Blind Vlad || Closed

Vlad finished the pack of blood his guide had been so gracious to bring him., wiping his mouth with the kerchief from his pocket. As usual his sight started to come back, slowly, fuzzy as the shape of his guide started to come into view.

The image cleared, became sharper as he stared dead ahead at his guide. His face came into view and the blood started to drain from Vlad’s face. Tears started to bubble up as he reached out to touch his face.

“M-Meh-Mehmed…” He whispered, shaky hands touching his face before his vision started to black out. “N-no-no no no no! No!” He whimpered bringing Mehmed’s face close so he could press his forehead into his. “No come back.. Why… Why are you here? Why a-are you helping me?”

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Vile reaches out and touches Zero's hair, bringing it to his face, speaking in an emphasized Slavic accent. "Ya vlyubilas' v tebya s pervogo vzglyada~" (Russian: "I fell in love with you at first sight~")

The moment Vile touched his hair, he felt a sense of weirdness and disgust. He never let anyone touched his hair, not even Ciel. And now, this bloody Reploid is touching his precious hair. With the words spouted, he immediately took two Saber handle of his, activate it to Recoil Rod and with the back end longer, he stabbed it at Vile.

Malec Ficlet #027

Prompt: Oh how terrible it is to love something that death can touch.

“Are you okay?” Alec’s tone is soft as he steps closer, his body angled towards the other. Magnus has a distance in his eyes, like he isn’t really there, but he looks up at Alec’s voice cutting through the softly humming silence. The Nephilim’s eyes are positively radiating in their depth and Magnus thought for a moment he might like to drown in them. Worry laced over deep blue and Alec reached out to touch his face. “Hey”, he ran his thumb down over Magnus’s cheekbone. “Everything alright?”

Magnus blinked. “Sorry”, he grinned sheepishly. “All good. Just thinking.” Alec gave him a gentle smile, but knew not to pry, knew that Magnus would tell him everything eventually. In his own time. (Everything that mattered anyway.) The warlock mustered the other, his noise wrinkling. “You’re dirty.” The dust, the bitter ashes, the smell of someone’s grave clung to the gear the Shadowhunter was still wearing. Alec huffed and moved across the room, started undressing with practiced ease. Magnus watched, fascinated by how much this had changed, how comfortable Alec had become with himself. With them.

Suddenly Alec turned, grinning brightly. “Join me for a shower?” Magnus almost laughed out loud at the predator glance the other shot him when moving towards the bathroom. The warlock took a hurried step to catch the other’s wrist and tugged. The momentum made Alec tumble right into his arms and while the younger gasped at the suddenness of it, he recovered quickly, still smiling brightly. Magnus tipped his head back with a hand below his jaw and kissed him sweetly. They only broke apart when air became a necessity, panting and resting their foreheads on each other’s for a moment.

One day, thought Magnus hugging Alec tightly, one day much too soon. I won’t be okay at all.

Feel Tom Hiddleston’s face (virtually (maybe (if everything works out)))!

6 Ways Technology Can Give You Super Senses

#6. Gloves That Let You Feel Virtual Sensations

So far, the researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have managed to create a set of “smart fingertips” that can send electrical signals to the skin. It’s basically a tiny little condom made of a circuit-polyimide structure, which is fitted onto a finger-shaped tube of silicon and then your actual finger. The applications for this are numerous, from highly precise surgery to contact sports. Or porn, did we mention porn?

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jonnor going to a movie premiere and like Connor getting everything ready and really anxious!

Mocking-Jude: a Jonnor fanfic by its-war-paint

Connor looked nervous as he swung open the door and let Jude in. “Hey Jude,” he said, breathing heavy.

“What’s wrong?” Jude asked him.

“Nothing! Why do you think something’s wrong?”

“Cause you’re like…sweating?” Jude said, reaching out and touching Connor’s flushed face.

“Nuh uh! No I’m not!” Connor said too forcefully, ducking away from Jude’s hand. A timer went off in the kitchen. “Shit!” Connor shouted, practically leaping over his dog, bruno, and rushing into the kitchen. Jude followed him.

“Seriously dude, what is wrong?” he asked.

“I said nothing! Look!” Connor was leaning over then oven. He spun around, and Jude saw he was holding a pan with cookies on it. On closer inspection, Jude saw they were all decorated like little board games. Candy land, checkers, chutes and ladders, the game of life…all painted onto little cookie shapes.

“These are super cute, Con! What are they?” he asked, picking up the Candy Land one and taking a bite.

“They’re hunger games,” Connor replied. “Get it?”

Jude tried not to spit out the bite of cookie as he burst into laughter. “Connor, you’re so dumb!”

“I thought…I thought they were cool…you said they were cute,” Connor said, obviously hurt. Oh, shoot, Jude thought. He forgot that Connor very often didn’t get his sarcasm, and his sad voice always melted Jude’s heart into a billion little pieces.

“Oh, Con, I’m just kidding, I’m being sarcastic. I’m flirting with you, actually. This is adorable.” He leaned in and hugged Connor, who smiled against his shoulder.

“Oh. I’m glad you like them.” Connor said. Then he pulled away from Jude. “Look!” He ran into the living room. Why was he running everywhere today? Jude slowly followed him. “I made us t-shirts.” He helped up a white t-shirt, crudely painted with fabric paint. A messy mockingjay was on the one he held, and on the back, it read: Mocking-Jude. The other one said The Connor Games. Jude wanted to laugh again, but he knew it would make Connor self conscious. And besides, it warmed his heart so much to see all of the effort his boyfriend had put into making their Hunger Games premiere date a good one. Jude reached forward.

“I love it. So much,” he said, slipping it on over the shirt he was already wearing. “You’re so adorable, Connor.”

“Thanks,” Connor muttered. “I mean, I try. I try quite hard, actually.”

“you don’t need to,” Jude said, reaching over and running a hand through Connor’s pretty golden hair. “But I like that you do.” He took the hand from Connor’s hair and slid it into his hand. “Come on, Mama’s waiting for us. This is gonna be an awesome movie.”

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(Lips sewn together meme) "Tauriel!" he cried, rushing over to her. He reached out to touch her face but quickly stopped himself, now wanting to cause her more pain. "Oh, Tauriel...let's get you home, so the healers can help you."

You find my character with their lips having been literally SEWN TOGETHER in a clearly amateur way! What do your character do?

Tauriel whimpered, fresh tears spilling from her eyes when she saw him coming.  She hesitantly reached out for his hand, trying to keep her own from shaking as much as they were.  Legolas..

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♠ - reaction after one night stand

Bucky woke with a start, gulping in huge lungfuls of cold, night air after yet another nightmare about the cryostasis process. There was someone warm beside him.

He looked over at the sleeping woman, he’d been pretty drunk the night before after downing two handles of vodka. But damn, she was pretty. 

He reached out a hand to touch her face, but withdrew it at the last moment, instead rising and begning to put on his clothes as quietly as he could. 

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He stared up at her, about to say something he closed his mouth. Again he opened it "I.. never heard of something like you. Well, Darkin I have heard but I didn't think you could be mages also."

Standing tall, the female would slowly narrow her eyes at the sound of Varus’ voice, a small sneer parting her lips. Reaching an unarmored hand out, it would gently touch at the Archer’s face, trying to get a good idea of what he looked like through what she felt. A small hiss escaped her as she spoke “I am surprised you know nothing of the Magi of the Darkin kind, are we that far gone that all have forgotten who we are?”

Releasing his face from her touch, her hand would come to rest upon her belly once more “Who are you and why do you bother me?”



“Sigrid look at me.” Vlad go himself between Sigrid and Tilda, looking at the woman kindly, reaching out to touch her face gently. “Your sister is going to be okay.” He’d been in the ER for a routine injury sustained actually trying to move furniture, he saw the girl come in along with two others. Tilda was closer to Sigrid’s daughter than her sister and Vlad knew what it was like to see children get injured.

“Can you take a breath for me? Big deep breath, try to relax.”

She couldn’t relax, even with Vlad’s hand on her face.  She couldn’t relax while Tilda was hurt, couldn’t relax while Tilda had been moved past the doors to the operating room, out of Sigrid’s sight.  

She wasn’t usually like this, she wasn’t usually so easily rattled.  Her ability to remain calm in stressful situations was one of the reasons why she was good at her job.  But there was nothing she could do to calm herself right now, even Vlad’s request for her to take a deep breath wasn’t working; she couldn’t breathe.  She shook her head rapidly, the panic tightening in her chest. “I can’t…”

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“You never really loved me, did you?”

Lumiere looked at the woman, beautiful, talented, strong. He looked at her and felt every inch of himself fall for her over and over and over again. And the he heard her words. Her words that crushed him, that melted his heart - and not in a good way.

“That could never be true, mon cher. That could never, never be true.”

He reached out to perchance touch her face, but he stopped himself, understanding that it wouldn’t help; it would just make matters worse.

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the two jury's stared at each other caculatingly, before one took a step forward, and reached out to touch the other's face, hovering over it just before their hand touched the other. "is this okay?" the first jury asked. the second jury nodded, and leaned into the hand. sparks flew and a rainbow appeared above both of them, and a third jury appeared. "that was sick" one of them said. the other two nodded, and world peace happened because there were now three perfect people in the world. the end

im crying this is the best thing anyone has ever done for me. …. … u continue to amaze me lexi. i love u <333


A forlorn thought process causes him to think abstractly,
Converting people into objects, that always Leave.
Eyes, stained by the hands of the young boy he used to be.
A forlorn thought process causes her to think absurd,
due to this, she turns people into words,
Words that are empty and always run out of ink.
Body stained by the hands of people who always leave,
And the most hungry question infects them both from inside,
Seeping thru the flesh,
Dulling the light in their eyes,
Creating a disease so deadly, that you die spiritually,
And emotionally you are drained of almost everything.
This question aches from the darkest depths of their souls,
“When will I get better?”
The question deepens to their bones,
Blocking them from realizing that “better,” isn’t just a state of mind.
He reaches out and touches her face,
Realizing “better,” has been here the entire time.

Okay, here’s the thing: I think it’s actually a good idea to bring an ex into Scully’s life for the single reason that we, during the original season of The X Files, got to see Mulder being with many other women while Scully had close to none other interaction with other men in a romantic perspective. Even in IWTB Mulder had a brief interaction with that other agent whom I don’t recall the name right now and in that scene you can actually see Scully make a face when that agent reaches out to touch Mulder’s face. So, anyways, I just think that it’s a nice idea to put Mulder in a position where he actually has to deal with the fact that there’s other men who are interested in Scully and might love her just as he does.
I know that the series only has six episodes and it’s gonna be very complicated to introduce and conclude the plot of a new character who is romantically involved with Scully fast enough for us to get scenes where MS interact in a also romantic way but if mister Chris Carter actually intends on doing it, he probably has a good and fast way of approaching the idea.
I don’t know, I just find it interesting that we might get to see Mulder being genuinely jealous of Scully for a change and maybe even see her with someone else as she has seen him numerous times. Also, it would give us a nice opportunity of seeing Scully confirm her feelings for Mulder and vice versa.

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A almost panther looking cat was washing its face. Then suddenly got and jumped over you, landing with a heavy thud in front of you. The cat disappeared with a flash of light and changed form into a night elf female. She reach out to gently touch your face as if make sure your real."You are no Night elf, all our males are in the emerald dream, what are you? Are there others like you? By Elune! You have a feel of magic around you. Unlike anything I have ever felt." She says in a fascinated voice.

For a moment Kimmuriel half expected a lavender eyed idiot of a ranger to appear by the cat’s side. His pleasure that this did not happen, only lasted for a brief moment, as the cat leapt at him and he ducked. It was another one of those strange elves that had been hanging about recently. Strange purple skin and…eyebrows. Kimmuriel found their eyebrows ridiculously impracticable. As the woman reached out to touch his face, the drow flinched and pulled back, expecting an attack of some sort. Drow culture was not big on touching unless one were to include sex or murder. Sometimes both…

“Dark elf. Dhaeraow…Drow.” Kimmuriel answered matter-of-factly. “Yes. That might be the effects of Faerzress you detect.” His answers were curt and it is clear the drow is somewhat irritated by this sudden invasion of his personal space. “Or…psion” he shrugged, stepping back and gesturing to himself.

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reaches out and touches self's face. "Why are there so many imbeciles in this universe?"

Holds her hand on on her cheek, enjoying the warmth.
` Why am I suddenly  a  grandmother  without
  having a child first? `