look……..i know young aspiring authors wanna write a good book about D.I.D, but i genuinely feel if you dont have personal experience with the disorder that you aren’t equipped to write about it in an appropriate manner. like….this isn’t like you’re just writing a person with a more well known mental illness, okay? DID is like having all of them. theres depression, anxiety, PTSD, compulsions, personality disorders, even some psychotic symptoms bc DID doesn’t exist in a bubble. it’s comorbid with hell. you cant just sit down and write a good DID character out of no where. even if you read everything you can theres so much you dont understand. no two cases are quite the same. it’s a disorder that’s personalized based on your life experiences and how well you were able to handle them. there is nothing easy to understand about this disorder. and lots of people with DID want good representation but we will always be disappointed in characters not written by people with DID bc we’re the only ones who understand the shit we’re living with.

so here’s the answer to the question ive gotten tens of times: as a person who has DID, im uncomfortable with someone who doesn’t have it writing a character with DID unless they are working in depth with someone who actually has the disorder on top of doing months and months of research (i cant speak for everyone with this disorder, i can only speak for myself)

pick something easier to write. a shoddy job of writing a character with DID can put us in danger and worsen the stigma more easily than you can imagine.

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if i'm not overstepping my bounds, do you have any funny stories about your alters?


alec would front a lot when i was at college and he’s supposed to put {these} around is text on skype but he always forgets so he rants for a few paragraphs and then actually says “oh yeah {} these things” afterwards. he also plays air guitar in the shower

karter refuses to wear a shirt to bed??? i dont know why but he keeps taking it off if he’s out when we go to bed

catherine, the one of the few times she had clarity while fronting, changed my ipad background from john/karkat to rose quartz because “kissing is bad” 

phoebe has the sassiest damn eye roll i can feel it from inside my brain

idk i dont have a lot of funny stories since they dont front for relaxation very often, usually just bad triggers

one time alec drew this picture of john based on two friends who had john as skype icons but he hates homestuck so it came out kinda…

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We’re probably going to bed early because we aren’t even awake enough to tell who we are right now. Might be awake a bit longer but I/We are getting offline at the very least. It’s been a tedious day, emotionally. Please don’t worry. We’re fine. Exhaustion really blurs us together, that’s all.

therapy update because i covered so much in therapy today im not even sure where to start so i might as well just cover a few key points

1) I’d like to mention that the rediscovered alter’s name is Raven (she/her). She’s not social, so I doubt she’ll make posts and if so, it’ll probably just be on my aesthetic blog or witch blog. It’s very difficult for me to communicate with her and to my knowledge, her function is Internal so she isn’t a frequent fronter. She is a fictive from around 2004-05? and is mostly in charge of creating means of mental escapism for distressed alters. She’s become active again both because of stress and because of my return to witchcraft. Like all alters, you may ask questions about her either or here or on @collectivelychatty.

2) My psychologist walked me back to where my mother was waiting so she could thank my mother in person for “raising me right.” She said my strength in introspection kept me alive and provided the tools for me to develop as an alter that’s able to stand up against abusers. I thought that was noteworthy.

Not a therapy thing but:

3) I am freaking out about the election and my entire family is trying to keep busy (dad’s making pizza, mom’s doing stuff around the house, etc). I’ve got wine so I’m able to answer asks but can’t really carry convos rn. Even then asks might be slow. Thank you for understanding.

tomorrow i will be on a plane/traveling most of the day so i dont know when im going to be online, which isnt saying much bc this blog runs on a queue and i havent been making as many text posts as usual anyway i suppose

for now im going to bed because my functioning is shit and i want to not be switching in and out at the airport if possible. we’re pretty numb to travel but the past few days have been rough on us mentally and physically and we’re far from stable again so the prospect of travel isnt particularly exciting

on an unrelated note, today when we were at dinner, we were all looking over these ugly christmas sweaters and i made a face at one and mom couldnt see what it was so she asked. and i realized i couldnt say “reindeers fucking” bc we were at a restaurant and i was scrambling for words and took the first thing that phoebe threw out there and just sudden phoebe voice: the deer are shagging mum. but in MY accent not hers so it sounded ridiculous. 

i know i havent been posting a lot about DID stuff lately but after the latest alter reveal (a week or so ago), i just havent been able to cope with that stuff. the alters are actively giving me mental crutches to keep me from having to face new information about alters and theres very little for me to post about when alters are protecting me from stuff thats going on with them.

i should mention probably that it appears there’s another alter? i mean i know theres like a hidden gang that im not totally aware of but one of them came up thats basically why my brain is just short circuiting. she probably formed around 2005 but went dormant until recently because of a change in emotional needs so.

yeah thats why i dont have a lot to post about with this stuff because i literally just cant fucking deal with her coming back

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My boyfriend has several disorders (well same) and one of them is mpd and I was wondering if you had any advice on how to handle that? I know its not the same as did and such but I was just wondering if you had any pointers on what not to say or do

MPD is DID. 

and if anyone is claiming that they have Multiple Personality Disorder instead of Dissociative Identity Disorder, it’s very likely they do not have any professional input and there is a chance they may be deceiving you. I’m not saying thats the situation, but calling it MPD instead of DID is a warning sign for fakes in my experience….

That being said, perhaps the wrong terminology is just being used for some reason and DID is intended, in which case here’s my biggest tip:


ask about alters, ask what you should do with different alters, ask anything and everything you can, talk about procedures and functioning, talk about it all

gonna do my chores, draw a little, and get ready for therapy this afternoon. i think i have a hair appointment too. not sure how much work ill be able to get done im not quite right in the head today. last night my election anxiety got bad enough that i had to take additional medication just to get my heart to stop pounding out of my chest. even then i could barely get myself to calm down enough to sleep and when i finally slept Ye Olde Abusere was a side character in the dreams. ive made some preperations to get through tonight including getting my parents to reschedule their evening so i dont get left alone during the final hours of the election. its gonna be rough.

today at therapy i have to tell my psychologist about the rediscovered alter and im just. so not up for diving into that right now. like i cant. cant face any DID stuff on top of election anxiety.  maybe she’ll just let me vent about that instead of disecting the structure of internal alter hierarchy….