A Melody to Remember Movie 2016 (Original HD)
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Release Date : 2016-01-21
Casts : SiWan, Ko Ah-Sung, Lee Re, Lee Hee-joon

The way Yoshimura was with Yomo. Entrusting Rize to him, entrusting Nisiki and Touka “the kids” to him. Saying Yomo made the best coffee even of the older Anteiku members, Kaneki even mentioning how similar it was to the manager’s coffee. The way Yomo is excepting of people that don’t deserve acceptance.

It’s almost as if Yoshimura planned Yomo as his replacement. If that’s so there is something I really want to see.

At the end of everthing when the fighting has paused and the clowns specifically have been defeated, I want Yomo to go to Uta who has probably been injured nd humiliated (his friend who dispite his questionable life choices Yomo never gave up on) and I want Yomo to say.

“Are you done yet?”

And like Yoshimura did for the violent Kouma and Irimi, I want Yomo to save Uta.