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Request:  Shawn doing a hickey prank on his girlfriend

“Shawnie what are we doing?” Matt asks as he holds the camera in Shawn’s face.

“We’re gonna pull a prank on Y/n, my girlfriend.” 

“And why?”

“Because she put hair coloring in your shampoo.” 

“So, we’re gonna give Shawn a hickey with the vacuum and make her think he cheated.” Matt says to the camera.

“And I am stealing Matt’s bunk when she kicks me out of ours.” Shawn smirks shoving Matt.

They record giving Shawn the hickey, ignoring Shawn’s protests and arguments about just using make up.

“She’s gonna kill me.” Shawn groans looking in the mirror at the purple bruise on his neck.

“She’s coming, Shawn act normal.” Matt calls hiding the camera.

Shawn jumps to the couch, hickey side facing away from her. She walks in, setting her shopping bags down. 

“Hey.” She smiles.

“Hey you.” He grins, leaning up to kiss her. Momentarily forgetting about the prank. She kisses him and then pulls away, running her fingertips down his jaw. Her eyes zero in on the hickey and she moves his head to the side inspecting it.

“What the fuck?” She curses, and Shawn knows he’s in trouble.

“I can,” He starts.

“Shut up Shawn. How dare you?”

“What’s going on?” Matt asks walking in.

“Shawn has a hickey on his neck.” She yells.


“I didn’t give it to him.” She glares at him, looking at the hickey again. It makes her feel sick. “I’m gonna be sick.” She shakes her head. She turns and walks towards the bunks, grabbing her stuff.

That’s where Shawn stops the prank, she’s seriously packing. 

“No stop.” He says grabbing her hands. “It’s a prank, it’s a prank.” He rushes pulling her away from her bag.

“A what?” She asks, tears falling down her cheek.

“A prank.” He says wiping her tears away. “Matt, made me do this prank to get back at you for the hair color.”

“It was you?” She asks looking over at Matt who’s got his camera.

“Yeah.” He laughs.

“How’d you get it to look so real?” She asks moving Shawn’s head to the side so she can look at the hickey. She runs her thumb over the bruise and when it doesn’t change color she gets worried again.

“We asked one of the fans to give him one.” Matt giggles.

“No!” Shawn says cutting him off, “We used a vacuum we have video proof.” 

“A vacuum?” She giggles looking at him.

“They wouldn’t let me use make up.”

“Matt you are so dead.” She says looking at him.

“I’m on her side from now on, I didn’t like this.”

“Team jumper.” Matt rolls his eyes.

“Team Y/n just got a whole lot better.” You smirk looking up at Shawn.

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If me and my family have to get sacrificed so that two lesbeans can be together...... So be it. BtS is making me feel less and less bad about killing everyone. I'm just sad Chloe can't just have a normal happy life just because ''destiny'' says so, its infuriating. Why are the only options dead girlfriend or PTSD girlfriends? Tho I didn't save Chloe to get with her tho ''LOL I KILLED EVERYONE FOR YOU SO NOW YOU'RE OBLIGATED TO DATE ME! :D'' She can hate Max, but at least she has that luxury now.

Oh same, I’d even make the decison myself, all like “Fuck you, world, my best friend in the entire fucking world comes first, I owe nothing to you shitheels.” I hate that Chloe’s life is a cosmic ransom. But it makes more sense.

The nice thing about the Save Bae ending is that they directed the ending in a way where Chloe didn’t feel obligation to be with Max, that she wanted to, and isn’t resentful towards Max for any decision she makes. She’s not gonna have PTSD xD Unless you really want her to, you can think of it that way. But bittersweet endings still have a sweet side to them.

Besides, the way the game’s universe is set up, Chloe still lives on in that timeline with Max. Its just not OUR Max, who has to choose which universe she wants to live in. One with Chloe, or one without Chloe. Cuz that storm is destroying that town whether Max goes back or not.

@waitingforourrainbowbaby I’m pathetic but you’re the one posting about me and reblogging my shit when you have me blocked so I can’t defend myself because you know I’ll tell the truth about what a shitty person you are, I could tell your followers so much fucking shit about you, you’ve been treating me like shit since we were fucking 15. You’re fucking shook and you’re lucky you’re fucking pregnant, then again that’s probably the only reason you can get pregnant, is so that you can talk shit and nobody will beat your ass. Why don’t you tell your followers that you’re a cheating ass bitch and about how your fiance fucks prostitutes and about how you told my girlfriend to kill herself and threatened to slit her throat with a piece of glass. But I’m the bad person for not selling you a horse. Bitch no wonder lmfao.

Sex addicts 2-Isaac AU


A/N : someone requested this. i know it is very sort, but there will be a part 3 so no worries :) THANK U ALL FOR THE POSITIVE FEEDBACK. ALSO. I REALLY LOVE YOU


P.S.: please do not steal any of my work. i worked hard to think of these and turn them into words so i think it is impolite to copy paste it somewhere else without giving me credit or acknowledging me. thank u :) 


She woke up in that same car, mascara and eyeliner smudged. Scott  was still asleep and naked in his back seat. She struggled getting off of him and finally got out.

Great. Now she had to walk home.



His phone buzzed but he switched it off. He knew what it was buzzing for and he despised it. 5 minutes later the sound became so persistent that it was impossible to ignore.

“Sex addicts 11:00” he read the alarm’s notification and sighed .

He got up and put his clothes back on. Taking one last glance at the naked girl on her bed.

“She was prettier last night” he whispered. Heading off to his group therapy.



She searched her pockets for her keys.

“Splendid” she mumbled when she realized she must’ve dropped them last night. She rang the bell.

Her brother opened.

“Not again…” it was the third time she’d left something valuable on some random’s guy car/appartment/bike…yes….

She entered drinking some water to detox her organism. Her brother sighed.

“Consider it” he said placing a leaflet on the counter that she had her hands.

“I don’t need therapy Liam” she said it as if it was obvious as he sat down on a chair.

“May 11 left your keys . May 24 left your wallet. April 3 keys again. April 15 mobile. April 21 MY mobile .April 30,today, keys AGAIN.”

“Okay okay i admit ,maybe i get hangovered but this simply means i need to stop drinking not having sex. ”

“Y/N. I worry. When was the last time you had a healthy relationship?”

She squeezes her brains, but nothing comes to mind.

“Um….last year?”

“It has been three . Three years”

“Maybe i just do not like relationships!”

“ or ,maybe you are addicted to sex. ”

“ i am not going. Period.”

“I’ll give you 2 bucks a day if you last 5 months. …”

“How often do they meet?” She asked intruiged.

“ once a week…every..uh! Today. Every thursday..” he read the leaflet.

“ so that means four times a month..for five…20 meetings? And i will make what ..2 times 30 for five …three hundred ?” She smiled widely. Her brother sighed as if giving up.

“Yes Y/N. Yes”


“It is good to finally admit your problem..”

“If admit helps you sleep at night sure”



I enter the building.

Second floor i remember.

The door is open and through it I can see ten chairs, creating a perfect circle. Maybe it is rude to interrupt i will just come back tomorrow. ..

“MR LAHEY” so good of you to join us !“ A man says. I assume the responsible for this shit. I approach and sit on the tenth chair.

” we are just presenting ourselves for today…nothing much..the main sessions start next tuesday..“ he smiles. WHY DO I EVEN BOTHER.

"ummm. I am sorry but smoking is not allowed…”

“Umm i am sorry i smoke then..” i mimic his scottish accent. He looks old. Is he having sex.?

“I’m Jackson, 22…” a boy stood up.

“Why are you here Jack? Is it okay if i call you Jack?” Kill me now.

“ my girlfriend worries… i think she can’t take it..the sex. Says our relationship should be more than sex.”

“And that is why i don’t bother” i comment re-lighting my cigarette.

“ Mr Lahey please, speak when it is your turn..” the scottish guy says.

“Sure” i comment again annoying him.

“Hello Jack ” they all say.

“ i’m Scarlet, 18” i look at her…sex addict? To what? Masturbating? She has lose ginger curls but the color does not seem natural and she also does not seem to have enough money to sustain it since her dark roots are visible.

“I am here because i masturbate more than needed…”

“Ha ha !” I chuckle out loud shifting in my chair.

“ how often ?” I ask.

“20 times.."well waste of time 20 times a month is not that much.

” a day..“ oh.

"I’m Stiles,18"a  boy with a buzzcut says.

"And why are you here?”

“I am a sex addict..” well duh.

“ why are you a sex addict Stiles?”

“It’s um..embarrasing..i um.. i like the taste of lady parts…” he says . Where the hell am i ? The girl spoken previously winks at him .

“I’m i quit smoking two years ago…got addicted to blowjobs ever since” i move my chair slightly backwards.

The rest of them blur out as i lose interest in this.


“huh?” I ask coming back to reality.

“It is your turn..”

I don’t bother standing up.

“ Isaac, 25, sex addict”

“ why are you a sex addict?” He asks. I lean closer to him .

“ have you ever ejaculated ?” I say causing some of them to cough

“ of..of course!” He says .

“ that’s why” i lean back at my chair.

Live Fast, Die Young: Ashton Irwin Imagine

Rating: 18+

Okay, so this is my first post on this blog! Super excited to start this. I hope you guys like it :) (not my edit/pic btw)

You were a troubled teen as they say. You thought the best way to release your pain would be to start trying out different drugs and drinking, which slowly led to you getting a couple of tattoos when those didn’t seem to numb the pain anymore. Your best friend, Ashton, was already into that sort of stuff, so when you suggested trying weed for the first time he was already prepared.

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Video game developers imply that there's a straight couple in their game and everyone loses their damn minds. "Flood the internet with Pharmercy, they can't kill us!" So childish. If you're this upset about straight people "ruining" a video game, you shouldn't have been playing the game in the first place. Sexuality plays no role in the game as it is. Everyone's acting just like the people who were mad about Tracer being gay.

I wish you’d stop lmao

RE: literally pharmercy is the reason I’m dating my beautiful girlfriend and means a lot to not only us personally, but to a lot of other people. Why don’t you stfu and let people be upset rather than shitting all over us and comparing us to homophobes