aspect education

major aspects

conjunction - 0˚ apart, orb of 8˚, neutral
combines two planets in one single force, ,most powerful neutral aspect

opposition - 180˚ apart, orb of 8˚, tense
puts two planets in conflict and creates difficulty between them, very powerful tense aspect

square - 90˚ apart, orb of 8˚, tense
creates friction between planets, powerful tense aspect

trine - 120˚ apart, orb of 12˚, harmonious
brings planets together, most powerful harmonious aspect

sextile - 60˚ apart, orb of 4˚, harmonious
brings planets together

minor aspects

semisextile - 30˚ apart, orb of 2˚, harmonious

semisquare - 45˚ apart, orb of 2˚, tense

quincux, 150˚ apart, orb of 2˚, tense

sesquiquadrate - 155˚ apart, orb of 2˚, tense

(semisquare, quincux and sesquiquadrate are all like weak versions of square)

biquintile - 144˚ apart, harmonious

quintile - 72˚ apart, harmonious

chart aspects

grand trine

equilateral triangle shape, three planets in all of the same elements

  • in fire - very enthusiastic, searches for new possibilities 
  • in earth - talents lie in practical work
  • in air - talents lie in intellectual work
  • in water - very sympathetic, compassionate and intuitive

grand cross

square shape, four planets in all of the same modes 

  • cardinal - may have energetic problems/assertive behaviour
  • fixed - doesn’t let go of problems
  • mutable - uses adaptability to avoid conflict


two planets in opposition, both square to a third planet. all in the same mode

  • cardinal - exceptional dynamism/energy
  • fixed - excessively stubborn
  • mutable - solves/avoids problems with adaptability

mystic rectangle

gives the best potential for constructive use of talents


the ‘kite’ with a grand trine, tense aspects are provided with an outlet by the trine. called “high flyers,” people with this aspect have good potential for success.