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Heir of space


heir: passive manipulation class. they use their aspect to protect, and can turn into their aspect, and do a “thing” involving their aspect, much like John’s “windy thing”. its opposite class is the mage.

space: the aspect of matter and corporeal “things”, size, speed, physical space, and creation and creativity. Space players are responsible for breeding the Genesis frog to birth a new universe. its opposite aspect is time.

most simply put, an heir of space is someone who invites or inspires others to manipulate Space. Heirs tend to be very caring and protective of others (john being the leader of his group, equius putting nepeta’s life before his own). Space players tend to be pretty active and involved, even if their class is a passive one. The heir of space would probably be very concerned for the welfare of their team and the success of the session, and would be dead-set on breeding the perfect Genesis Frog. Heirs also tend to gravitate towards their aspect and be helped by it from a very early point in the game- which means that before reaching god tier an heir of space could teleport unintentionally when faced with huge dangers, such as a fearsome Underling racing toward them with murder in its eyes. Also, the heir of space would probably naturally become enamored with or be interested in creation and origin- maybe expressed through artistic prowess or an interest in world history, journalism, and/or research.
powers-wise, an heir of space, like the page of space, would be great at teleportation, using it to send enemies to other places, or to get allies out of the way of danger. Also, the heir of space could “do the spacey thing” in times of great danger and need (probably only then because it’s not quite entailed in the title) by utilizing telekinesis of some sort- moving everything around them in order to protect or make a shield of some sort of flying objects. also, the heir could increase or decrease the size or speed of both enemies and allies.

that’s about it! i hope you like it. 


NASA to create the coldest spot in the known universe on the ISS.

NASA researchers plan to create the coldest spot in the known Universe–inside the International Space Station. The device, known as the Cold Atom Lab, could discover new forms of matter and novel quantum phenomena.