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Ah I love the hcs for dad!aizawa! Curious though, do you have any for if he was responsible for a child? Like if he was a dad or uncle to a little kid, how would he raise them you think?


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two of my friends took this idea and kinda accepted it as their hc lmao

in this particular scenario, i imagine… i guess i should explain my OC first. she’s a part of my original concept called Little Monsters. she’s a catgirl named Molly, she’s about 12, and she’s homeless.

my friends kinda came up with the idea that, well, Aizawa found her huddled in an alley during his late night hero-ing. i imagine she’s much younger here, maybe about 9. she has no family, and she can’t remember ever having family before. she’s spent her entire life on the streets.

Aizawa takes her home b/c it’s late and she’s a kid who obviously needs help. but he’ll figure out the details tomorrow once he’s gotten her cleaned up and fed and all that. he’s cautious tho, and keeps an eye on her during her stay. well, a few days pass, and she’s still at his house. he tried looking up info about her in the register, but there’s nothing. she truly has no where to go.

Aizawa may be a lot of things, but he’s not heartless. he thinks of putting her into the adoption system, but he also knows that that’s probably not a good idea. kids who’re homeless all their lives have ticks and habits that normal people just wouldn’t be able to handle or understand. so he signs up some papers to temporarily become her caretaker in the meantime, until a better solution is found.

(the fact that she’s a cat may or may not have tugged at his heartstrings a bit.)

Aizawa ends up exasperated b/c now he has to buy actual furniture and a bed and all this stuff b/c now he has to take care of a kid. he’s already regretting his decision, but seeing her look up at him with those big green hopeful eyes, her little ears twitching back and forth, and her face all clean and scrubbed free of all the dirt that was on it… and dammit, he can’t truly regret what he’s doing.

years pass. over that time she’s officially been adopted as Aizawa’s daughter. he’s taught her many things, like how to defend herself (she already had some street smarts, and it was a bit of hell to get her home that first night, but he’s helped her hone her skills. her claws are very effective weapons), as well as how to look at things logically, and to always think ahead an be prepared. 

he found out soon that she needed glasses not long after she began her stay. the second she got her glasses, she devoured book after book after book–well, after he taught her how to read, that is. another laborious process, but he’s a very good teacher. he  knows it’s necessary for this young girl to have this skill, and seeing the way she loves books and learning makes it well worth it.

Molly, being a catgirl, enjoys taking many naps. this fits perfectly into Aizawa’s schedule, and he often times his naps to happen at the same time as hers.

at some point, Molly began wearing scarves around her neck to imitate Aizawa. they’re not the same kind that he has, just regular old scarves, but it shows just how much she admires and appreciates him. he tries not to let the happiness show too much.

by the time the MHA timeline starts, Molly is 12, just a few years younger than class 1A. she’s incredibly well behaved, still loves to read (she’ll never quite get used to how amazing books are, after she spent most of her life on the streets), very smart, and just as logical/cautious as her dad

he’s so proud of her.

(long story short, i imagine Aizawa would adopt, rather than have a kid himself. this is partially b/c i view him as ace/aro, and b/c he’s just too busy to form that sort of relationship. but i think he would actually be an excellent father, and be sure to teach his kid well)