re: swiss cheesed


“We all thought maybe it was the end of the world.”


“Yeah. Well, see, you’re swiss-cheesed, or too young to remember what the Cuban Missile Crisis really was like.”

“Look, Elk Ridge, Indiana, wasn’t exactly ground zero. I can barely remember what happened. Except for my my mom, ‘cause she was like canning food like crazy. But we didn’t live near a big city, so, you know, it didn’t seem so scary. Plus, I was only eight.”

“Didn’t seem scary.”


“Well, you weren’t flying reconnaissance flights over Cuba.”

“You flew reconnaissance flights?”

“I was in an F-4 Phantom escort. One of our U-2s got shot down photographing the missile bases and my squadron went in right after that. And, Sam, I gotta tell you, you don’t realize how close we came to World War III. I mean total annihilation.”