Exs- Auston Matthews

For @memz-elizabeth- I’m not sure how well I ended this because it was kind of hard, but I hope you like it xx

Request: hi! can i get 24 of the writing prompts you posted? with Auston Matthews please? Can it be where my now ex boyfriend and i got into a fight and auston finds out and comforts me? then end up together? thank you. my names Memz if you need that :))

Prompt: “What the fuck happened to your face?”

Warnings: Talk of abuse (Abuse of any kind is awful and unsafe so please reach out if you need help.) 


You flinched as you touched your face. The bruise had become ten shades darker now and hurt like hell. There was no way you would be able to cover it up and if you couldn’t cover it up, there was no way you could go to work. 

You phoned your boss, telling him you were feeling under the weather and promising to keep him updated on how you were feeling. 

You hated lying, but you did’t want to deal with all the questions today. No matter how much you loved being a trainer for the Maple Leafs, you were not going to put yourself through that today.  You sighed as you plunked down on the couch, choosing to watch hockey highlights rather than the real thing. 

It was just past two and you were deciding on how to best do lunch when a knock sounded on your door. You jumped involuntarily. No way would you open that door. You were never looking at your ex again.

The knock sounded again, this time followed by a voice. One you didn’t want to hear, but, now that you admitted it, weren’t all that surprised about. “Memz?”

You groaned. You knew should have texted Auston and told him you were fine. The two of you had grown very close over the past season and it was no surprise that he would check up on you when you were “sick’. 

“Coming,” you threw your hair into your face, trying to hide the bruise on your cheek. You kept your face down as your answered the door.

“Hey,” Auston greeted as he moved into your apartment, despite your best attempts from keeping him to. “How are you feeling?”

You gave him a thumbs up, keeping your face tilted downwards. 

“You sure?” He laughed. He reached towards you and brushed your hair out of your face. Hitting your cheek in the process. You flinched and hissed, immediately pulling Auston’s attention to your cheek. Not that he could’ve missed it. 

“What the hell happened to your face?” He’s eyes were wide and you has never seemed him look so astonished. When you wouldn’t answer, you realized, also, that you had never seen him look so angry. “I’m going to kill him.”

“No you won’t,” you said pointedly, dragging him to the couch. You pushed him down and then sat on the coffee table across from him.

He leaned forward, lightly touching you cheek. “Yes I am.”

“I’m fine. He’s gone. That’s all that matters.”

“He can’t just hit you!”

“Yeah no shit. That’s why I broke up with him and told him that if he ever tried to talk to me again I’ll get a restraining order. Plus, he’s afraid of what you guys would do to him if I let you,” you joked, trying to get Auston to smile, even a little.

You were honestly okay now. You weren’t going to stay in an abusive relationship and as soon as your ex had touched you, you had broken it off. 

“I don’t like it,” Auston mumbled. “Why did he even do it?”

Now here was where you were hoping the conversation wouldn’t go. You sighed, looking down at your hands.

“We were fighting,” you started. “About you.”

“Me?” Auston asked incredulously. 

“ Both of us knew the relationship was over weeks ago, but neither of us wanted to do anything about it. And then last night he said that he didn’t like how much time we were spending together and how close we were. He went on and on about how he thought you had feelings for me and the he said he was sure I was in love with you. And when I didn’t correct him, he,” you shrugged. 

“He hit you because of me?” Auston shook his head, guilt written all over his face.

“No Aus,” you sighed. “I don’t think he even meant to hit me. He just hit whatever the first thing was that his hand came into contact with. But its not your fault okay? I should’ve ended things with him when I started realizing I was in love with you.”

“Memz, I’m so sorry,” Auston whispered. 

“It is not your fault.”

The two of you were silent for a while.

“He was right you know,” Auston grabbed your attention. He had moved forward on the couch so that he was right in front of you. “I do have feelings for you.”

You giggled as the boy leaned forward and kissed you. “How about I make up for the shitty ex-boyfriend and be a really good ned boyfriend and we spend the rest of the day in?”

“I like the sound of that,” you smiled as you kissed him again. 

“But Memz, if I see him again, I really will kick his ass.”

You laughed as you curled into his side, finally relaxing. 


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things that fuck me up ™  about the new clip

aka I watched it three times now and it still hurts

- the fact that Even and Linn seem to be comfortable around each other and the was Even asks ‘sore loser?’ to her with the biggest smile on his face

- the moment when Even greets Isak a second time and then kisses him (best close up I’ve ever seen tbh) I FORGOT: THE NOISE ISAK MAKES WHEN THEY KISS


- Isak reaching out to touch Even’s face and Even adjusting to the touch????!!!!

- how serious Isak gets after Even tells him he joined the Kosegruppa for him, like he can’t believe/feels like he doesn’t deserve it (he does, in fact, deserve it and everything else good in the world)

- the soft way Even says ‘yeah’ when Isak ask’s him if he had seen him before the first meeting

- the even softer way Isak answers ‘whoa’ 

- when Even adjusts himself so that his hoodie’s hood falls on his hair and makes them look fluffy

- Even cupping Isak’s face into his hands and staring at him like he’s the whole universe?????

- the half smile Even gives Isak before I the screen blacks out

I was just thinking about the expression on Daryls face when he flung the door open and found Carol in that closet..

arm raised, ready to go and then…

like he couldn’t believe she was there. He had fully expected to have to do away with her, had steeled himself and prepared for it. But she was alive and his expression was one of wonder and shock. She was alive, he hadn’t lost her like he’d convinced himself he had. You can just see that expression on his face so clearly, the shock and relief. He had to reach out and touch her face just  to make sure it was really her (and we didn’t see the last of that gentle touch did we?) before he carried her off to safety ever so carefully. 

I thought the expression was kind of similar here too. After just barely escaping with their lives from Terminus, just taking a breath and assesing the situation he hear hears a snap and looks up, expecting more danger. 

But instead sees her standing there like a mirage.

Probably never thought he’d see her again and that look surprise, the eyes widening, wondering if maybe he was see things. The emotion convey just by  his eyes (a lovely piece of acting I might add on Norman’s part) upon seeing her in the flesh right in front of him, I can’t even describe it but it was just beautiful.. The feeling of love and relief just clearly overwhelmed his senses and he just needed to get to her as soon as possible, to be sure she was, in fact, really there…

I was thinking about when he sees her again (which will be soon) and what his face will convey then. What that will look like. After everything that he’d just been through and most likely thinking she was gone for good this time, what will he look like when he sees her this time?

I don’t know, but we will see his emotions very clearly I believe, the minute he lays eyes on her…

And will it destroy my heart when I see it? Definitely. That much I do know based on prior events. It will rip my feels to pieces, hell its doing it just thinking about it now. 

I just personally can’t wait to see that moment. Because dammit I want my feels ripped apart in a good way for one..

I see your face
in the faces of strangers.
I want to reach out and touch your lips.
I want to gaze into your eyes.
I want to lose my fingers
in the tangles of your hair.
But none of them
are all of you,
which only seems fitting,
because I am no longer
all of me.
—  Alicia N Green (

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2. With a hoarse voice, under the blankets. IronFalcon of course

It’s a little bit over 1.3k words so watch out for the cut.

Tony was woken up by a hand to the face.

He instinctively tried to get away, terrified because something was constricting him and it took him a moment to realize that it was a blanket. Because he was in bed, safe and sound in his tower, with Sam right by his side.

Sam, who was trashing and whimpering in his sleep and whose hand had hit Tony in the face.

Tony carefully reached out for Sam, touching him gently at the shoulder and shaking him only a little bit.

“Sam, sweetheart, you need to wake up, it’s just a nightmare.”

It took him two, three tries before Sam’s eyes flew open and he nearly smacked Tony in the face again.

“It’s alright, you’re alright, it’s just a nightmare,” Tony soothingly told him and Sam stared wide eyed at him before he flopped down and closed his eyes.

“Shit,” he said with emphasis and Tony nodded.

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onliafaze  asked:

Asking again in case Tumblr ate the first attempt. Free! sceanario: Rin, Haru, Makoto, Rei, and Sosuke react when the most hyperactive/clumsiet ,member on their team try to give the boys' s/o a high five, but end up smacking her in the face instead, hard enough to leave a bit of a hand print (cuz those boys are ripped)


Oh my god.”

It was your face that got smacked, but it was Rin’s that went grey in horror. He stared at the quickly forming hand print on your cheek with wide eyes and dropped jaw.

“Are you okay?”

You nodded, still too surprised to make a sound. Rin covered his mouth with his hand for a moment and then leaned closer, reaching out to touch your face, but he halted mere centimetres from your skin.

“Does it hurt?”

You looked at him with equally wide eyes and your chin shook. It wasn’t like it hurt all that much and no permanent damage was sustained, but there was something about being doted on after such accident that just involuntarily squeezed out tears on reflex.

“Oh my god, please don’t cry!” Rin’s voice shot an octave higher and he grabbed your shoulders in panic. “I’m sorry! It wasn’t intentional!”

His own eyes watered as well and three seconds later you were both crying like toddlers over a chafed knee.

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Flaminia Veronesi cycles through several different media, including water-color painting and sculpture, and her #TFWGucci collaboration is similarly hands-on. Rather than pasting pictures in a digital landscape, she preferred to sculpt clay figures in this artwork: an outstretched hand, clad with rings and a Gucci Le Marché des Merveilles watch, reaches out to touch a statue’s lovely face. Recreated from a Gucci campaign shoot, the result is sweet, sad, and not a little lonely, like a Giorgio de Chirico painting. Meme by the Internet culture-savvy. - Text by Helen Holmes.


WARNING: Abuse (only aftermaths though) 

Part 1-
You sat quietly in the bathroom with your back to the mirror taking in the damage that fresh cuts and bruises on your back. You felt aching in your shoulder as you twist to try and get a better view but you give up and just drop the pick your shirt off the sink, slowly pulling it on. You heard a knock at the front door making you jump. Panicked you look into the mirror to see the black eye and already regretting opening the door because when you do your greeted by a loud gasp. 

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Perhaps once it is gone,
the way that the view from the back door looks,
golden bulbs throwing a glow onto the concrete
a violet sky seeping through the wire fence,
will seem like a painting
that once hung on a wall in my home
now sold to pay the rent.

The way that your breath sounds
jagged and garbled over the phone
just before beeping and cutting out
will one day no longer fill me with the ache
of feeling half of a whole.
For a fleeting moment, you were here,
but I could not reach out and touch your face.

The plastic floors that I never liked,
the stairs I could never climb,
the desperate urge to escape,
will someday seem distant,
and perhaps then, I will have found
somewhere else where breathing
feels easy,
or realize that it was never the brick walls and fluorescent lights
that were the problem.

Cramped up into a backseat,
like knick knacks in an attic,
warm, with drawings and whispered conversations
etched condensation on the windows,
a cardigan the only thing covering my bare legs,
thinking that I would make this my home for the night
if it weren’t so cold.
I want to fall asleep
with your sighs in my hair.
One day I will not have to leave this
to drive home.
Your breath will be where I sleep.

I will move forward,
as all things do,
with the hopes that I am inching ever closer
to myself, to my life,
as the sidewalk intended me to find it.
And while the space I inhabit is imperfect,
and the time I spend would rather be spent somewhere
with more color, with more life, with more you,
I try to take moments to tenderly embrace
the things that someday,
I will only barely miss.

—  G.S.

A/N: Heyyy there(: I know I was gone for a while, but here you go. Please don’t hate me too much <3

“Is this how I’m supposed to spend my days? Reading?” Loki scowled when you slipped some books on his table.

“If you had other plans, than perhaps you should have thought about what you were getting yourself into when you invaded Midgard and caused havoc… You killed innocent people, Loki.” You replied back calmly before turning around to face him. Your hand reached out to touch his arm, but he pulled away and faced out of his cell.

“…You sound like my mother.”

“Wise woman are alike.” You smiled though he couldn’t see it.

“So… Have you met the mortal?” He scoffed.

“You mean Miss. Jane Foster? Yes she is a lovely woman? Thor did well.”

“Thor is facing the inevitable. She’s nothing but a mere mortal.”

“Have you forgotten that you too bleed? That you breathe oxygen? Or that you also die? Granted, you do have a few thousand years more than them– but ultimately you see your end in Valhalla.”

“Or Hel.”

“…Or Hel…” You asked more than stated. The God of Mischief turned around to face you, a sort of smirk upon his face.

“Do you honestly believe Odin–”

“Your father—” You cut in quickly.

“Odin,” He repeated again to correct you, “Would actually let me dwell there with all his beloved warriors.”

“He’s your father Lo–”

“He is nothing of the sorts!“ He yelled, taking a few strides toward you.

"First and foremost your mother raised you better than to yell at women. Second, He loves you Loki!” You raised your voice back at him. “You’re just too stubborn to realize that. It’s sort of ironic you want nothing to do with the Allfather yet you are most like him.”

“I am not.” He growled in your face.”

“Whatever you say.” You smiled causing him to roll his eyes and walk away from you. “But Odin is not the reason why I’m here.”

“Oh? Is that so?” Loki asked sarcastically.

“Tis’, I’ve come to check on my husband.” You gave him a smile and that was all he needed to give in. He shook his head and looked around the room smiling. You wrapped your arms around his waist and looked in his eyes. “Did you forget that we wedded? Because being the God of Mischief will do that to you.”

“Of course not, I just don’t understand why they call me that when you clearly are the one. One smile stricken across your beautiful face and I’m a fool.” He said embracing you in his arms.

“Ahh yes, my Loki, you are a fool.” You laughed before pulling him closer to you for a kiss.  

Petting zoo

Amedot for the recent bomb and shoutout to @somekindoffan for being such a sweetheart tysm

“Amethyst, look at this one!!!” Peridot squealed, crouching down and holding her arms out to the little bunny in front of her. The rabbit’s sensitive nose twitched, and it looked wearily at Peridot for a moment before the feed pellets in her hand enticed it to come forward.

Amethyst chuckled, snapping another picture of Peridot’s awe-struck face as she reached out, gently touching its fluffy ears. She stroked them gently, jumping a little as they moved under her fingers.

This was definitely one of Amethyst’s best ideas for a date. Ever since they’d gotten here, Peridot was running around the petting zoo, happily petting all of the animals and buying so much feed, the workers just told her to get refills whenever she wanted. Everyone else was just as amused as Amethyst was, but Peridot was too wrapped up in enjoying Earth’s fauna to notice.

“How can one species be so… what’s the word… cute?” Peridot looked to Amethyst for confirmation, her nose wrinkling a little. She quickly looked back down as another one hopped up, soon absorbed in feeding them as all five of the rabbits clustered around her, trying to get her food.

“Not as cute as you, babe.” Amethyst said, leaning over and giving her a kiss on her cheek, just under her eye.

Peridot blushed and dropped her handful pellets, looking away as Amethyst snapped another pic.


It was the celebration of springtime as he watched her walk amongst the crowd with her hands busy in front of her, her blue garland perched regally on her gold tresses. He admired the happy glow that always seemed to surround her, and as he watched her smile triumphantly, he couldn’t help but get up from his place and walk over to her. He was all too curious at what she had accomplished.
“Hello starlight,” he said as he neared her.
She grinned happily as she showed him the red flower crown in her hand, “Hello, meleth nin. I made you a crown to match mine for the celebration.”
He took his own crown off, perched it delicately on the table nearby, and bowed his head to allow her to place it on him.
As he rose up after the crown was secure, he met her gaze and cast about for a few moments for something to say, until a memory filtered through his mind.
He smiled as he reached out to touch his palm to her face, letting his thumb drag over her pinkened cheeks, “Did you know that it wasn’t long after this celebration, oh so long ago, that you agreed to marry me?”
She grinned in return and wrapped her arms around his waist, “Yes, I did.”
He leaned forward to press his forehead to hers, and rubbed his nose gently against hers, “And are you happy, my star?”
Her hold tightened on him as she stared into his eyes with a sparkle in her own, “More than anything, my heart.”

 —Guest-written by: eldartari (AO3)

Fire Meet Gasoline Pt. 6

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Disclaimer: This story contains cheating. Solangelo cheats with each other not on each other. Please do not read if angst or cheating triggers you. Keep in mind I have a plot and I am not a horrible person, this is all fiction and entertainment. Thank you.

Ch. 6-

Will woke up the next morning with Nico’s warm body beside him. The room was cold, and they were snuggled under the covers. His lips were parted, soft breaths slipping through in huffs, and very light snoring vibrated through his chest.

He couldn’t help it. He smiled and reached out to touch his face. He looked so peaceful when he slept. So young. He leaned over and kissed him gently. He kissed his eyelids, his temples, his forehead, his nose, his cheekbones, his cheeks, his chin, his lips. “Wake up,” he whispered between kisses.

Nico groaned and chuckled as he felt Will’s lips on his face. “Why are you waking me up at this ungodly hour?” he muttered, wrapping his arms around him. Will hummed and kissed his lips.

“Because if I didn’t you wouldn’t be able to kiss me back.” Nico chuckled again and brought him into a kiss. He looked amazing in the soft, hazy morning light, with his hair in a tousled mess like an ink stain on the white pillows. He was warm and gentle, and it wasn’t long before they found themselves in the same situation as the night before.

Except with the light that filled the room, with every detail visible and available to him, Will found it even more erotic and wonderful.

A couple hours later, Nico was leaning against him, tracing invisible lines against his chest. “I have to get to my meeting in a couple hours. After that, we can do anything you want.” He glanced up at him and smiled. “We can go anywhere you want.”

“Frankly, I wouldn’t care if we stayed here the rest of the weekend. I just want to be with you.” He pressed his lips against his forehead and Nico smiled his heavenly smile.

“I have to get ready,” he murmured. He kissed him lightly on the lips and got up from the bed to take a shower. Will laid back and took a deep breath. Never in his life had he felt the way he did when he was with Nico. It was a beautiful feeling.

He reached for his phone and frowned when he realized it was dead. He connected it, and when he turned it on, he saw he had three missed calls and a handful of texts, all from Paolo. Guilt pressed against his chest, but he ignored as he called back.

“Jesus, Will,” Paolo breathed. “Why haven’t you answered? You never even texted me when you arrived. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. I’m sorry. I got busy and then my phone died. I forgot to charge it.” At least none of that was a lie. “I’m okay.”

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