reach towards the sky

BTS Reactions To You Grabbing Their Crotch


It happened so quickly that you had barely any time to react. After waking up late, you were in a rush to get ready. In your rush to meet Namjoon you had completely forgotten to tie your shoelaces. Of course, being who you are, you didn’t notice until it was far too late. In fact, you were surprised it didn’t happen sooner.

You were just rearing the corner of the cafe you agreed to meet at when you saw him. He gave you a cheeky smile and waved, as his eyes laid on your approaching figure. Your heart fluttered at the sight and you couldn’t help it as you picked up the pace towards him.

It wasn’t until you were only a few footsteps away that you felt your shoes get caught on the lace. Within seconds you began to flail around in the air as your body collapsed against the rough concrete. You let out a hiss of pain, already being able to tell that you had scraped both your palms and knees. It didn’t take long for Namjoon to reach your side.

“Oh my God. Jagiya are you okay?” He asked, his voice laced slightly with laughter. You narrowed your eyes towards the floor and silently cursed at him for finding your pain amusing.

“Here,” you heard him say. You assumed he was holding a hand out for you.

Slightly embarassed, you didn’t look up as you reached your hand towards the sky. The second your hand made contact with something you automatically grasped onto it. Namjoon let out a sudden gasp in surprise.

Your eyes widened as you began to register the fabric of his jeans and more importantly what your hand had just latched onto. You instantly pulled your hand away and tried to ignore what had just happened. Your cheeks were flushed as you looked up at Namjoon only to find him already looking at you. Instead of addressing what had just occurred, the second you made eye contact you both burst out into a fit of giggles. Your laughter only increased in sound as you saw the sight in front of you.

“Namjoon are you fucking kidding me? Are you seriously getting hard from just that?”

He shamelessly shot you a smile, “that’s just the affect you have on me babe.” He shrugged as if it couldn’t be helped.

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| Seokjin | Yoongi | Hoseok | Namjoon | Jimin | Taehyung | Jungkook |


I hope you guys like it<3 I’ll be releasing them in the order I write them in!

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Michael Faudet (Check Venus)

Aries: “I think somewhere, in a parallel world, we made love in a garden of wilted flowers.  Out trembling hands reaching out toward the sky, trying to grasp the last watery rays of a dying sun–two hearts colliding and shattering into a million tiny stars” - We Made Love 

Taurus: “We slowly melted into a lazy summer of gentle sea breezes and singing trees.  Each languid day rolling into the next like the curling waves caressing the silent sands.  Our thirsty kisses sipping softly on wine tainted lips as we fell quietly into each other’s open arms” - Wonderfully Lost

Gemini: “Crashing waves on an empty beach, the rhythm of our hearts, two drowning lovers lost a sea, my lips adrift in yours” - The Kiss

Cancer: “Magic tumbled from her pretty lips and when she spoke the language of the universe–the stars sighed in unison” - Stars 

Leo: “Think of me as an uncharted map.  I want your hands to explore every single city, town and village.” - Untitled 

Virgo: “Do you know what really turns me on?  What I find incredibly sexy?  Kindness.” - Kindness 

Libra: “When it came to love, she enjoyed the thrill of the chase but seldom stopped to check whether happiness was keeping up” - The Chase 

Scorpio: “You say that you are over me, my heart–it skips, it sinks.  I see you now with someone new, I stare, I stare, I blink.  Someday I’ll be over you, I know, I know–I think.” - Wishful Thinking 

Sagittarius: “We made love on stormy summer nights.  Our kisses wet and furious like rain running wild across the naked ground.  Her gentle moans lost in the rumble of thunder” - Stormy Weather 

Capricorn: “I have never felt the touch of falling snow, she said, but like love, I know it exists.  Somewhere.” - Untitled 

Aquarius: “I am alone, love passes by, crying tears, I wonder why– I cannot find what others found” - Melancholia

Pisces: “A memory picked from a flower wilted, its petals faded all color crushed.  How can I forget such fragrant perfume?  The lingering regret of a love long lost” - Regret

shadows pt. 1

pairing: reader x Hoseok, OT7

genre: vampire!au, angst, implied smut, mentions of violence

word count: 5,780

synopsis: you thought that the death of your maker would lead to freedom from chains, but little did you know that bonds are much harder to break after death.

A/N: I have to thank @2seoke for helping me brainstorm almost this entire series and @jeonjagiya for helping me with historical fact checking

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read the first installment of the Ashes Trilogy here

“I love you, Hoseok” you murmured, feeling a sense of content for the first time in months.

He smiled, “I love you too” He nodded towards the sunrise, “Take in your last few moments. We don’t have much time before the sunlight will reach us.”

You nodded, turning your attention back towards the painted sky. You wanted nothing more than to run out and feel the sun’s rays. To soak your skin in sunlight, but this was enough. It was more than enough.

 “I’m ready” you tell Hoseok, turning around and lacing his fingers with yours. “Where to now?”

 “We can go anywhere you want to go, just give me a name.” he smiled, leading you back into the darkness.

 The two of you walked in silence, enjoying the comfort of each other’s presence. You tried to think of where you wanted to go, but you didn’t care. As long as you were with Hoseok, nothing else mattered.

 But your partner froze next to you, staying still for a split second before he pinned your body against the damp tunnel wall. He covered your mouth with his hand before you had any chance to question his sudden behavior. There was a flash of panic in his eyes as he stared at you when a woman’s voice rang out through the darkness.

 “Jung Hoseok, I always told you to be careful of what’s hiding in the shadows”

 He stood between you and the woman, a deep growl emitting from his chest as the two of them stared at each other.

 "It’s nice to see you haven’t changed much,“ she smiled wickedly. She was almost beautiful, in a terrifying way. Her wild red hair framing a pale freckled face. Her black eyes laced with unspoken evil. There was something about her that made your cold blood freeze.

"What the hell are you doing here?” Hoseok hissed, pushing himself further against you like a shield.

The woman cocked her head to the side, “Don’t you miss me, Hoseokie? It’s been what, almost 700 years since the last time we’ve seen each other? I certainly wasn’t expected to be greeted with such hostility, especially since you seem to have company.”

“Go to hell!” Hoseok snapped, spit flying from his lips in between the syllables.

The vampire held up her hands, “I think you’re misunderstanding me Hoseok. I don’t want to hurt you. I was just trying to pay my old friend Kai a visit,” her eyes flickering onto yours as she spoke, “But it seems like he’s no longer at that address.”

You could feel Hoseok telling you to keep your mouth shut, to not antagonize the vampire in front of you. But he should know by now that you’re a terrible listener, “I can send you his ashes in a box, if you would like.” you quip, flashing the vampire a sarcastic smile.

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Picasso said he’d paint with his own wet tongue
on the dusty floor of a jail cell if he had to.

We have to create.
It is the only thing louder than destruction.
It’s the only chance the bard are gonna break,
our hands full of color
reaching towards the sky,
a brush stroke in the dark.

It is not too late.
That starry night
is not yet dry.

—  Andrea Gibson, The Madness Vase
first light

based on hotarubi no mori e (reposted)

pairing: jungkook | reader, taehyung | reader
genre: fluff and (mainly) angst
word count: 24.843
warnings: none

“Have you ever felt like the world is too loud sometimes?”

“No. For me it’s always quiet.”


The soft crackle of the fire is the only sound breaking the deep silence. It smoothly cuts through the murky atmosphere of the night, and the sight of its origins is just as mesmerizing: waves of blazing fire helplessly reach out towards the sky, weak and strong, the flames rising aimlessly as they sway amongst the smoke.

Sitting there, alone and surrounded by trees and the calming waves of the bonfire, is numbing enough to make time still. The temperatures are low enough for a crisp breeze to tickle your cheeks, seeping through the layers of your clothes as your hands seek for warmth against each other. You can almost pretend you’re completely on your own, that voices are not coming closer and that the sound of hearty laughter isn’t overpowering the eerie quietness of nature.

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sweatermonster5736  asked:

for all dragon age companions(DAO, DAA, DA2 DAI) and advisers: height cannons?

Alistair: 6′

Sten 6′9′’

Wynne 5′6′’

Morrigan: 5′10

Zevran 5′7′’

Shale 7′

Leliana 5′6′’

Dog 3′ at the shoulders

Oghren 4′8

Carver 6′6′’

Anders 5′11′’

Aveline 6′1′’

Sebastian 6′3′’

Bethany 5′10

Isabela 5′7′’

Fenris 5′8′’

Merill 5′3′’

Varric 4′9′’

Cassandra: 6′

Solas 6′4

Sera 5′5′’

Blackwall 6′2′’

Vivienne 6′1

Dorian 5′11

Iron Bull 7′11 (with horns)

Josephine 5′6′’

Cullen 5′9′’

Cole: Numbers that mean legs and arms, reaching toward the sky but still can’t reach it, why can’t I count my hat?

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Moon of Fire Part iv (Sastiel Sequel)

*NSFW* Thank you guys for your amazing Sastiel support! I love seeing your reactions on each part, and every time you notice the little things I add, it puts a massive smile on my face! And to @azrielsiphons  for your Azriel blessings, you are a gem, Moe. I hope everyone enjoys this very fluffy part of Sastiel’s story.

If you haven’t read A Court of Fire and Dreams:
Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV and Part V.

Moon of Fire:
Part i, Part ii, Part iii, Part iv, Part v


“ASTERIN STOP,” Seraphine yelled.
The Ironteeth witch didn’t listen.
Asterin jumped from her wyvern, her dark golden hair swaying in the night breeze. The rest of the Thirteen encircled them from above. They were armed with deadly bows and arrows that were aimed towards Kastiel. Seraphine’s heart hammered against her chest.
“Asterin stop,” she tried again.
But the challenge in Azriel’s eyes made Asterin livid.
She didn’t back down from what could only be a great fight.
“He’s mine,” she declared to no one in particular—yet to everyone all at once.
Azriel parried her blow with his own sword.
The clang of metal on metal was loud—deafening—ringing all around them and out into Oakwald Forest.
Seraphine and Kastiel watched on as Asterin met his sword again, her attacks seemingly random, yet precise all at once. It was almost beautiful, the way they calculated each other’s advances. Asterin always the first to strike, and Azriel, meeting her every blow. He never raised his sword to maim—only to defend.
Azriel’s shadows swirled around him, around his open wound where the tip of Asterin’s arrow still made a home in his chest.
You could tell that this aggravated Asterin, the way he was the one who was injured, disadvantaged, wounded, yet he was playing with her, toying with the Wing Leader of the Thirteen.
Asterin threw her sword to the ground.
Azriel, raised his eyebrows in reply as if to say this is how we’re fighting now?
She ran towards him, her nails coming up to his face, the iron tips glinting in the moonlight. Asterin swiped her iron claws towards Azriel’s face. He flared his wings behind him, dodging her attacks.
The Ironteeth witch snarled.
She tried again—her right hand coming towards his face, whilst her left hand grabbed his upper arm. A more calculated attack—an attack only a Wing Leader would dare.
Azriel was caught in surprise as her iron teeth bit into his skin.
Taking advantage of his stunned expression, Asterin twisted her body, coming down low to kick Azriel’s legs from under him.
But he anticipated her move.
In fact, it was as if, he wanted it to happen.
Azriel exploded into mist and shadows, before appearing behind Asterin.
His arm encircled around her, his breathing heavy, his chest rising and falling behind her.
Azriel’s sword met the soft part of her neck.
“That was different,” he whispered into her ear.
And when they met eyes, when Asterin saw his shadows, was surrounded by it, she smiled, revealing her iron teeth, stained with Azriel’s blood.

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Why do swords = air and wands = fire?

This is a pretty standard correspondence, especially in tarot. And I have honestly never understood it. I’m pretty sure I’ve even read a few things on the reasons for it, but clearly they’ve never stuck with me because it still makes no sense.

Swords, to me, work much better with fire. They’re metal - sharp and potentially dangerous - and are more associated with passion and life (or lack thereof), which screams fire. Swords are traditionally wielded by knights and used for more, well, violent purposes. Plus, they’re forged at, what, over a thousand degrees Celsius? That’s pretty fiery if you ask me.

And wands. Wands feel so much more “intellectual” - the image of a wise wizard with his trusty wand is pretty widely recognized. They’re usually wood, from the narrower parts of tree branches, which are reaching up toward the sky and are constantly being blown around by the wind. Wands feel more flexible and are clearly associated with air in my mind.

So what’s with the traditional correspondences? What’s the reasoning?

A Chance Encounter

Sasuke-centric. Post-canon. Rated M for language and implied CSA.

A/N: I told y’all I was going to write this the second I got home from work. And five hours later, here it is. Painfully unedited and not proof-read. 

Inspired by this prompt

The rumbling of thunder catches his attention, ripping his eyes from his path to turn and glance behind him with mild interest. The sky at the edge of the horizon is dark, almost black in color as a storm gathers in the near distance. He stares, unflinchingly, as another strike of lightning splits the sky in two, the thunder echoing through the forest around him, shaking the Earth beneath his feet and causing him to stop for a moment.

By the look of it, it’s likely to be a bad storm if it’s approaching so quickly and so violently already. He turns back to his path and deliberates his next move, closing his eyes as he orients himself to his surroundings. His internal map is as good as any he could buy on paper; years spent traveling would give anyone a keen sense of direction.

He’s still a half a day’s journey from his next destination and he’s only a couple hours east of a small village in the mountainside, so for half of a second he contemplates veering off course, but he’s no fool.

Sasuke Uchiha knows that there are plenty of things in life you can run from, but Mother Nature is not one of them.

Instead he braces himself and pulls his cloak tighter around him, turning back toward his path as he begins to walk again—there’s no point in running when the downpour will be upon him in minutes.

A noise just ahead of him quickly alerts himself to the fact that he is not alone in these woods. He feels foolish as he opens a hand, holding it over the handle of his katana. The fact that the thunder distracted him this much is unacceptable and his mood immediately sours.

It takes only seconds before a group of shinobi emerge from the woods, laughing among one another as they step directly into his path.

In the moment it takes for them to realize that they’ve nearly run into another shinobi, Sasuke has already studied them all, head to toe, lone sharingan red and blazing as he memorizes everything about them.

There are four of them in their party; all men who lack headbands but who carry themselves with the confidence and grace of a group of shinobi proudly finished with a mission. Sasuke doesn’t know what they were talking about just before they emerged from the thick woods and in front of him, but they were speaking with a laid-back attitude about them. A couple of them are grinning, and one man laughs openly.

Each of them are dressed head to toe in an off-white color, mostly fitted gear with pearlescent armor plating their chests and backs. Two of them have swords, one of them has only kunai strapped to his body, and the fourth is armed with only what lies in the bag on his back.

Sasuke memorizes it all in a fraction of a second: hair color, eye color, height and even face shape. He recognizes none of these men but now he knows that if he ever comes across one of them again, he’ll be aware.

It’s always easiest for him to simply trap the various shinobi he stumbles across in a genjutsu—no matter whether they are enemies or allies—just in case, so that’s what he does. The smiles haven’t even fallen from their faces before he has them trapped in a world of his own creation as they meet his eyes.

Their forms still as reality slips away from them and for a moment Sasuke sizes them up. They look like they’re part some elite-level organization and the lack of headbands strapped to their heads strikes him as a little odd. Especially in the Land of Lightning, where Kumokagure’s shinobi are known for their ego and would never go without their hitai-ate.

He resolves to let them out of the genjutsu after he travels about another kilometer up the road—it’ll give him enough time to get off their radar and by the time the genjutsu releases the storm will likely be upon them. It’s a little inconveniencing for the group of shinobi, but Sasuke doesn’t feel too bad about it.

A little rain never hurt anyone.

He doesn’t turn his back to them even as he passes, circling around them swiftly even as their forms remain motionless, their minds captured by his jutsu.

That’s when he sees it.

The backpack on the fourth shinobi shifts, ever so slightly. Sasuke grips his katana and unsheathes it slightly, lowering his stance and preparing himself for anything.

But when he hears a tiny voice begin to cry—the noise so soft it hardly carries over the thunder rolling toward them—he freezes.

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[Bungou Stray Dogs ] 55 Minutes Part 1

[Disclaimer: I’m a fairly new translator, but I’ve tried my best making sense of the story with pretty liberal, but careful decisions when it comes to making the story flow.]

If anyone’s curious about my pacing, all releases (for now) are going to focus on 14 pages each unless a chapter seems to have fewer pages than others. Because I work alone, the chapters will be released depending on my time or unless someone offers help.

BACK TO TRANSLATIONS                                              PAGE 2

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Astronomical & Astrological Events in June 🌌

June 5 -  Jupiter is quintile.

June 9 - Full Moon. The Moon will be located on the opposite side of the Earth as the Sun and its face will be will be fully illuminated. This phase occurs at 13:10 UTC. This full moon was known by early Native American tribes as the Full Strawberry Moon because it signaled the time of year to gather ripening fruit. It also coincides with the peak of the strawberry harvesting season. This moon has also been known as the Full Rose Moon and the Full Honey Moon.
Jupiter’s retrograde ends and is direct for the rest of the year. 

June 15 - Saturn at Opposition. The ringed planet will be at its closest approach to Earth and its face will be fully illuminated by the Sun. It will be brighter than any other time of the year and will be visible all night long. This is the best time to view and photograph Saturn and its moons. A medium-sized or larger telescope will allow you to see Saturn’s rings and a few of its brightest moons.

June 16th - Mercury Out of Bounds at 11:20:13 pm UTC to July 1st at 11:30:54 pm UTC
This occurs while Mercury is transiting Gemini (until June 21st) and
then Cancer.
Neptune is retrograde.

June 21 - June Solstice. The June solstice occurs at 04:24 UTC. The North Pole of the earth will be tilted toward the Sun, which will have reached its northernmost position in the sky and will be directly over the Tropic of Cancer at 23.44 degrees north latitude. This is the first day of summer (summer solstice) in the Northern Hemisphere and the first day of winter (winter solstice) in the Southern Hemisphere.

June 24 - New Moon. The Moon will located on the same side of the Earth as the Sun and will not be visible in the night sky. This phase occurs at 02:31 UTC. This is the best time of the month to observe faint objects such as galaxies and star clusters because there is no moonlight to interfere.

KLangst Week is here!!! I’m so excited. Today was Unrequited love/unrequited pining. I am a sucker for pining Keith, so here we are. @klangst-week

Rating: T+ for mild swearing

WC: 1,331

AU: Modern, wherein Keith pines over his best friend and is guilty for it

         It was windy. So windy that Keith wondered how Lance stood upright as he did.

    Well, okay, disclaimer. It’s pretty typical of Oklahoma to be windy, and as someone who grew up in the area, Lance was a bit experienced in high winds, Keith supposed. It was crazy, downright insane weather and winds so powerful that Keith wouldn’t be entirely surprised if it was enough to pull brick buildings up off of their foundations.

    In all honestly, Keith was a little afraid that that might just be the case, and Lance’s parent’s house would be blown clean away.

    When Lance roped Keith into watching his parent’s house with him, Keith thought that it would be a fun time; it would just be Keith and his best friend, hanging out in Lance’s childhood home. There were plenty of snacks, the bed Lance put him up in was pure heaven, and the flatscreen they used frequently was fantastic. It was going to be a good time. Hell, it was going to be great!

Well, that’s what Keith tried to trick himself into believing.

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In Watercolor.

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pairing: photographer!yoongi x reader [ m
wc: 3,121
genre: fluff, implied smut

Rainfall, midday, and a head of wet black hair sticking to a pale face; hidden behind a camera lens that catches multiple strikes of lightning tens of kilometers away. A rumbling, grumbling sky; tens of shivers that run through your body as you stay, unable to move, just stay. Your eyes are locked on him and his camera lens is locked on you, and then a flimsy raincoat that clings to his lanky body that strangely keeps him warm enough for him to not shiver in turn. Shades of violet, crimson, violet, silver light up in the background as your sneakers stay glued to the ground, damn it, your socks are soaking wet, and so is your hair, and so should his camera. He doesn’t seem to care.

A bright flash washes out every dark hue you could see, instead filling your vision with specks of whites and lights. You stand your ground, baffled, blinking to fight away the temporary blindness; blinking to offer him a confused look – that is, if he is able to actually see anything in the middle of wild rain pour.

“I’m sorry, did you- did you just take a photo of me?” You yell over the violent pattering of the rain against the soil, squinting to fight away cold droplets falling onto your face – that is, if he is able to actually hear anything.

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“You’re too nice.” - h.s.

My friend gave me this idea and I’m just fulfilling her wish.

A one shot in which you are Kendall’s personal clothing consultant and Harry’s ex and see some very risqué pictures of the two of them on New Year’s Eve. But considering you’re a kind person, you let it go and someone you hoped to never see again calls you out for it.

Word Count: 4336

You didn’t have the last name Kardashian but you may as well have been one considering you spent the majority of your time with the family. You were Kendall’s personal clothing consultant and though you technically just worked for Kendall, you had definitely helped the other girls get ready for red carpet events and casual night outings in the past. You were close with them, and you’d appeared on their show a handful of times. There was no avoiding it, considering your business was pretty popular ever since you’d started working with Kendall and the Kardashian camera were everywhere.

You didn’t mind though, considering you and Kendall were ridiculously close ever since you’d started working with her a couple years ago and you were around the same age so you got along rather well. 

She was the one who introduced you to him actually. It was at an event and they came back to the hotel to hang out. You were sitting there zipping bags up and listening to music while drinking wine by yourself when their loud laughter startled you as they stumbled through the door. Everyone thought they were dating at the time but you knew from Kendall that they were just friends. There was absolutely nothing romantic going on between them but you could tell he was rather fond of her the minute you met him.

“Harry!” Kendall squealed, “Oh my gosh meet Y/N! She’s the reason I look so fabulous all the time,” she winked at you and shoved Harry forward so he stumbled over his feet. 

“I think you two will be needing some water,” you chuckled, “Fun night?”

“It’s nice to meet you Y/N,” he smiled a wide smile that split his whole face and offered you his hand. You shook it, chuckling because they were definitely both out of their minds drunk, and shuffled past him towards the kitchen. When they’d woken up the next morning, Harry hadn’t seen you sleeping on the couch when he went to sit down, almost killing you by crashing down on your stomach. An interesting conversation followed and you both hit it off rather well.

You were surprised really, considering you were the ‘behind the scenes’ type of girl and he basked in the spotlight. But somehow you ended up in a relationship. It also surprised you just how much Harry seemed to genuinely like you considering you could have sworn he had feelings for Kendall. But months went by and you two remained strong. You fell in love and you fell hard. It seemed that he did as well because you two were inseparable. He spent every waking and sleeping moment he could with you and you tried hard to fit into his schedule as well when he was on the road. 

It was a relationship full of mutual understandings and you both built each other up rather well. Harry even bought a house in the California area you were at just so he could, as he liked to say, “Come home to you.” 

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Miles between what we say and what we mean

MP100 Valentines Week
Day 4; Aquarium

pairing: terumob

Story tag


Teruki isn’t stupid. Far from it, actually.

He prides himself on a quick wit and a sharp analytical mind, always planning two steps ahead no matter who he’s with and where they are, and his psychic abilities wouldn’t be anywhere near their current level without an obscene amount of study. He knows a little bit about every subject, give or take, and what he finds he doesn’t know he’s quick to learn.

And so he knows, on a fundamental level, that wanting something and having it are two very different creatures.

As much as he might want Shigeo, Teruki is aware that he can’t have him.

For the most part, he’s comfortable with that.

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Chapter 91 Thoughts

Last chapter: Titled, “The other side of the wall,” ends with a young soldier with titan powers pointing beyond the ocean, wondering about the enemy that lies ahead, questioning if freedom is even possible with so much despair on the horizon

This chapter: Titled, “The other side of the ocean,” focuses on those enemies there in the middle of a battle, opening up with a young warrior who is a candidate for the titan powers. There’s even some symbolism thrown in with said boy futilely reaching towards a bird in the sky, warning it to fly away with its wings (of freedom).

OK, so the symbolism is far from subtle, but it’s a nice touch. 

Really, aside from laying out some plot points, most of this chapter may as well function as a way to make the reader sympathize with the Eldians on the Marleyan side. Get everyone so immersed and sympathetic with these new characters, that when the inevitable clash between the Survey Corps and these guys happens, we’ll be conflicted rather than outright cheering for one side.

That’s the intention, but can the execution really deliver?

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