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Do you think the reaccuring "won't rule it out" theme from harry and anne is of any value? I find it so weird how they keep saying things like that after they insisted it was just a break and louis promised to come back? Lol like why don't they just say yes like everyone else ? (Niall)

It’s kinda frustrating, honestly, especially considering the discourse that has always surrounded solo Harry (if Harry goes solo, the band is done), as unfair as that discourse is. I’ve seen some people speculate that Harry doesn’t like to speak in absolutes when there is always some degree of uncertainty (for example, Louis said himself that he considered leaving music last year when his mother was ill), so that’s a possibility as to why they’re speaking about a One Direction reunion differently than the others. Both Harry and Anne have obviously spoken very positively about the band, but I’m not going to pretend I don’t wish that he (and his mom) would be a bit more…..optimistic about it. It is what it is, I suppose. It doesn’t change my feelings about the band reuniting at all (I still believe they will), but I’m just kind of eye rolling when I see those responses because I think it does feed angst and uncertainty in the fandom. I know a lot of people are totally cool with those kind of vague responses though, so this is just my own personal opinion and it’s fine that people disagree.

I’ve had this reaccuring thought about Aelin. It keeps getting said how she valued her appearance and how she kept protecting her face.

For example, in Assassin’s Blade when Ansel cut her face (I think it was her face) and Celeana debated on killing Ansel just for that.

I’ve been thinking, her face is going to get ruined in ToG 7. She takes pride in her appearance and I wouldn’t put it behind the fucking evil Bitch Maeve and that Fae dude, Cairn, to go after her face.

ok bare with me but what if chase is delusional and is imagining hallucinating his kids and stacy?? he was just peacefully doing bro average everyday and he had no hobbies whatsoever and his camera crew and sound were always saying “man you’re almost 30 and you dont have a girlfriend yet? cmon dude! soon you need to think about settling down, get a wife and kids man” and so when chase got any free time he would sit and think. think about having a wife. spending hours to days to weeks making the perfect wife with the perfect face and perfect body. and he would fantasize them going on with their everyday life to the point he had started to believe that was his reality. and a year later, he started to think about what their kids would look like. soon after, he had his own family. it soon good out of hand cause he could hear them talking to him, calling him from their rooms or the kitchen, he was hallucinating the sounds of their voices. and he would reply. it escalated to where he would see glimpses of them, and he was so convinced they were real and would brag about his kid’s achievements to his coworkers. a few months later, depression hit him, causing his brain to turn his happy life upside down. he started fighting with his wife more, she’d stop “coming home” most nights, his head was in ruins. so when during the shoot, his wife called and said she was taking the kids (mind you that no one called but he felt the vibration and immediately heard her voice) he lost it. he tried to kill himself but failed. all he did was give anti the perfect chance to take over 

How to make good character designs?

Character designs have fascinated me for a while now, in that they’re more than just pretty: they convey a lot about a character’s personality and his role in the story.

For today, I thought I ought to pay omage to a series that masters character designs: Voltron. From the first episode, these get you hooked: and it’s not just simple designs either; it’s about color symbolism and connections made between parties and arcs through colors, which I find a feat! So, whithout further ado, I’ll discuss the characters in the order they appear (accent on the 5 main paladins) and what their desins convey.

First off, we have Lance, whose main color is blue: blue jeans, blue hem of the shirt. Now blue symbolises peace and loyality, but it can also be associated with water, which is a form of being free. All if these hypothisis are confirmed by the animated series: Lance is a free and fun spirit (from the way he always keeps his coat open, even if he is cold, to the way he nonchalantly walks), but he’s also one to be trusted. You may argue that if he was so free, he wouldn’t wear a coat: however, he is bound by his insecurities, from which he wants to escape. As such, he is a pillar of Voltron: the leg. One more important aspect of his design is how good he looks, which is a testiment to the fact that he always takes care of outer appearance.

Then we have Hunk: from the first look, we can tell he’s a bit… Round. His chubby aspect conveys his love for food, whereas the orange headband of his means joyfulness. His whole figure is covered in earthy clothes, which make his aspect pleasant and endearing. The favct that he’s chubby and that his main color is yellow (joy) conveys his trustworthy attitude and positive outlook on life. Even so, yellow also means fear, which does indeed characterise Hunk: he’d rather fleet than fight (once again, the chubby figure helps convey this), but he’s there when most needed, being the other leg to Voltron.

Pidge has a very compelling appearance: it’s hard to tell her gender. She looks like a teenage boy who doesn’t care about their looks (unlike Lance), wearing baggy clothes and a messy hairstyle. Her glasses tells us she’s tech-oriented and that she probably prefers the indoors (her clothes aren’t that practical for outdoors). Once you find out she’s a girl, though, her looks starts taking on new meanings: a girl being so negligent about her looks is unique, even more so when she doesn’t even need to wear glasses (she never does when she pilots her lion). It all make sense if you link it to the picture in the first episode: she takes on the look of her brother. Right now, it clicks: her clothes are borrowed, the hairstyle copied: she doesn’t care about looks enough to want to be girly, her family has priority! This is how design can tell us more about a character’s personality than anything else.
Also, note that Pidge’s color is green, symbolizing growth (befitting for her petite stature) and freshness, also a fitting as she is the only female paladin. Another link can be to nature, which often is related to knowledge: Pidge’s definitive thirst.
Another intersting aspect is that Pidge is the only one in the group who doesn’t wear any type of blazer: that’s because she’s honest and always in the open, not hiding anything. When she tries to hide her gender, everyone finds her out, because she is like an open book.

Now come the most intersting designs:

Keith wears layers of clothing, just like his layered personality. He wears a red jacket, symbolizing danger and anger. He does indeed have a quick temper and he is danger (as proben by his past), but it’s interesting that his coat has two yellow stripes, meaning that he can be joyful, just be aware that he can revert to his angry state very fast (shown by the lines surrounded by red).
Another aspect to his design is that underneath the surface, he wears black. This translates to inaccesibility and danger, a hidden, misterious past he won’t show anyone.
The fact that his outfit is so practical and battle-oriented tells a lot about him, too. Moreover, his attitude is one to convey much: he is usually defensive, crossing his hands in front of him as to form a wall. With time, he gets more familiar with the team and slowly drops his guard, only to put it up again after the meeting with the blade of Marmora.
Also, the use of red, an opposing color from the cool, relaxed blue witn its intensity and passion depicts a great rivarly between Lance and Keith. See, we have the couple figured out just from colors!

The last character I want to talk about is Shiro. Now this is a character with a lot of contradictions. His name means white in Japanese (and note it’s the only Japanese name in the whole series), yet he mostly dresses in black. Of course, there’s a reason for that: Much like Keith, Shiro has a past he hides. Unlike the former, though, who doesn’t know what the pasts holds for him, Shiro does. He remembers little by little, realising he is more and more bound to the Golra. Even so, stained with black (which happens to be his color), Shiro is still pure. Maybe only a lock of his hair holds the color white, but his whole soul is pure and Shiro is he one who wants to defeat Golra the most (after Allura, who is whole white). The contrast between black and white in Shiro’s design exteriorises the fight between his inner good self and his Golra bits. But he quickly learns to accept who he is: the fact that he has a Golra arm is meant to convey that.
Here, the color black also tells us hat Shiro is confident and calm (also look at how he always holds himself straight) and how he is the leader. Being the most muscular and well-built one, one look at the group is enough to tell who leads Voltron. His scarred face tells us he’s been through a lot, but he’s always looking forward, as a true leader should.

I now want to turn my attention to the lions, which have the same main color and personality as their paladin: the blue lion is fun and loyal; the yellow line is trustworthy and reliable; the green lion seeks knowledge and is intelligent; the red lion is agil but stubborn and short-tempered; the black lion has no element to relate to, like the others do: he’s a leader and was born from all of them. The color black is what you get when you mix all the other colors, a color able to not be influenced but to influence everything. This is proven by how Shiro works with every member of the group!Despite that, you’ll see that during the opening sequence, the black lion is surrounded by purple and that its interior is the same color.

As we all know, violet is associated with Golra and Zarkon. The Golra empire is filled with shades of red, grey, black and violet, which creates a sense of danger, but also establishes connections with the paladins: Keith’s color is red, and he is half-Golra, whereas the black lion is violet on the inside, since Zarkon was its original paladin. This establishes the bonds Althea used to have with Galra, and also the fact that Shiro has to defeat Zarkon.

Another impressing feat about the design is that the black lion isn’t jut black, but has traces of every color on its design: the red and yellow stripes, the blue and green emblem when formun Voltron.

Another reaccuring color is white, which characterises the paladins and Allura and Coran by representing the good, innocent and faithful side of the battle.

Why I bring this up is because I want to make you realise you subconciously knew it: you knew Keith was more than his appearance, you knew Lance was insecure and you knew Shiro had a dark side. You also knew Voltron fought for the good of the universe, you just had a gut feeling. That gut feeling is induced by good character designs, that make you go: “aha” when rewatching. What makes a good design? It’s foreshadowing. It’s knowing exactly who your characters are and what they have been through and potraing that in a way that isn’t obvious, but subtle.

What makes a character design stand out isn’t only how cool it is, but how fitting it is in the context and how it portrais that character. It may be a contrast like with Shiro or it may hide a weaker persona, like with Lance, it may surround a character with mystery like Keith, or just make him overall likeable, like Hunk or simply give his personality away like Pidge. As long as the desing doesn’t stray from the character’s personality, it’s a good design. Throw in some well thought metaphores and you have yourself a stellar design like Voltron’s.

@bookstvseriesandanimes @paperrabbit13 have I missed or misinterpreted anything?

I find it inconsistent...

or “on the subject of Renji’s feelings for Rukia vs Ichigo’s feelings for Rukia”

I, for the sake of my own mental health, don’t usually search the anti tags for my ships. As well as the pro tags for “rival ships”. That actually comes from the nature of my character. I am very protective of the things I love and I like vernal arguments. Especially those, that I know I can win.

As, for example, when it comes to Ichiruki. I, as many on our fandom, have concrete points from manga, which we use for argumentation. And there are actually so many internal as well as external arguments for the notion, that Ichigo and Rukia, from the beginning of the series, were created and designed to end up together, eventually falling in love. I won’t bring them up in this post, as I have some of them re-blogged and some of them written on my page.

I should say it straight away that my problem isn’t with IH and RR shippers, who have actual manga canon behind their argumentation. Who am I to say they can’t ship what they want, or, for that matter, defend the possibility of their ship becoming canon. At the end of the day, everything can happen, if there is basis laid out in the story for one or the other ship, then I think any of them can happen. For exemple, if we take Ichigo, we have three possibilities: Rukia, Orihime and, yes, Tatsuki. All three have reasons to be considered a possible love interest for Ichigo. Orihime is his friend, she’s beautiful, she loves him(canonically), so if he was to develop feelings for her, we would know that they would be certainly returned. Then we have Tatsuki, who has been his friends since they were four, she knows about his mother, they have a lot in common, and i think taking Ichigo’s shinigami secret out of the equasion, they a very strong and close relationship. They can be themselves with each other. The question is…does she love him? For me, her supportive behavior towards Orihime’s feelings would would rather say against her having feelings for Ichigo, but then again, everything is possible.
And then we have Rukia. I don’t think that would be such a shock if I wrote right now, that I see her as the most probable choice. Well, because I’m an Ichiruki fan, obviously. And because I think, Kubo showed us on numerous occasions that Ichigo and Rukia have strong feelings for each other, and their bond is unique. And if you analyse the manga the way you would classically analyse a literary work, you can find key moments in the plot, phrases, the the way Kubo decides to draw them and the use of space for their panels on a page that point to the fact, that those two characters are developing a romantic relationship. Just for the sake of the argument I will name a few that come to mind:
- Reaccuring chapter titles that have their symbolic name “Death and Strawberry” or “Deathberry” in them(them being chapters 1, 10, 151, 195, 459, 460)

- Their, traditionally used in literature as romantic, symbolism of “the Sun and the Moon”. The most resent and popular one would be from the Game of Thrones, where a man called his wife lovingly “The moon of my life”, and she called him “My sun and stars” in return. Or in Philippine folk tales, the Sun and the Moon are a married couple, and the stars are their children. The symbolism of the Sun and the Moon as the Yin and Yang - two part of a whole, representing the female and the male.
- The Rain arcs. They were given by Kubo to only four characters, them being Ichigo, Rukia, and Ichigo’s parents. An here I would like to remember the most famous poem from Orihime “ If I were the rain… that binds together the Earth and the sky, whom in all eternity will never mingle… Would I be able to bind two hearts together? “ - it literally stated the same thing, that we, the Ichiruki fandom, use as an argument in favour of our ship - That the Rain arcs conect Ichigo and Rukia. Plus, knowing that Orihime is in love with Ichigo, we get the romantic meaning behind this conection. Because no author ever does anything in the story without a purpose.  
- Talking about Ichigo’s parents, we have the almost identical parallel of how they met each other with phrasing like “The love and destiny Ichigo inherited
These are just some of the many arguments that Ichiruki fandom has(went to check if I remember the phrase correctly and got sucked into reading the whole “Anything but the rain” arc)

Back to the main question, which of course I haven’t even asked, because I get distracted too easily. Why do some IH and RR shippers see and accept that Renji has feelings for Rukia(which, in my opinion, he has), but jump the gun to disregard any evidence of Ichigo having feelings for Rukia, by saying” When did he confess his feelings? Ichigo never said anything about loving Rukia. She’s just a friend”? As far as I know, Renji has never talked about his romantic feeling for Rukia. But they still manage to see them. But not Ichigo’s…That really bothers me. Because that is some level of bs. I think any argument that RR shippers have for Renji’s feelings is valid for Ichigo’s feelings too.
You guys remember this?

I really don’t want to touch RR shippers, because I don’t think we would disagree on much, except for if they deny Ichigo’s feelings for Rukia. Then we have a problem. But my concern is with the IHs, who say Renji’s feelings are canon. Because they really like to say there is nothing romantic between Ichigo and Rukia. I don’t want to bring my previous analysis of Rukia’s feelings into it, but even if we get it out of the equesion. Talk solely about Renji and Ichigo. Where is the difference? What chapter did I miss, where Renji proclaimed his love for Rukia in such a way, thta it would make his feelings for Rukia canon, and Ichigo’s not?
Because I can name the chapters, where Ichigo’s feelings for Rukia are confirmed(for any intelligent person, who can read between the lines, anylise dialogues and understand the subtle, implicit, way of delievering information in a literary work) - 435, 436

To conclude all this, I would like to say, that I personally think that both Renji’s and Ichigo’s feelings are very evident in the manga. And the delusional ones, as some like to call others, are those, who don’t see it. If you accept Renji’s feelings, then you accept Ichigo’s feelings as well. The rules of what you do or don’t consider to be canon, cannot bend to your favour. It’s just makes any argument from your side subjective. And Subjectiveness does not stand a chance in the eyes of the objectiveness. And objectiveness is achieved through argumentation, that applies to every character.
I’m a linguist, I have knowledge in stylistic analysis. We actually focused mainly on belles lettres literature, so what we were taught is that a good author can convey the idea without spelling it out. An author can use one character’s speech to convey the feelings of the other. Or let us into the inner world of a character. A good exemple is the same Memories in the rain. Ichigo doesn’t talk about what happened to his mother, that is done deliberately, to show how deep that wound is, that he can’t even talk about it. But the reader’s needed to know the story either way, to understand Ichigo’s stand point, when he fights the Grand Fisher. So Kubo reveals Ichigo’s childhood memories through his childhood friend, Tatsuki.
I actually have another analysis of that particalar mini arc in mind, considering the difference of Rukia’s and Orihime’s roles in it. The contrast and what idea Kubo might have wanted to deliver by constructing the plot, the way he did.

It’s is another longo-post. As always, if you had the patience to read so much text, thank you.
I am open to be corrected. But if you want to do it, please, prepare at least some argumentation. Otherwise it has no point. I don’t accept comments like “He/she doesn’t love her/him, that’s it. How can’t you see it. You’re delusional”

Billy and Mandy reboot

-Grim is human and modeled to look like the onceler/Benedict cumfart
-Billy and Mandy are combined into two equally dumb and equally sarcastic characters with no differentiating between them
-episode where they meet five nights at Freddy
-episode parodying paranormal activity
-Adam Sandler cameo
-all the reaccuring antagonists are written out
-so is Jeff the spider, there’s not enough merchandise potential
-instead of going to the underworld Grimm just takes the kids to hot topic
-animated completely in go animate

@say-woof (random starter of light angsty teen that went to be too lenghty lmao)

It was the middle of the night when Than woke up – or more in the early morning. Not exactly a pleasant waking up though. Once he opened his eyes he sat upright int he bed, drenched in cold sweat. In his ears he heard the loud beating of his heart from within.

In front of his eyes he just saw flashing images from the night, and it brought a light shiver to him. Than should be used by now to nightmares, it was the reason he usually went to bed very late to guarantee that his sleep will be dreamless because of exhaustion. And yet this one, this reaccuring vision of faces and places he could not remember, it was the one to scare him the most over and over again. Waking him always up at the same spot.

His eyes looking around in the dark room, barely lit up by the bit of moonlight coming in. He calmed down in realisation that he was in a comfortable bed, in a room he knew, and heard the calm breathing of the one next to him. To which he would turn to for a short moment, making sure his fiance still was asleep, before then getting to the edge of the bed. Foot touched the floor, and hands would search around for his crutches. 

He wanted to get to the washroom. Wash his face, maybe find out what time exactly it is. And that was what he did, standing up from the bed. Searching his way through the night to walk to the door. Leaving to make his way to the washroom. Where he’d first just splash some cold water in his face. Hair getting soked in it as well, but Than didn’t particularly care. 

I’m so tired of this… “, he whispered to himself, the heterochomatic eyes meeting his gaze. He didn’t look that tired, just a usual morning tired. which means he got more sleep than he gets at home. At least that. Even so, it was rare for him to actually sleep bad when with Ciel. When he was in a place he felt safe, in the embrace of someone he loved – it was odd. Is the stress from the finals getting to him? Even though this weekend he wanted to have just some nice time. Just happy toughts with his fiance.

A sigh from him, and he left the washroom again. He probably won’t sleep anymore… Will it even make sense to return to bed? Probably not, but he still did. Ciel was there, and Than still could just lay down and enjoy cuddling – assuming Ciel hadn’t woken up yet from the movement of Than leaving the bed. But sleep certainly will be out of the question because Than was sure the next dream won’t be kind to him either. For once he’d be the one to be awake first.

After seeing so many posts about people being scared that Lexa is stealing screen time I ask myself where are the same posts for Wick or Murphy or this freaking new kid they casted? Where are they? Not to forget where are the posts being scared about Jasper getting plot while Monty doesn’t???

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Isn't it considered Pokémon cruelty to just keep animals in their poke balls like no one really knows how much space is in there what if it's the equivalent of a car out in the sun. what if the Pokémon want to please their owners so much that they don't let them know they're really hot and need to cool down. They could be dehydrating without anyone knowing. and we can't do anything about it because you can't just break a pokeball, can you?

I think it was addressed in a manga once that pokemon are technically stored as data in a pokeball, their basic make up snapshoted as numbers and sequences. They still react to things outside and can sense when they are needed, and can also dislike the pokeball but to quantify it as ‘space’ might be inaccurate. A snorlax would be no more cramped than a dedenne. This doesnt mean some pokemon cant find it unpleasant, like Pikachu, but i dont think it could qualify as uncomfortable either. I think the reason types of pokeballs work better with certain pokemon is because the sensation or 'environment’ of the pokeball is made more pleasant or just more than neutral for that specific type (dive ball= water pokemon) which could accounted for in accordance with ones and zeroes in a stream of data reaccuring for that specific type. How they are catalogued once converted could also help identify new types of pokemon completely now that i think about it, or more allusive typings. Like someone who discovered and first caught Sudowoodo would be surprised to find its data more closely aligned with rock type pokemon, and had no alignment with grass types at all.
It would make sense to me that pokeballs are tech that can be damaged and broken, but would likely have fail safes to release the pokemon before that happened. Also it would stand to reason that the pokeballs are designed to contain the data (pokemon) which would means that once damaged the data would be released, like water escaping from a broken fishtank. Also if a pokemon is inherently strong enough to BEAT the pokeball they could break out. Like a wild pokemon, or a pokemon just forcing its way out when a trainer needs it through force of will. In the show this could be more common with ashs pokemon because he has a strong relationship with them. It would not surprise me to learn this was common among stubborn or strong pokemon, not really ones who just really liked their trainer

I answered this too deeply

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i have a question. i would like to see livestreams,and donate 10 dollars, but i dont have much cash and the donation reaccurs? is there a way to only pay once?

it recurs once a month!

one can join anytime during the month, then the pledge is processed at the end of the month or beginning of next one, after which if one decides to leave they won’t be charged again, or if they stay the will be just at the end of the new month and so on ahh

and here is the mysterious Maryam vampire family in the Megido Falls au!

In their debut episode, Dolorosa, upon seeing Droog being lowkey neglectful to his two granddaughters, invites Aradia and Damara to her hidden mansion for dinner; what the twins dont know, though, is that Dolorosa as the full intention of keeping them there forever, since she wants to be their new mom, and it isnt until Droog breaks in and fights a family of vampires does Dolorosa trust Droog enough to protect his own grandkids. theyd be reaccuring characters, however; there would be an episode in which the twins introduce Porrim to Latula and her cool teenage friends, and karkat and kanaya occasionally appear

as far as how ages go, Kanaya is 13, Kankri is 15, Porrim is 16, Karkat is 12 (the age of the Megido twins) and Dolorosa is Very Old