re: patterns




There’s been a little bit of maintenance happening over on Etsy tonight :)

I’ve created 2 new pattern bundles, a beginner bundle, and a “newest additions” bundle. The beginner bundle has the 3 patterns I think are the easiest in it and the potion bottle and witch hat patterns included. These patterns are free on Craftsy, but are 50c each on Etsy to cover their fees. The “newest” bundle will have the 3 newest patterns available, which is subject to change over time (though you will only get the ones that were active when you purchased).

I’ve updated the bundle that has all my patterns to include all the newest ones. People opt to purchase all patterns surprisingly often, so I wanted to make sure it was up to date.

And, finally, I am pushing out an update to the dino and loch ness pattern, which was the very first pattern I released. It had only written instructions and I thought it needed some TLC to bring it up to the present day. It now has very cute illustrations to go with it and is in the new format I use. This is actually an old update I just haven’t had time to finish up.

I decided I wanted to cross stitch this sigil:

(the link is in the image, but, for ease of clicking, this is from everydaysigils)

So anyway, I spent the past few hours drawing this by hand, pixel by pixel - I wanted to take the sigil and make it into as few pixels as possible, while still having it look accurate. how does it look? I think i did a pretty good job but i’ve also like, been staring at it for hours

(also, everydaysigils, is this okay? I really really like your sigils and I think a cross stitch of this one would be so neat)