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I'm a bit confused- Gamzee's supposed to have some weird juggalo immortality thing, right? But aren't all the trolls also predicted to die because of Sollux's prophecy that's supposed to be confirmed since he's blind? Isn't that a bit contradictory or am I missing something here?

Gamzee’s “clown immortality” and Sollux’s “everyone ii2 goiing two diie” prophecy are both wonderful examples of things you should not be taking seriously.

Sollux’s prophecy is already satisfied in so many damned ways that there’s essentially no meaning to be reliably drawn out of it whatsoever, even on the off chance it does end up having carried the slightest shred of veracity in retrospect. You can’t theorize on it in any direction with any degree of certainty.

Andrew’s in-canon speech on “clown immortality” was just lampshading the meta joke surrounding the purpose of Gamzee’s character. Gamzee is not simply being “karmically killed” and removed from the plot because his continued lifespan is an enormous joke, at all of our expense. The only way he could possibly die is if him staying alive ever ceased being funny – funny to Andrew, because of how infuriating it is to many onlookers as Gamzee finds new and novel ways to be distasteful, and funny to anyone else who understands this by extension – which isn’t going to happen any time soon.

Alright my creative chums, I need your opinion on something entirely irrelevant to your existence.

The carpet in my new bedroom looks like this:

The bedspread I’m ordering looks like this:

I was originally thinking of going with peach walls, but then I remembered that the carpet was peach-ish and I want to avoid clashing. Now I’m at a loss, and the painter needs to know shortly. So, what colour should I paint my walls?

Sometimes, I wish I lived in the 18th/19th centuries

I’d be friends with all the Romantics/Gothic writers

I’d sit with Coleridge, maybe tell him to lay off the opium a little and cheer him up when he was depressed. Then I’d answer the door for all his visitors, so he could finish Kubla Khan.

I’d hang with Keats and Fanny and tell them to just take the chance while they have it. I’d also tell Keats not to worry so much about Wordsworth; he’s just a little grumpy.

I’d have tea with the Brontë’s. I reckon we’d all like one another very much. Maybe take Charlotte away for the weekend, show her life away from the Moores isn’t that bad. Maybe be introduced to their dark, mysterious older brother? (eh, eh? then again, he was an alchoholic and I suppose Heathcliff wasn’t based on him for nothing) 

I’d go visit the Shelley’s and we could travel a little together! Me and Mary could have short writing competitions. She’d always win but that’s hardly the point.

I’m pretty sure me and Byron would have an absolute whale of a time together. 

Edgar Allan Poe would captivate me endlessly. I’m pretty sure I’d end up annoying him because I’d constantly be pestering him and reciting poems I’m sure he knew backwards at him.

And after all that, I’d go find Jane Austen and tell her to lighten the fuck up. I’d also have to find time to see Lewis Carroll and tell him he owns my heart and soul and childhood.

How Silver Helped Shawn Johnson

I honestly don’t think Beijing could have gone better for Shawn. The thing some people don’t understand is that whenever you’re watching any type of reality television is that every person becomes a character and gets their own story or narrative.

The announcers for gymnastics provided her back story, she provided her personality and appearance.

The announcers for the Olympics are incredibly repetitive, they have to be they need to give the audience a story to follow. They told you over and over how the diminutive little girl from West Des Moines Iowa was the defending World Champion, how she was the leader of the US gymnastics team (she was the only gymnast to compete in all four events on both days), how she was the favorite to win the AA.

Her performances in the TF and the AA final backed up what they were saying and that this girl should be an Olympic Champion, but in the judges eyes she fell short the first time in the TF, a second time in the AA final, and a third time in the FX. All through this the announcers keep talking about how she’s expected to win gold but has yet to do so , and she just keeps smiling sweetly and congratulating those that beat her.

What this does is it makes the audience root for her. Everybody back home and in the stands wants this tiny little girl to get a gold medal, they’ve heard how hard she works, they’ve seen how good she is, but gold still alludes her.

Not getting gold until her final event meant that even if they weren’t watching anymore people were still paying attention to the name Shawn Johnson. They wanted her ‘story’ to have a happy ending. So when she finally got it everybody knew about it. One of the announcer for the BBC even said something like “I hope she holds onto this lead” after she got her score on beam. Everybody wanted to see her come out triumphant. Which kept the focus on her longer than if she had won the AA final or floor.

On a side note Nastia and Shawn were kind of lucky to not be a part of the 'Fierce Five’ because after 2008 America walked away knowing their individual names where as this year some people might know Gabby or Aly, but all of the casual viewers only know the name “Fab Five” or “Fierce Five”

i have the most random things in my drafts
  • two blaine angst drawings
  • gifs i made of brad and andie getting slushied
  • random meta
  • random thoughts about darren
  • posts that i read when i get angry and am soothed by them
  • a quote that i was going to base a drawing off of but i got busy and gave up
  • a post of my favourite pictures of william beckett with long hair that i sometimes sob over (WHY DID YOU HAVE TO CUT IT AND THEN STOP DRESSING LIKE A DIRTY HIPSTER IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL WE COULD HAVE HAD IT ALLLLLL)