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do you mind taking screenshots of the thumbnails of the brushes you use and your mixer tool settings? sorry if I'm asking for too much, I just reaaaaly love your brush effects and can't seem to get mine to look like that

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BTS. They are the current ‘Rising Sun’ of the music industry. Their name BTS, means to repel on the oppression and prejudice towards the teenagers in the 21st Century.

EXO, VIXX, etc. These boys are unalike the 4th generation men idols that had hardships to grab the attention of the public. In just 10 months, these boys has proved to have a fandom that is growing strong. The total opposite of their past promotions where they have shown a strong manly image, they have now come back with 'Just One Day’. A mellow song that shows their longing to be with their girlfriend just for one day. We have met with the transformed BTS on 11th of April at the waiting room of a music show at Yeouido, Seoul. 

Recently, promoting only one song from their album which is the title song, has become a popular trend among the idol groups. However, after having to top off the music charts with their title song, 'Boy In Luv’, BTS has immediately come back with their follow up song 'Just One Day’. Their leader Rap Monster said, “We have always come out with strong imaged songs, so for us to be able to show our very own sentimental side is great.” “Its also nice that we don’t have a single drop of sweat after coming off stage”. He then said, “It has a certain joy that is different than the past songs we had.”

We asked if their fans number of fans increased, and BTS answered, “A big number of them increased”. Rap Monster said “Its really exciting when I see how many of our fans came to our recording compared to last time.” “Its difficult for our fans, especially the students, to come for the morning recording for the music shows. We are really grateful to every one of our fans for coming to support us”

Suga said, “When we arrived at the music show station in the morning, there would be a lot of fans waiting to escort us” “It naturally happens that we also take our fashion into account” Suga was the happiest member to know that they have gained a number of fans. J-Hope said, “The Suga we came to know was very quiet and isolated but after seeing that the number of fans increased, he changed” “He does cute gestures on camera, which he has never done before. He is currently living the best moments of his life”

We then asked what is the main point dance of 'Just One Day’. Rap Monster said, “Until now, we have never had a stage where we smiled before. For this song, we put on a sweet smile and make a few cute gestures here and there” J-Hope picked the 'chair dance’ and Jungkook’s solo dance in the first half of the song as the main point of their dance. While the members were sitting on the chair in the background, Jungkook comes front stage and dances solo while singing his part. “Jungkook has his own set of flow when it comes to dancing. He knows his own skills" Rap Monster said with much enthusiasm. With a brusque attitude, Jungkook said, "I played the role because it was my part in the song”, while smiling after.

BTS has been rumored to be the best idols at giving 'fan service’. Though they are not riding the waves, they put up various things for the fans such as updating on their SNS (twitter), the members daily life videos, etc. They said it was for the fans to get to know them better.

Rap Monster said “We don’t exactly think of it as a fan service” “We want to become closer with the fans and communicate more” “The youngest Jungkook who is like an iron wall is actually very awkward with people” “He becomes a talkative one when the fans are there”

Before the fans could even anticipate the ending of their promotions with 'Just One Day’, BTS has already planned ahead on their schedules. Rap Monster said, “We want to show you various images of us” “As we get older, we want to try out a sexy concept, but for now, we will do our best for the one week promotion with 'Just One Day’ ”