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Thank you so much for letting me resend this! STARISH please. Really curly dark brown hair, brown eyes, 4'10 (152cm) INFP Scorpio Ravenclaw. I come off really shy but I'm actually sarcastic and random. Likes: drawing, writing, reading, anime, kpop. I listen to music all day long, it calms me down. I'm very passionate about my hobbies and I can be really protective over them. I'm also protective over those I love. I stay inside a lot due to my anxiety and I like planning ahead. Thank you again!!

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I ship you with Otoya Ittoki!

How you met: You both met at Saotome Academy on the first day. You had somehow gotten lost trying to find your first class in the morning, while running around in a panic since you were already very late! However, as you navigated through the maze-like hallways you were suddenly bumped into and your books flew as you fell to the ground due to the force of impact. Looking up, the red head began to apologize profusely, almost to the point of tears because he was not looking where he was going seeing as he was also lost. After Otoya had gathered your books and helped you up, it turned out you both had the same class that morning and walked together. 

How you got together: Ever since your odd meeting, you and Otoya had became friends almost instantly. When he was struggling with his classes in the beginning of the year, you were always there to help cheer him up and tutor him if needed. You both would be around each other constantly, leading to you both getting to know each other very well and feelings beginning to develop. Eventually, Otoya asked you out by writing a song for you and serenading you basically. After he finished the song on his guitar he blushed profusely, but was well worth it when he heard that you accepted and reciprocated those feelings.

First kiss: Your relationship with Otoya was a pretty private one. Everyone knew you were in a couple and that you both were happy, but nothing much else than that. It was a couple of weeks before you made the first move, since Otoya did not want to rush you two into anything else. So while you both were on your usual walks around campus did you finally just give him a quick peck on the cheek, but even that caused the upcoming idol to become flustered. However, after moving past the awkwardness Otoya was all for public displays of affection. 

First “I love you”: Otoya was the first one to say it. At first he had to take time to realize he actually did love you and to make sure it was not too early in the relationship, but once he learned to accept he did he was eager to let you know of those deep feelings. However, he did not know how to go about letting you know. It eventually just led to Otoya blurting and stuttering out he loved you while on one of your dates. Once Otoya realized what he said he tried to sound it out by spewing nonsense so you did not hear him say it, but was interrupted by your slight laughter and saying you loved him too.

~Bonus Scenario~ 

Otoya was known for putting off his assignments, sometimes to the point of not even working on them until you practically made him. However, this time it was different than those past experiences. 

With Final Exams coming up, and instead of taking a paper exam the teacher instructed everyone to write and perform a song as the final grade. Normally, this would be easy had you and Otoya worked together like you usually did. 

You and Otoya held a harmonious melody when put together, everything flowed so freely as if it was meant to be. Unfortunately, to the dismay of you both, the teacher assigned musical partners.

 While you were fortunate enough to be partnered with someone who you could work with easily. Otoya, on the other hand, was not to lucky. His partner and him could not seem to find the right melody. 

Although you admitted Nanami Haruka was a talented composure, music just did not seem to flow between her and your boyfriend. Which secretly, you were thankful for since you had heard she held a small crush on the idol. 

But with much reassurance, Otoya made it clear he only had eyes for you. Which led you to where you was right now, in Otoya’s dorm room watching him run his fingers through his hair stressfully to try writing presentable lyrics for the song his partner wrote.

Otoya had not been paying attention to you while you sat on his bed reading a book, except for the occasional opinion of a verse he wrote and smile toward your direction. Suddenly, you had gotten an idea in your head and smiled to yourself. 

Slowly sliding off the bed and creeping up behind Otoya unknowingly, you wrapped your arms around his body and rested your head between his head and shoulder into his neck. He seemed to freeze whatever he was doing from the sudden contact. 

“Otoya~ Take a break” You whimpered.

The idol almost dropped his pen at the sound of your desperate voice, wanting to give you all his attention but he knew he needed to get this song done because his grades depended on it. 

“I-I’m sorry Y/N, but I really need to finish this..” He said with the sound of regret in his voice from turning down your offer.

Whining, you peppered kisses along his jaw and begged him once more as a final attempt to get attention.


And that was it, Otoya dropped what he was doing and turned all his attention to you just to see those begging eyes. Otoya sighed in defeat and smiled down to you while wrapping his arms around your body, 

"Alright Y/N”

You smiled and launched yourself into his embrace, causing the idol to fall onto his back from the force and laugh his contagious laugh. The both of you spending a break together making snacks before returning to help Otoya create his song together.