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So want to know what I just learned?

Literally just learned about the “Tarek losing an arm” thing, and Hexblade’s apprentice.

Wow, okay, I need to be paranoid about Collective posts because I don’t think I see about 75% of them for some reason. ._.

“I found my magic when I took the leap and fully carried out the idea to wear all the hats; to write, produce, direct, star in, and promo my own production.”

Shema Jones, 1 of 3 AXE Collective filmmakers screening their work at the AXE Collective Vanguard Honours during the Toronto International Film Festival this year. Shema will be mentored by award-winning artist John Legend and acclaimed film and TV producer, director, writer Mark Duplass.



Who are we? Why, we’re your greatest allies! (To have on the playing field of love and dating that is). Seoulmate is the new big hit dating site that’s been introduced to South Korea this year in the month of August, opening up as one of the very first interactive dating sites that actually get you out there. Unlike other sites that use math and or other means to match you up and leave you on your own after, SM helps you to set up blind dates, find you people you may be interested in from your own interests and many more perks to insure you’re a happy customer!

We include:

  • Setting up blind dates (all on us!)
  • Comparing your interests to other members of your preferred gender.
  • Getting notified (messaged) personally each time a match is found!
  • Have one on one conversations with the founders to discuss date plans.
  • Each blind date we send you questions and convo starters based on your interests if you require them!
  • Open bar singles night every other Friday! (Can’t make any Friday? No worries! On Sunday the bar (on is open all day!)
  • Hated a date? No worries, we got you covered.
  • See someone you’re scared to approach? Message us! We sure aren’t cupid but we’ll try our best to score you that hot date.
  • And much more!

A completely FREE dating site since a billion years from now we’ll all be ash. But hey! We’ll be free ash. While we do help you out and have  the founders willing to personally message you some matches and blind dates, you do you. Find the relationship of your dreams, a one-night stand, a sham marriage (we’re not judging). In fact, we don’t care what you do, just don’t be a jerk about it! Our real goal is to help millions of people hold hands. Or get busy. Whatever you prefer. Have we convinced you?

                                              Read our guidelines and join us today! 

                                                             COMING SOON!

PSA for my friends (ooc)

Just fyi, it is never too late to askbox me a reply to an ask meme that I reblog. I dont care if you happen to be in your dashboard or my blog, and you see an ask meme from two weeks ago, I will never turn away submissions!

As long as you let me know which ask meme it’s from, I’ll answer it nomatter how long ago I posted it, is what I’m trying to say.

  • me:im such a fucking badass nothing phases me ive got 3k+ people behind me who support me and check in on me and im great and doing my best to be a good person
  • internet person:*criticizes something i did in the past or writes something vaguely negative about me*
  • me:*has a meltdown because i can't cope with it*
  • not me:*is suddenly in charge*
  • edit-dntrbloorg plz

do people not realize how much it fucking sucks to have a “rare” mental disorder? so many people claim that we claim we have it for attention but honestly….fuck that. i’d give it away in a heartbeat. do you think i enjoy losing control over my own body? do you think i like the flashbacks and trauma memories and horrible memory issues? why the fuck would I play a game with this disorder.

OC Quotes - Bringing This Back

This was started some time ago (before I joined) by @wearemage (this post)

So… you know how some game characters are masterpieces of sass, humor, righteousness and epicness in general. My favurite exemple (in the video games universe) is the Baldur’s Gate saga. I could listen to the Polish version of Edwin two hours a day and never get bored…

So this is what I propose to my fellow adventurers (and of course everybody who wants to join !) : reblog this post or repost it with few quotes your OC would say/repeat in basic situations. Add or delete as much options as you want. Do not hesitate to tag more people to keep the game going.

Bryn Riadon El Holimion (WAA Champion Protector) :

Attacking : “Your death will pay for my wheel!”

Scared : “Isn’t there anyone else willing to pay for dangerous work? Slightly less dangerous, preferably.”

Wounded : “That’s it, you go overboard first!”

Dying : “No ship is worth this!”

Critical hit : “Aww, did that hurt?”

Critical fail : “…Oops.”

Bored : “You know, I wonder if there’s anyone else who can pay for my ship.”

Unhappy with the Party’s deeds : “Tell me again what we gain from this.”

Happy with the Party’s deeds : “Another day saved and I get paid.”

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I’m tagging: @weare-revolutionary @we-are-eldritch-knight and @wearewarlord


Ok guys, hear me out for a sec!

I’ll be part of a cool poject. It is called “tiny tasty toast of terrors” and it is basically a collective artbook with the theme of food and horror! There are so many cool artists here and I am so excited to be part of it.

But the most important thing is that all the money raised with it will go to the research against cancer. One more reason to follow this project.

nd if you like my work well It’s also that an other reason to follow ahahah!

this is one of the projects that took me away from my klance fan arts…but as soon as my holiday week ends I will post a lot of new fun stuff!

Share the woooooord <3 <3 <3

female zinemakers wanted!

I am starting a zine feminist collective called Nadine alongside Jo Rosenthal, to promote women in independent publishing. Were named after the imaginary friend character from the 90s children’s cartoon, Arthur.

We will debut at the Independent Art Book Fair (September 16-18, 2016) and are looking for zines made by women to be displayed at our table. ALL PROFITS from our table will be donated to Henry Street Settlement: Third Street Women’s residence. Please share this notice with friends!

Email us at + if you would like to be apart of making women in the zine world more visible or know someone who would….. :)