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I’m begging you Steven Moffat please let Matt smith be in Sherlock as the other brother, please! *gets down on knees* you’ve caused used so much heart break,I don’t think my fangirl heart can take anymore… Pease Steven just do this one thing for us fangirls!

Yes I love Matt Smith deal with it.

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Sherlock theory about the other brother.

We know that Mycroft refers to a third brother (or potentially sister as it’s not specified and also because Moftiss). He says “You know what happened to the other one.” My friend @destiel-and-everything-gay and I think that what happened to the other brother/sister could be directly related to Sherlock’s drug habits. Mycroft cares deeply about Sherlock and has always been there for him and his drug habits (The Abominable Bride as proof). What if the other sibling was the one who got Sherlock into drugs and all that. Mycroft did something and that’s what happened to the other one. Also, the sibling would probably be the middle child.

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"You have another brother?" John questioned Mycroft while Sherlock told his niece and nephew about the case of the missing jumper. "Yes, he's nothing like us. Sherlock and I spent most of our lives pretending he was adopted. At least until those two came along." "Do they have names or are you going to make me deduce them?" John asked. "Gwen and Owen," Mycroft replied, "their middle makes are more Holmesian." "And your brother's name?" "Even odder than mine, I'll admit." Mycroft told him.

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What if Sherlock really did die from the fall and the new Sherlock is his twin brother.  That explains why he’s more open hearted.  He falls in love with John too after a while and now he doesn’t confess it because he feels like he would be betraying Sherlock 1 and stealing John from him.

totally what happened.

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"You can't be done with Sherlock he's your brother!" Mycroft scolds the other Holmes. "Why not?" The other Holmes whines, "he's a stupid jerk face and I don't want to see him ever again! If you knew what he says about you behind your back you'd be done with him too!" "What does he say?" Mycroft asks. "He said you were a fat lazy bureaucrat who's too posh for his own good and will probably die of gout," the other brother told him. "HOW DARE HE?" Mycroft shouts and slams his fist on the desk.

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The Holmes Brothers

So, I’ve been thinking.  Sherlock’s parents are normal.  I mean their mom is a genius apparently, but socially, the parents are normal.  And yet, Sherlock and Mycroft are the way they are.  They hate people, hate feelings, don’t like being attached, and don’t like relationships.  Sherlock calls himself a sociopath, NOT a psychopath.

I don’t really belief that, but anyway back on track.  Clinically, there is no difference between a psychopath and a sociopath, but there is some debate on how they are different.  Namely, a psychopath is born that way, and a sociopath is created through some sort of trauma.

There’s the dog named Redbeard that was put down, that Mycroft uses to remind Sherlock that being attached to something can be painful, but that doesn’t really explain Mycroft though. So…

What about their brother?  Not mentioned except that one line, not at the parents house for Christmas, and not mentioned by name.  And at some point in their childhood Mycroft and Sherlock suffered a severe trauma that turned them into sociopaths, and caused them to reject human connections, including their parents.

My question is, What happened to the other brother?  And how bad was it that it irrevocably scarred the Holmes brothers?

This is a Code Red || Olivia and Hamish

Olivia had been sitting in her room, putzing around on the internet and avoiding studying when she saw that Hamish was encountering a dilemma. Now, Hamish was the older brother of the boy Olivia was hopelessly falling for who also happened to be her best friend, but that was just how Livvy’s life worked. Over complicated and overly dramatic. It didn’t matter about Olivia’s growing affection for Harry at this point in time, Hamish needed her. She jumped off of her bed and dressed herself in her favorite black tee and her favorite jeans, which happened to be a bit snug.

Olivia ran to the corner store, picking up Hamish’s favorite ice cream, one for him and one for her, she then ran back to campus reaching Hamish’s apartment as quickly as she could. There was a rock in her shoe causing her to yelp as she ran up the stairs. She made it to Hamish’s door. “Ayo Ham sauce, I’m here with emergency ice cream and I’ve got your hug. Let’s go.” She laughed, using her best Chicago mobster accent.