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“Words are Wind:  A Game of Thrones Parody”

Submitted by jdonkey.

Words are Wind is a Game of Thrones themed black metal project that is only myself and my brother Kenneth (Arkhum, Willowbrook, GRST, Glossolalia Records). 

This is a shot from our first performance. It was playing with Wreck and Reference in Eugene, Oregon. 

This set was mostly black/noise but our main focus for the project as a whole is black metal. Think Fell Voices, Lustre and Trist. I will be playing drums and vocals and Kenneth will be handling guitar and vocal duties. 

We should have some material out toward the end of August. 

Words are wind

But a sweep of wind can be storm-like swirling in your soul, getting feelings and thoughts upside-down and twisting them to make you confused.

The wind can be chilly like the icy, dead fingers of the Others gripping your heart and spouting dispair into your veins. It blows so powerfully that tears come to your eyes and despite the frost you can feel the bitter warmth the drops leave behind.

And the wind can be smooth and gentle, comforting as if a tender hand would stroke your face. You are filled with energy and the wind brings the charming scent of hope and strenght and trust.

The wind may come and go, but still, the words it brings can be carved into your heart and mind and memory like a strong wind carves the surface of water.

Words are wind. A special sort of wind that you may not forget, that leaks into your head and wouldn’t leave, a wind you treasure or curse depending on the feelings it sweeps with.