re: the mirror in your mind

[JAEHYO (Instagram)] He’s really lost his mind again this time
Do you think I look soft to you too?


Hey sorry
I accidentally hit your (car’s) side view mirror
Kyungie’s car is too big

Crazy guy, pay for it

Let’s take it out of sympathy (since we’re close/friends)

Sry (Sorry)
Calling insurance

I’ll give you a
Choco pie

“We’re fans!” They say, as they look for any reason to make the creators out as racist, sexist, and homophobic.

“We love the show!” They proclaim, as they find the most ridiculous things to complain about.

“We have fun with this show!” They claim, while attempting  to limit other people’s fun in fandom.

“Why do people hate us?” They ask themselves, while avoiding all mirrors.

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do you have any tips for young writers?

Read widely, and deeply, and over again. Reading is not an avoidance of writing; I think it’s study. The more you read, the better you understand what language is capable of — specifically on a technical level, how it functions, or might be worked into functioning, in the telling of X. And discerning how someone else’s sentences work, or someone else’s poems break, or why precisely you need to go for a walk after reading someone else’s essay is not copy or emulation, but apprenticeship. (Frank McCourt: ”He says, Ah, boys, boys, You can make up your own minds but first stock them. Are you listening to me? Stock your minds and you can move through the world resplendent.”) Surround yourself with evidence of what language can do and it will agitate and add to your own perspective, which is the seat of your own voice.

Don’t think too much about audience. Write first of all for yourself, on behalf of what moves and matters to you, and maybe second of all for a few people you love. I think write to them, rather than for or at or, strictly speaking, about them? While I’m sure these are, in some sense, four distinct actions, I also suspect — I mean, I personally find — there’s a lot of overlap. These people you love might be writers, too, whose work and minds you admire, and whose reactions you trust; they might not be writers at all. But it helps to have a small, grounding faction outside of yourself: a spotting mechanism, not for approval but as a gauge of your own patterns.

Be prepared for rejection, of course. I would not put—especially in the context of just starting out—too much emphasis on publication, or really much at all. Don’t be in a rush. (Having said that, I’ve been in a rush before; it’s a good lesson and a good feeling, but learn it and move on.) Don’t bother trying to decode shades of rejection in a response. Instead, do try to sit through several stages of thinking something is Done. I don’t know if I know when something is done, but I’ve learned to ride out the exhilaration of having written a piece: to expect the doubt and not short-circuit it, to go back and reconsider, and to do this maybe, probably, several times. And on the question of rejection: it will happen a lot, and you can’t know the reason in each instance. A lot of extremely-competant-to-unimpeachable-to-truly-great writing is turned down because of space or length or outside/contractual deadline or notable similarity to something else recently accepted. When you are sending your work out, try to keep both these things in mind: that it may not be about your work, and that your work may not be ready.

Keep a list of passages from literature that move you. Make playlists of songs that round out or score what you’re trying to write, if that feels like a natural and adjacent organizing point re: themes and feeling – a mutable soundtrack to your narrative-in-progress, an inexact mirror. (But maybe don’t listen to the playlists while you write; I don’t know about that.) (I’m extremely unmusical, and not even adept at expressing what I’m responding to in music or why, but a song can lay me out for a day or more. Once, a friend who is widely artistically talented said she thought she might be so enamored of music in part because it eludes her creatively. I think this is right: the marooning comes about precisely because I lack musical talent or inclination, because I am so inarticulate about how other people’s talent operates and affects, because it would seem I am never able to do anything about [the feeling]. I am unequipped to respond; my reaction gets lodged. So on one hand, when I’m writing I’m often trying, in the context of my subject, to pin down, put words to, this actual feeling — the visceral lodging/dislodging — that music sometimes generates. On the other, I’m challenged by the dubious prospect of cultivating the feeling for effect, of learning how to generate it and deliver it to the page myself, from scratch or somewhat at will.) What I mean to say is music might be another check, like people. And this other check may not be music, but painting or photography or fabric or—.

This is advice is never far from me:

Eileen Myles

Martha Graham to Agnes de Mille

Elena Ferrante

Octavia Butler

On that last bit: make writing a daily habit, no matter how little time you may be able to give it. You will have to learn for yourself when to push through blockage or malaise or distractibility, and when to go for that proverbial or actual walk. Whatever your habit entails, keep at it. I’m excited for you. xo

I will learn how to unlove you.
I will try and detached my hand
From its tight grip on yours
Because we both know I’m the only
One who is holding on.
I will slowly put away the dreams
I had for the both of us in the
Uncharted part of my mind dedicated
To things I named as “almosts.”
I will not look at you like you’re a star
And instead, I will stare at myself in the mirror
Till I recognize that I am an entire galaxy.
I will love the emptiness on the right side of the
Bed you used to lay and never will I wish
You were sleeping next to me again.
I will learn to unlove you, trust me, I will.
If one day you’ll come running back 
Hoping I would still welcome you
With open arms, I will only smile at you
And bid goodbye.
—  lm // unsent messages # 2

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Hello i really love your blog and it helped me a lot but recently my family is making me think that feeling good with my chubby body is wrong and im working so hard to love myself but they keep putting me down i just dont know what else to do,my only friends are always making jokes about my weight and i have a graduation trip on the end of the year to a beach and i really want to go but how can i go if i can hardly look at myself in the mirror Any advice would be amazing Thank u💕

they don’t deserve you, love. you’re radiant like the sun, and they’re jealous of your light, so they try to take it away. 

I’m chubby too, and I don’t mind so much anymore because I know how to help myself feel comfortable in clothes. 

see the way this swimsuit is lined with folds? they smooth out the stomach area and distract the eye from your skin, leading it to the swimsuit itself. you can hardly tell the shape of her stomach because of the way it’s set. yes, you can see some skin, but the only visible part of her torso is her ribcage area–a part where only a small amount of body fats gather. 

this swimsuit is one example of something you could wear that might make you feel more confident about going to the beach. if it makes you feel better, I have one just like it and I wear it all the time!

They Wanna Make Me Their Queen

( Prompt: princess diaries style “I grew up not knowing I was royal and suddenly my royal grandparent showed up out of nowhere and told me I was so now I guess I’m the heir to the throne and you’re my crush from my pre-royal days but I still have a crush on you” AU )

A/N: So. I’ve decided to make a Tom Holland/Spiderman fanzine, and if anyone is interested to contribute (and tell me how the heckie to go about doing it ), please PLEASE send me a message and we can work this out!! I actually want to send the fanzine to Tom Holland himself, but I also have no idea how to send it to him so PLEASE SEND HELP. 

WARNINGS: Underaged drinking, so I’ve put it under a read more!

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Say It (Loki x Reader)

Rating: T

Summary: After overhearing some negative comments directed at you, Loki comforts you after having a breakdown.

Warnings: Body image insecurities

You shut the door to your apartment and fast-walk with your head down so as not to make eye contact with Loki and head directly to the bathroom. This, without realizing it, is a total self-destruction move because of the giant mirror that greets you upon entering. Pacing back and forth you breathe heavily, erratically. Your head is simultaneously running a mile a minute with negative thoughts and yet shutting down. And then- something in you snaps.

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Prompt: You’re a victim of an almost crime and you’re sat in an interrogation room

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Relationship: Emily x Reader

You tap your fingers on the cold silver table as you await whoever is coming to see you. You stay facing the table but you raise your eyes so you’re looking at the mirror knowing there are agents are looking at you trying to figure out what you’re doing as you’re looking at the mirror, the door opens and a brown-haired female walks in and sits in front of you placing a file down. You don’t want to admit it but she made you hold your breath when she first walked in. She laces her fingers together and leans closer towards you showing compassion.

“Hi Y/N. My names Emily Prentiss, I work with the Behavioural Analysis Unit of the FBI.” She says looking you in the eye and you can see wonder in her eyes: are you really as innocent as you say you are? Is that the only reason she’s looking at you like this?

“Hello-” You say, your voice cracking from crying for so many hours earlier.

“I’d like to do something called a cognitive interview with you, just to help us understand what happened to you.” Emily says trying to keep your eyesight. You shift away from her, almost nervous to look in her eyes. You nod tentatively and take a deep breath before finally meeting her in the eye.

“Okay if you just close your eyes, I’ll be here the whole time. Now can you tell me what you were doing at the beginning of the night.” Her soothing voice helping you think back to last night.

“Scotty! Come here boy!” You say whistling to your Labrador. As he comes bounding back you stroke his head and lock the door behind you shivering as you do so, when a breeze blowing through leaving your hairs standing on end. You lock the door and walk back through the kitchen. As you sort through your cupboards you hear it, the sound of children laughing outside. You check your watch so see it’s 1:40 AM.

You feel the hair on the back of your neck raise once again but this time because you feel like you’re being watched. You reach into your drawer and take out a knife and quietly close the drawer again as your stomach fills with anxiety for a reason to you is unknown. As you whistle to your dog he bounds up the stairs as you slowly go up behind him making sure all the windows are closed.

You climb into bed sliding the knife under your pillow holding onto the handle. As you drift off you’re still anxious but sleep consumes you anyway. You slightly stir away when you hear someone walk up your stairs. You freeze out of ultimate fear, you were anxious before but now you can hear someone coming up your stairs you freeze out of fear.

Your entire body starts to tremble as your breathing becomes rapid and erratic. You feel someone put their hands over yours and you look up and come face to face with Emily’s kind chocolate eyes.

“Hey, Y/N. Listen to me, you’re okay. You’re in here with me you’re okay. Just listen to my voice, look in my eyes and pretend my finger is a candle and blow it out.” As Emily holds up one finger and you blow at it like a candle, after you have calmed down heat flushes to your cheeks when Emily intertwines your hands once more. You keep hold of it as you explain the rest of your story.

Even though you know you have a knife there’s something about the reality of this happening to you -to you of all people- that’s what makes you freeze. You feel the man grab your leg and tie it to you bed post and with another rope both of your feet are bound to your bed. The man crawls on top of you and whispers in your ear.

“Wake up baby.” As he whispers in your ear your blood runs cold. You open your eyes and you come face to face with this guy who you swear you’ve seen somewhere but in the dark of your room with only the light of the moon you can’t see properly. He holds down both of your hands as you suddenly freak out knowing this is about to happen. You’re about to be raped or murdered. Or both.

“Let’s fix you.” He leans over to tie one left hand to the bed and that’s when your body finally kicks into fight or flight and you finally grip the knife properly and swing it at the man on top of him. You nick his arm with the blade and he screams. You swing the knife again but this time at the man’s arm. You feel the knife go into the man’s arm and he rolls off screaming clutching his arm. You quickly lean forward and quickly untie both of your feet and sprinting out of the room, whistling for your dog. As you exit your room the man starts to chase you and Scotty comes running towards you. The man yells and Scotty jumps at the man and bites him on the arm. The man screams and tries to drag Scotty, a fully-grown Labrador, off his arm. You finally make it to the front door and you yell for Scotty who quickly follows you with a limp in his run.

As you finish explaining your story you look at Emily and you realise you’ve been holding her hand this entire time and you’ve been crying. You look up at her and she has all the compassion in the world in her eyes.

“You believe I’m innocent, right?” You say scared of what she’ll say.

“I believe you.” She says leaning towards you and squeezing your hand. “Y/N. You told me he said let’s fix you. What do you think that means?” Emily says confused. Honestly you didn’t remember that until this interview.

“I don’t know… Is it important?” You say confused.

“His current victimology has been women in their early 30’s who are lesbian or bisexual.”  You cringe knowing that victimology you knew these women were killed afterwards.

“Uh… Yeah. I’m a lesbian.” You say blushing at Emily.

“Okay Y/N. Thank you for this, I understand it couldn’t have been easy. We don’t know what will happen to you with this unsub as this hasn’t happened. Do you have anyone you can stay with?” She says hinting at the fact the rest of the victims are deceased.

“No… My family all live in Iowa.” You say frown, trying to understand that he might come back for you. Is he going to come back?

“As you’re the first victim to stay alive the unsubs routine has been interrupted, and he cannot continue by harming you while you’re in my- I mean my teams protection. This is if you don’t want to travel to stay with your family?” Emily says almost blushing at her proposition.

“I’d like that very much.” You say smiling, then blushing knowing that the rest of the team in looking at you through the mirror. You both stand up and exit the room as you do so you take a quick second to look Emily up and down and you see handcuffs, a badge and a gun. “Do you take all of them home?” You say pointing to the belt. Emily walks over to you and puts her hand on your back showing you where to go down the long hallways.

“Oh yeah, especially the handcuffs. If it makes you feel safer.” Emily whispers in your ear, making you blush at the thought of it. At the thought of her.

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Control (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

Originally posted by markiwhyer

Prompt: OKAY!! so could you do one where the reader and Seb are doing a film? they aren’t dating, but like an attraction is there and literally everyone can tell!! and he keeps shamelessly flirting with her to try and get a reaction? and could it end with smut? you’re literally like my favorite person on this earth 🙈🙈

A/N: OK, so I kind of went off prompt but..who cares, it’s smut and it’s what we’re all here for. Sebastian’s an asshole. A fucking cute asshole who needs to be taught a lesson. This is the result of my delirious sexual frustration at not getting laid. Or having a Sebastian in my life. Thanks to the anon who requested this prompt.

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omg well i really fucked that up!! 😂 it’s like i’ve never posted on tumblr before or something. anyway!! someone requested i revisit harry and bubbles, wanting to know how it would go down when they tell their families that they’re dating (post part 5 obvi). so i hope you enjoy 💕

“I don’t want to do this,” you huffed, stomping your foot as Harry buttoned his shirt. Well, half-buttoned, seeing as the man never covered his chest. He looked up to meet your eyes in the mirror, smirking as he rolled his own.

“M’bein’ serious, Harry. I don’t want to do this.”

With a dramatic sigh, he sauntered over to you, wrapping his arms around your waist. He kissed you sweetly on the cheek and let you nuzzle into his neck, making you think he’d changed his mind and you weren’t going to have to go through with your dinner plans.

“Well, yeh don’t get a choice, Bubs,” he said with a final kiss to your forehead before he made his way back to the mirror and tried to tame his hair. It was at that stage in regrowth where tufts of curls were sprouting and, no matter what he did, his hair always looked a mess.

Or like sex hair as you had been so affectionately teasing him lately, which usually resulted in Harry daring you to actually give him some sex hair and you’d end up being late to wherever it was you were meant to be heading.

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You're such a great writer! I can't wait to see more things from you in the future. Would the prompt "You look really beau… nice…" for FAHC Jeremy be okay perchance? Thank you! :)

Ah, thank you! So much love for Jeremy I’ve gotten loads of requests for him. I don’t mind it, he is lovely and this request was a lot of fun to write. Hope you enjoy! :)

You checked yourself over once more in the mirror to be sure none of your weapons were visible, something which was quite difficult in a cocktail dress. You were both nervous and excited for your first outside mission. You mostly worked behind the scenes on a computer for the Fake AH Crew, meaning you rarely saw any of the real action. It had come as a surprise when Geoff wanted you on the frontline for this mission but he explained that you were really the only person for the job.

“I need someone who’s face hasn’t been seen before, and at this point you’re really the only one who fits the bill, Y/N,” he had explained.

The mission didn’t involve anything too dangerous, thankfully. You could handle a fight, up to a point, but it wasn’t your speciality. All you really were was bait. The target was the annual Los Santos Charity Gala. The city’s most rich and powerful would be there. You’re job was to seduce and lure anyone you could to a secluded spot, pick-pocket them of their wallet and get it to Jeremy who would be hiding out somewhere. He would then relay any relevant bank information back to the crew who would hack into their accounts and steal a bunch of money. Simple.

Precautions were put in place in case anything went wrong, of course. You had a handgun strapped to your thigh beneath your dress. Jeremy would be armed. Ryan would be sitting in the window of a nearby building with a sniper. Should the police be alerted to your crimes, you were well prepared.

You were still nervous though. 

“Hey, you ready to go, Y/N?” you heard Jeremy ask, knocking on your door. 

“I think so. You can come in,” you answered, still fidgeting with the dress you were wearing and examining yourself in the mirror. The door opened behind you and you turned to Jeremy. His eyes were wide, as he looked you up and down.

“You look really beau…nice…” he stammered, a blush creeping up his neck. You felt your own cheeks heat up. You couldn’t help but admire him too, looking incredibly handsome in a black suit rather than his usual questionable fashion choices. 

“Thank you. You look nice too,” you said, following him out of the room. You headed out of the penthouse where Ryan was just pulling up in his Zentorno.

“I don’t want to see a scratch,” he said to Jeremy, handing him the keys. Geoff had insisted that they took any car except Jeremy’s, for obvious reasons. Jeremy put on his chauffeur hat and grinned at you, holding open the car door for you.

“Your ride, ma’am,” he joked, tipping his hat. You laughed and got into the car. The nerves crept up on you again on the drive to the Gala. Jeremy caught your eye in the rear view mirror. 

“Hey, don’t worry. You’ll be fine. I’ll be right there in your ear if you need me,” he reassured you.

You soon arrived and Jeremy opened the door for you.

“Remember the plan?” he whispered in your ear as he helped you out of the car. His breath tickled your neck causing a shiver. You nodded, swallowing your nerves and forcing yourself to get into character. You heard Jeremy driving away as you made your way into the building. It comforted you knowing he would be back, hiding somewhere but also within reach through the coms.

There were more people there than you had anticipated and you took a deep breath as you scanned the room. A waitress held out a tray with champagne and you gratefully took one. You had dabbled in theatre during college and so you found it easy enough to become someone else. In some ways, it was easier than being yourself. You put a confident smirk on your lips and walked with a sway in hips as you looked for your first target.

“I’m in position. How you doing?” you heard Jeremy’s voice in your ear. You looked around for him, but couldn’t see him, which was a good thing, you guessed. You knew he could see you from wherever he was though.

“Looking for the first victim,” you said quietly, hiding the movement of your mouth behind your glass of champagne. You spotted a man standing alone by the bar. He was young; probably the son of some big CEO trying to look like more than just a spoilt rich kid. An easy target. You stalked over to the bar, avoiding his eyes as you stood beside him, your attention seemingly on the bar tender.

“I’ll have a martini,” you said. You could feel the man’s stare on you, but you ignored him. The bar tender placed the drink in front of you and you reach for your purse.

“I’ll get that for you,” the man cut in, placing a $50 bill on the bar. You finally met his eye and gave him a small smirk as you put your glass against your lips. “I’m Brent. I’ve never seen you at one of these events before. I’d remember a face like yours,” he said.

“God, what a shithead,” Jeremy’s voice said in your ear. You tried to supress your laugh, pretending to giggle at Brent’s comment.

“I’m Y/N,” you said, placing a hand on Brent’s arm. “I’ve just moved to Los Santos.”

“Yeah? You need someone to show you around sometime?” he asked, moving closer to you.

“Does this guy get all his lines from bad rom coms?” Jeremy commented. You smiled.

“How about you show me to somewhere we can talk in private?” you suggested, hooking a finger through one of his belt loops.

“Absolutely,” Brent sputtered. 

You let go and walked away from him towards the door leading to one of the back rooms. You didn’t need to look behind you to know he was following you. You heard him shut the door behind him but you didn’t turn around. You hoped Jeremy couldn’t still see you as you felt Brent’s hands on your hips but you knew he probably could. You reminded yourself that it was just a mission as his lips attacked your neck. You turned around, pressing your mouth against his. You let yourself be pushed against the wall. Your hands went into his jacket, feeling around for a wallet. You found it and rubbed his crotch with your thigh to distract him as you pulled it out of his pocket and quietly dropped it to the floor, kicking it under a cabinet so he wouldn’t see it. You pushed him gently away from you.

“How about you go get your car whilst I quickly go fix my hair?” you said breathing heavily. 

“Yeah, good idea,” he replied in a daze as you steered him towards the door. Once he was gone you went to find his dropped wallet.

“Ugh, I can’t believe you had to let that sleaze ball touch you,” Jeremy said, from inside the room this time. You turned around to see him standing leaning against the door. You laughed as you handed him the wallet. “I hope Geoff gives you the biggest cut for this.”

“Me too. God, that guy just does not know what to do with his tongue,” you said disgusted.

“He better be fucking loaded,” Jeremy said as he searched through the wallet. “Someone thought he was getting lucky tonight.” He waved up a condom from the wallet as you laughed. You froze at the sound of footsteps approaching the door.

“Fuck, I need to not be here,” Jeremy said, but there was no other way out of the room. You had an idea

“We need to pretend that we’re drunk and fooling around,” you said quietly, as the footsteps got nearer.

“What?!” Jeremy exclaimed, his eyes wide.

“For fuck’s sake, kiss me, Jeremy!” you hissed, pulling him against you by his jacket so that he had you pinned against the wall. His lips crashed against yours just as the door opened. Whoever it was simply gasped and hurriedly shut the door again but you didn’t really notice with Jeremy’s hands in your hair and his tongue in your mouth. Your arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him closer to you. Eventually you need air and detached your mouths’ from one another. Jeremy’s forehead rested against yours as his hands moved from your neck to rest on your waist.

“You know, I really hope that was Brant or whatever his name was that came in just then and saw how a tongue should be used,” Jeremy said and you laughed and kissed him again, softly.

“I can think of better uses,” you smirked, your fingers idly playing with his hair. He raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah?” He looked thoughtful for a moment. “How pissed do you think Geoff would be if we blew off this mission and snuck off to a hotel somewhere?”

“What he doesn’t know can’t hurt him,” you said. Jeremy grinned and brought his lips to yours once more, pulling you against him. 

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If I told you that you’re beautiful, you’d probably laugh and ask me how. You'd say 'where is all the beauty, in my slightly-too-big nose, or in the freckles on my cheeks?' And I’ll wonder where you learnt that beauty lies upon your skin. Why don't you think it doesn’t cover what you hold within? Its very definition is ‘pleasing to the sense or mind’. It’d break my heart to know your mirror is how you estimate your worth, and not the lives you’ve made much better, by simply being on this earth.

Aw, this is so sweet. Thank you so much, anon ♥


Prompt: You’re an uber driver and you get stuck in a hostage situation with the unsub and Aaron

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Relationship: Aaron x Reader

As you turn the corner to pick up the customer, you turn the music down and keep an eye out for the customer you see him standing on the street corner. As you pull up the man opens the door without a word and sits in the back.

“Hi, I’m Y/N where too?” You say adjusting the mirror so you can kind of see the man without hindering your vision of behind.

“Quantico Middle School, Virginia.” He says without looking. Starting the car, you begin driving not saying another word, the school is only a 45-minute drive away. The man puts his headphones on and you just turn the radio on to pass the time. As you’re driving down the main road your phone rings and you see another person heading to the same place. You find a place to park and quickly turn to the man.

“We have another passenger request heading to the same place, do you mind?” You ask politely the man shakes his head to symbolise no. If only you knew the truth about the situation beforehand. As you drive to the hotel the other passenger was staying at, you see him standing outside in a suit with a carry-on bag by his side. You pull up and roll down the window.

“Aaron?” You yell questioning to the man. He looks up and half smiles at you before opening the front passenger door and sitting across from you. “Hi, I’m Y/N. Nice to meet you.” You say shaking his hand.

“I’m Aaron as you already know. I always tell the drivers this but I do have a gun. This is just to avoid shock if we ever get pulled over and you didn’t know.” He says with an amount of serious that was still comforting. You could tell from the suit that he had a government job, one that needs a gun? Probably FBI or CIA.

“That’s perfectly fine, thanks for letting me know.” You say smiling lightly making him smile back at you. You set off driving and before you know it you’ve reached the motorway and you’re about 20 minutes away from the Quantico turn off and your phone rings through the car Bluetooth.

“Unknown number. Answer or decline?” The automated voice rings through the car. You look over at Aaron  and he nods to say he’s okay with you taking the call.

“Answer.” You say loudly and clearly. At first the call is loud and staticy then it kicks it to a perfect sound.

“Hotch??” The female voice asks scared. Aaron straightens his back and looks confused at the Bluetooth.

“Penelope?” He replies. Is that one of his colleagues? What the hell is happening. You keep your eyes on the road while being rather scared.

“Are you okay? Where are you?” Penelope asks kind of calmed down now.

“I’m fine, I’m in an uber on my way to Jacks football game why?” He says hiding the confusion in his voice trying to sound professional.

“Sir… Are you alone in the car?” Her voice goes cold and that’s when you hear the click behind you.

“Aaron…” You whisper suddenly terrified. You look at him with your peripheral vision and he turns his head and his body goes stiff and his eyes widen and you know what he’s seeing. There’s a gun to the back of your head. Your breath goes erratic as you try and calm down to continue driving straight.

“Keep driving. Don’t turn off just drive.” This is the first time you’ve heard the man’s voice and it’s more terrifying knowing he has a gun to your head.

“Penelope, what’s going on?” Aaron asks not even flinching while your freaking out with a gun to the back of your head.

“I don’t know Sir, I got an email with this number, the whole team is behind me.” You can hear shuffling in the background and you know they’re a close team if they’re here just for a phone call. You’re starting to shake even more and you feel a hand go over yours and you look to see Aaron’s hand over yours holding it tightly to calm you down as you’re shaking gets worse.

“What do we do Aaron?” You whisper. He shakes his head in defeat and squeezes your hand harder to comfort you.

“You’re gonna keep driving, or I’m to shoot pretty boy in the head. Now the gun.” The man says waving the gun around making your heart race even quicker while holding his hand out asking for Aarons gun. Aaron leans down to open his carry-on bag, while he does so he lifts his trouser leg to show you another holster. He then grabs his gun out of it and handing it over slowly, “Carefully now. You wouldn’t want me to shoot the girl, would you?”

“That would be a mistake. You see I’m on my way to see my son at his school and I never, and I mean never, miss one of his games. I’m not a 150-pound girl you can scare with a handgun. You’re a coward if you think a small gun is going to scare me.” Aaron says keeping his eyes forward but putting so much anger in his voice you shiver at the authority it holds.

“You can act like you’re not scared SSA Aaron Hotcher, but you’re just as scared as she is. Remember the last time you heard a gunshot while you were in a car, your wife Hayley died, didn’t she?” The man asks now psychologically tormenting Aaron.

“Hayley died because of my mistake. Just because I made a mistake doesn’t mean I wouldn’t kill a sick man who feels like he needs to prove something to the world to save the life of an innocent.” Aaron says hitching his voice when mentioning Hayley but squeezing your hand to calm himself down.

“Sir we’re tracking the car we’ll be there soon just keep dri-“The stereo cut out when a ringing went through the car. You’re ears rang and your eyes went dizzy and the car began to swerve into traffic before Aaron grabs the wheel to keep the car steady as you get back to your senses. You sit back up and you look to see a bullet hole through your speaker and you know that your car isn’t going to last long. You decide to make time while Aaron can think through something to do.

“You just shot through the speaker with a 19mm Walther P99 and right now my engine will be leaking. Aaron can you lean forward to see if there’s anything starting to leak,” You look at him and raise your eyebrows as a hint. Aaron leans down and very slowly takes out a gun from his holster and sits back up without showing the man the gun.

“Yep there’s leaking why?” He asks almost not having to act confused about what you’re doing.

“What does this have to do with me not shooting pretty boy here.” The man says putting the gun towards Aarons head.

“Because this car has about 2 minutes before the liquid in the tank ignites from the heat as the car has been driving for long enough that the engine will be hot enough and unless you want to die in a burning car you’ll have to let us out.” You say holding with your head up high even though there’s a gun to the back of your head.

“That’s a good bluff baby doll.” He says putting the barrel of the gun to my neck, feeling the cold barrel and the opening of the bullet.

“It wasn’t a bluff…” You say adjusting you mirror to see the man, “It was a distraction.” Just as you finish your sentence Aaron swings around with his gun pointed at the man clicking the safety off Aaron pointing it right at his face.

“Good distraction.” The man says with the gun still trained at me.

“That wasn’t the distraction.” You say smirking. You move the car into gear and swing the back end of the car into an oncoming bollard knocking the man to the other side of the car. The car crumples and you go into the side of the car as you hit the bollard with the driver’s side. As the car collides you quickly try and unbuckle your seat belt jumping across onto Aarons side to minimise the impact. The car engine begins to ignite as Aaron grabs you and drags you out of the car leaving the man in the car as it starts to go up in flames. He shields you with his body, caging you in between him and the highway wall, against the flames of the car.

“So, you’re a genius?” He asks trying to keep you conscious just in case you hit your head and you need to stay awake.

“Not at all, I made it up.” You laugh while coughing up a bit of blood at the same time. Aaron laughs back at you while you cradle further into his arms as you slip in and out of consciousness. As you drift his absentmindedly kisses your forehead. You feel it slightly and smile at the gesture before slipping out of consciousness again. He couldn’t help at stare at you as you were asleep in his arms. You held so much confidence around an unsub just the way Hayley had…

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@ragweed98 I love you, this is for you b 

“For the third time today, you are NOT the fairest in the land, you’re not even fifth fairest. When an exctinction crisis hits, come back and ask me again!”
“Oh, Micky you are SO RUDE! I have a mind to break this glass!”

"You won’t believe what the rude mirror told me.”
“…did you ask again about being the fairest? Come now, if you badger him with the question, do you really think the answer is going to change? Micky is very nice if you don’t make an ass of yourself.”
Bianca huffed. “He’s only saying that because he’s in your room and he gets to watch you change.”

Belinda decides she’s had enough of this conversation and heads off to bed.



Hate Anons. I have one question for you: WHY DO YOU HATE?!

We are all just people on the internet finding others who share our common interest! You know this! But you don’t care!

Plus you attack people that are already in a bad state of mind and that’s just lower than low. Why?! Are you that low in your life where you attack others and wish death on them?! IS THAT IT?!

Go look at yourself in the mirror! Do you really wanna be that person that causes someone to take their own life?! DO YOU?! Find it in yourself and say no! I don’t wanna be that person!

But if you don’t wanna do that go to a mirror and re aim those hurtful words to yourself. You’re the pathetic one. You’re the one that needs a life. YOU’RE the one that needs friends.

But unlike you, I don’t wish death on you. Instead I hope you look back on the things you said to someone and regret them and you live with that guilt for the rest of you’re sad life.

That’s all I have to say.

heygurlhey000  asked:

Hey I want to lose weight but I don't want to start to hate myself like I did the last two times I lost weight, and I'm wondering if you know any tips on how to stay positive? Thanks love you!!!

hi gorgeous !!

loving yourself is so fucking difficult sometimes but let me give you some bomb ass advice because I know that it works and if you say it doesn’t work you’re not opening your mind enough.

here’s the secret everyone should know:
YOU are the ONLY YOU there will EVER BE! that’s so cool. so to do this trick you need to believe that and think it’s super rad, too.
sit in front of a mirror {on the floor, on the counter, wherever} where you’re alone and won’t be bothered. you need to play some of your favorite songs {not the sad ones you love, the embarrassing pop or rock songs you jam to alone} and make ALL THE FACES you can make at yourself. seriously. be cute and smile and then open your mouth as wide as you can! frown dramatically and toss your hair all over the place. be crazy.

now change scenery and blast your crazy songs and dance around! go nuts! forget about everything and just pay attention to yourself: the way your eyes crinkle when you smile too big and goofy, the way your mouth is crooked but beautiful, adore yourself ‘cause you’re cute and silly! so let yourself be the silliest you can and just BE FREE! ♡

on top of that, taking care of your body by eating healthy and working out so hard you sweat buckets and spend 1 whole hour in the shower afterwards WILL increase your levels of serotonin and make your mood super great all while losing weight. if that doesn’t work then you can always read positive quotes or look at cute pics of dogs :-)

always stay safe and message or ask me whatever you want at any time ♡ i love you all

anonymous asked:

Top 5 favorite fanfics you've read for any fandom.

The Summer of the Lima Bean by @adampascalfan (Glee)

Moonlight Magic @katdvs (General Hospital)

Managed Care {gleefulmusings on} (listed as a General Hospital/Glee xover but also has All My Children and I believe One Life to Live characters as well in this universe… WIP… I need an update like I need air

Special by @miggylol  (Glee/Marvel) ‘being a part of something special makes you special…. also superpowers… this and her whole trilogy are love I may need to do a re-read in the future

1-800-Captain {lovelunarchron on} Lunar Chronicles … I know I’m bad on reviewing when I read updates to this modern AU Cresswell fic but it’s my everything and I LIVE for your updates

a 6th honorable mention goes to the Monster High WIP Broke the Mirror {by PuffPink on}

There are other fics I love but those were the first few that came to mind

It’s painful
But all I can do is laugh
And feel the rage raise in my chest
I ignore this
But if I could reach you
If it was possible, I would
I would call or text or get to your place
But you’re just not answering
You’re not calling back
You’re not around and it’s driving me insane

Why do I have to face this again and again
There’s so much pain, so much rage
A wall, I’m screaming your name
I’m thrusting against the door
I’m crying on the floor

But now I keep myself silent
I listen to music
Keep my mind blank
The pain & rage turns me numb
My eyes glaze over
I don’t recognise the scary girl in the mirror
And I tell myself you’ll come back when you’re ready
I won’t blame you, I won’t blame you



Answer. ©

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could you do a blupjeans or lup&taako reunion?

!!!! i love these honestly?? i went ahead and started with taaco twins, but i might do that goodgood ship later (and maybe combine it with another prompt i got lol)

this is short and light on the goofs bc these kids need some Catharsis. takes place in a fantasy world where lup somehow reappears right after the inoculation, basically directly after episode 66 ends

There’s a person across the room, and they look just like you.

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Someone is Thinking About You! (Dawon x Reader)

This scenario was inspired by the prompt: the year is 2060. The iPhone 29 has just been released, which takes the form of a brain implant. Now, every time someone thinks about you, you get a notification

Based loosely off: Black Mirror, season 3 episode 1

Feedback is always appreciated and requests are open! Sorry if this sucks.

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