS

Well this is fun! Consider these Sunday Snippets :)

1. Time, make it go faster or just rewind - Chapter 13

Keith watched as Logan reached his hand out to touch her face, hesitated, and then squeezed her shoulder instead.  “Okay, I’ll see you at school then.”  

The two boys hurried out the door, both avoiding eye contact with Keith.  Teenage boys would never cease to entertain him.  

“Well daughter mine, it would appear Rebecca was wrong about you being socially isolated.  In fact, I’m starting to wish you were a little more isolated.”  Keith glared down at Veronica.  “And whatever happened to Troy, your boyfriend?  I can’t imagine he’d be too pleased about you sleeping in Logan’s lap.  I know I’m not.”

2. Florist AU (tentatively titled: Breaking the Rules) 

“Okay, these clothes are done.”  Veronica said softly against Logan’s chest.  Her breath tickled across the hair on his chest, sending a shiver down his spine.

“I could shower again.”  Logan whispered into her hair, sliding his hand down to cup her bare ass.  I think my body forgot I’m not seventeen anymore, he couldn’t help but laugh to himself.

“I don’t think that’s necessary.  Um…let me just go throw on some clean clothes and then we can take care of me getting a copy of that video.” 

3. Untitled Post S3 FF, FBI!Veronica

Veronica heard someone approaching her from behind and then a large hand gripped her arm.  A smile started to form on her face when that grip tightened uncomfortably.

“You!  You stupid bitch!”  The attack was fast and Veronica was totally unprepared.  She had completely let her guard down.  Stupid!  

She was spun around and shoved against one of the few bare spaces of wall.  Her head slammed back hard, she saw stars and then a familiar face materialized—mid to late fifties, still handsome if not a little worse for the ware.  Richard Casablancas Sr. stood before her, his hands on her throat roughly lifting her off the ground.

Stuart: *walks into the bathroom with an unnaturally shiny and excited face*
Me: why is your face wet?
Stuart: it’s not
Me: yes it is, it’s shiny
Stuart: no it’s not
Me: *reaches out to touch it*
Stuart: Don’t touch my face mask!
Me: I knew it!
Stuart: I just like peeling them off!