tbh mark’s the type to internally smirk to himself every time he raps “and that’s a long ass ride” because swearing makes him feel rebellious

So I’m watching G1, and I have come to realize that Starscream seems to be the only one who has any fucking sense. Everyone please go back and just watch the episodes Dinobot Island, parts one and two. It has the best example of what I’m saying. The whole episode is pretty much:

Starscream: This is a bad idea, we shouldn’t do this. Actually I know for a fact that we absolutely shouldn’t do this. why are we still doing this. let me explain to you the exact science behind why the fuck we shouldn’t be doing this. WE ARE FUCKING UP. MEGATRON CAN WE STOP FUCKING UP PLEASE


“if you like Henry or Patrick, you are disgusting!”

“the bowers gang is the worst, and anyone who likes them should block me”

“if you LIKE the bowers gang,  that means you are DEFENDING THEM  and making EXCUSES  for them! u should be ASHAMED YOU SICK FUCK!”