Solar Terrestrial Dance by Angela


Lalah Hathaway is literally one of THE greatest singers to ever sing.. Her control is BEYOND imagination.. And she’s makes smart choices musically.. She does not sing like the average singer.. She sings like a musician plays an instrument… her approach and execution are just over and above damn near everyone out there… Also she does some OVERTONE SINGING.. She is literally singing multiple notes at once around the 6:10 mark… And lets not even mention Snarky Puppy.. They are excellent.. This is just musical overload..


I needed a laugh today so I got lost in watching videos of the late Victor Borge and now I hurt from laughing so hard I may have pulled muscles. A brilliant musician and possibly even better comedian. You won’t be sorry!


Happy Oval Bubble ready to be set in a custom design. Stay tuned to see what happens next :) Halo or Solitaire? What do you think?
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7 Objects - Golden Auga

Rules: Seven items kept on the character at all times.

1. A brass whistle, old and pretty worn out

2. A long stem pipe made out of a hard red wood. A naked woman rests against the stem and the bowl is held between her legs.

3. Cigars..all different kinds depending on where she stole them from

4. A piece of gold jewelry, a necklace or ring that is far too small for the highlander, clearly it belongs to someone much smaller

5. A pistol.. or six

6. 5 gold rings in her left ear and one large silver ring in her right. Used for emergency currency and the 5 gold rings are representation of the 5 days a week superstition permits sailing.

7. A gold bead stamped talisman of Llymlaen braided on a twine around her neck and very close to her throat. This is always viable.

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I like to think that one day you’ll find someone who truly makes you happy. And even if that person isn’t me, it’s ok cause you are the sun and then some. And you deserve nothing less than brilliance.
—  Plumnificent