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If you try to tell me that the UCSB shooting was because of mental illness, The Hunger Games, and/or “this poor lonely boy who just couldn’t get a date and all these mean girls rejected him” I will literally find you, travel to your house, and smack the misogyny and ignorance right out of you.

when’s the last time you read a news article about a 22 year old female virgin shooting up a fraternity because no men wanted to fuck her? 


i can just see all the excuses. “not all men” “he was insane” “poor lonely kid" 

men will be held responsible for their actions just like everyone else. 


Here’s the taped version of Sheriff Bill Brown’s press conference about the Isla Vista (UCSB) shooting. 

It’s important to talk about how there were two men in the car and while one suspect, Eliot Rodger (the one who posted the disgusting Nice Guy video), was shot and killed on the scene, there has been no news whatsoever about the second man, and it’s likely that he’s still at large. We have no way of knowing if there’s going to be a second shooting or if he’s going to stay hidden until the police find out who he is and track him down.

To everyone local: stay inside. Don’t go out and party tonight. Play it safe.

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Quick ask, sorry it's off topic. I think the post you reblogged from aperslemoneysnicket was perfect apart from saying the shooter wasn't mentally ill. I think he must've been mentally ill to some degree to kill people and feel no guilt about it. i feel that attacking a woman for rejection is completely down to male entitlement but to kill i think there would also be mental illness involved and exaggerating it. do you agree with me, if not why? curious to hear your thoughts. <3

No. He was not mentally ill (It’s apersnicketylemon by the way and that’s actually me).

He was not mentally ill though, this was pure entitlement and misogyny.

It is ableist to blame this on mental illness, and it’s misogynistic to ignore that this is not rare for men to do. Men hurt and murder women all the time for the same reasons he did.

He felt entitled to womens bodies and when they said no he felt entitled to their lives. If you watch his video it becomes very clear. His reasons for murdering people was literally ‘I’m a NICE GUY!!! But bitches keep saying no to me!’

This is not the first man to murder women when they said no, not even a month ago a woman was murdered for turning down a prom invitation. It literally happens all the time, men constantly hurt and abuse women, they are not mentally ill, it is an ableist mindset that all abusers/murderers are mentally ill.

Again, this has nothing to do with mental illness, this has everything to do with male entitlement, male greed and misogyny.

He felt no guilt because he thought he had the right to womens bodies. Not because he was mentally ill.


it feels like everyone is either reading only headlines or going off tumblr posts because there is some serious misinformation being spread around about the shooting last night

  • 7 people died but one of them was the shooter so there are 6 innocent deaths
  • 7 people injured
  • we don’t know the names of the victims or what their genders were, the fact that it was only women is not confirmed
  • it appears to be a random drive by shooting/hit and run in 9 different locations
  • this guy was a mra piece of shit

Misogynistic pieces of shit don’t get what they want so they go on a killing spree? 
Quit objectifying women, they are PEOPLE not something for you to covet like a prize, they don’t adhere to your every want and desire so they deserve to die?
Use a different approach like treating them with the respect and dignity they deserve as a member of the HUMAN RACE.
My condolences go out to all of the victim’s families and friends that have been affected by this tragedy over a simple minded patriarchal piece of shit.

My heart is broken for the victims and families in Santa Barbara. I hope that  their memories and feelings are kept at the forefront, even as we have the important conversations about misogyny, and gun culture. I hope that this puts MRA’s into the cultural consciousness as the hate movement they are, and that it shows how dangerous and intolerable misogyny is. 

But above all else, I hope the families and friends of the victims are loved and remembered, supported and given their privacy. 

This shooting has made me so fucking upset I can barely contain myself

and my one hope is that somehow this will somehow drive the point home about how dangerous yet commonplace this type of thinking is and hopefully something will be done about it 

because seriously this person decided that because some women wouldn’t sleep with him, he had the right to take peoples’ lives. If I reject a man, does that mean I have to fear getting shot? 

It’s so easy to say that Rodger is something awful and strange, an alien metabolism that somehow processes everyday interactions into poison. It’s so easy that men you know are doing it right now, as you read this—explaining to the women around them that this is about mental illness, not about hate. They’re doing this because they don’t want to admit that the poison is real and they’re drinking it too. They’re doing it because they don’t want to acknowledge that they’re feeding others poison every day. They’re doing it because they don’t want to understand that saying “this crime of anger and hatred against women is not a crime of misogyny” is the same as saying “here’s a shot of the poison that just killed seven people. Drink up.”
—  Jess Zimmerman (really the whole piece is great)

Okay first a girls gets stabbed because she won’t go to prom with someone and now 6 are dead because a guy they’ve never met is a virgin? This is clearly not a one-time crazy fluke, this is misogyny and can we please call it what it is instead of trying to explain it away again.