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Manga? What manga? Have I missed that yoi is made on a manga?? D: in so confused after the new tweets!

No, it’s not based on a manga. But Kubo does draw manga (and drew the original storyline as such, for them alone, not publication) and she drew something extra to be sold with the Blurays which seems to be happening pre-exhibition and be in relation to Yuri’s EX with Otabek.

Taking a break

I wanted to let everyone know I’m taking a break off of The Interview magazine team. I really wanted to keep working and I probably will but on my own time. I need to focus irl on school and my health. I’m sorry I couldn’t stick around but it is a lot of work. I do encourage people to go and try to become apart of the team so there will be less of a workload for all the team members but I’m not going to pressure anyone. @primrosesmithuniverse I wanted to publicly apologize for wanting my workload to slow down because of my outside life of sims is suffering. To @theinterview team, I love you all and I will help as much as I can still, but my schooling comes first because my job is more important and I hope you understand why. Thank you all for being such a wonderful team and I hope I can hop back into things once things slow down for me. Till then I’ll try to help as much as possible. I love you all!

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I’m happy to be part of this event for such a great reason!

Everyone is important, don’t matter what colour, religion or gender they have.

So be bold, be differnt, be yourself and don’t care what others maybe think about you, cause everything that matters is, that you can love yourself and live the life you want to live.