only-boy-group stans are so fucking annoying. ok. we know bts has more views and they may have charted last week and the week after that but that drag wasn’t even about those? we’re not even discrediting their achievements? the main point was that y’all always shit on twice (and any gg) and turn blind to their achievements to glorify bts. why can’t y’all just let us hype up a girl group without you coming in to tell us that what twice has is less than bts’

To the boy that broke my heart, H

Thank you. Not for breaking my heart though, that’s still sore. But for everything else. I am who I am today because of you. And while some parts of this me are a little messed up I’m grateful I got to learn something very important from you.

See my whole life I’ve been lucky. I never actually had to struggle for anything. My parents are too giving they want me to have everything with no worries.

But watching you live your life I learned that struggles can be good sometimes. And I craved independence. I want to live my own life on my terms.

I’m applying for internships now. On my own merit. And I’m scared as hell of not being good enough. But I want to prove to everyone that I can be taken seriously on my own.

I can do this.

I know you’d be proud of me too.