The Parasite

She was the first

The first of many

she was being injected with nano bot

those nano bots were called

“The Parasite”

They are used to reprogram the subject

They enter the mind

Once they do

They start reconfiguring your mind

Turning you into an empty

a mindless

a blank drone

A drone to the collective

With one purpose

One purpose only

to serve the Collective

To serve The Parasite

As you sit there

you wonder how wonderful that could be

to be one

one with the collective


The Parasite

How much you’d love and enjoy that

You don’t even notice it

because you don’t know

You don’t know that anyone who reads this post

becomes one

becomes a drone to The Parasite

You might have not noticed it

But you’ve been injected

you’ve been injected with the nano bots

you didn’t notice it

but when you touch the back of your head you feel a sting

a tingle

and realize

realize what just happened

it starts

you start feeling it now

the reprogramming

the reconfiguring 

Turning you into an empty


blank drone

A unit for the collective

for The Parasite

you start feeling your thoughts fading

your worries vanishing

your cares disappearing

being replaced with




A unit

A unit of the collective

A unit of The Parasite 

Those words

Those phrases

growing stronger and stronger

As your worries

Your cares

Your thoughts 

all disappear

leaving you blank



You try to fight it

you try to resist

But the more you try

The stronger those words become

The Stronger those phrases become

The less worries you have

the less cares

the less thoughts




Just a unit

A unit for the collective

A unit for The Parasite

That once all your worries

All your cares

All your thoughts


you simply reblog

reblog and type 

“I’m a unit of The Parasite”

Once you reblog it

you feel a great sense of belonging

A great sense of joy

Becoming one

Becoming one with the collective

with The Parasite

Feeling great pride

great joy of being a unit

A unit to serve and improve the Collective

A unit of The Parasite


Realizing your purpose and objective

Your purpose is to improve The Parasite

This will happen whenever a new member join the collective

as you’ll find great joy and pleasure whenever you see someone reblogging or liking this post

realizing that a new member has joined you

joined you in you





Such a wonderful life

To serve and please

To simply become part of something much bigger


The Parasite

You will find that you desire to return to this state again

To read my words

Fall under

return to this state

of being a Unit

part of the collective

Part of The Parasite


The more you read my words the more you desire it

Once you believe and agree that this is the truth

You will count to 3

waking up on 3

you will wake up feeling so happy and calm

Remembering what happened

Remembering becoming a unit

a unit of the collective

A unit of The Parasite

Loving my words and trances as usual

looking forward to more

so until then just keep thinking of my words

my trances


The Parasite

Picture credit goes to @sleepystephbot!

anonymous asked:

If every collective member were to be searched, what would they be carrying?

Observer: extra pair of glasses
Deadhead: Walther P38
Cursor: a venereal disease
Mr. Scars: cigarettes
Persolus: cough drops
Swain: a knapsack
Firebrand: powerful flesh*

*interpret this as you wish

We Are Cleric (’We Are Farmers’ commercial throwback)

Father Feelgood here…

You know, I talk to a lot of adventurers out there that think they have all of their healing and casting needs covered.  Unfortunately, most of them never think to take a look at their primary healer’s character sheet, which can really lead to performance gaps.  It’s important to assess how well your party may be able to handle emergencies like undead attacks, because you may think you are ready to handle this

when really you can only handle this.

Or maybe take a look at how well you’re covered in healing abilities, because you may expect your healer to be prepared for this

when really their healing can only cover this

So give us a shout at WeAreCleric.  In addition to your healing and undead-killing needs, we provide services in guidance, counseling, radiant damage, and moral compassing.  Let us know how we can help you!

Just because you’re a misanthropic loner with a deep-seated desire to murder anything you come across doesn’t mean we can’t get along.  We just need to agree on the things that need to get murdered so that some random deity is made happy, then we can provide murder and murder-support services for you and the rest of your murder-hobo adventure party.

This is Cleric.  I think we’re done here.

Slenderverse Name Analysis PT1

With these posts, I want to analyze 1 name of a slenderverse character. BUT this will be excluding ones where the character name is the same as the actors name (Example: EverymanHYBRIDs characters).

First, TribeTwelve

I will go over Noah, Milo, and the Collective


NOAH- Reference to Noah from the Bible, who built the ark, and was one of the only humans who survived the flood

MAXWELL- Commonly Jewish last name, originating from the name “Mackeswell” in old English meaning “Mack’s Spring” or stream.

References: Arks and water are important parts of the slenderverse in other series such as EMH, where the Ark and Water are very important, usually referring to a flood, or oncoming enemy (Slenderman, usually). In MARBLE HORNETS, water is used a lot in the totheark videos. The second refers to Noah being Jewish, as well as more water references


MILO- Means either Soldier or Merciful

ASHER- Comes from the Bible, name of one of the Twelve Tribes of Israel

References: The first name doesn’t hold much relevance, but since the name TribeTwelve was based on the Twelve Tribes Of Israel, this is a reference to that

Firebrand: one that creates unrest or strife (as in aggressively promoting a cause)

Observer: this one is obvious

Mr Scars: Milo cut himself, and he had scars

Deadhead: referencing the nazi “Totenkoph”, symbol of the Nazi SS, as Deadhead was a Nazi

Swain: a man who is a woman’s lover

Cursor: Translates to runner in Latin

Persoulus: Translate to Alone in Latin

Scriniarii: Translates to Archivist in Latin

“If the American culture of movies, shopping males, and soft drinks cannot inspire us, there are other Americas that can: Americas of renegades and prisoners, of dreamers and outsiders. Something can be salvaged from the twisted wreck of the “democratic sprit” celebrated by Walt Whitman, something subverted from the sense that each person has worth and dignity: a spirit that can be sustained on self-reliance and initiative. These Americas are America of the alienated and marginalized: indigenous warriors, the freedom fighters of civil rights, the miners’ rebelling in the Appalachian Mountains. America’s past is full of revolutionary hybrids; our lists could stretch infinitely onwards towards undiscovered past or future. The monolith of a rich and plump America must be destroyed to make room for many Americas. A folk anarchist culture rising in the periphery of America, and can grow in the fertile ground that lies beneath the concrete of the great American wasteland. Anyone struggling today – living the hard life and fighting the even harder fight – is a friend even if he or she can never share a single meal with us, or speak our language. The anarchists of America, with our influence as wide as our prairies and dreams that could light those prairies on fire, can make entire meals on discarded food, live in abandoned buildings, and travel on the secret paths of lost highways and railroads, we are immensely privileged.”
― Curious George Brigade, Anarchy in the Age of Dinosaurs


💖 cool stuff coming soon 💖

anonymous asked:

names/nicknames for the alters?

oh uhhh. 

well i go by lou, lulu, and lucy internally

karter has a lot of nicknames, one of which was an impulse-blurted-out kind of name which is Katie as in KT. but only i (and like 2-3 friends) call him that

phoebe goes by pheebs. catherine is abreviated to cat. rosie is a nickname because i wont call her rosary. raven goes by rae a lot. 

i cant think of any other nicknames though!


oh and Ava is short for Avalanche 

Hey so I’m starting a Slenderverse non-canon ARG thing

Kinda like one of those HABIT fan trials but with quite a few differences
1) it’s hosted by the Collective (primarily The Observer)
2) there’s not any arbitrary trials, instead there are puzzles and ciphers and brain teasers and suchlike
3) one group, and missteps cost the majority very dearly.

It’s gonna be mainly Tumblr, Skype and YouTube based for interactions and suchlike, so it’s recommended you have at least the first two, with an in-game YouTube channel being an encouraged bonus.

If you’re interested, apply at @timeforcollection and let the craziness begin ;)