Guess who's the newest addition to the 88 Days Of Fortune Family?

The soulful avantgarde female-commanded “hip-pop” duo formed by progressive artists Sloane Amelia (Irie X) & Sugg Savage.
Two multi-talented women repping the DMV + L.A
So excited for 88daysoffortune to be the Official Canadian Reps for Akoko! 
Peep their album #CATARAPS here ->

"The Aristocrats"
By: Brigitte Roka

This piece is watercolor on paper, and was a gift Brigitte made for the band “The Aristocrats.”

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Behind The Scenes video of Mockingjay-Part1 - Collective


Chill Lifestyle

After a week of stress because of heavy workloads, I’m pretty sure you’re still up for anything as long as it’s chill time. 

Hanging out at a coffee shop. bar, or park with friends would definitely give you a huge boost. Just make sure to give time for yourself. Don’t stress things out. Relax for a bit, and everything will be alright.

Anyways, here are the photos from my lifestyle shoot for Yabang Pinoy. This photo set features my friends Peter Capocao and Tricia Cabredo at the Collective in Makati. Clothes and sunglasses from Straightforward Clothing.

Hey!!! Me and my friends dropped a comp yesterday under our new collective name, Petal Port! It’s an analog / lo-fi inspired label, and we plan to be releasing ours, and other’s Cool Works as we go! 

Along with that, I started my own punk / shitty guitar music inspired thing called Crying on Vacation! So if you like yelling and guitars hmu. I dropped a cover of one of my favorite Front Bottoms songs on the PP comp, Water-Gun-Knife! Check it out~~~