re: this is why you go to library school

Thank You, Peter Parker

I was walking around the hallways of the school, keeping my head down. I’m not a very social person, so why try to be? Especially in school. I reached my locker and opened it. Putting my books up, I heard somebody call my name.

“Yo, Y/N.” Flash’s voice spread throughout the hallway. Everybody had left school by now. He leaned against the lockers next to me, and stared at me. “What do you say you and I go to the library? I need some help with my homework, and you’re the perfect person to teach everything to me.”

“What do you say about paying attention in class?” I reply, slamming my locker. I smiled at him and started to turn away. Flash’s hand grabbed my arm and he pulled me back to him. 

“Listen here, you don’t talk back to me.” 

“Last time I checked, you weren’t my dad or my mom so, how about, I can do whatever I want.” 

The next thing I know, his hand came in contact with my cheek and a burning sensation spread throughout my face. 

“Hey!” Peter called. “Stop! Leave her alone!” 

Flash turned around to face Peter. “What did you say?” 

“I said, leaver her alone!” 

“And why would I do that?” 

“Because it’s not nice to hit a lady.” Peter replied. 

Flash nodded his head. “Yeah. You’re right. I apologize, Y/N. But I’m not going to apologize to you Parker.” Flash started to stalk up to Peter. 

“Flash!” I yelled. “Stop!” 

He grabbed Peter by the collar and lifted him up in the air. The next moment, Peter was on the ground, Flash on top of him, punching Peter in the face. “Stop!” I yelled. I ran up to Flash, and tackled him. He was too strong, he threw me off and continued to hit Peter. Thinking of what I could do, an idea struck me. I stood beside them and then kicked Flash as hard as I could, in the face. It knocked him off of Peter, and I kicked him again, and again. He was cradling his face in his hands. 

I ran over to Peter. “Come on, Peter. We gotta go before he gets up.” I pulled him up and we ran out of the school and to my car. 

“Thank you, Y/N.” Peter wheezed. 

“You’re thanking me? Thank you, Peter Parker! If you hadn’t stopped him, I would have been dead meat. I think we need to get you to a hospital. You look pretty bad. No offense.” 

He waved me off. “This? I‘ll be fine. I’ve had worse beatings from Flash.” 

“Thank you, Peter.” 

“Your welcome, Y/N.”

“What can I do to repay you?” I ask.

“You could let me take you out to dinner.” 

“Of course Peter.” 

The smile on his face could have lit up the whole world. “Really? I thought you were gonna say no.” 

I laughed and kissed his cheek. “C’mon. I’ll drive you home.”