Johnny was the type of person to never be satisfied, as a long-time customer of mine, he kept begging me, wishing for slow improvements to his body, not wanting to change everything at once so he can explain to his friends and family he had just been working out or trying a new hairstyle, or growing out that beard for months. But every time he found some small detail to change, something that needed improvement, until one day he regretted ever coming back to my office.

At the same time, I was just saying my goodbyes to the transformation of another man Connor, had just turned around, eyeing Johnny and the proceeding conversation.

“I need my be a bit taller,” urged Johnny, glancing at me with desperation. It was before I could even click my fingers, that Connor spoke.

“Don’t you think I need a suit?” questioned Connor. Johnny turned before he suddenly heard the familar sounds of my clicking fingers and felt a numbness begin to overwhelm him.

Johnny looked down at his hands, his fingers beginning to shift together in his shaking hands which were beginning to darken slightly, Johnny looked up pleadingly at the two men watching, yet at the same time could barely utter a word as he continued to shake with fear, the darkness travelling down his arms, his own hands now flopping with no fingers and beginning to round off. As Johnny tried to quickly run, he felt his own feet give way, his socks and shoes no longer there as his large feet had shrunk to resemble the ends of pants.

He could feel his cock harden at this prospect for some reason, like his mind was being turned on by the idea that he could be worn as clothing, instead when he tried to yell in fear, he found himself moaning as his torso began to deflate, a mixture of black and white already reaching up to his neck and face as his head continued to shrink, his mind going elsewhere as his human side was depleting, and instead making way for a suit. Johnny was more shocked, giving his last moans as he felt his dick extend, soon no longer attached to his body as he saw it curled up now as a black tie.

Johnny felt like he came then and there as multiple orgasms struck him and then, he was just a suit.

Connor picked him up, hearing the moans and protests of Johnny in his mind as he tried to resist, before he knew it the suit wrapped around his new body perfectly, but the changes were not over. He aged somewhat, touching his face as hair sprouted across his chiselled jawline, his own brown hair was looking darker and more slicked back. His youthful mind seemed to be gone as a briefcase appeared beside him, his feet stretching and growing larger, his back too as he suddenly began to fix himself, patting himself down and moaning with the suit as he adjusted his tie, feeling as if his own clothes were rubbing against his growing cock.

When he came, Connor blinked, suddenly carrying on with fixing himself as he glanced towards me.

“Thank you Craftsman, I better get back to work,” noted Connor, blinking as if surprised by what he said before eventually giving into his new mind.

“All in a day’s work.” I replied, and watched the both of them, enter their new lives, satisfied.

Even a rainforest of trees
Sway helplessly,
Unable to count
How many times
I’ve been ripped apart,
Scrumpled up in anger
And tossed out
Along with the rest
Of the discarded.
But just when I thought
I wouldn’t survive
Another rejection,
She inked her words
Into my skin
Whispering, “my love
Bleeds from within.”
—  z0mbified-em0tions {{ michaellottner Prompt: the inanimate objects I chose to write about are a notepad and pen}}

Jack had stolen supplies from my office, from The Craftsman Studio and had simply assumed that I didn’t notice. But, I did and for his punishment I let him go ahead with his plan. Him and a friend, Lucas, spent their time, preparing themselves on the night of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay premier. Jack wanted wanted Liam Hemsworth, the perfect match for him. They began preparing the incantation, muttering under their breath and poof - nothing happened.

“Well that was a waste of time,” muttered Lucas bitterly. Jack was confused, his furrowed brows looking down.

“What the - It should have worked,” said Jack, looking around to see if anything was different. Lucas sighed.

“Well don’t give up just yet, look, you’re changing already,” Lucas pointed to the darkening colour appearing on Jack’s arm.  Jack looked up at him, visibly growing more confused. “Look, you’re already starting to get a suit, on your arm, look.” Jack looked down, horrified as he moved his arm up, only to watch it flop down.

“The suit isn’t growing on my arm, it is my arm!” cried Jack as he attempted to hold his darkening hands, watching the underside become a pale white as he got up, rushing to the door. “We have to go talk to that Craftsman guy, quick, help me!” Jack rushed to the door, tripping up as he looked down at his feet, scared and groaning as he felt them elongate as they darkened, becoming hollow and shiny before they fell off his feet, clopping to the ground as dress shoes. “Oh no! Oh fuck!” Jack cried as he wriggled his toes, feeling the shoes move to the side a little before they didn’t move altogether.

Jack crawled on his weakening knees, reaching for the door handle, and just as his hands clutched it, he was shocked as he couldn’t move his fingers, watching them twitch slightly before they began to darken and regress. He was horrified, groaning as he felt his dick starting to become erect, he was liking the idea, wanting to be worn like good clothes. No! He couldn’t get it out of his head, he didn’t want to be a suit! Or did he…?

He found himself, writhing on groaning on the floor, calling for help but unable to as he felt his dick throb against him, his own body shrinking as the darkening…comfortable texture raced up his neck, his mouth melting into his face, with the rest of his body, forming a collar as his eyes became half-lidded and he felt himself cum, again and again, moaning loudly for one last time as with his cum, his dick flopped after lengthening to form a clear black bowtie.

Lucas looked at his friend, confused as to what happened, but at the same time almost enamoured. He stepped closer, watching the suit, the tie twitching somewhat.

“Jack?” Lucas murmured. “What happened?” He got his answer. The suit suddenly clung onto him. The belt quickly whipped itself around Lucas’ arms, a bowtie stuffed itself in Lucas’ mouth, almost tasting like a cock as the suit took its time wrapping and wearing Lucas, disrobing him of his own clothes. As the shoes jumped on Lucas’ bare feet, he groaned as he felt his feet lengthen, growing as his toes stretched and the feet perfectly fitted the dress shoes. The pants climbed up Lucas’ legs, brushing them, making them thicker, more hairy and with muscular calves as they buttoned and zipped themselves on him. They rubbed at his underwear, turning them into Calvin Klein boxers which groped and squeezed at his penis, stretching it, making it thicker causing him to cum. Lucas felt himself groan loudly into the bowtie, groaning in a different voice and manner entirely.

“Pl-Please…” Lucas found himself moaning into the tie, blushing as the belt began to caress his face, Lucas found hair growing on his jaw which became more chiselled, morphing his facial features as his lips became larger, more able to expertly take the bowtie in his mouth. “Oh fuck…” Lucas, or Liam Hemsworth, groaned as the white shirt and black blazer wrapped itself around his body, he felt his chest grow, abdominal muscles pushing out, as his biceps thickened and his hands grew with brown hair growing on the back of his arms and on his chest, reaching down the navel.

His cock erupted for a second time and Liam moaned, his dick didn’t stop, he felt the bowtie leave his mouth and he almost whined in orgasm as he felt himself cum again, and again, it was only by the fifth time when he could only see a blinding light that Liam stumbled slightly, many cameras blinding his vision. He held his hand out slightly, his eyes somewhat narrower as he blinked and found himself, ready for the premier of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay.

Needless to say, the preparations for the premier was probably better than the movie itself.