re: kevin

I don’t ship it, I don’t like it, the thought of it weirds me out. Mostly because I know these two the best out of the group.


I love how these two are close enough friends that this is completely normal. 

(Photo on display at the “Only You” Pop Up Store in Myeongdong Lotte Young Street)

True Love

this is a song fic…. i dont normally write keveddy but… this song matches them perfectly!  The song is True Love, by Pink. 

“It’s not like I wanted to tell everyone we have been fucking! I was just asking if I could fucking see you in school instead of you bullying me all the damn time!” Eddy screamed at Kevin.

            “Do you realize what sort of suspicion that would bring up dweeb?” Kevin yelled back. It’s not that Kevin didn’t want everyone to know he was dating Eddy, it’s just that no one else would understand.

            “Man this ain’t even worth it. I’m done.” Eddy screams and Kevin’s world just seems to fall apart. They have had this fight so many times it is ridiculous. But never once has either of them broke it off.

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