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finally the gag reel,i’m so excited..BUT WHY,WHY AGAIN SO LITTLE OF HOLLAND just whyyyyyyy

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Teen Wolf Season 3 Behind the Scenes Bloopers (by Xomaaa)

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if jeff isn't making everything all about sterek why wasnt any body else in the bloopers then? theres more people on the show then stiles and derek you know.

Oh, I know – and I love them all!  I just figure that the blooper thing was a gift for Sterek fans because really, we don’t get all that much though we are a big part (along with non-Sterek fans, too) of the promotion and support of the show.

I  mean, fandom as a whole got the Revelations things where we got to hear from other cast members (with no mention of Sterek) and then we got the Lydia After Dark’s (which I love, love, LOVE - the one with Sinqua was my favorite!), and MTV made Holland a fashion interviewer and we got all the fun interviews on the red carpet with her and the TW cast, and then there are all the other interviews scattered throughout and in-between seasons.

I sometimes think that we slash shippers are so conditioned to not expect ANYTHING that when we get our own internet poll and a one minute gag reel, we feel like suddenly it’s “all about us” but the reality is… it’s one little internet poll, a few tweets from the cast/creator, and a one minute vid.  Which is still great!  I’m happy with it.  :)