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Oooohh yall are open! May i ask for Bel, Byakuran and Takeshi for the so forgetting about them scenario please?


You opened your eyes, squinting at the bright light. It caused your current headache to double in pain. Mercifully the lights were switched off. You turned to your side ready to thank whoever switched the lights off for you, and came face to face with an attractive looking guy with white hair and lavender eyes. You noticed some red stains on his clothes as he smiled at you relieved that you were alright.

“[Name]-chan you’re awake.” He held onto your hand, “I thought that you-”

“I’m sorry.” You interrupted him, “Who are you?”

He looked confused, “What do you mean? I’m your fiancé.”

You still looked confused.


“Not ringing any bells.” You told him.

Byakuran glared at nothing, you felt a chill when you saw his barely restrained anger. He let go of your hand and went on the phone walking away from you with his back turned to you. You stared at his back, mind going really fast. Could you trust this guy? He looked ready to kill just a second ago? He turned back to you, eyes softening when he looked at you.

“Bring them to me.” He said before ending the call.


“Don’t worry [Name]-chan.” He approached you and kissed you on the forehead, “You’ll remember me very soon.”

You stared at him, not knowing how to feel about that.


You sat at the table of your shared apartment and ate the sushi the man- no Takeshi- made for you to help jog your memory. It was delicious, and you hummed your delight causing him to smile brighter than before.

“Do you remember anything?” He asked optimistic.

You looked apologetically at him, “No, sorry. It’s really good though.”

He deflated a bit and you couldn’t help but feel bad even though there was nothing you could do. He grabbed onto your hand when he sensed your disappointment and gave you a reassuring smile.

“It’s okay [Name]-chan.” He told you, “You’ll remember soon enough.”

You smiled at him, “If it means eating like this all the time it can’t be all bad.”

He laughed at your quip, causing you to blush at him. You really wanted to remember your relationship with Takeshi. He was so attentive and loving you could imagine yourself with him. You stared at his hands feeling the calluses. You felt a bit lightheaded, something was coming to you.

“[Name]-chan?” He questioned you when you zoned out.

You focused on him, excited, “You’re a swordsman!” You exclaimed.

He nodded at you feeling some of your excitement, “Yes, yes I am [Name]-chan.”

You ate more of the sushi, maybe it was causing you to remember some things. You didn’t notice the resigned smile on his face as he watched you eat.


Your head was killing you as you felt yourself being moved somewhere. You were rested down on the ground somewhere and was shook violently. You heard a voice desperately call to you.

“[Name]? [Name]! You need to get up right now.”

You opened your eyes staring at the guy with bangs that was too long and a crown on his head. You blinked at him, knowing that this was bizarre at least. The prince held you when you blinked at him, not catching your utter confusion. Who was this guy? Why is there gunfire around here? Where were you anyway? And why is that guy pointing a gun at you. You tapped the prince to get his attention.

“Prince there’s a gun pointed at us!”

Before you could register it the prince threw a knife at the would be assailant, who dropped to the ground dead. You sighed in relief that you survived. The prince stared at you.

“Principessa you called me prince?”

You turned your attention to him, “That’s what you are right?” You asked.

“Yes I am a prince.” He grinned, “But you never call me that.”

“I don’t? What do I call you? Do I know you?” You asked.

He stared at you for a second, before a malicious smile crept on his face. You felt uncomfortable watching it happen. You had a bad feeling this would not end well, but you didn’t know for who.

“You don’t remember me Principessa?” He asked, the smile never leaving his face.

“Uh no?” You began looking for an escape route, “Should I?”


“Okay time to go.” You thought, but he grabbed your hand and hoisted you up before you could flee. A knife appearing in his free hand stilled you before you even began struggling.

“The prince will take care of this familigia first, then we’ll fix you Principessa.” He told you as he dragged you along.

You blanched as he cut down the first person and silently swore to yourself.    

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The Varia's reactions to their s/o putting a warm blanket over them when they find that they fell asleep in their office chair??


He cracked an eye open when he felt the warm weight fall over his torso, but said nothing.  He watched as you tucked the blanket in over his arms before heading back out of his office, humming a small tone.

Xanxus let out a scoff when you had left.  “Babying me,” he grunted, as he leaned his head back and went to sleep, but he pulled the blanket up a little higher anyway.


He woke with a start at the sound of something crashing.  He tried to fling his arm and sword out, but found them tucked under a blanket.  Throwing it off, he stood up, looking around for the cause of the noise. 

He sat back down as you came in and told him it was just Bel being Bel again.  “Where’d the blanket come from?” he asked.

“Me, you were shivering in your sleep, so i tossed it over you,” you responded as you looked down the hallway toward Bel and whatever he was up to.


Rolling over, the assassin woke up to check the time after a badly needed nap.  Noticing the blanket draped over him, he recognized it as yours from your office.  

“My little guardian angle,” the man cooed, tugging the blanket off as he stood up.


Waking up in a sweat, the man threw his arms out, tossing off anything that was on top of him.  Looking down at the thick blanket, he tried to remember where it came from.

“You awake yet?” you asked, popping your head into the office.  “The blanket wasn’t too hot was it?”

“A little,” the man said.  “Too cold without it though,” he said, rubbing his eyes as he went to adjust the thermostat.


The blonde tossed and turned on the couch, unable to get comfortable, but loathing the idea of getting up and actually working.  Pulling the blanket over his head, he closed his eyes again.  

It wasn’t until he got a whiff of you off the blanket that he realized he hadn’t gone to sleep with one.  “This is a nice blanket, they might not get it back,” he grinned.


His cloak was a lot thicker than it appeared and was great at keeping the cold out, but you still felt the need to throw a blanket over him during his nap.  He didn’t understand why you went through such lengths.  

bunching the blanket up, he turned it into a pillow before going back to sleep.

Omegaverse AU with Fon, Ryohei, and Bel.


You had been parading different dresses for Bel for hours now. You have been getting warmer and warmer the more he stared at you when you came out in a new outfit. His ginning did not let up, getting wider with each new outfit. You fidgeted every time he eyed you up and down, taking in the dress you told yourself.

Bel had preyed on you for months now. The alpha always seemed to be around every corner or in every shadow, staring at you with that ever present grin. The way he stares at him always gives you chills. You try to suppress your desire, why would an alpha like him give you a second glance. He was just messing with you, you told yourself, but at this moment as you stood in front of him in this beautiful dress you couldn’t help but get your hopes up.

“This one next.” He presented another dress to you.

“O-Okay.” You took the dress, not finding it in yourself to refuse.

You went to the dressing room to change into the dress, but stopped short as you pulled on the new dress. You felt unbelievably hot, you groaned as your body trembled. You were in heat. You thought you would be home by now, but Bel had stopped- took- you to try on dresses for some reason. You tried to concentrate on the dress and not the knot in your stomach or the preparation beginning to wet your panties, or how you could smell the presence of a strong alpha, Bel, from the dressing room. As if called upon Bel entered the dressing room, not caring if you were dressed or not, grinning. You spun around facing him; half dressed, pressing your back to the mirror. You tried to control yourself, panting, knees buckling, needing to be taken right now.

“Principessa.” Bel called closing the distance between you two.

You couldn’t hold back any longer and it seemed neither could he. You turned to face the mirror and watched his grin widen as he cut the dress off of you and ripped your panties off. You moaned as he entered you, thrusting  roughly.

“Finally principessa.” He groaned before biting your neck marking you as his.


 You yelled the loudest when Ryohei delivered the finishing blow to his opponent, winning the interschool boxing competition. The referee raised his arm signifying his victory and you screamed your approval. Ryohei grinned at you when he showed you the medal and you couldn’t help yourself and hugged him. The other team members looked on knowingly, the alpha team captain and the omega team manager, it was already assumed that the two of you were together and it would only be a matter of time until you were mated.

After the celebration you walked home together chatting about the competition, how it came so close for him to win. He smiled brightly at you yelling about how he had to get in the right headspace to pull off the finishing blow. As he spoke you became hyper aware of him, his shifting muscles, how safe you felt around him, his scent. You tried to shake it off nodding along with his story.

“And then I got him right in the chin!” He imitated the finishing blow enthusiastically. “It was so extreme!”

You smiled at him feeling a bit warm, “Yeah. I told you, you would win. You’re the best Ryohei-kun.”

He smiled at you in embarrassment scratching his nose a bit, “The best you think so [Name]?”

Your legs shook, “Yeah.” You said before feeling your legs give out. Ryohei, quick on his feet held you up before you dropped. He looked at you in concern.

“Are you okay [Name]?” He asked still holding you.

“Huh?” You felt hot now, and his grip on your arm felt so good, “Y-Yeah, must be the second hand adrenaline.” You panted, and he stood you up.

“Are you sure [Name]?” He asked

His scent was driving you crazy. You knew what was happening now. You were in heat. This was your first time in heat. You held onto Ryohei and looked up at him in confusion, fright and desire. He seemed to instinctively know what was happening when he saw the look in your eyes and was beginning to react to you.

“Ryohei-kun I think I’m-” You moaned a bit as his grip returned on your arm drawing you in tightly.

You stared at him as his eyes darkened with want. For the first time since you knew him, Ryohei was quiet. He silently hoisted you up and began walking to what you think will be a place to properly mate.


Gentle was the first thing that came to your mind when you thought about Fon. He was always around with a kind smile and a helpful hand; at first you were surprised to hear that he was an alpha. He didn’t seem to be one that could be rough at anything, but that’s what attracted most omegas to him; the promise of a different kind of alpha. You always admired his quiet confidence and compassion, but you kept your distance not confident that you’d be able to catch his eye.

It was the middle of your heat cycle; you had taken your suppressant, not letting your heat stop you from your daily routine. It was evening, after work you headed to the park that was usually empty around this time. It was a heavily wooded park, easy to get turned in if you were not accustomed to the layout; you went straight to the pond and smiled to yourself when you found him mediating near the pond.

You sat down a distance from him making sure to be hidden by a nearby shrub. You took in the alpha’s form and sighed in satisfaction. This was enough you told yourself. After about an hour you began to feel warm. You furrowed your brow and went into your bag for your suppressants, but came up empty. You began to panic.

“Of all the time to-” Your thoughts were interrupted by a calm voice.


You looked up, face to face with Fon. You looked back at where he was previously meditating as if you would still see him there then stared at him again like a fish out of water.

“F-Fon-san” You began getting warmer, and your preparation start to soak your underwear.

“You shouldn’t have come today [Name].” Fon told you staring intensely at you.

You gasped, ‘Today? How long has he known that I come here?’ You thought.

He smiled at you getting closer to you. You couldn’t control yourself any longer. You grabbed onto him, grinding against him in your haze of desire. Fon seemed to indulge you, lifting your face so that he could kiss you deeply, you almost didn’t feel the pill he passed off to you. You swallowed it, immediately feeling the warmth subside. You broke the kiss, blushing and apologizing profusely. He just chuckled at your reaction.

“It’s fine [Name]. We can do it properly next time.”

“N-Next time?” You questioned.

He gave another kiss that was rough and wanting. You stared as he broke the kiss turning to leave.

“I’ll see you tomorrow then [Name].”  

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Xanxus and bel have a crush on new cloud Guardian and their animal box keep rubbing their head on them and purring also bring their master thing to them until xanxus and bel ask them out

i couldn’t tell if it was the same guardian or different for each so imma do that.


You nearly jumped out of your skin the first time the large liger rubbed up against you.  And you probably would have been clinging to the chandelier to escape the thing had Xanxus not walked in and told you to calm down.

“Who the hell has a liger as a pet?” you huffed as the large cat continued to rub up against you.

“Buster’s my box weapon,” Xanxus answered, plopping down on the couch near you.  

“Oh,” you said simply, running your hand through the liger’s fur.  “He is a gorgeous cat,” you commented.

“Fell honored, he doesn’t like many people,” the Varia boss said, watching the cat roll over and demand a belly rub.  

“Is that so?” you asked, more to the liger.  “I always have been good with animals, didn’t realize that worked on box animals too,” you said, your whole arm vibrating from his purring.

“I have dinner with a mafia boss tonight and I don’t feel like going alone,” Xanxus said.  “Come with.”

“Sounds more like a date than work,” you said, still petting the cat.

“Let’s say it’s both,” he answered, still watching you play with Buster.

“Sounds good to me,” you smiled.


The mink ran up your leg and wrapped itself around your shoulders, mewing contentedly.  “Did you run away again?” you asked, scratching him under his chin with your finger.  “You know Bel doesn’t like that.”  The small, white creature just mewed again, his leg twitching slightly from being scratched in his favorite spot. 

“Have you seen…” Bel asked, bursting through your door.  “Oh, there he is,” the blonde said, walking over and picking the mink up off your shoulders.  “Come on, I need you for a prank on Squalo,” the Storm Guardian grinned.  The mink hissed and jumped back to your shoulders.

“I would be mad too,” you cooed to him.  “Last time Squalo’s shark ate you and that wasn’t very fun.  How dare Bel make you go through that again,” you comforted.

“It wont happen this time!” Bel said, trying to encourage the mink to come back to him.  But Mink stayed where he was, content to nap on your shoulders. 

“Fine,” Bel huffed, crossing his arms and giving up on pranking Squalo for the time being.  “But you’re helping me pass time in the meanwhile,” he said, yanking you out of your chair and away from your paperwork.  

“What is this, some round about way to ask me out?” you huffed yourself, straightening your clothes.  

“Yup,” the blonde grinned.

Sooo… hope everyone knows Calvin & Hobbes. Cause I had a flash today and Calvin and Belphegor danced in my mind for a sec and I thought: “I can totally see Bel using a Duplicator to create an army to fight Rasiel”

Aaand. There it goes.