It was the celebration of springtime as he watched her walk amongst the crowd with her hands busy in front of her, her blue garland perched regally on her gold tresses. He admired the happy glow that always seemed to surround her, and as he watched her smile triumphantly, he couldn’t help but get up from his place and walk over to her. He was all too curious at what she had accomplished.
“Hello starlight,” he said as he neared her.
She grinned happily as she showed him the red flower crown in her hand, “Hello, meleth nin. I made you a crown to match mine for the celebration.”
He took his own crown off, perched it delicately on the table nearby, and bowed his head to allow her to place it on him.
As he rose up after the crown was secure, he met her gaze and cast about for a few moments for something to say, until a memory filtered through his mind.
He smiled as he reached out to touch his palm to her face, letting his thumb drag over her pinkened cheeks, “Did you know that it wasn’t long after this celebration, oh so long ago, that you agreed to marry me?”
She grinned in return and wrapped her arms around his waist, “Yes, I did.”
He leaned forward to press his forehead to hers, and rubbed his nose gently against hers, “And are you happy, my star?”
Her hold tightened on him as she stared into his eyes with a sparkle in her own, “More than anything, my heart.”

 —Guest-written by: eldartari (AO3)

The first thought I have every morning when I wake up is “where Daddy?” And I can’t wait for the day when I can reach out and touch his sleepy face and think “Daddy here”


He reached out then and touched her face, lightly, just the tips of his fingers against her skin. “I told you I couldn’t sleep. Tomorrow by midnight we’ll be either at war or under Valentine’s rule. This could be the last night of our lives, certainly the last even barely ordinary one. The last night we go to sleep and get up just as we always have. And all I could think of was that I wanted to spend it with you.”

singledad!luke hadn’t even considered it when he had picked up his razor that morning, expertly ridding himself of the beard that had adorned his face for 6 months, hadn’t remembered why he had been too lazy to shave for nearly half a year until he sneaks into little hemmo’s nursery and picks up his sleeping angel. she blinks open her ocean eyes, looking up at her daddy without her usual grin and luke barely has time to be concerned before loud cries are filling the room. luke frantically rocks her back and forth whispering soothing words into her blonde wisps of hair, “i’m here baby, daddy’s right here..” he tries adjusting his grip so she can properly see his face, desperate to see some recognition in her eyes. the familiarity of his voice calms her cries, but her eyebrows pinch together as her chubby hands clumsily reaches out to touch his face, lightly tapping where only yesterday there was a scruffy beard. “it’s daddy” he encourages, holding her hand against his cheek, “it’s your daddy” thankfully she eventually seems convinced, offering the gummy smile and the excited “dada!” he is greeted with every morning, before leaning forward to hug his smooth neck tightly. pressing a gentle kiss to her soft hair, thinking to himself “i am never shaving ever again if that the reaction”


i open my eyes
and the morning
light streams
into the room,
lighting up your face
and you are staring
at me
so i stare
at you.

i memorize
the slope of your
the curve of your
and you reach out
almost touching
my face
but not quite.

in these hazy
early morning
i grow to
love you,
but the words
are stuck
on my tongue
so i get up,
get ready
and you
your eyes
and the moment
is gone.

When We Were Young (Part 2)

Summary: Model!Dean AU with Photographer!Reader. After running into Dean, you are a prominent photographer and he an internationally-known model. Things begin to heat up.

Pairings: Dean x Reader (Main); Cas x Reader (side)

Word Count: 3,605

Warnings: None.

Part 1

A/N: Hope you guys enjoy this part as much as I did writing it! Tell me what you think ^^ Oh, and there’s a naked Dean.

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  • Brother:You know, when Han died, I wished that there was just a little bit more dialogue in that scene.
  • Me:What do you mean?
  • Brother:Like it should've went like....
  • *Kylo stabs Han*
  • *Han reaches out to touch Kylo's face and manages to choke out a few words*
  • Han:...I love you, son.
  • Kylo:
  • Kylo:I know.
  • *Han falls to his death*
  • Brother:Yeah, that's how it should've went. What do you think?
  • Me:
  • Me:Are you trying to fuck with my feelings?

va meme: one of two locations

h e  C h u r c h

“Don’t you think we’re going to go to hell for this?” asked Lissa.

He reached out and touched her face, trailing his fingers along her cheek and neck and down to the top of her silky shirt. She breathed heavily at that touch, at the way it could be so gentle and small, yet evoke such a strong passion within her.

“For this?” He played with the shirt’s edge, letting his finger just barely brush inside of it.

“No,” she laughed. “For this.” She gestured around the attic. “This is a church. We shouldn’t be doing this kind of, um, thing up here.”

“Not true,” he argued. Gently, he pushed her onto her back and leaned over her. “The church is downstairs. This is just storage. God won’t mind.” 

What if Rhys did his fan thing the way some of us do with favourite characters.

Rhys stared intently at Jack, reaching out and touching his face with the full palm of his hand. “My son.” 

Coughs And Cuddles

You warned him. You knew this would’ve happened and now here you were lying in bed next to him as he coughed to the point where he was gagging. You sighed, your head turning to face him and rubbed his chest softly.

“Take a breath, Harry.” You watched as he sat up, a shiver taking its course through his body. He looked over at you, his lips curving down and his bottom lip pouting.

He’d been sick for the past few days now and he refused to go to the doctor, claiming he’d pull through on his own. You made constant runs to the nearest pharmacy to pull the over the counter medications off of the shelves, rushing back to him so he’d take them. You called the doctor, without him knowing, and taken down notes on what to do.

You turned to him, sitting up and crossing your legs into a pretzel. Reaching out to touch his face, the heat radiated off of his forehead as you pressed your palm to it.

“Baby, you’re heating up again.” Climbing off of the bed, you quickly made your way to the bathroom to grab a face towel, dousing it in an ice bucket you prepared. He groaned from his side of the bed, his eyes drifting close.

“No, that thing is so cold.” He complained before snuggling into the blanket. You sat besides him, the towel in your hand before you pulled the blanket away from him.

“The more you do this, the faster you’ll get better, my love.” You watched as he tried to breathe in through his nose, a cough escaping his lips instead.

Your heart ached. You absolutely hated watching him in pain. He was like a child who wasn’t able to take care of themselves and depended on its mother for everything. His eyes were bloodshot and puffy, his nose red from the constant blowing, and his lips chapped.

“I feel better,” he tried to argue, his head flopping back against the pillow. You shook your head, your fingers reaching up to push his hair away from his forehead.

“I know you do, but we want you to feel completely better, right?” He lifted a tissue to his nose, giving it a tiny blow. Nodding, he closed his eyes and let you take over.

“Just relax, baby.” You leaned over to grab one of the towels before dipping it into the ice bucket, slightly draining it before laying it across his forehead. You watched as he stiffened, a groan escaping his lips. You grabbed another towel before dipping it into the bucket, laying it on top of his abdomens.

“Oh,” he squeezed his eyes shut, his toes curling at the end of the bed.

“I’m sorry,” you whispered, your lips pouting. You grabbed two more towels, dipping them in the bucket before placing one on each of his feet. Moaning and groaning, he peeked one eye open and looked at you. “There, that’s it.”

“You’re killing me,” he laughed softly, his arms reaching out for you. “Come cuddle with me.”

“If I cuddle with you, you’ll want to kiss me and then I’m going to get sick.” You laughed, climbing over him and settling down on your side of the bed.

“I promise, I won’t kiss you,” he turned to you, his arms still reaching out. His eyes were tired, his lips pouty, and you just weren’t able to say no.

“Alright, fine.” You leaned in, your head falling to his shoulder and your lips pressing a kiss to his jaw. “Now can you please just relax and try to get some sleep?”

You caught him rolling his eyes, his arm snaking around you tighter.

“Okay, okay, mum.” A laugh escaped your lips as you jokingly hit his chest, a laugh coming from him. You felt him take in a breath and you were quick to grab a tissue to place over his nose, just in time for his sneeze.

“I told you so,” you mumbled as he shook his head, blowing into the tissue.

“I know, I know. Shut up,” he sighed, his eyes closing once more and his body trying to relax.

“I’ll give you a hundred pounds if you jump into the pool right now,” Niall dared, his eyes falling to Harry.

“Two hundred and I’ll do it.” He shot back, his hands quickly pulling off his shirt. You peeked your head into the living room from where you were in the kitchen, your eyes narrowing in on your boyfriend.

“You’ll do what?”

“Hey hey, this is man business, baby.” He turned back to Niall. “Do we have a deal?” You quickly made your way over, standing in front of him with your hands on your hips. His eyes darted up to yours, an innocent smile playing at his lips.

“Love you,” he wrapped his arms around your waist. You rolled your eyes, looking at the rest of the boys seated around.

“You boys better keep my boyfriend out of trouble,” you shot them each a glare before making your way back into the kitchen.

“Two hundred.” Niall mumbled. “Right now.”

All heads turned to the window, the snow now falling heavier as it hit the ground.

“Let’s go,” Harry quickly shot from his seat on the recliner and made a dash for the backyard, slowly opening the door and stepping out into the cold.

You heard the giggles and jokes being thrown around as they rushed out, you quickly behind them. You watched as Harry stepped out into the yard, your eyes going wide as he stood in just his sweats.

“Harry! What the hell are you doing?! It’s freezing out there!”

“I know, just give me a second, babe!” He scurried across the snow covered lawn, his feet jumping around.

“Harry! Don’t you dare! Get back here!”

His foot reached down to touch the pool water, realizing it was almost frozen. He was quick to slip off his sweats and he took a step back, glancing back at his girlfriend shooting daggers at him and his mates too happy.

“This is your last warning, Harry Edward Styles. Get back here, you’re going to catch pneumonia!”

“It’ll be quick, I promise!” He shot back before leaping in, his body fully submerging underwater. Niall groaned next to you while the rest of the boys broke out into hysterics. His head shot out of water, his curls sticking to his face before he quickly climbed out and running towards the door.

“I can’t believe you would do something so stupid!” You yelled, rushing after him into the house. “You’re going to get so sick and I’m going to be stuck taking care of you!”

“Baby, I’m not going to get sick and now we’re two hundred pounds richer.” He quickly grabbed a towel, wrapping it around his body as he shivered. Burying your face in your hands, you shook your head and groaned.

“Boys don’t think with the right head.”

And now here you were; a sick, pale, and complaining Harry lay beside you in bed.

“How’re you going to get through the interview tomorrow?” You reached down to stroke his hair, his eyes opening and looking up at you.

“With a couple of cuddles with you tonight, I’ll be better in the morning.” He smiled, trying to take in a breath through his nose. Rolling your eyes, you leaned down to press a kiss to the top of his head.

“You should get some sleep, baby. Let me just grab your medication before you do,” you quickly sat up and grabbed his bottle of pills off of the bedside table, leaning back over to hand him a glass of water.

“They’re so gross,” he complained, his eyes watery from his stuffy nose.

“I know, but you need them so here,” you pushed them towards him, urging for him to take them. He pouted, a sigh escaping his lips before he took them from your palm and swallowed them down following a gulp of water. “Now you can sleep, my love.”

His head was quick to fall on to your stomach, his arm draping around your waist.

“I love you,” he mumbled, his voice hoarse from his cold. Your fingers tangled into the strands of his hair, rubbing his scalp softly.

“I love you too.”


“How’re you feeling?” It was early in the morning and with a sick Harry, it was never easy.

“Gross,” he mumbled, his head buried into the pillow.

“Do you want me to call Paul?”

He turned on his back, his hand rubbing over his face as he shook his head. Sitting up, he pushed his hair out of his eyes and turned to look at you.

“I’ll be okay. I’m just going to take a hot shower and I’ll be fine.” You nodded and watched as he climbed out, dragging his feet into the bathroom.


He was dressed and ready in no time after a few complaints and curse words fell from his lips, causing you to giggle.

“I’m driving,” you stated, reaching your hand out to him for the keys while standing in the foyer. His eyebrows shot up, a smirk on his face.

“My tiny, beautiful girlfriend wants to drive my large manly car?” His voice nasally, but the smirk staying in place.

“Haha, you are so funny, Harry.” You snatched the key from his hand before buttoning up the last loop on his coat and reaching up to pull his beanie down a little further. “I want you to stay warm out there.”

“I know you do, baby.” He smiled, his hands falling to your waist. “You’re too good to me.”

“I would kiss you, but I don’t want your cooties right now.” You grinned, leaning up to press a kiss to his cheek and making your way out of the front door. You heard his laugh behind you before he shut the door and followed after you, climbing into the passenger seat.

“Sure you don’t want to switch?”

“Harry, I’m not a child. I know how to drive,” you quickly shot a glare at him before sticking the key into the ignition and turning it, revving the engine to life. “Now put your seat belt on.”

“Don’t have to tell me twice,” he obliged, clicking the belt into place and watching his girlfriend take his spot for the day.


“Sounds like you’re a bit under the weather today huh, Harry?” The interviewer smiled, leaning over to hand him a box of tissues. He gratefully took it, setting it down next to him.

“Yeah, we had a silly bet and I ended up getting sick.” He laughed, dropping his head and shaking it, reminiscing the incident.

“How’re you feeling now?” She smiled, leaning back in her chair.

“I’m getting better,” he paused for a moment, scrunching his nose and looking around.

You were behind the camera and watching, placing a hand on your mouth to stifle a laugh. He let a laugh escape his lips as he leaned back in his chair.

“I’m going to try and make this quick so we can get you out of here and back in bed,” she laughed, reaching for her notes. “How’s the album coming along?”

He grinned, giving a small nod. “It’s going really well, I think the fans are going to really like this one. It’s much more intimate and I feel like they’ll get a better view of our lives.”

“That sounds exciting! And how about you, Harry? Any wedding bells or baby Styles’ in the near future?” She beamed, sitting up and leaning in closer to him. He laughed, his eyes darting to your quickly.

“Yeah, I’m hoping really soon,” he smiled, not taking his eyes off of you.

“She makes you happy. I can tell just by the look in your eyes,” she turned her head to you, a smile on her lips.

“She does, she really does. She’s too good to me.” You felt the heat creep to your cheeks, your hands folding in front of you.

“That is absolutely the cutest thing ever and you guys are perfect together,” she smiled. “I’m happy for you both. And jealous, of course.”

He laughed, his eyes still locked on you. He loved you, he really did. He couldn’t wait to spend the rest of his life with you and sooner or later, he was officially going to make you his wife. He was just waiting on the perfect moment.

“I love you,” he shot at you, right in the middle of his interview on tape. You smiled, your heart racing and your bottom lip taken between your teeth.

“I love you too.”

“Okay okay, enough before I melt right here in my chair!” The interviewer laughed, his eyes drifting back to her. His nose scrunched up once more as he took in an inhale before he let out a hefty sneeze, quickly stifling it with a tissue.

“Alright, thank you Harry for being here with us. We look forward to the album and the tour. Feel better,” she turned to look at you. “And make sure your miss takes care of you.”

You giggled, nodding and giving her a thumbs up before she turned back to Harry.

“Thank you for having me,” he smiled before the cameras stopped rolling and he stood up. “I would give you a hug but I don’t want to get any of you sick,” he laughed. She laughed along, giving him a nod.

“Understandable, now you just get home and get some rest.” She smiled over at you as he came over to intertwine his fingers with yours. “Thank you, guys.” He gave her a small wave before grabbing his coat and buttoning it up, watching as you did the same.

“Are we ready to go?” You looked up into his bright eyes, his hands slipping his beanie around his head as he gave you a nod.



He was back in his briefs and in bed, his arms reaching out for you. He looked better, much better than the day before.

“Come cuddle with me.” He ordered, his eyes dancing along your body as he watched you change.

“Stop staring at me, you creep.”

“I’m your boyfriend, I’m allowed to stare.” He laughed, his hands cradling the back of his head as he leaned back. Rolling your eyes, you slipped in next to him, your heading falling to his shoulder.

“Are you feeling better?” You glanced up at him, your fingers tracing the ink on his chest and pressing a soft kiss to it. He let out a content sigh, his fingers running through the strands of your hair.

“So much better,” he admitted, his cheek pressed to the top of your head as his fingers made their way down your back.

“Next time you’ll listen to me when I warn you that your idea is stupid?” He laughed, his arm wrapping tighter around you as he nodded.

“I promise.”


There you have it, my lovely readers! I’m super sorry that this is late but here it is so no worries! Thank you to the anon who requested this, I hope you as well as everyone else enjoys! Leave me some feedback and drop by my ask for anything else. Love you, darlings! 

Anna x 

A/N: Heyyy there(: I know I was gone for a while, but here you go. Please don’t hate me too much <3

“Is this how I’m supposed to spend my days? Reading?” Loki scowled when you slipped some books on his table.

“If you had other plans, than perhaps you should have thought about what you were getting yourself into when you invaded Midgard and caused havoc… You killed innocent people, Loki.” You replied back calmly before turning around to face him. Your hand reached out to touch his arm, but he pulled away and faced out of his cell.

“…You sound like my mother.”

“Wise woman are alike.” You smiled though he couldn’t see it.

“So… Have you met the mortal?” He scoffed.

“You mean Miss. Jane Foster? Yes she is a lovely woman? Thor did well.”

“Thor is facing the inevitable. She’s nothing but a mere mortal.”

“Have you forgotten that you too bleed? That you breathe oxygen? Or that you also die? Granted, you do have a few thousand years more than them– but ultimately you see your end in Valhalla.”

“Or Hel.”

“…Or Hel…” You asked more than stated. The God of Mischief turned around to face you, a sort of smirk upon his face.

“Do you honestly believe Odin–”

“Your father—” You cut in quickly.

“Odin,” He repeated again to correct you, “Would actually let me dwell there with all his beloved warriors.”

“He’s your father Lo–”

“He is nothing of the sorts!“ He yelled, taking a few strides toward you.

"First and foremost your mother raised you better than to yell at women. Second, He loves you Loki!” You raised your voice back at him. “You’re just too stubborn to realize that. It’s sort of ironic you want nothing to do with the Allfather yet you are most like him.”

“I am not.” He growled in your face.”

“Whatever you say.” You smiled causing him to roll his eyes and walk away from you. “But Odin is not the reason why I’m here.”

“Oh? Is that so?” Loki asked sarcastically.

“Tis’, I’ve come to check on my husband.” You gave him a smile and that was all he needed to give in. He shook his head and looked around the room smiling. You wrapped your arms around his waist and looked in his eyes. “Did you forget that we wedded? Because being the God of Mischief will do that to you.”

“Of course not, I just don’t understand why they call me that when you clearly are the one. One smile stricken across your beautiful face and I’m a fool.” He said embracing you in his arms.

“Ahh yes, my Loki, you are a fool.” You laughed before pulling him closer to you for a kiss.  

“When I was 15 I landed my first job as a domino’s sign holder.  On average I would be approached by 2-6 guys per shift, and every shift was no longer than four and a half hours, though most of them were about two to three hours long.  Generally, the same comments were made on the daily.  ”Hey baby what are you doing standing out here?”  ”You’re too hot to be out here working this kind of job, let me show you what a REAL good time is.”  At any given point I’d report this to my manager he would always laugh it off and tell me to go back outside.  One day a stranger walked up behind me and stuck his head right above my chest and told me that I was beautiful while not even bothering to glance up to my face.  He reached out to touch me and I had to run down the road as he followed me.  I spent several minutes asking him to please leave me alone, and my boss could seem to care less that a stranger literally tried to put his hands on me.”

Submission from jellyfishandlovestories

“But What Was She Wearing?” is a project documenting what street harassment really looks like. Submit your own to or via tumblr.  

Y'know when you see those gifs of Hiccup and like.

You literally want to reach out and touch his face because he LOOKS SO FUCKIN REALISTIC LIKE.