RE:STYLINGS - the name & address of this page have changed, but the content (and avatar!) remain the same is changing even more so (and at present is blank) - i’ll let you know when that changes, or, if you’ve liked me so far, pop on over and stand by for a new and improved page of life & style

in the meantime you can get me on twitter, in my ask box, or via email 

but our regularly scheduled programming should continue here so smoothly that you might not even notice the change



Linda Greene has won our Gormley contest this week. She entered last week, too. And try as she might, she totally nailed it. Thanks, Linda. We’d like to send you an official Ace NYC t-shirt to celebrate your mad photographic stylings. Everyone else! Send us your entries, and go vote on our new photos by clicking on the Gormley button in the sidebar. Remember, you can also send video. Onward!