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You know what’s interesting? The narrative structure and cinematography of 13 reasons why reminds me a lot of that video about the school shooting where we were led to pay attention to the kid in the library. And this technique lends itself perfectly to the story and themes. There are multiple characters going through shit during the series. But we’re meant to focus on Clay and Hannah so we don’t notice what’s going on in the background until it’s too late. 

This is such an amazing show, I’m so happy about this adaptation. Still very shocking and triggering, but brilliant nevertheless.

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Tfw when school first begins, you wait in the library for the bell to ring so we can go to homeroom, and you do that as a routine EVERYDAY. but today you go in and it's completely rearranged and you get so distressed about the change so you go 'what the fuck' but you are bad at controlling your volume or even knowing how loud/quiet you're being so you actually YELL it and the librarian hears you and you get in trouble because 'why don't you like change? You don't even come here that often!'

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Well it seems you had a good Easter April also I hope so about those anon guy meaning only one and I wish I could see a rainbow. Ok now here comes the embarrassing part and please pleas do not show this Donnie or any other of the boys but my question is how do you meet a guy- May

I did indeed May. Any time with chocolate is a good time for me!

How to meet a guy… I suppose you meet guys the same way you meet anyone else. You go to an area such as a coffee shop or a library and strike up a conversation! School is a great place for this which is why many people date in high school. 

But if you’re a little older, perhaps sign up for online dating? Just be careful and make sure you definitely know who you are talking to before meeting up with anyone, okay?

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is it okay to stay in the library at lunch break when everyone else is outside? [I have no one to talk to so I hate sitting alone outside, however I teach myself Japanese in the library] ♡♡〜

I don’t see why not! I mean, socializing is good so you might want to try talking to some people; even just complimenting someone can go a long way. It’s really cool that you’re teaching yourself Japanese. Maybe that’s something you can talk about with someone? It’s not bad that you stay in the library, but it’s good to socialize and have friends especially when you get to have a break from school for a little bit. But that’s awesome that you’re teaching yourself Japanese! I only know basic Spanish, Latin, and a few Italian curse words/slang 😅 If you want you can message me privately and we can talk, and you can tell me how you’re learning Japanese and what you’ve learned so far.