I am feeling very into ponytails lately, they do a nice swishing motion that I appreciate (thanks v. much, physics). Also just remembering how much I have been fascinated with diaries and lists and notebooks for 1000 years, because they’re such a window into a person, they’re like little worlds of organised and tactile paper personality. And thinking about how I use THE WEB and how that has evolved over the years and stuff, because there’s always been an element of diarising to it, and the internet expressions of myself became almost more identifiably me than like, my leg or something. Would I recognise my hands in a line up? Would I recognise a meme I made before they were called memes?

Here is some of my favourite recent stuff that I did:

i hope someone preserves my heart when i die to bring out as this weird family tradition that makes everyone feel uncomfortable

when you try to explain yourself but you could write for pages and still not feel satisfied or get your point across fully because humans and human emotions are so much more complex than a couple simple words, it doesnt matter how many of them seem right, even this post is an example, so dont feel angry if youre shit at expressing yourself through speech because everybody is..