the signs and their opposites

aries + libra
aries: personal interests, fire, mars, cardinal 
libra: shared interests, air, venus, cardinal 

taurus + scorpio
taurus: seeks physical stability, earth, venus, fixed
scorpio: seeks emotional stability, water, mars/pluto, fixed 

gemini + sagittarius
gemini: seeks for knowledge, air, mercury, mutable 
sagittarius: seeks for wisdom, fire, jupiter, mutable

cancer + capricorn
cancer: seeks to be emotionally connected, water, moon, cardinal
capricorn: seeks to be physically connected, earth, saturn, cardinal

leo + aquarius
leo: seeks to better themselves, fire, sun, fixed
aquarius: seeks to better the world, air, uranus/saturn, fixed 

virgo + pisces
virgo: physical self-sacrifice, earth, mercury, mutable
pisces: emotional self-sacrifice, water, neptune, mutable

Cut the crap, this is the real reason why you’re single.

It’s not that you can’t handle relationships, it’s not that you’re not ready. Immaturity, pettiness, all that bullcrap, you’re behind all that. So then what’s the reason why you’re single?

Choice. You’re single because of choice. This could be you’re choice, you can’t stand the one night stands and the flings. You want someone you can stand beside, you want something with substance. That can be one choice, you’re single because you want to be single.

Or, you’re single not by your choice, but by other people’s choices. The sensitive book worm? It’s their choice not to date you. The outgoing athlete? Their choice. Even that best friend who you want to be more than best friends with. Their choice.

In the end, you’re single because of people’s choices. Yours and even other people’s.

But really. The main point isn’t about being single or being in a relationship. Because you’re more than that. You’re more than someone who feeds off of cuddling and all that romantic stuff. Sure, those things are nice, but it’s not a necessity. Being in a relationship or not doesn’t define you.

Your relationship status doesn’t define you.

—  The Reason Why You’re Single || J.Kim.