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Hello! I love your blog and I reaaaly want to get into seventeen fandom I just don't know gow to get to know the boys better....... Does SVT have a show like EXO Showtime? Or a list of other varieties where they've been? I would be very thankful if you could tell me ❤️

Well… you can start of with this. Links to the following episodes should be there.

Here’s the other vids:
- Their trip to Jeju-do (Seungkwan’s home island)
- Mingyu and Hoshi radioshow. Its a Mingyu cam, but there shld be a Hoshi cam in the ‘related vids’ section. Woozi and Jeonghan did something similar too. It should be in the ‘related vids’ section too.
- 17’s Qmentary
- Thier own version of Master Chef. (RAW)
- Sukira Radio show.
- Joshua and Vernon star in an English radio show.

And my personal fav… Weekly Idol

Thats all on my mind rn… hope it helps~ ^^

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You could write a bill/laura fic, where bill is a famous country singer, and Laura is a country singer of a bar in a small town. And one day Bill watches a presentation of Laura in this bar? I'm sorry if this is confusing for you to understand, it is that English is not my first language. I reaaaly love you blog <3


And a while back I was actually obsessed with a Bill and Laura country music AU.  I had this whole thing planned out where Laura was the star, and Bill was the unknown, and she was forced to write her new album with him…and mostly I spent a lot of time talking to @nobodys-tomorrow-is-guaranteed about Bill in cowboy boots:)

You want to read the snippet I wrote for it?  It does not, alas, have Bill in cowboy boots, but it does have angst, and Laura with big hair…

He’s the hand behind the bar, mixing drinks and shaking ice while she tries to sing over the noise.  She’s the piled-up red hair behind the notepad, taking orders and delivering cheeseburgers while his fingers never slip on the strings.  
They never meet.  They’re moving too fast. 

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I was tagged by @matsurimarj Thank you friend! <3 I really enjoyed reading yours! uvu

1) What’s your OTP(s)?:
OTP’s ?? okay, Kakashi x Iruka <3 <3 <3 Kakashi x Anko, Naruto x Hinata (Like, they were my first otp ever lmao), and I guess that’s it uvu

2) What colour and style is your hair?
It’s like black and reaaaly short :v I  like it like that, I don’t really like it long uvu

3) Do you like school?:
Yes! I like school, but I have to say that most of my teachers were just… bad :/

4) What are your current favourite TV shows?:

5) What is the scariest nightmare you’ve ever had?:
Scariest, well, mayb that time when i dreamed about a clown on my backyard (the window in my room it’s to the backyard), and in my dream I was so scared because there was a woman trying to open my window, and then my brother came to show me it was no one out there, but I knew it was! I was hearing her! and then, he left and I went to my parents room, and when I turned my head to my room, the clown was standing right there, and the next thing was him getting into the house through the winodw. When I woke up, for real, I couldn’t move, ad that’s the story about the first timeI got sleep paralysis :D

6) Love or lust?:
I still don’t know what lust is, so, LOVE:D

7) Average hours of sleep?:
Usually 6 hours, I’d get more if I went to sleep earlier but, yeah, hahaha:D

8) Favourite Books?:
The hunger games:’v

9) Do you have any other blogs?
Yes I have, another blog:p

10) If you could pick a decade and travel back in time, what would it be?
I guess It will be the time where I was only in my old computer all day, listen to random song on Ares and looking for  for sasuke’s pictures lmao uvu

11) If you won the lotto & millions in cash, what would be the first thing you would do?:
I would live alone while studying (I could work too lol) and save the rest of  the money for my family

Here is who I’m tagging! @sushibrains4 @riseoftheplanetofhamsters @oh-who-knows @xforesttree @kakashi6547 @killjoyjuniper  @rockingthegraveyard !!

damn i had to give up 10 minutes into a workout i did every day while i was swimming. Not surprising, I’ve reaaaly neglected my fitness for a couple years. Now I actually have the motivation though so hopefully i can keep it and get better.

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maaaybe... anonymity is so safe. and i don't have much to say apart from this odd conversation going on know with my creepy attachment to your ask game.

It’s not reaaaly that creepy, to be honest - I’m not gonna insist, though, if you want to prefer anonymity ^^

no??!? ebay stop doing this? i Didnt buy that, im just watching it? This keeps happening and im doubting what ive bought and not bought now and ii Reaaaly dont want my mental illness to start affecting that part o my life too